Sabine breaches her bail conditions…AGAIN!

…And this time she manages, somehow, to prize a rant about her arrest and Hampstead’s fictitious satanic abuse cult…into an article on particle acceleration! 


“But I am not allowed to talk about that experience.”

Pssst. Sabine. You just did!



8 thoughts on “Sabine breaches her bail conditions…AGAIN!

  1. What an amazing ability she has- to weave the EU’s particle accelerator into a discussion on child snatching, She really does career all over the place and as for her theories, I can’t make head nor tail of them and presumably, neither could all those people who hand out grants.
    But why does she even post her bail conditions on the net and then complain when others access them ? It’s like some weird Freudian desire to have others publish them.
    A truly wacky lady.

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  2. Surely her solicitor must have advised her to keep quiet until the trial? She is just digging herself deeper and deeper! Perhaps she wants to live rent free at Her Majesties pleasure for the next two years? That will be the sentence for repeated Contempt of Court.

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