Neelu ordered to another police interview

According to “Sheriff” Christine Ann Sands’ blog (all together now: “HAMPSTEAD….CHRISTCHURCH…DAT…CAM!”), Neelu Berry has been summoned to yet another police interview, her third thus far, at 3:00 PM on 1 September, 2015, at Holborn Police Station.

We’re not sure what this interview will be about, but Neelu has had a long and colourful relationship with the law, so we’re prepared for almost anything. Our best guess: violation of her bail terms, which include not posting information about her case online.

The last time Neelu was in court, you might recall, was on 26 May, when she attempted another of her famous “judge arrests”: Neelu-court-2015-05-26

According to Neelu, the arrest was successful, and the judge was “removed from public office”.

According to the official court transcript, the judge grew tired of her antics and had her and her deranged followers evicted from the courtroom. Here’s the tail end of that transaction: Neelu-removed from court-2015-05-26As far as I’m aware, the judge turned up for work the next day.

If you’d like to read the full version, you can find it on this page:

Granted, that link includes a lot of gibberish about notices of dishonour, arrests for treason, commercial liens, and the Magna Carta…but the actual judgements are hugely entertaining.

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33 thoughts on “Neelu ordered to another police interview

  1. I have this vision of the coppers waiting with a big net to catch Neelu when she turns up and carting her off to the Funny Farm.

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  2. Someone should warn the police sergeant at the station that there is a risk of him being arrested and fined 20 trillion pounds.

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  3. Article 61 of the Magna Carta, natural law, common law, ancient law, maritime law, universal law.. YAWN!
    Everyone by now knows how I feel about people who constantly drone on about them. They IRRITATE THE HELL OUTTA ME!!!!!!!!

    Most of these people who bang on about them are unemployed and not even interested in finding work. They just like to make YT videos about how they don’t need to pay for this/that, etc. or how they don’t have to follow any rules or proper laws.

    Throw them all on a large island and lets watch that lot try to live together, Channel 4 could film it for what would be a really amusing reality series as their community descends into chaos.

    As for Neelu, she needs psychiatric help so I feel bad even referring to her as “Nutty Neelu” anymore..

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    • I think your analysis hits the nail square on the head, JB. What I find most tragic is when the “freeman” types pass along their ridiculous advice to the gullible, who try to apply it with disastrous consequences.

      As for Neelu…I try my best not to make fun of her, but you have to admit that those court transcripts could easily be used as scripts for some kind of ongoing comedy series. (Oh, wait. Been done. Sorry.

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    • As a psychotherapist I wonder, and am curious, as to how you have reached your diagnosis.????


  4. There’s been a long history of fraudulent mis-interpretation of laws/legal documents, by tax avoiders, here in North America. Kevin Annett’s innovation was to introduce a fraudulent ‘moral imperative’ to the mix.
    Annett posited that the Queen of England was guilty of mass physical and sexual abuse of children, as well as torture, murder and ritual of sacrifice of children, both personally as a member of the Royal Family and as Head of State for all commonwealth nations. Primarily, because of the terrible tragedy of historic residential school mistreatment of First Nations Children and the intentional obliteration of their culture (which is true, unfortunately). Having decided that the Queen was guilty of these crimes, Annett decided that all laws passed “in her name” as Regent were be invalid and no one should obey them. He drew parallels to Nazi Germany, claiming a similar imperative to disobey the “illegal” laws of an insane dictator.

    I find a similar train of thought, disturbingly, among some CSA campaigners in the UK since 2012 especially. Having decided that “VIPs” were historically guilty of all manner of crimes against children, and that these had been covered up and the perpetrator’s protected by “the system” itself, (the extent to which this is really true is debatable), some seem to have concluded that ANY form of vigilantism “on behalf of” CSA victims current & historic, is morally justifiable. Up to and including, I fear, intentionally framing-up certain VIPs for false conviction. Although I can’t quote anyone saying this, I sense this attitude in what some people have been saying: “they got away with it in the past, they will get away with it forever if we follow “their” legal system yet again, therefore the only way to achieve justice will be to “outplay” their protectors – by any means possible”.

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    • That’s a good synopsis of Annett’s game, JS. Piggybacking on the horror of First Nations cultural genocide is despicable, no matter how you look at it.

      And yes, I’ve wondered about the obsession with “VIP paedophiles” in the past few years; in point of fact, the vast majority of sexually abused children know their abusers, who are family members more often than not. I read a horrifying story the other day about a mentally challenged man who was lured into an empty house and attacked by a pair of vigilantes who believed he was a paedophile. When people take the law into their own hands, it’s a very dangerous thing.

