What you didn’t miss at the Forced Adoptions Event

Are we the only people who have the urge to gouge our own eyes out with forks whenever we must listen to Belinda McKenzie droning on and on?

We assume not, so the other day one of us took one for the team and listened to Belinda’s latest ‘Knight Vision’ videos, so the rest of us wouldn’t have to. We’d like to thank them for being a brave bunny, and sparing the rest of us our sanity.

The video in question was recorded on 5 November at Sabine and Belinda’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event‘.

The good news: this video is much better quality than the initial Skype videos that were released.

The bad news: you can actually hear what they’re saying. Our listener told us he’d begun thinking about sawing his own head off by about mid-way through, but he persevered, knowing we’d all want to hear Belinda’s various mind-blowing revelations.

Here are those notes:

The introductory frame. Loose translation: “Some EU Parliamentarians came to London to meet with some UK types on the topic of children in care. We weren’t invited, so we made our own event, which they are 100% guaranteed to ignore”.

Forced Adoptions video-1Some old duffer named George is rambling on about the theatre and a sad family situation he knew of…cutaway shot to Deb Mad’n’moody and Maggie ‘Miss Islington 1965’ Tuttle looking fascinated:

Debs and Maggie-5-31Now it’s Belinda’s turn. She’s talking about ‘the elephant in the room’ (her Extremely Clever Metaphor for Hoaxtead), and about how she’s not allowed to talk about it, blah blah blah….

Elephant in room-Force Adoption eventYeah, that totally looks like an elephant. Can we leave now?

Now she’s talking about the Big 5 Issues, which are taped to the wall in case anyone forgets:

child-snatching-forced adoptions eventAnd by ‘child-snatching’ she means when the social services apprehend children who are being abused or neglected by their parents or carers. Apparently this is now ‘unethical’. Not that social services don’t ever make mistakes, but seriously?

National and international agendas-Forced Adoptions eventYes, the family courts are totally fulfilling ‘national and international agendas’. WTF? Why would it suit the PTB to wander about, randomly and capriciously removing children from families? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to keep them where they were? Who makes this shit up?

Secret family courts-Forced Adoptions event‘Secret Family Courts’…oh, FFS. Do they not grasp the difference between confidentiality in family courts, and adoptions agencies doing their best to place hard-to-place children? How dense are these people? (Please don’t answer that, I’m depressed enough already.)

CSA-Forced Adoptions EventChild sex abuse. A terrible, terrible thing. And much rarer than common-or-garden physical or mental abuse, or just plain neglect. But those things don’t sound, well, sexy. So let’s ignore them, shall we?

Ritual sexual abuse-Forced Adoptions eventIt’s a Belinda and Sabine production, so you have to know they’ll find some way to slip the whole ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ thing in there somehow. Belinda is moaning about how she can’t stand in the streets bellowing about how children are being sacrificed for Satan, because people can’t stand the horror of it. Or else they think you’re bonkers, Belinda. That’s the more likely explanation.

Oh, here comes the producer of this fun-fest. An American who looks like he’s been sleeping rough for the past few years:

David Edmond Efthyvolou-Forced Adoptions EventApparently his name is really spelt ‘Efthyvoulou’ (per his Facebook page). I can see why he’d get confused from time to time.

Ah, here we are: Sabine and Ian Josephs coming in via Skype:

Ian Josephs-Force Adoptions EventIan rambling on…and on…and on…. “THEY WILL TAKE YOUR CHILDREN!! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR CHILDREN!!!” That’s about all he says, really. Oh, all right, I admit it: I fell asleep during his segment.

Woke up just in time for a couple of nice shots of the venue:

Theatro Technis-1 Theatro Technis-2Phew! Good thing I didn’t try to get tickets, then! That place was jam-packed. Would never have found a seat.

More ranting by Ian J.

Apparently I missed out when I chose my career: social workers earn a bleedin’ fortune, did you know that? They sell babies, and they’re practically rolling in cash! Who knew?

Memorable quote: “History has shown that there is nothing more dangerous than a band of do-gooders…..”

Excuse me, having a coughing fit here.

Will this guy ever shut up?

Maggie Tuttle loses will to live-Force Adoptions EventPanellists-Forced Adoptions EventComing up on the end now. Thank Christ.

Oh, here’s Maggie Tuttle again. She wakes up considerably when she gets hold of the microphone….

Maggie Tuttle-Forced Adoptions EventBlah, blah, something about how social workers force parents to not show affection to their kids, couldn’t listen, my extremities are starting to go numb now, and I fear this could be the end for me….please tell everyone I love them….

Thanks again to our intrepid listener! You know who you are. 🙂

39 thoughts on “What you didn’t miss at the Forced Adoptions Event

  1. ‘Secret Family Courts’…oh, FFS. Do they not grasp the difference between confidentiality in family courts, and adoptions agencies doing their best to place hard-to-place children? How dense are these people?’

    Extremely dense apparently. There’s a big difference between protecting children during Court proceedings where lots of personal information is revealed and discussed, to later needing to find the child an adoption place.

    As has been said before a lot of the parents who want an ‘open’ family court need to consider whether they would want the press publishing the ins and outs of their personal lives or their neighbours sitting in Court having a nosy at them. If the Courts were ‘open’ to the public and press it wouldn’t last long because the families involved would soon find out what it’s like to become a public spectacle.

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  2. Ian Josephs says “Social workers have score cards. They all have score cards to mark how many adoptions they achieve.” Prove it.

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  3. Why would I take any notice of someone who doesn’t know what an elephant looks like.

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  4. I just phoned a friend who’s a social worker and asked her about this. She’s still laughing. It’s TOTAL bollocks.

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  5. Did you notice that when George (who owns Theatre Technis) was giving his intro he said this ‘important event’ was started by RABINE McNeil.lol. Check out George’s IMBD page and see what a distinguished career he had in movies beginning in 1950 and ending in 1955,

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  7. Learned nothing and was bored to tears!

    Going out to walk the dog and bury some crystals. If I do well do I get a visit from Lord Ashtray?

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  8. Didn’t I try to warn you? But I believe all who listen to that load of bunkum in its entirety are entitled to a free visit from Lord Ashtray, or reasonable facsimile.


  9. Great write up, thanks for sparing us all the torture of having to listen to these people spouting their rubbish.

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  11. Ian Josephs says “Social workers have score cards. They all have score cards to mark how many adoptions they achieve.”

    Here’s the truth of it. Taken from http://www.childprotectionresource.org.uk/common-concerns-we-hear-from-parents/

    “The Government publishes statistics (‘Adoption scorecards’) showing how local authorities place children for adoption, so you can check the figures there. – See more at: http://www.childprotectionresource.org.uk/common-concerns-we-hear-from-parents/#sthash.kBGgkaZn.dpuf

    So individual social workers don’t have score cards. They don’t ‘mark’ how many adoptions they ‘achieve’. This is total fear-mongering bollox.


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