WARNING: Robert Green cannot be trusted

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In view of the fact that convicted fraudster Robert Green is continuing to upload videos of himself spouting lies and bullsh*t and, even more worryingly, that he is still being openly promoted by Belinda McKenzie, here’s a link to some very informative and revelatory posts from the Victims Against Hoaxes blog:




Green has done time for the damage he caused (with McKenzie’s help) during the Hollie Greig hoax and it’s essential that people are not taken in by him if he tries to get his grubby mitts into the Hampstead hoax.

16 thoughts on “WARNING: Robert Green cannot be trusted

  1. I wondered how long it would take for the self appointed lay legal adviser to poke his pinnochio nose into matters he knows nothing about.

    Apparently two jail sentences and a gagging order. …His family who are just ashamed of him
    …He still cannot shut his mouth.

    He is NOT to he trusted. ..He is a liar …fantasist. ..and con man ..


  2. The Hollie Greig Hoax was similar to the Hampstead Hoax. Surely he wouldn’t be THAT stupid to jump on it.
    Then again…

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    • Never underestimate the stupidity of those who promote this kind of bilge, Jake! They will continue to amaze and surprise.


    • Belinda was. She got humiliated over Holliehoax and still dived into Hoaxtead (then stood back and let everyone else take the rap), so I wouldn’t put it past him!


      • Of course! Yes.. it’s not looking good for her at all now, what with being involved in two child abuse hoaxes and now appearing in the paper for yet more suspected fraudulent activities! 🙂

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  3. Same old circle of people over and over again !! what is the matter with them all, they have to be sick in the head. Or, making money. which ever it is they are completely insane.

    I understand Robert Green called himself a lay legal advisor, but, knew nothing about the law, can someone explain that to me please.

    I also read the other day that he knew the Hollie story was not true, he had many documents that proved it, but only chose to show the ones that could be misleading and fool people into believing it all. Whatever his aims he would be a right numpty to get involved in anything like this again. on the other hand….!!

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  4. They are all the same, total crackpots and even more idiotic crackpots supporting and following them. Of course the idiotic crackpots help the crackpots line their pockets !!

    I was reading a bio on Robert Green LOL! he was a co-owner of a travel agency, a failed one, apparently Mr Green did not know that his partner was snuffling off the takings haha….and for 19 years the business was in the red, Mr Green also failed to notice that the title deeds of the property the business was run from was ONLY in the partner’s name…! Some bloody great detective he is !

    Also he was a DJ for a hospital radio. So, please can someone also explain why he thought he could act for ANYONE why did he take on the title of lay legal advisor. After reading all this I nearly split my sides laughing.

    He is a numpty and as many people say, he wasted valuable time, resources and MONEY which should have been used for the REAL cases.

    I also had to laugh, and I did, REALLY out LOUD….he is a Nobel Peace Prize candidate…HAHAHHAHAHA
    THAT has to be the funniest thing I have heard in years…..oh dear have to go and wipe my eyes…laughing again.

    What a complete jerk.

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  9. Not watched all of this, but I see the self-aggrandising attention-seeking fool in back craving prison food:

    Are those new dentures you’re lying through Robert? Thought you were ‘gagged for life’?

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