Christine Ann Sands

A selection of Christine posts:

“The woman behind the event is Christine Ann Sands. We encountered Ms. Sands (or WhateverTheFuckHerNameis) while covering the crazy right-wing tea party event ‘Operation American Spring’ (another clusterfuck of lunacy). She was trailing behind their meager march and homed in on any press like a heat seeking missile. Seriously, the most dangerous place in Washington is between Christine and a camera. We didn’t pay her any mind as we found her incredibly annoying and self-absorbed.”

“Christine Ann Sands – typical Hoaxteader – came over from America to support the hoaxers and ‘bind demons’. She then went to Christ Church and yelled abuse at random innocents. But she went too far, however, when she shouted comments about ‘fucking children’, ‘murdering children’ and chopping off their heads…in front of two terrified toddlers! She got arrested, fined (incidentally, a lot less than the £250 she was begging from her creepy followers) and deported back to La-La-Land. We will miss her…not.”


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Taxi meme courtesy of our Ecuador representative