Hoaxtead mobsters strike back: The Titus Frost affair

When Rupert Quaintance was declared guilty of Harassment 4 and sentenced to nine months in prison, we predicted that this would herald a new surge of attacks from the Hoaxtead mobsters. We weren’t wrong.

Within two days of the verdict, Sheriff Christine “Wackadoo” Sands and her trusty sidekick Neelu “Swissindoscam” Berry attempted to have this blog served with DMCA notices in an attempt to cripple us; and over the past two days we’ve been accused—twice—of harassing people we’d never heard of and/or had no reason to bother.

It seems that despite claiming for the past two and a half years that we at Hoaxtead Research are funded by your choice of the CIA, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, or Mossad, once a jury actually declared someone guilty of harassing the innocent parents in the Hampstead SRA hoax, the penny finally dropped: a person has gone to prison. This means other people who’ve engaged in similar behaviour could conceivably also go to prison too. This means it’s no longer open season on Hampstead…which means it must be open season on Hoaxtead Research. Or something.

What’s eating Titus Frost?

The first we heard of any issue with Pizzagator Titus Frost was Friday night, when a commenter posted this video:

According to Titus, who probably shouldn’t be driving whilst apoplectic with rage, those nasty people at Hoaxtead Research had teamed up with Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple, and had complained to YouTube in order to get one of his videos taken down. (Should we admit here that we’re not 100% certain which video we’re alleged to have “censored”?)

Titus is very, very angry and wastes no time in saying so…and at about 2:18:00 in the following video it becomes clear that someone has been feeding him less-than-truthful information:

Earlier today, I was harassed by members of the Satanic Temple. They’re the ones who took down the video and removed my livestream on my main channel for months, okay, and I have proof of that, which I’m about to show you in a second here….So I was contacted on DM by people who have been keeping an eye on all these characters, and when you look, this Spiny Norman guy (says) “Hahaha, suck on that…” in the comments section in the video where I’m talking about being censored. So you see that, and there was a whole bunch of these guys….

So, Spiny Norman, see the name there? Now, Spiny Norman, according to researchers that have been looking into this…are the people that did it.

Now, where are these people from? If you go to Hoaxtead Research, you can see right on here, Spiny Norman: “Nice work everyone, I’d like to holler ‘thank you!’ at Vid.me”. They’re talking about taking down a video on Vid.me, and getting Vid.me to remove a video that they didn’t want on there. And you can see this El Cay-oh-tay guy is here as well, and supposedly, Spiny Norman and El Cay-oh-tay, according to researchers that have been paying attention to these people, are the same person. So we have their IP addresses as well. [“Addresses”? If they’re the same person, shouldn’t they have only one?—Ed.]

So I have been emailed a whole bunch more information I’m not even going to cover tonight, but I will be dropping in the near future, and I know these are the people that flagged down my channel. Okay, so El Cay-oh-tay and this guy are the same guy, and as I’ve already shown you….so obviously this whole little group is taking credit for taking my channel down.

And this El Cay-oh-tay guy at @HoaxteadR, you see right here (on Twitter), and when you look at him, when you look at all this stuff, some of my researchers are already following him, obviously, and other ones, I gotta ask them why they’re following him, but you can see he retweets Lucien Greaves.

So basically, someone has contacted Titus to “inform” him that we at HR, acting in concert with Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple, got a video we’ve never heard of banned from YouTube. All righty, then.

Now, the last time we were aware of anything Titus had done was in June, when he and Katrina McCaffery did a live-streamed video together in which they agreed that the Hampstead SRA hoax had been concocted by Abraham Christie and Ella Draper. At that time, we noted that Titus, Katrina, and Echo Truths had been seriously trolled for having the guts to speak out on the subject:

When Pizzagate supporter Titus Frost dared to state that he believed that ET, Lulu, and Kitty were right about the Hampstead SRA hoax, he too was targetted: at about 6:55 on his Friday night video featuring Kitty, he said, “A lot of things have happened since these two videos went up. I’ve had to unfriend some people on Facebook because one of the guys who was pushing on me…a video which they said was linked to Pizzagate and clearly is not, a guy named Kane Slater…sent me a lot of nasty messages when that was debunked, and now he’s sent me more nasty messages because I supported these two videos here that were put up”. As one of Titus’ guests remarked, “(Kane) tends to threaten that if you don’t speak about Hampstead, then he’ll go around the internet and call you a baby eater”.

