Chris Spivey: ‘Dead man whining’ gets suspended sentence

Chris Spivey, noted Internet troll who was convicted last month of harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby, was sentenced today…to six months in prison, suspended for two years. Oh, and he has a lifetime restraining order preventing him from spewing his hateful bilge any further.

This is a far cry from the pitiful moanings we were hearing from Spivey until now: according to him, he was “dead man walking”.

If you don’t mind reading through a load of bollocks and whingeing, fill your boots here:

Chris Spivey dead man whiningYep, the authorities were definitely going to throw him in prison, where he fully expected to be murdered.

Talk about false flag events!

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    • They should have. Don’t know why they didn’t.
      I know!… he must be MI5!!!!! Quick, spread the word, give him a taste of his own medicine…lol!

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      • There already is a rumour he is MI5!

        “It is impossible not to strongly suspect that his story was put together by a creative writing team working within the bowels of MI5.

        There is probably a great deal of truth in Spivey’s narrative (‘Revelation of the Method’ being a regular element relating to crimes of the modern state) but enough misdirection to make his information provably debunkable and, therefore, worse than useless.

        It is MI5’s policy to ‘own’ the leadership of the opposition when it comes to all their pranks. They need an ‘alternative’ figurehead or organisation to (mis)represent any false-flag event to the masses should doubts seep into the public mind and go viral (the mainstream media must appear to be ‘fair’ and ‘even-handed’ after all).

        It is obvious that MI5 will behave in this way.”

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        • The very idea that a security service would employ a ratbag like Spivey sends shivers down the spine. The perils of the newer generation who now think surfing the net is “investigating”.

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          • That’s what I don’t understand. So many people now watch a conspiracy video on YT and believe every word just because someone says the words “Wake up, people..what I’m about to tell you is most definitely a conspiracy of the highest order”.. and people just lap it up and start shouting “Shill! Paedo Protector!” etc.
            It’s pathetic.

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  1. If he had been beat up or killed in prison, it wouldn’t be because the authorities wanted to shut him up. It would be because the other inmates would have seen what a twat he is

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  2. Scarlet • 4 hours ago Report Abuse (

    I have read his extensive work on this subject, and therefore can comment. Many of you clearly haven’t, that is your choice too! but leaves you little room to comment! If you are happy to believe this and other stuff, that is your right to do so. It is HIS right to write about in on his website, and to provoke thought and debate.
    Why is it wrong to ask questions? and if any of you care to remove the blinkers for just a moment, you too would see that in a lot of cases you are being misled, at best. So, why not ask why? What are you so afraid of? I mean most of you now accept that there has been a paedo ring involving Westminster etc etc? thr most base of crimes being committed, so why is it such a big leap that there are other dark things afoot?
    To anyone saying he is a nutter, that is your right, your opinion, but what makes him a nutter? that he has extensively investigated this and other stories? the fact that he has not agreed with the narrative given to us by the press? the fact that he has been illegally arrested? the fact that if he was just a nutter as you state, he would have been laughed at, and ignored. But instead the rule of the law, and legal process have all been disregarded in full to get him into court. Why? and while I am here, if everything he has uncovered and reported is wrong, and he is in fact a deluded looney, the fact remains that you too, one day, could find yourself the target of the state, the one to be silenced one way or another, law will not be applied to you, you will be hung out to dry, while your colleagues claim you to be a nutter, maybe even on here! I implore anyone who has even the slightest actual interest to really find out what is going on here to first open your mind to the fact you have been lied to, research for yourself.

    The truth really is staring you in the face but it takes intellect and humility to dare to question, and of course, there is none so blind as those that don’t want to see, I am fairly sure this post will be deleted or thumbed down so hard its blushing lol but you know what? I have an open mind and am no longer in a state of delusion where everything my government tell me is the truth! cos you know what? It really isn’t!!….

    That’s from the comments from the yahoo news story re Spivey as linked above. Is that the reason Scarlet has scampered off, she has another job to do within her role; albeit this time she is to front as a “conspiracy theorist”. Is all that we see stage managed on both sides, as Bacon Spear Shake confided ?


    • How did the dissenting voices go down on his blog? Genuinely curious. Was there polite debate?Does Chris Spivey revise his ideas? Is he open to criticism? Would he remove something from his blog if it upset someone?

      He wasn’t convicted because of the blog in itself though.

      His judicial review of the arrest powers the police used failed I thought.

