Action: Supporting Neelu’s Imprisonment

Neelu Berry. You stand accused of harassment, threatening behaviour, perverting the course of justice, breach of two injunctions, breach of a restraining order, contempt of court, perjury, slander, breach of the peace, malicious communications, resisting arrest, breach of the Data Protection Act, affray, libel and travelling with an invalid Oyster card. You’re going down and your only hope is to plead insanity and get a lighter sentence and the psychiatric help you so clearly need.judge_jody_guilty_verdict_hg_clr


9 thoughts on “Action: Supporting Neelu’s Imprisonment

  1. Oh I tried so hard not to laugh outside that Court, I nearly punctured my lungs, listening to that stupid woman stood next to me talking about arresting Judges, still it made me look intelligent for once.
    I am hiding now, made a complete arse of myself didn’t I?

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    • Yes, a complete arse with buttocks on either side of your nose. I suggest you stay out of the way for a while, or at least till Sabine stops having hysterics on the radio. She’s like a dog with a bone isn’t she.

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