Then, at about 28:00 Titus says, “There’s another one who like followed me, and became friends with me and never said anything, but I’m sure she was watching me for intel reasons, was Kris Costa”.

Funny that Titus should mention Kane and Kristie Sue, because when we heard that a mysterious third party had informed Titus that Spiny and EC are one and the same, and pointed out that we had had an entire channel’s worth of Kane Slater’s illegal videos of RD’s children pulled from Vid.me, Kane and Kristie Sue were the very people who sprang to mind for us.

We’ve suggested to Titus that he might wish to think carefully about information he receives from them, so it didn’t exactly come as a shock to discover that Kristie Sue was also commenting on Titus’ channel, this time in damage-control mode: Her argument, if you can call it that, is that “satanists are actively denouncing the Hampstead case and calling it a ‘hoax'”…despite the fact that the one Satanist we know of who commented on this site has moved on to other projects, and none of us left at HR embrace that particular religion. However, in typical KSC circular logic, we must be Satanists because we denounce the hoax, and because we denounce the hoax we are Satanists. Got that?

So why would Kristie Sue and/or Kane claim that we’d had Titus’ video removed? Although it’s a bit of an advanced concept for someone of her intellectual prowess, we suspect she’s attempting a little “divide and conquer” strategem. They’re clearly hoping that Titus will turn the full force of his wrath on us, with horrible consequences.

Will it work? In the sense that Titus is angry, it already has.

Titus seems pretty easily swayed, and he appears to have forgotten that these people weren’t exactly his besties a few months ago, so we expect that he’ll continue ranting and raving about us being terrible horrible censoring SJWs, in league with the terrible horrible censoring Satanists.

Are we bovvered? Not terribly. This sort of unwanted attention appears to be the price of success…and we’re expecting quite a lot more of that in the weeks and months to come.

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    • You know, if she really does think her blog gets better pageviews than ours, there’s an easy way to demonstrate it: make the stat counter visible on the front page. Simples.

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      • Well Crusty Sue seeing as you’re reading this blog, the Hampstead children want you to do one, okay my luv?

        They don’t need you sticking your big nose in.

        Remember what happened to that other American that thought he’d go and interfere?

        Yep well bog off.

        Go and stick your oar in closer to home or something.

        Get it, got it, good.

        See ya!

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      • @Crusty Poop

        1. “Ethel ‘the’ Aardvark, new profile dear?”

        Nope. ‘Ethel the Aardvark’ has been around for two months. She first posted on 17th July:


        D’oh! Finger on the pulse as always eh, Defective Costa 😀

        2. “If you CAN actually read what I wrote above”

        Nope. I rather think that my reading skills don’t need to be called into question by someone who reads “Don’t attack my children” as “I am Ricky Dearman” and “Don’t attack my family” as “I am a cannibal from Hamsptead”.

        3. “The individual links do indeed say what I posted.”

        Nope. I repeat – the “individual links” do not say what you claim, in any way, shape or form, as has been confirmed not just by me but by several other people (if you CAN actually read what they wrote above).

        4. “YOU are the #LyingCow”

        Nope. You have been proven time and time again to be a liar. Everyone knows it. Including, I see, most of your own followers, judging by the tumbleweed effect currently golng on in your FB comment sections. It’s the same on your shitty blog but then you do only write about two posts a year on average.

        By the way, how about posting your site viewing stats for all to see? You have been asked this before when you’ve made similarly outlandish claims, but alas to no avail. Come on – what are you afraid of? This blog’s stats are displayed after all (878,941 hits, since you ask – an average of 1,022 per day).

        5. “Hmmm, yes, the WordPress domain is 17 years old.”

