Perp hunt update: meet Tracey and Kellie (again)

Follow-up to:

Hahaha! While I was in one tab, writing the post asking whether anyone knew Kellie’s surname and the shouty woman’s name, this is what I was missing in the other tab!


Listening is fun…but looking can help sometimes too!

Mind you, I asked around and no one else seemed to have spotted it either. Ah, the joys of multi-tab surfing 🙂

Anyway, the Hoaxtead Perps poster has been updated accordingly and now includes Kellie-Ann Cottam and Tracey Morris in all their bile-spitting glory:



23 thoughts on “Perp hunt update: meet Tracey and Kellie (again)

    • Thanks, Jimmy, but it’s saying “Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment”. Is it to a private Facebook page or group that I wouldn’t be able to see?


      • It’s off topic as it’s about Danielle La Verite.
        Perhaps you’ve been blocked – it’s on Amanda Walls’ page.
        It says:
        I am Danielle deller aka Danielle LA verites’ mother, I can assure you I am not a raging alcoholic as she would have you believe. She was born and brought up on a council estate and we have no connection to the Rothschild’s whatsoever!! It’s an awful slur on her great grandmother’s name to suggest that she came from dirty money, she was a simple woman that worked hard all of her life. If anyone would like to know the truth please feel free to contact me at linseydeller@

        Laura Deller
        I’m Danielle’s aunt. All her videos are contrived lies and vitriol. There is no truth in any of this utter garbage. Multimillion pound bankers????? We wish.


        • Yes, thanks Jimmy. El Coyote sent me the screenshot. That’s basically the KFM going after her again. I see there’s mention of Deborah Williams’ blog about Danielle. Dani was so incensed by that (despite months of boasting about how nothing ever gets to her online) that she announced she was suing Deborah and phoned her employee and got her fired – just before Christmas!

          By the way, that picture with the ‘shill’ logo – that’s one of mine (even though the KFM took it and claimed they’d done it).

          KFM v Danielle – a plague on both houses!


          • Her own mum denouncing her and then her auntie calling her a liar! Is it genuine?
            I’ve no time for the KFM, another load of anti semitic nutjobs who have Cahill in their membership from what I’ve seen. They make me feel like I should wash my hands.

            In the meantime, a video for Charlotte:

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            • Yeah, the family/friend/neighbour info comes from Sophie. She can fill you in.

              LOL, Cell Block H – that takes me back! Remember the announcer who used to come on at the end – he became a cult legend!


  1. I’ve been thinking (always dangerous) about Belinda’s latest video; the one with Irish woman (can’t help it but she reminds me of Ian Paisley’s shouting at the pope ‘HEY YOO’). Belinda starts talking about numerology doesn’t she. This could be indicative of two things. 1. She’s as mad as the rest. Quite possible and lets face it she was having meetings about aliens in her living room for years. 2. Being confronted aggressively in the park, in cyberspace and elsewhere and knowing the game is up she’s decided to LOOK as mad as the rest of them. After all haven’t you been saying on here that you don’t go for the jugular if someone is mentally ill? Awfully convenient to be a bit barmy right now isn’t it.

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    • Oh Gawd, you haven’t been thinking again, have you, Jimmy? Quick everyone – duck!

      Joking aside, that’s actually a very pertinent theory, mate. She’s said on her blog that she’s expecting to be arrested or sued any day now, so mental illness is a clever little defence if she can pull it off.

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