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      • Spot on there, El C. Yes, victimizers are overwhelmingly living under the roof or up the street, surely not wearing sparkly crowns either.
        I know some of the satanistas claim past abuse by those in prominence (the girl in Mick Jagger ‘ s arguably saddest song -off “Goat’s Head Soup”, dundundun! – jumps to mind), but she is a garden-variety fantasist (as are most of this lot.) Real victims are being ignored, and real damage is being done on many levels. Infuriates me to no end.

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  5. According to Hampstead Research it is Abes & Ella’s blog. Does anyone know who the f^ck that ‘Harry’ fella is?

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    • Whoever ‘Harry’ is, s/he can’t write for shit. I just had a glance – noticed that ‘Bronny’ is posting as well. Since E & A have ( in true narcissistic/ sociopathic fashion) dumped and shamed so many former ‘staunch supporters’ for various reasons, I suspect the site is run by a few hangers-on of whom they still ‘approve’.
      Noticed the video about tattoos and its link to Chode (sic) 2+2=5 (I was hoping he’d been arrested by now, but have heard nothing about that recently), so he may be involved…
      The Conscious Living Incontinence Pad is still their ally and mouthpiece, but writes (I hate to note) more eloquently than the authors of those posts.

      And what has become of the menstrual blood guzzler of late? Might she be a part of it too?

      Finally, a huge thanks to those who wrote/ posted the H.C. DAT CAM and Liam Neeson references, both of which nearly propelled me into an explosion of sudden incontinence myself
      ( as did the Abbott-and- Costelloesque transcript excerpt itself) !

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        • Yep, puerile indeed, but ‘fitting’ in my view, given his own relentless juvenile behavior. Decided, consciously, to ‘stoop’, using childish wordplay as a bonus, all in the spirit of a teensy ‘good fun’ aside..the similarity between the 2 words was too tempting for me to resist. Guilty as charged for attempting a bit of levity.

          (But mostly, all the cool kids are saying it these days !!)

          In all seriousness, that was a tame, silly insult. I’d never THINK of typing out the vile adjectives I TRULY attach (in my head) to that vile person in this written context.


          • The ‘real’ me here now. That was my prissy alter, Edwina Byle-Ducte – she can be a right *wa*, but never mind her. Behold a masterpiece !

            MY ODE TO CHODE goes something like this:

            Erm, I shall be back as soon as I’ve written it, and can’t wait to share. Thanks to everyone for their patience !

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    • If it’s Abe & Ella’s blog, I’m surprised that it doesn’t contain at least one of Abe’s signature incoherent rants. It seems to be a Bronny from NZ production, and that Harry fellow is a gen-you-wine dingbat.

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      • That was my own take on it – my exact, 100% take on it, which is the complete truth.

        The shit writing fits, and B proudly attaches her name to the posts. The poor woman is probably wetting herself over this once-in-a-conscious-living- being’s-lifetime opportunity to have her ghastly posts ‘officially approved as actionable’ ( or some such nonsense), ostensibly on behalf of a ‘heroic’ felonious couple on the lam that she’ll surely never meet.
        Bronny is on FIRE !

        AND Henry really made me wish I had access to my airsick bag collection ( from oh, so many airlines dating back to the late sixties, when a toddlery me demanded one from every single flight I boarded). I have hundreds, and at least 4 would have done the job in his case. Had to head bucketward instead. Aaarrrrghh..
        those pesky Pavlovian nausea waves are a-churnin’ up again. Gotta ru…..

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      • Hmmm. Just had another look and noticed only the plea regarding mass dissemination of videos AND an *urgent* call for translators were the sole ‘ACTIONS’ specifically blessed by Their Stoned Holinesses, eg & ac. Fascinating.
        That (not-so- little) Antipodean fangrrrrrl….I’d almost pity her if she weren’t so stratospherically contemptuous…

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      • It certainly does, especially when the judge wants the transcript available for the next judge who deals with her and is already using terms like “vexatious” and “civil restraint order”.

        She’s had her yellow card from the judge and the next case she brings could mean she’s sent off.

        “To adopt a footballing analogy, I do not know whether she is interested in football but I am sure it is understood by those representing her or behind her, this is a clear yellow card; but next time it will be or is likely to be a red card.”

        She’s doing the typical vexatious thing of using other people’s cases to air her own “issues” in court too.

        To me it is also interesting that the judge thought there is someone behind this other than Neelu. Someone giving useless legal advice maybe?

        I also had a chuckle at the group portrait with someone proudly displaying their SIA card and someone else with what appears to be a building pass or work ID of some sort.

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