        Nope. WordPress is 14 years old. It came into existence on 27th May 2003. Oops!


        6. “No, I don’t REALLY think my blog is #55.”


        7. “REALLY I don’t give a shit.”


        8. “What I really care about is…JUSTICE FOR THE HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN.


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      • Costa’s second screenshot reveals that she’s been using DuckDuckGo.

        “DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.”


        I’m no expert on this but does this imply that Crusty Poop has something to hide?


        • Not necessarily. According to Search Engine Journal, people who use Duckduckgo tend to fit into a fairly specific demographic:

          Since we know Kristie Sue is no tech genius (or any other kind, really), and she eschews the dreaded Mainstream Media as an Illuminati plot, I’m going to take a flyer and suggest she uses DDG because she thinks it’ll keep the powers that be from knowing what she’s up to.

          I recently checked with the PTB about this, and received in response a memo that said only, “Kristie who?”

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          • It’s what people who feel they are being monitored by the goobermint use. It really is a shit search engine though, unless you are a conspiratard.

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    • Oh dear she’s gone all posh. And now she’s magnanimously calling upon Lawful Jews to assist her. And no dramatic climax. What a let down.

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      • I must admit I zoned out on this one, Sam, and didn’t make to the end. To use a well worn phrase, I think this is what your actor friends might refer to as “a dialed in performance”.

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      • Bitching and whining about people voting down your videos and slandering them as paedophiles. That’ll make them stop, won’t it. Shrewd move, Debs 😀

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        • If Deb’s wants more likes then surely she should improve her content.Why not simply follow Angie’s lead and not bother plugging in the microphone and wear a lampshade on her head? It’s hardly rocket science.

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  1. WTF is that goose rabbiting on about in his car and what’s with the slightly off camera gaze which is most disconcerting?
    He’s rambling on about “freedom of speech” while simultaneously proclaiming he’s about to ensure no-one else has it LOL.

    And point of order: I have never seen any post on here criticize or attack Christians or Christian churches. In fact- Earth to that total Dead Shi Titus : if anything Hoaxtead has gone out of it’s way to protect a Christian Church in Hampstead duhhhh.

    In fact it’s his bevy of same believers who have stood in the street outside a respectable Christian church whilst parishioners have tried to go about their religious routine screaming “they’re F*CKING children in there”, have abused and threatened those same parishioners, insulted church wardens, interupted services and been asked to leave, attempted to intimidate members of the public who just want to visit that church,told policeman that judges are going to be lynched etc etc while Rupert Quaintance chorlted away in one of his videos proudly announcing how he had urinated on that same church.

    And dude, anyone who seems to be living in their car or makes videos only in their car (is he frightened of his Mum sitting at home?) doesn’t have the capacity to investigate any website because you are such a retard you only ever heard about @pizzacrap just a few months ago and like each and every cretin who thinks surfing the net is investigation you discover nothing- ever- and have to be led by the nose to each and every fake controversy because original thought is not something you are familiar with. If your brains were TNT you wouldn’t have enough to blow your head.

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    • Yes, I don’t really see how defending a vicar and his flock makes us Satanists…and in any case, Satanists are no weirder than the rest of the population…and they don’t eat babies.

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    • Nicely put, Sam.

      I myself am an Atheist but have been happy to help stick up for Christians. In fact, it was the despicable attacks on the churchgoers in March and April 2015 that prompted me to start this blog. So not only does this blog not attack Christians but you could say that it owes its very existence to the desire to defend them!

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      • Thank you for this Scarlet.

        I think one of the things that gets lost in all this is the fact that this was an attack on Christians, their church and their school. I don’t live in London but I took it personally when a bunch of loons went after the vicar and congregation. It could have happened in my local Church of England. For pity’s sake, they chased a vicar and members of the congregation down the street asking them if they eat babies! You HAVE to have a screw loose.

        So no Titus – we’re not anti Christian here, not at all.

