Charlotte goes on a whingeing binge

We’re all probably a bit too familiar with Charlotte Ward Alton’s writings, which seem to have two speeds: petulantly aggrieved or slyly self-aggrandising. Neither is particularly attractive.

Since announcing the impending demise of her slop-bucket of a blog (tonight at the witching hour, if she’s telling the truth), though, her self-indulgent whingeing has hit industrial proportions: she’s been cranking out her ‘last words’ as though she’s being paid by the word.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of Charlotte’s long list of grievances (in no particular order):

Hamster Research-2015-10-31-1Oh, honey. Really?

First: no cult. Sorry to disappoint, but there you are. There is no cult, never has been, and the fact that she can’t accept that says a great deal more about Charlotte than it does about any of the residents of Hampstead (or us, for that matter).

Second: The Ham & High didn’t have to ‘concoct lies’ about Belinda and Sabine. Those two fraud artists made the front pages on their own, with no help from anyone.

Hamster Research-RD hacked blog?Nice try, Charlotte, but no banana.

First, RD has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this blog. Never has. As far as we’re aware, he’s living a quiet life, attempting to recover from the brutal harassment he’s received for the past year, and we wish him well, but he’s nothing to do with us.

And second, for the umpteenth time, we didn’t hack your email, your computer, your blog…none of us knows the first thing about hacking. Charlotte left plenty of clues strewn about that made identifying her quite easy, once we started looking. It was her own carelessness that helped us determine who and where she is.

No mystery there at all.

Hamster Research-2015-10-31-3Um, how can we break this to poor Charlotte? Let’s try to spell it out in words she can understand: when parents have children in the same grade at the same school, there is a very good chance that they will know one another. They might even (gasp!) socialise from time to time.

Similarly, teachers at the same school probably know one another too. And might even meet up for a pub night, if you can imagine. Mind-blowing, we know.

We’ll pause to allow Charlotte and her cronies to absorb this startling bit of info’.

Ready? All right, let’s continue:

Hamster Research 2015-10-31 -4Hahahahaha! Seriously?

Sounds like Charlotte has been indulging in a bit too much wacky baccy, and has forgotten a critical detail: she posted the Google Drive where her crap manuscript was located. Like Sabine, she seems not to understand that posting one’s Google Drive publicly constitutes ‘sharing’ online.

We’d say ‘live and learn’, but sadly there’s very little chance of that.

Hamster Research-2015-10-31-5What? None of the people Charlotte harassed by email deigned to respond to her weird allegations? And not a single one responded with a message of support to her campaign?! How utterly shocking!

Then again, most of us don’t respond to emails claiming to be from Nigerian princes with huge amounts of money that they wish to park in our bank accounts, either.

It’s called ‘sanity’, Charlotte. You might want to get some.

Hamster Research-2015-10-31-6Ah, the hilarity! Stop, Charlotte, our ribs are aching!

Hoaxtead Research was formed by a group of people who are deeply offended by the sheer stupid malevolence of the Hoaxtead hawkers.

That’s it, that’s all. None of us live in Hampstead, none of us are members of any cult. And we’re certainly not getting paid for anything that we do. We take time out of our normal lives to battle Hoaxtead because we feel a moral imperative to put an end to the false accusations the Hoaxtead hawkers continue to make, and the pain they continue to inflict on innocent people.

As for Hamster Research somehow shutting down the David Icke thread FOR MONTHS…perhaps we blinked at the wrong time and missed this momentous event? We do recall the entire forum going down for repairs for a couple of weeks at one point, but surely that cannot be what Charlotte is referring to?

There’s more…much more…but honestly, trying to convince someone like Charlotte is a truly futile endeavour. Thank goodness, we won’t have to do it any longer.

Bye bitch lady gaga

16 thoughts on “Charlotte goes on a whingeing binge

  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    The children of Hampstead can now sleep soundly at night without having to worry about “that creepy internet lady” coming to get them.

    By the way, did anyone notice that she deleted her last post (‘FINAL VIDEO’)? I guess she must have been embarrassed by such a pathetic swan song.

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  2. I keep saying – if you’re all being paid what about me? Nobody’s paid me.

    Can I get a job application form from the Illuminati? Where? They apparently control everything and have all the power. They must have a huge secretarial staff and I’m sure I could fit in quite nicely. Cup of baby blood sir? Shaken not stirred?

    Seriously, what is she on? I’ve come to the conclusion that an awful lot of troofers are mentally unstable. (Not all, so don’t get upset if you’re seeking the troof and reading this.) We’ve got troofers who spray the sky with vinegar or chant Ohm to get rid of chemtrails. We’ve got troofers who blame the Jewish lizard masonic people for all the world’s ills and we’ve got troofers who’ve been kidnapped by the police and/or aliens. We’ve got troofers who say they’ve arrested judges, when actually they’ve just said a few words and been kicked out of Court. Some of them are costing the country a fortune by sodding about in the legal system and as long as I’m paying tax I think I’m allowed to say STOP BEING SO BLOODY SILLY!

    The most reprehensible amongst them though are those that accuse all and sundry of being paedophiles and baby killers when all the evidence points to a non event. Like the cast of the Crucible they point fingers and name names and I’ve seen some of them say they’d like to ‘string people up on Hampstead Heath’. I’ve got news for those who think that way – we might not like the way the world is being run (I know I don’t) and we might want things to change….but you don’t get positive change from either harassing or murdering people. If you think it’s okay to do either of these things you need to see a psychiatrist and get your bumps felt.

    I’m still angry about that video where the vicar of Christ Church was followed home and then that older lady was harassed when she was walking down the street. SHAME on every one of you who did this. Do you EVER consider you might have been wrong, because I believe you were and so does everyone else here.

    Right that’s my rant over. Off to the pub.

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    • you forgot Araya Soma who reckons the world is flat.

      The Hoaxteders use the classic “when did you stop beating your wife” technique to accuse & convict, Yet they ignore a fact like Neelu Berry’s case being thrown out of court which should demonstrate that this “cult”seems to have little power, after all.

      Charlotte’s email campaign which she claims is up to 10,000 sent would also most likely be an offence under Data Protection laws let alone breaching probable defamation and harassment laws.

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      • Oh, right, almost forgot the flat-earth crew. And Araya is a big fan of Hitler, as well.

        The Hoaxteaders’ idea of logic gives me a headache. They consistently add 2+2 and come up with 839, then claim that the rest of us just don’t ‘see the truth’.


    • I’ve been puzzled by the “paid shill” thing also. How come I’m not getting paid? I think the Hampstead hoaxers are eejits. Doesn’t that count for anything? Where’s the fairness?


  3. Poor Neelu has just posted her latest phone call to a US medical facility where a person is being held through ‘fraud’ accused of abusing her kids.
    Apart from another-very polite – but puzzled listener I don;t think Neelu realises she has just broken serious US Wire Tapping laws.

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  4. Christopher Everard and his followers had my YouTube channel taken down last night. I now know he had my ENTIRE channel removed from YouTube last night because he was doing an interview with Sean Stone (Oliver Stone’s son) last night and he didn’t want MY videos showing up on the sidebar of YouTube as “suggested videos” for people to click on next. Chris Everard also mentions Hampstead at 41:23 in this video. And right before that, Everard lies about Arizona. Everard has NEVER been to Arizona. In fact, Everard has never been to America and he told me he would be arrested at the airport if he ever tried to come to America. Everard has child pornography on his computers and he outed himself recently with a post he made online. Please watch the video and please comments considering Everard is perpetuating he Hampstead Hoax to a famous film director’s son. This is beyond belief. Stay safe out there


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