Merry Xmas, Sabine! You’re under arrest.

This just in: Sabine McNeill was arrested (again) yesterday.

Reliable sources inform us that she was placed under arrest when she arrived at the police station with her lawyer on one of her regular bail condition visits from her previous arrest in August.

More computers have been removed from her residence for examination (leading us to wonder exactly how many computers these Hoaxteaders generally have?), and Sabine got to wear one of those lovely white prison jumpsuits before she was placed in her cell, since her trousers had string on them.

We understand Sabine has been released on bail (again)…more details as they come in.

Sabine arrest

“You cannot arrest me! I am UNARRESTABLE!”



65 thoughts on “Merry Xmas, Sabine! You’re under arrest.

    • You’re so right. I’ve lost track of the number of times this blog has attempted to point out her bail infractions. We don’t know her most recent charges, but we’ll fill you in as soon as we do.

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          • They all read this blog. They’re watching us right now. I can hear them – my fillings pick up thought waves and the only way I can blot them out is by wearing my special metal hat. But the buggers are getting smart now. The frequency of Charlotte’s caterwauling on that ’12 Days of Hampstead’ video has pierced right trough the tinfoil. They’re cunning like that. Help me – I’m scared.

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          • she cannot deny my tweets to her, nor my youtube and blog, which she might have taken note of, but then, when i met her, a few years ago, she didn’t heed my advice then……. to calm down, even…. but i certainly have undeniably confronted, challenged, warned and even at times, been too kind ! 🙂 kind of part of my reasoning for my actions. 🙂 Lovely news though, feels like a nice bit of justice and hope it warms the cockles of hampstead hearts and all your supporters, everywhere, my heart cockles are really warmed and a nice glass of mulled wine just is topping my smiles up nicely, cheers everyone, really cheers ! 🙂 ❤

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    • It is, but some of them knew or should have known, better. If any of them had done the decent thing, and admitted their mistake and asked their followers to desist, by now, i would have some respect, sympathy perhaps, but for some i have none, zero, unlike me usually, but there are others that may bear some sympathy, but i am at a loss to apply any, to any, Matt ? even Neelu tho i do think she is ill, even ella, tho i can see she may have been victimised at some points, no, my sympathy lies with those effected, the children, and the innocent people of a place i spent many happy times in….. Hampstead. The Heath was one of my playgrounds, on a regular basis, so many good memories, of the skies, clouds, rolling down hills, funfairs, adventures, tree climbing, and people watching, floating boats, picnics, parties, loads. So i really hope the people of hampstead feel good that the tide is now being seen to have turned.

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      • I am so with you on that, Sheva. I’ve been forgiving to a few naïve souls who got temporarily sucked into this at the start but this thing was so obviously a scam from the outset that there really is no excuse for anyone to still be promoting it. I save my sympathies for the Hampstead families who have been put through Hell thanks to the fruitcakes and their rabid obsession with their cult-leader Abe Christie.

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  1. Sabine really has quite a youthful figure in that white jumpsuit! It really suits her. She should really wear it more often.

    Since being released Sabine has triumphantly and sneakily posted a piece which does not – on first glance – break her bail conditions yet ‘inadvertently’ connects to the Hampstead case, by indirect invitation via responses in comments. Success, Sabine! Truth1 came through for you! But: Fail, Sabine! The barrister will have tons of other in-your-face flagrant breaches of the original gagging order placed upon you in Feb and the more recent bail conditions to refer to in order to make a case against you.

    Sabine. She really has brought this upon herself. Being exiled in Germany was not enough for her. Being cut off from income, nearly losing her flat, none of it seems to have made an impression. Judging by the fact that this post was made after her arrest and spell in the cells, we can see a few hours of bare walls ‘aint cutting it for her, either. It’s like she is well and truly sticking two fingers up to the UK judicial system.

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  3. That is very good news. It would be interesting to know if it was due to another complaint, or because the police check up on her periodically and found something. Sabine will be on Satan’s…sorry… Santa’s naughty list.

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  4. The smiles will be wiped off your faces when her fierce legal brief Patrick Cullinane QC ( Queer Chap) gets on to her case. Once he gets on the blower to the local nick and polishes off the hapless receptionist with a slap down diatribe about their evil Talmudic law and they realise they are all his servants they will be begging for mercy.

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        • one of my favourite lol moments.

          Having just done a brief net search I see she has plastered (and published) numerous comments about Hampstead when she is specifically Injuncted not to. I see she also sort of tries to obliquely refer to it leaving it to others to fill in the blanks but that wont wash in a court.

          It’s a pretty weird thing to think you can defy a court order even if you disagree with it. It’s as though she thinks her evident anger (and she seems filled to the brim with anger) will overcome the law.

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  5. The Lord is her shepherd: she shall not want. He maketh her to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth her beside the still waters. He restoreth her soul: He leadeth her in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea! Though she walks through the valley of the shadow of death, she will fear no ill: for Thou art with her: Thy rod and Thy staff comfort her. Certainly goodness and mercy shall follow her all the days of her life: and she will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever! – psalm 23. She has heard the children . . . why haven’t you all done the same?


    • We’ve heard the children too, Sarah. We heard them when they said Abe made them lie. We heard them when they said Abe beat them, kicked them, suffocated them, and threatened to bury them alive. We heard them when they begged not to be returned to their mother so long as she remained with Abe.

      We listened to the children, and no amount of piety and praying over Sabine will excuse her from the fact that she chose not to do so.

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    • But that is a straight to jail card, do not pass go!

      Well done Sabine for missing the point.

      If you violate your conditions you can be arrested without warrant and taken back to court where they will decide what to do with you.

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