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    • “And dude, anyone who seems to be living in their car”

      As do 80 million Americans, to be fair. Just ask Debs. LOL 😀

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  2. He has to be one very weak minded individual to constantly believe the crack pots. I had thought he was coming to his senses but it looks like his life simply got dull again & he decided to create a racket about BS. One has to wonder if he took the name, ‘Titus’, after the Shakespearean baby! He certainly is a tragedy!

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    • “Titus Frost”is a most unfortunate condition encountered by anally retentive winter sports enthusiasts.Nothing that cannot be instantly treated with a little wire wool and a liberal application of deep heat lotion.

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  3. Awwww…Look, guys, Kane Slater is standing up for us! He says we didn’t get Titus’ video blocked, and we’re not SJWs after all! Isn’t that sweet?


  4. Honestly sometimes these people make my head ache.

    Sabine McNeil is rambling on, on her website about yet another old coot who is being ‘persecuted’ by the Welsh Police (ie: he broke the law & got busted) but she states one thing that is beyond the pale.

    Evey judge these days when there is a controversial trial that may involve an emotive subject or high profile defendant warns juries not to read the media or search the internet.

    But not Sabine. She thinks it’s an outrage and says jurors SHOULD be able to GOOGLE the accused. In other words she would have a jury in a trial that perhaps involves child abuse search the net and read 100s of websites including hers which proclaim everyone accused is a Satanist Baby Murderer or even watch Mad Moos videos or perhaps Araya Soma screeching her anti-Semitic garbage.
    Let alone the more sophisticated websites that look like real media outlets but are purveyors of ‘fake news’.

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  5. Hmmm…seems to me…
    That Mr Titus was offended by the less than sympathetic & supportive discussion, about him losing the privilege of “live-streaming” on his youtube channel, which some of our number did engage in here and perhaps elsewhere. And then made the imaginative – not logical nor supported by evidence – leap, that anyone who was less than sympathetic & supportive about his “loss” must be involved in causing it.

    Well, there could be lots of reasons for people to be less than sympathetic & supportive, about the way he uses/ abuses the privileges of the youtube channel service, that would have nothing at all to do with Hoaxtead Research as a community, or imaginary satanic “cult” agendas. The hardcore racism pervading the foundations of his “philosophy”, the continuing promotion of unproven and frankly incoherent pedophile conspiracy allegations against innocent people that he still calls “pizzagate”, and much more. There are good reasons to be glad of Mr Titus having less of a platform to spread his “views” from, and not at all motivated by any desire to deprive him of “free speech”.

    His is not incorrect, however, in imagining that some persons like myself (I can’t speak for others, so from this point I’ll just say “I”) are not 15 million percent supporters of totally unfettered “freedom of expression” on the internet or off of it.
    As a youth, I was quite a fanatical advocate of totally unfettered “freedom of expression” – mostly because I wished to exercise that myself 🙂 – but I was sincere in advocating the same “freedom” for all. The long road to my current, apparently horrendously fascistic attitudes on the subject, probably started out as growing awareness over time that the pornographers who had exploited me in my teens and claimed to be a Gay couple, were almost certainly NOT that, but something else – something called “pederasts”. And as I researched this other thing, through the University library as well as the knowledge & memories of our local Gay community elders, and understood it to be a phenomenon of sexual parasites who have imitated, masked themselves as, and fed off of the “Gay community consciousness” since its inception in the 1800’s, I developed an understanding of how false labels, false concepts, manipulative deceptions and clever lies can facilitate sexual victimization and many other crimes against innocents, especially children.

    I got involved then in anti-defamation advocacy, first for the Gay community, later on for all manner of religious, ethnic, and racial communities – and continued to learn more & more about the terrible tragedies that lies can lead to; the Holocaust, the 2000 year history of anti-semitism, the pogroms, the blood libel, the blackshirts, the gestapo/SS, the genocidal campaigns against indigenous persons all over the world, and against communities of socialists, anarchists, free-thinkers, atheists etc., incited by lying propaganda and often carried out by hopelessly misinformed and thereby deluded WELL-INTENTIONED PERSONS.

