Poking the hornets’ nest

Many thanks to The Armchair Detective for sending us this guest post with more thoughts on why Abrella might not really wish to keep pursuing a re-investigation into the Hampstead hoax:

What Abraham may not fully appreciate is that a more detailed report will also include more details about him, and what informed the direction the investigation took, and what action was or was not taken regarding the investigation of the ‘allegations’.

Examples of some of the things that might need to be ‘ventilated’ and could cause him serious problems: What can the IPCC and police reveal given the limits of confidentiality required due to the family court restrictions in place?

In order to fully answer points asked by Ella for the IPCC complaint appeal, the police would have to show results of their intelligence gathering.

This can be seen in the CRIS, here:

1 Fernandez-2014-09-10

An exposé into the police discovery from the above action could clarify an intriguing element in para 30 in the judgement, which, in my opinion, was deliberately vague, perhaps to protect Jean Clement from the mad brother-in-law whom he may fear—since he does have a fire-arms history and violence convictions, and might just consider his confidant to be a ‘snitch’. But we applaud you, Jean Clement, for your bravery in this case.

The intelligence gathered could shed light on the possible premeditation of Abrella’s actions—before they ever went to Morocco, before the ‘disclosures’ ’emerged’ which only happened, according to Ella, in mid-August. However, see the reference to ‘JULY’ in the last line here, which suggests planning way before the trip:

2 Judgement

And then, another example of what might just surface in the IPCC responses: I found this little gem:

3 ActionsAgreed


Now, I wonder what could be on file with social services already about Abraham?

4 Chantelle

While doing some digging, I also found this:

5 Chantelle

…as well as this post from Hoaxtead Research, which also corroborates this:

6 Crying=Lying

For the people who still want to support Abraham, and say they are child abuse victims’ supporters, do you not see you are supporting a child abuser, is it not crystal clear?

How much more do you need?

This is a child’s account of Abraham’s abuse corroborated by an adult who had ALSO once been a child in his care. This is on file with social services. An old file. Not a cover up. True. It is undeniable. The police had access to the file via social services.

See the hornet’s nest that you are poking with your stick, Abrella?

hornet next

90 thoughts on “Poking the hornets’ nest

  1. Hang on, I missed something there:

    ‘Abraham (stepfather) made my brother lie about my (real) father being an abuser’ which was a lie….’

    OMG so he has done the exact same thing before. Moved in on a woman with children and then made the children accuse the real father of abuse.

    What say you now, Abraham????

    It’s gonna all be on file. And it won’t take much to re-interview those children who are now adults, if the police want to mount a historic child abuse investigation?

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  2. Yep, they would have checked him out, realised he was doing the same thing again with another woman and her children…

    So crack on with your complaint about an inadequate investigation regarding your Hampstead Hoax, Abraham, YOU SLIMY LITTLE BULLY!

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  3. Even more missed details: para 149:

    Q was distressed…’he thought we was lying – when I cried and said


    he said ‘if you’re crying, you’re lying’

    WTF???? So Abraham not only accused the children’s father of sexual abuse, but also Ella OF TOUCHING THEM?

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  4. Listening to this. Abe reckons he spent time in prison with the likes of Dennis Nilson. Flippin’ eck – those kind of people are Category A (high security). What the heck did Abe do to get himself into a Category A prison?

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  5. Yes it’s new. So far: ‘So, do you have any evidence of he father visiting the school, cctv etc?’ Abraham: So glad you asked me that…all schools are under MK mind control’

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  6. It is curious that Abraham has made the complaint public, and the IPCC letters public, but not the initial report by the police. It may already contain information that Abraham doesn’t want to be made public.

    If the police have Abraham’s phone they should have been able to find out when Abraham first contacted Jean Clement. If there was premeditation before they left the UK, I would hope the police could bring some form of charges.

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  7. It has yet again recently a definite shift in focus from the Satanic Panic stuff to mind control.

    I guess Abe has realised that there is no evidence of Satanism and instead a state sponsored trauma based mind control program (or whatever b0llocks he says from around 56:55) doesn’t need any evidence and will get the conspiratards juices flowing.

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  8. …around 58 mins Ella starts saying that RD started wanting more contact with the kids. Hang on, earlier they said that the kids mentioned that he saw them EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL…..make your mind up Ella.

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  9. LOL! Same old lies, lies, lies…what a pathetic pair..still trying to push their hoax to whoever will still listen to them. Naming other children too. Do they honestly think they’ll ever get the children back?

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  10. Putting the boot into Sabine from 01:28:00 maybe somebody should suggest to Sabine that she listens from that point…hint…hint…

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  11. Listen at Ella being shushed by Abraham from 01:39:00 and then there is a pause with Abe I think telling her “no don’t say that” when she mentioned that RD is getting the kids.

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  12. But hey, check out this guy. He’s watched one of the videos of the children’s police interviews (sorry, I’d prefer not to link it) and he’s blown the case wide open:

    We’re through the looking glass, people!

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  13. Another interesting point 01:47:30 about the spoons and the children abusing a 3 year old in Morocco?