      The pictures showing what are supposed to be the same person, but are very clearly not, are unintentionally hilarious.

      But that’s just my opinion.

      He just seems banned from contacting certain people, and for very good reason.

      As far as Westminster goes, I’m actually not sure what to believe. I am loathe to say that someone is just making stuff up, or is mistaken for whatever reason, but it has certainly crossed my mind that some of the allegations at least are not true in the slightest. Time will tell.

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      • “As far as Westminster goes, I’m actually not sure what to believe. I am loathe to say that someone is just making stuff up, or is mistaken for whatever reason, but it has certainly crossed my mind that some of the allegations at least are not true in the slightest. Time will tell”.

        I’m not loathe to say it. At the heart of the Westminster VIP pedo ring mythology lies (literally) a con-artist named Chris Fay, recently convicted & jailed for laundering money on behalf of a “boiler gang” criminal conspiracy of fellow con-artists. Chris Fay has long claimed that years ago, he was “Adult adviser” to Mary Moss’ short-lived NAYPIC or National Association of Young People In Care, but he’s also said that the only time he & Moss got to interview YPIC was when they were “on the run” – in other words, they were operating a crash-pad for runaways. He’s also famously quoted as having said “I lost count of the number of times we were accused of ‘harboring’ “. Now, there was only ever one paid employee of NAYPIC and that was Mary Moss herself, so where did the title “Adult adviser” come from? It’s NOT a job title, nor does it denote any professional training or qualifications. Fay blatantly MADE IT UP to excuse his hanging out with a bunch of teen runaways. Imagine what would happen today, if police investigators stumbled on a crashpad of runaways and asked them who was putting them up. “Oh, we have an adult adviser…” “You have a WHAT?” The vice squad would take him away so fast his head would spin off.

        There was also a con-artist who called himself a “private detective”, that Fay was associated with, who played a major role in Fay’s earliest lies & fantasies about Carol Kasir and EGH, at Kasir’s inquest. There’s an excellent post about him somewhere in the Needleblog archives and I’ll leave it to you to dig that out. I can’t adequately summarize it, suffice to see that this guy was both a bottom-feeding dirt digger and a fraudulent rumor-monger.

        And then there is Andrea Davison. Davison is/was one half of the Scallywag slander-gossip magazine that was sued out of existence long ago. She claims to have worked for MI5 or MI6 or MI99 or some such crapola, and claims that she investigated SRA cases for them! Oh yea! And she’s a convicted DOCUMENT FORGER, involved in many more criminal con-artist conspiracies.

        These three people, and perhaps others unknown to me at this time, created the “decoded” Mary Moss EGH guestlist, which is a pack of lies. “Nick’s” accusations are based on this fraudulent list of “decoded” EGH patron names. Although I can’t prove this, I’m quite certain that “Nick” is their operative.

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        • Never fear there is far more to come out about the ghastly crook Christopher Fay especially in his “dealings” with young teens (boys)..
          Fay is an unrepentant con-man and who moaned when he was arrested & charged as part of Adrian Davison’s vile boiler room gang that he had “made a mistake” by agreeing to be the bag man. As for his victims, Fay has never utter a word of apology.

          Never forget that Fay and Davison’s gang bilked dozens (but probably 100s- many were too embarrassed to report theft) mainly aged pensioners of their life savings. Money they had worked for decades to save for their retirement.
          They suffer still today – this crime was a recent one in the build up to the London Olympics.Many lives were ruined- these are not banks and such, just ordinary working class people who worked in trades.

          As for revolting Andrea Davison, she has had a life long history of crime and worked a s master forger of documents for criminal gangs to obtain credit cards etc. She ven bilked her own mother out of her house.

          The infamous Boiler Room gangs still operate today and are largely made up the same criminal masterminds. They have always been loosely associated with each other with many cross-overs and many have fled to Thailand where criminals easily find a new home using backpackers and such to man the phones ringing worldwide and seeking out easy marks. In Australia alone it’s estimated that over 100,000 retired people- largely unsophisticated – have fallen victim to them and handed over savings.

          No matter how many raids happen in Bangkok, the ringmasters simply pop up in a building down the road while the hapless underlings get deported.It’s believe Davison lives in Thailand and not South America as she continually tries to fool people. It’s very easy there with money to become anonymous.

          Fay & Davison have always been associated and were among the same lot who would gather in the afternoon drinking clubs of Soho (most were little gay clubs) .