    So…no, I don’t support anyone’s claims to a “freedom to spread lies”, falsehoods & fantasies intended to incite violence against or the persecution of innocent people. Tough shit! There are higher principles…

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    • I’m fairly certain that the solution to Titus’ “who ratted me out” mystery, lies with the small army of new, proactive, youtube content monitors:

      For most of it’s existence, Youtube was “community monitored”, i.e., users themselves were relied on to flag “offensive content” for further investigation. But now, there are thousands of paid monitors constantly sorting through video & comment content that their AI algorithms and bots have flagged as potentially problematic, and “taking action” themselves. Titus is assuming that there must be a “complainant”, but that’s not true anymore. A paid content monitor could have assessed, themselves, that his content constituted “bullying” and consequently smacked his access pee-pee.

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  6. Can I just say that even if we had bothered to report this loser’s videos/channel, the ultimate decision to remove them lies with YouTube and as we’ve seen time and time again, they’re far from easily convinced that content is inappropriate. So if they’ve taken the extraordinary step of banning you, Titarse, they’ve done so for a bloody good reason. So take it up with them instead of stamping your feet and wailing like a petulent kid and blaming random internet users who barely even knew of your existence before you starting bitching about them.

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    • Have any of us shown much interest in him?
      He was mentioned, from memory, once on here and my only response (I can’t make it right through any of these nutter’s videos because they go for hours) was how irresponsible he was recording his talk while driving at the same time.

      Some of these people have real tickets on themselves.

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  7. The Sad Story of Lloyd Demause – The Academic Who Wasn’t One

    You may have come across the name Lloyd Demause at some point, in the rantings of historic or current satanic panic promoters, probably as the author of an essay titled “Why Cults Terrorize and Kill Children”.
    So, who is this guy? That article of his was published in something called “The Journal of Psychohistory” (21 (4) 1994), which sounds like a peer-reviewed academic journal, so he must be an Academic ‘expert’ of some kind, eh?

    Well…yes and no. Mostly no. Lloyd Demause is the inventor of a pseudoscience masquarading as a field of academic enquiry, which he named “psychohistory”. No, no, not the “Psychohistory” described and discussed in science fiction writer Isacc Asmiov’s most famous works…Demause only stole the term, not the concepts described by that term, and subsequently claimed that the 1950’s sci-fi “psychohistory” was somehow inspired by or stolen from Demause’ use of the term in the 1970s!

    But as we know – anything is possible when you are makin’ shit up, and that describes Lloyd Demause’ psychohistory to a tee! The wikipedia entry on Lloyd’s psychohistory discusses the “controversial” nature of his creation, the controversy centering on the fact that no serious academic bodies recognise “psychohistory” as a genuine academic field of enquiry. That hasn’t stopped Demause from portraying himself, his Association, and his publications as legitimate academics and academic endeavors. Like, self-publishing a journal titled: “The Journal of Psychohistory” in which he can “publish” his own articles and create the appearance of getting published in a peer-reviewed academic journal when in fact he is the author, the publisher and the reviewer all in one!

    An interesting analysis of Lloyd Demause as a quack pseudo-academic can be found here:
    From time to time, some of Demause’ allies in SRA-satanic panic promotion, who are real academics in real fields teaching at real Universities/Colleges, have taught courses on Lloyd’s pseudo-science, attempting to vicariously impart some kind of legitimacy to him, his work and his imaginary “field” – but there has never been a Department of Psychohistory in any serious academy of higher learning.
    An early disciple of Demause, Glenn Davis, was totally taken in by Lloyd’s pretenses to academic legtimacy, and hung the entirety of his scholarly credibility on a book in which he praised Demause to highest heaven as a type of academic ‘prophet’ crying from the wilderness, too brilliant for ordinary scholars to comprehend and accept the validity of his Truths. Unfortunately, absolutely no one was impressed by this dissertation in book form. It was universally panned and even mocked by academic & lay review readers. Tragically, Davis never was able to free himself from the embarrassment of having devoted himself to an pseudo-scientific farce so enthusiastically, found himself unable to establish a career in any legitimate field, and eventually committed suicide.

