BREAKING: Sabine arrested again, sez Neelu

According to Neelu (always a trustworthy source, cough cough) Sabine McNeill has been ‘kidnapped’ (read: arrested) yet again. 

If true, this makes lucky #3 for the septuagenarian Hoaxtead pusher.

We’ll update you as this story unfolds.


29 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sabine arrested again, sez Neelu

  1. I’m not sure what Sabine’s age or disability has got to do with it. Neelu was okay with joining a mob to harass an older vicar with a heart condition and the older lady who walked down the street. Age and disability apparently didn’t come into it then.

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  2. Seems Sabine has been released.

    Yeah sod her age and so called disability.

    Anyone that is 70/71 years will probably have arthritis, i know i have and i’m not her age.

    Infuriates me when people play the AGE card.

    Complete BS.

    A year ago i swam next to Jane Asher 84 years old in the 200m backstroke at the SER Masters Swimming gala at the K2.

    The year before i saw John Harrison 100 years old break a couple of records at Bracknell.

    Sabine can walk, she gets up to all sorts.

    I bet she could throw a punch and send me flying,

    big, strapping perfectly capable woman she is.

    I hope Belinda is next.

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  3. I wonder if Sabine making her blog private meant she thought she could say whatever she liked and the police would not find out. Maybe she thought that if it’s private she is not discussing the case in public. Whatever it is, she has likely incriminated herself even further, and with any luck, she will be punished accordingly.

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    • That’s my guess too, Dave. I wondered what was up when she made that page private–but as I said at the time, she is like a forgetful squirrel, with little Hampstead stashes all over the Internet.

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  4. If Sabine ends up serving time in prison then can you imagine all the vunerable women she will meet in there who will have issues with social services and their children? It could prove to be a goldmine of new victims for her

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    • She does know how to turn a phrase, doesn’t she? Unfortunately, she’s taken that post off her FB page now. Good thing we took screenshots! 🙂


      • LOL! They’re trying to say that the ‘lodge’ has something to do with Masons, I believe. As in ‘Masonic lodge’, geddit?

        Oh, and I think they took closeups of some lava formations (or possibly coral) on the doorpost, and tried to insinuate that it was a baby’s skull. Because they are eejits.


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