          Both are typical sociopaths who have nil empathy for the harm they cause others as typified by Christopher Fay’s woe at being charged as a money launderer, not giving the slightest fig about his victims. Belinda McKenzie appears to be similar and they have all jumped upon the “child protection” bandwagon but I think they now realised their creation is careering out of control.

          Exaro abandoned Fay ages ago despite using his Elm House falsehoods to get them off the ground.

          As for Christopher Spivey, he’s moaning & groaning on his website and pointing out in (totally mistaken) meticulous detail that his arrests were illegal just like all these nutters, love to nitpick about the very laws they say they are not beholden to,

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          • I should add the Christopher Fay is gay but not a paedophile.
            But he may well find that he will suffer from the ‘Harvey Proctor Syndrome” that he has been so instrumental in putting into motion.

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        • Interesting comment, Justin. I was so sure that there was something very dodgy going at the Elm GH though.
          The advert for the Guest House back then, said that if offered “10% discounts to Spartacus Club Members”
          The leader of the Spartacus Club was also a member of P.I.E. at the time.
          I did wonder about the Guest List and Cliff being named “Kitty” with his partner Roger being “Gladys.” So thanks for the explanation of that.

          I was in danger at one time of being drawn into the Truth Movement, in case you are wondering! It wasn’t until I saw one of UK Callum’s videos I realised how silly I was being!

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          • @jake – thanks, Jake. I have a thorough knowledge & understanding of Spartacus, their Amsterdam operations, the pruior activity in the US as “Better Life”, all the child prostitution & pornography operations, dating back to early 1970’s. I’ve been tracking so0me of those perps for 30+ years, myself. Spartacus was…not good. But the EGH guestlist is bogus, a fraud and a con-job.

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          • @ Justin, Yes, but after seeing the old advert which was in a political magazine offering members of the Spartacus Club a 10% discount on any room bookings (which made me research the Spartacus Club, it seemed very strange and made the Elm GH “rumours” quite plausible to me.
            I do still suspect that something may have been going on there but it certainly does not affect my opinion on the Hampstead HOAX!

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          • @jake (again) – You might have to be a gay man in my age group 🙂 🙂 to put what you are seeing – that ad – into context. Spartacus Guide was originally just a gay-oriented travel guide, one of only two on the stands of gay book stores at the time. The whole gay-oriented/friendly travel industry was very small, then. Many “Spartacus Club” subscribers were likely looking for travel discounts or more detailed inside info about places listed in the guide. I remember looking through the guide a couple of times, although I never owned a copy. There was a rumor that the guide listed homosexual prostitute hangouts in various cities. I thought that was probably bullshit, but it was true. My city had a listing and the local gay stroll was detailed correctly. BUT, none of the Canadian venues in the listings had anything to do with boy prostitution, they were certainly not boy brothels. The idea that this ad would have been a “secret code” for “rent little boys here” is just truther bollocks.

            There really WAS “something going on at EGH, of course. Lee Towsey was giving rub & tug to fat old gay guys, and having sex with cute young undercover police officers – or so he says. I don’t doubt that some rooms were rented by men who had picked up a boy down at Piccadilly. I’m sure that did happen

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    • There is a difference between asking questions and making nonsense up about sensitive subjects. What Spivey and others do is ask a question, and then answer it themselves with whatever narrative they want to be true. When someone points out why they are wrong, or even that there are other possible explanations, they don’t concede they have been wrong, or that other explanations exist. Instead, they continue to spout their shit, while accusing the person who asked them a question of being a shill, agent, paedo protector…etc. They are hypocrites in every way possible.

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    • Among other things, Spivey has maintained on his website that Jimmy Saville and the Duke of Edinburgh are the same person and that Princess Di never existed and was made up, though I haven’t worked out how or why. And that he is going to be sent to prison and killed, though he wasn’t and is still alive. Like most troofers he does believe everything he reads in the papers about crimes alleged to have been committed by the police, establishment figures, and Jews though.

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree with what was said below!:

    Sentencing him to six months in prison suspended for two years, District Judge John Woollard said: “I have been a district judge for 17 years and very rarely I come across conspiracy theorists like you.

    “Experience tells me it’s pointless telling you you are wrong because you believe I am part of the conspiracy.

    You totally fail to accept that what you were doing had a profound and shattering effect on the family.

    They had been thrust into the public eye and were bereaved in a terrible way and then they’re contacted by somebody like you making the most ridiculous comments and claims.