    Essentially, Lloyd Demause claims the necessary intuitive insight to be capable of “analysing” what people long ago dead who left no record of their thoughts & feelings, were thinking and feeling! Not only this, but Demause can even tell you when the record of a person’s thought’s and feelings as recorded in their personal diaries and journals, isn’t really what they truly thought & felt – and then Demause can tell you what they actually thought and felt! Amazing, eh?
    But because psychohistory essays are entirely subjective expressions of opinion requiring no objectively verifiable support, even genuine academics like Stephen Kent have succumbed to the lure – the opportunity to just make some shit up and still get it published – and written articles for Demause and his journal, imparting once again a false appearance of legitimacy.

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    • Incredible story Justin Sanity. Clearly, Christie was well read on all the wrong stuff. I noticed the author of the piece dedicated it to the memory of Alice Miller. Her books are always being recommended to me by my brothers, do you know of her?

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      • It’s pretty clear Abe read and believed a lot of discredited stories, it’s almost like he and the hoaxers lifted stories from previous cases, down to there being a church involved, wearing of dead babies, cooking and eating of children, and the tunnels. I imagine the UK cases were more copies of Michelle Remembers and the McMartin case.


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      • @Eliza – yes. We all read her book: “For Your Own Good”, when I was in college. If you took any type of course related to psychology or child development, you were sure to be assigned to read it – it was everywhere 🙂 And rightly so, I think, because it really was a brilliant hypothesis with very intriguing “corroborating” evidence. Not scientific proof, that abusive child rearing leads to fascism & sadism, but very tantalizingly suggestive.

        Alice Miller had some ideas, some sympathies and perhaps some traces of ideologies, that I couldn’t agree with, but I believe she was a genuinely well-intentioned person in the beginning of her writing career. Later, however, many people feel she got led astray into a type of “rabbit hole” about Primal therapy.

        Important, don’t mistake Alice Miller for “Alison Miller”. The latter is a Canadian PSYCHO-therapist and quack.

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    • That sounds rather like Deconstruction in reverse. Deconstructivist philosophers contend that even when we have written records we can not truly know the author’s intent. On the internet this frequently manifests itself as Poe’s Law: you often can’t be sure if an extreme piece of writing is genuine or satire.

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      • @fairly sane –
        **SIGH** – a thorough investigation of deconstructivist (?) philosophy is one of the promises I made to myself over the years that there just hasn’t been the time to fulfil. Rats.
        I was being extremely sarcastic, there. Demause “can tell you”…really means, that if historic records about people’s thoughts & feelings don’t reflect what Demause has decided the people of that period OUGHT to have thought & felt, he’ll just declared the records to be an insincere expression of culturally orthodox pretenses. Why people would bother “keeping up pretenses” in personal, private, writings about their life experiences…? For example, expressions of caring & concern for children’s wellbeing as unique individuals, in a historic period that Demause has diagnosed as universally heinously anti-child, would be ignored or explained away.

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    • Oh for Gawd’s sake just get a bloody hobby or a pet or even a job and grow up. Philosophizing in your back garden really won’t cut it. Or in your car. Go and work in a pizza parlour, Comet Ping Pong restaurant always need staff.
      Now the Nutter Brigade are tweeting that it’s #NationalCheesePizzaDay so don’t forget the eaten kiddies on this special day.

      What’s going to happen when robots become so sophisticated there are even more of these fruit loops at a loose end?

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  8. Mel v Angela update from Tim…

    @ 3:57 😀

    “Angela, no doubt you will see this video and I just want to say to you categorically there is nothing about you I wish to emulate. There is nothing about you that I envy. There is nothing about you at all that I like or admire. OK? You are a pimple on the arse of humanity and there’s a lot of people who get associated with you who end up for the worst.”

    She then lays into Neelu 🙂

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    • Dear Miss Mahmoudieh

      Thank you for your letter. After careful consideration, I recommend that the best course of action open to you is for you to go fuck yourself.

      Kind regards

      Quentin Hurgelsplurt
      Acting chariman

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  9. Interesting…. Sabine’s latest (????)

