Ham & High: Sabine’s Arrest

The reporting restrictions have been lifted and it’s never too late to gloat 😉

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Sabine in the nick

Thanks to the ‘anonymous’ source who sent us this meme 😉


21 thoughts on “Ham & High: Sabine’s Arrest

      • Yeah, wonder why Code2222 never got that? Surely she would’ve wanted more evidence of her “hip injury” too?
        Belinda said Sabine was “expecting it”.. she certainly seemed to give up a fight to be dragged out screaming by 3 Police Officers and 2 High Court Security staff, especially for someone supposedly “expecting it.” LOL! If she had gone willingly their would have been no hip injury, seems she brought that injury on herself!

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        • *oops, I’ve used ‘their’ instead of ‘there’.. I hate when I see that too! Doh!.. and it was THREE Court Security staff, not two..


          • I’ve changed your ‘2’ to ‘3’ and also your ‘went’ to ‘gone’. As far as I can tell, you didn’t use the word ‘there’ or ‘their’!

            As for your point about Sabine bringing that on yourself, I was thinking that when Belinda was banging on about Sabine not being allowed a drink or to go to the toilet. She shouldn’t have still been there? Do these idiots not get how an arrest works? They’ll be demanding a 2-course-meal and pedicure next!

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  1. I heard somewhere 🙂 that if the loons on face yoga mothers side have said something negative, anything that is close to harrassment, libel etc, and what springs to mind is disney fag ash, where she states the father is xxxxxx, then injunctions will be handed to them.

    They are handing these injunctions out like free tickets to 1D concert.

    What is required, apparently is the following…

    The person (name), and what they said via text or video etc.

    Where they live, (address) would be great!

    UK only, for now 🙂

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    • Nooooo, of course Sabine’s arrest is rubbish, it’s not like her supporters haven’t said she was arrested is it….oh wait…

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      • Why did she put the research site back up with all the links to the childrens interveiws on and the “list” of the alleged cult ppl.Ahe posted a link on her twitter which directed to her blog and there she “explained why she was republishing all this after being told not to,or as she put it “requested to take it down” ,That was only days ago.So,why aren’t the plods beating a path to where ever she is?


  2. Wow, you guys are fucked in the head. Real nest of psychopaths…….. No chance you’ll post this though….. Better watch out though…..they’re watching the watchers and there’s no star prizes for being an obedient servant of the lodge……… instead you get a nasty surprise at the end of all your labours……hahaha…. l8rs losers.


    • @ Jay Sunshine

      “No chance you’ll post this though”

      LMAO! On a scale of one-to-ten, how much of a dickhead do you feel now, Justin?


      • The style of Jay Sunshine’s comment sounds very familiar. He reminds me of this utter knobhead I know who lives in Leicestershire. I’ll PM you his name, Scarlet.


  3. It is a real shame we can’t have Sabine in leg manacles doing hard labour such as breaking big rocks into small ones.

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