    All because sitting in your bedroom in Rochford you come to the conclusion that MI5 and various other organisations are conspiring to mislead the public.

    You will be convinced until you die that you are right and everyone else is wrong.”

    The above pretty much describes every tin-foil hat wearer!

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    • And full marks to that judge for stating very plainly what an idiot Spivey is.
      It is now on the record that he’s just another keyboard false accuser who surfs the net cherry picking conspiracies to weave together.
      And they have the hide to call themselves “investigative journalists”.

      I notice his supporters are now ramping up the claim that the terrible Virginia shooting of 2 US TV workers was a “false flag”. No tragedy is exempt from these ghastly fanatics to spin from their basements or bedrooms, as part of a conspiracy (so loved the judge’s depiction of Spivey typing away in his bedroom). No family victim of a terrible event is to be spared by these gutless cowards to try and seek advantage from.

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    • Sneddy, that probably classes as the most idiotic comment ever posted on here. That’s probably why you were unable to back up your extremely serious allegation with a single shred of evidence. In short, stop being such a useless twat, luv. You’re only embarrassing yourself.

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      • Well said, EC! I’m glad you approved it. It shows the mentality of these people.

        C’mon Snedders, show us the laughable “evidence” of Lee Rigby’s non-existence. Oh, don’t bother, we’ve all seen it and already laughed at it. pfft!

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  4. Have you seen Neelu’s facebook page recently? Some new videos of her commercial lien activities, harassing some very patient gentlemen who are just trying to do their jobs.

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  5. @Anonymous
    I’m not sure why you’ve stuck my name at the top of your comment, as I have no connection to the link or your comment.

    I’ve been watching Chris Spivey for over a year and have disproven a number of his claims.

    For instance, his claims about the Lee Rigby murder being faked hinges on his belief that CCTV footage is inadmissible in court if they’re more than an hour out (which is untrue, by the way); he claims that the CCTV footage in this case said 2:10pm when the murder took place at 1:20pm. Spivey repeatedly described this – in a public lecture, no less – as “one hour and twenty minutes out”. The rest of us may be tempted to describe it as 50 minutes out but hey, what would I know?

    Then there were his Social Services rants. Quite rightly, Social Services were looking into the welfare of his grandson (but hey, how dare they care about the wellbeing of a child, eh? Fucking Fascists!). In a document that Spivey himself uploaded, he claimed to SS that he never smokes in the house. But he also uploaded a number of unrelated videos showing himself…er…smoking in the house. D’oh! Still, the child must be safe, as he’s often left alone with two Rottweilers and has a bloke who claims to have been arrested for child porn offences to look after him. Bless.

    Of course, you can’t check these things with Mr. Spivey himself, as, presumably in the spirit of free speech, he refuses to answer questions or allow any kind of dissent. Oh and don’t push it with him or he’ll have you beaten up, just like he allegedly did to a young Welsh guy whom he had hospitalised twice. Why? For asking too many questions. You talk about us wearing blinkers but can’t seem to remove your own in your fawning, drooling, unquestioning admiration for Mr. Spivey. You yourself say that “it takes intellect and humility to dare to question”, yet you seem incapable of questing Mr. Spivey. You hang on his every word without ever querying what he says, despite the fact that he has no journalistic or academic qualifications and never supports his claims with robust evidence that can withstand the spotlight of scrutiny. Good luck with that.

    As for free speech, frankly you make yourself sound utterly ridiculous and your comments completely devalue the concept of genuine free speech. Harassing, defaming and intimidating a grieving family is not, under any legal or ethical provision, free speech. And publishing their contact details? Disgraceful. And shame on you for condoning it. It is harassment, pure and simple. It breaches the PACE legislation, the Data Protection Act, the Malicious Communications Act and the Defamation Act.

    Oh and pssst: by your own, ahem, “logic”, if Spivey has the right to say what the fuck he wants without exception (which would make the UK the only society in World history where that’s been the case), then we have the right to say he’s talking bollocks. Right? No? Oh sorry, is this unrestricted free speech thing not a mutual arrangement, then?

    PS: “I am fairly sure this post will be deleted or thumbed down so hard it’s blushing.” Yeah? Really? And how did that work out for you? And more importantly, what were you basing that accusation on? You seem to have graduated from the Chris Spivey School of Fact-Checking. Take a look around this site. Firstly, there’s no “thumbing down” facility on WordPress. And secondly, unlike your beloved Mr. Spivey, whom you don’t criticise for deleting comments he doesn’t like, we do allow people to disagree with us. Apology accepted, but the hypocrisyometer has just cracked under the strain.