  14. Ha! Yes, just got to it. Ella’s basically saying Sabine is a coverup agent working for the cult!

    Oh and of course, she denies having anything to do with Sabine leaking the names, addresses and videos. But you know what you did, don’t you, Ella 😉

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  15. At 1:44hrs the interviewer gives up and pleads with Ella and Abe: ‘Guys, you gotta let me ask the questions! If I am not getting it neither are the audience’. Ella and Abe completely dominate this poor man who does at least try and ask some pertinent questions. But Abrella are like slippery fish slithering hither and thither , diverting, going off on tangents, linking to irrelevant other cases etc. I feel sorry for the interviewer, really.

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  16. Listening to this now. They’re asked who got their websites taken down! They don’t mention Hoaxted!!!! What a swizz!

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  17. This is why I am very sceptical about the so-called IPCC letter. The IPCC would have had to ask the police involved for their views and justifications. The police would have checked the petty criminal Abraham Cristie’s background and would have seen his abuse is already on file while RD has no such record.

    Arresting RD would have made no difference to the outcome. Abella are clutching at straws as are their nutty supporters. Abe sounds like a compete control freak. The only ones he controls now are Ella, Neelu and McNeil

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  18. I’m wondering about ‘petty’ part of criminal. Who the eff gets locked up in a high security prison with Dennis Nilson? They don’t put you in one of those places for nothing.

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  19. I did have a friend who was on drug dealing charges and on remand at Holloway. She says she met Myra Hindley there so maybe its possible.'(police dropped the charges after 7 months)

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  20. Perhaps that’s where Abe got his inspiration for cutting babies up into small pieces. Perhaps he sat at Nilson’s feet (2 sociopaths) and heard tales of slicing up bodies and playing with the skulls.

    # Has anyone asked the Cult Promoters where the skeletons of all these babies went to? I know they ate the flesh but bones? Where are they?

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  21. I’ve wondered this many a time. There’ve never been any bones, body parts, or other physical evidence found in any so-called SRA case. Ever.


  22. I think they currently control Angie, Neelu, and Bronny (the latter via forcing her to suck up to them, which she does with some gusto).


  23. I was thinking the other day about Angie and her claims to have been ‘mind-controlled’. How do we know that she isn’t being mind-controlled right now and they’re making her talk bollocks?

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  24. I’m more curious about how people who believe all this imagine all these classes of mischievous children (in the way otherwise well behaved little humans can be mischievous) were kept secret while some, but not all, teachers were off for ‘fun Wednesday’. Keeping ten children safe and occupied can be like herding cats, never mind thirty or so. I know what I got up to when the teacher was out of the room 😉 I was off causing minor mayhem, paints out, wandering off, looking through the teacher’s desk.

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  25. The presenter doesn’t pick up on Abraham saying he hit the child he wasn’t scared of.


  26. Apparently they made prosthetic penis’s out of them. What is the plural of penis and its correct spelling please?.

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  27. Well Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb have done it again!

    I think they may have upstaged themselves on this one. The last 20mins on the second part is just GOLD!!! You cannot make this shit up.

    However, listening to them go in n out of them believing what they are saying, then with the next breath know they are lying, is in fact….scary!

    These two must be the dumbest fcukwits in exsistence.

    It‘s comical! It‘s scary! It‘s nonsensical! It‘s absurd, inane, senseless, stupid, ridiculous, illogical.

    These two fcukwits are downright dangerous to themselves and others.

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  28. I listened to that bit. The explanation for the injuries would be comical if it weren’t such a sad situation. They photographed the evidence themselves and are happy to broadcast it to the world, yet Ella claims the injuries occurred later. Someone will fall for it though.

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  29. Recall Lotus Princess in her earthly disguise as Neelu saw baby carriages being delivered one Wednesday morning but sadly for this quite expert filmographer she failed to film the event. Otherwise we would have seen it was probably a pensioner with the shopping cart they nicked from the local supermarket.

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  32. I don’t think Myra was seen as an escape risk or a risk to other prisoners. She was eventually put in some kind of trustee position and I’ve read she’d make tea in the staff room. I’d be surprised if Nilson is given such privileges. There may be times when Category A’s and B’s mix but the movements of someone like Nilson will be very restricted. Abe may have met him though, perhaps some years ago. From what I’ve read Nilson has been in HMP Full Sutton for a long time. High security prison. I know – I visited someone there many years ago.

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  33. I think Dennis Nilsen is in Whitemoor Prison but he’s also been in Wormwood Scrubs, Parkhurst and Sutton.
    I’ve actually still got a letter in the house from him. I wrote to him when I was studying for something which I won’t go into here!

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  34. I just checked the list – Nilsen was in Wormwood Scrubs, Parkhurst, Wakefield, Full Sutton, Whitemoor, then back to Full Sutton. The letter I have is from Whitemoor, I didn’t realise he’d been put back in Full Sutton in 2003.

    My guess is that Abe would’ve been talking about Wormwood Scrubs.

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