    As for your desperate pathetic personal jibes against me, I refuse to dignify them with a response.


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  6. @Anonymous
    Hoaxtead is more or less over (the hoaxbusters won, by the way) and Scarlet said for some time that she was gong to retire at 1000 posts (and unlike you, she has to go to work instead of sitting around all day watching reruns of Jeremy Kyle whilst eating taxpayer-funded Doritos). You’re lucky she’s stuck around at all. Check your facts next time, dickhead.

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  7. Anonymous claims that we don’t allow his comments. According to an inbox search on his IP address, here are some his previous ones that we have allowed and are still up (despite often sounding like the ramblings of a madman):

    Hiya, no sorry I don’t know. As Jake says below/above I have heard God, Geometry, and also Gnosis. One images only the creme de la creme of the lodge actually know for sure. I don’t want to dwell on “conspiracy theories” here but the astrological/”hermetic” snapshot at the time of the Lockerbie bombing is most interesting, a large convergence of planets in the sign of Capricorn (“ruled by the goat”), Mars (planet of war) at mid heaven, all on the winter solstice. Some (tourist) sites claim Lockerbie was named after the Norse “trickster god”, Loki. “We” never really got to the bottom of the truth of the matter, theories still abound.

    Jake, notwithstanding what I just wrote, surely this Hampstead matter is a conspiracy of some sorts. Certainly it appears that adults and children have been conspired against, I just can’t work out why. What is the purpose and who is actually behind it. That’s what puzzles me.

    For those doubting the effect that “Hermes Trismegistus” (Thoth), certainly “his” philosophies, have had on humanities “progress” over the last 2000 years, then they need to do some research. It certainly encompasses Geometry.

    Hiya, is the garden image you refer to the one where the child is carrying a drinking mug with a parrot motif. If not, that is worth a gander too as the parrot is perhaps symbolic in terms of speech. Also, does the hand signal “M” you refer too, as noted in much artwork, not also refer to Hermeticism – “as above, so below” , one finger pointed downwards, another upwards. cheers. Note I think you are correct with the C angle.

    Sorry Faerie, I perhaps came over wrongly. I agree with your onomatological assessment of the names. Is it coincidence, synchronicity, someone having a laugh, or…. 911 is 119, UK style but that’s another bag of vipers. cheers

    My understanding is that the “devil”, if you are referring to the Lucifer/Baphomet/Pan creature (there is some debate/confusion), is androgynous/asexual. It’s unlikely (s)he needs or wants to be pleasured via masturbation.. Why would (s)he with all the rituals going on ? Surely the rituals are what the devil wants, the baby killing, the shoe making; or perhaps it’s actually “energies” (s)he’s after ? Maybe if there is a “devil” he can perhaps harness/harvest such, for nefarious purpose.. Aleister Crowley was a great promoter of the “energy” philosophy. He purchased Boleskine @ Loch Ness allegedly because of it’s “magickal” properties, so he could conjure up a demon or two. Jimmy Page later bought Boleskine. Loch Ness still buzzes. So does Jimmy, we saw him at the London Olympic handover. Hampstead saw a dose of energies too. A dose.

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  8. “Is that the reason Scarlet has scampered off”

    Wow, a typical troofer who shoots off his mouth without bothering to check his facts! Hey “Anonymous”, what’s your evidence for that claim? Scarlet could be on holiday, dead or in hospital for all you know. Or, unlike you, she may have a life away from this proven hoax, which has all but subsided now anyway. Knobhead.

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    • Well said, Anne. And what the hell is he banging on about regarding that website? There’s nothing written on there by anyone called Scarlet! He’s probably getting confused by the voices in his head.

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      • I at first assumed they were leaving the comment for Scarlet, so started the comment with her name.
        Now I’m thinking that someone has left that comment somewhere on social media using Scarlet’s name..
        I just don’t know..

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  9. Apparently the Goverment’s News fabrication department is going on strike.

    There will be no news on TV tonight or in the papers, as nothing has happened.

    Fortunately the weather department is working as normal, so expect some crap weather.


  10. It makes me laugh how Spivey and the like claim to be advocates of free speech and yet when i leave a comment on Spiveys website it has to wait to be moderated first and then if they don’t like what i have to say then my comment does not get posted. So much for free speech.

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