    10 September 2017
    I, Sabine McNeill of 21a Goldhurst Terrace in London NW6 3HB would appear in person, if my
    physical disability didn’t force me to be house-bound. I am happy to appear on video, if the court is
    able to arrange for that, despite generally lagging behind our digital times.
    I have known Mr Kirk since 2009, when he came to a meeting I had organised at the House of Lords,
    together with other victims of white collar crimes, under the auspices of Lord Sudeley. Lord
    Sudeley’s family had been fraudulently bankrupted by LLOYDS in the late 19th century and he was
    defrauded by LLOYDS when they were acting as executors of his grandmother’s estate.
    At the time, more and more victims of white collar crimes joined our meetings and I learned not only
    about fraudulent bankruptcies, but also false home repossessions and other crimes that forced victims
    to either get ill and kill themselves or become fighters and McKenzie Friends, such as Mr Kirk.
    Clearly among the worst of all cases were those who were sectioned into what Norman Scarth calls
    Gulags, after he himself was condemned to that experience for five years between prison and mental
    Just as Norman Scarth should never have been in either institution, so should Mr Kirk never have
    become the victim of freemasons in general and South Wales Police in particular.
    How come he won 120 cases and only lost 12?
    On the spectrum of probability: what is more likely that he is vigorously defending his human rights
    or that South Wales Police continue to wrongly cover up their false allegations of the possession and
    sale of a machine gun in which they changed the paint and instead stitch him up with their
    freemasonic allies?
    Mr Scarth and Mr Kirk have both been given Restraining Orders and have thus studied the
    Protection from Harassment Act 19971
    . I had to follow in their footsteps when I was handed a
    Restraining Order even though I had been acquitted with a No Case to Answer before half-time on 18
    July 2016. My opponent was the Metropolitan Police, just as Mr Kirk is fighting South Wales Police.
    I had to come to the conclusion that the Restraining Order was the only desired outcome. It provides
    the Police with a legal vehicle for imprisonment without exposure of the underlying crimes.
    However, Subsection 3a makes the provision: that harassment does not apply when preventing or
    detecting a crime.

    1 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1997/40
    Page 2
    As a systems analyst who used to diagnose software at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear
    Research in Geneva, my logical mind gets extremely offended by illogical arguments and irrational
    decisions being made to appear as ‘just’, ‘fair’, ‘appropriate’ or to the contrary ‘without merit’ or
    ‘contempt of court’.
    Had Mr Kirk not reported crimes that Dr Williams committed on behalf of South Wales Police?
    Had courts not committed crimes by falsifying transcripts
    and withholding evidence by refusing ‘disclosure’?
    Had Police not committed one crime after another
    by producing ‘fake cases’ that included ‘fake witnesses’?
    In his introduction2
    to the meeting in June 2009, Mr Scarth refers to the ‘JUDICIAL MAFIA’ as the
    elephant in the room. His experience of a Restraining Order involved a plain clothes Policewoman
    who lied to get Mr Scarth to leave his flat so that they could easily arrest him and seize his computer.
    His ‘crime’ was the distribution of leaflets under a Restraining Order! He avoided a second arrest by
    fleeing to Ireland.
    Mr Kirk has no intention of fleeing.
    But do judge and jury really concur that it is NO abuse of process of
     a Restraining Order being used to continue to protect Dr Williams and criminalise Mr Kirk;
     pretending the Restraining Order was properly served on him;
     while not permitting the disclosure of critical documents;
     and refusing witnesses?
    Or is it more likely that South Wales Police want to get him to die in prison so that they don’t have to
    pay out the compensation he is due, even though no money could compensate him for the loss of his
    profession and his family?
    Date: 10th September 2017
    Sabine K McNeill

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  10. Yet more from Sabine….

    I, Sabine McNeill of 21a Goldhurst Terrace in London NW6 3HB would appear in person, if my physical
    disability didn’t force me to be house-bound. I am happy to appear on video, if the court is able to arrange
    for that, despite generally lagging behind our digital times.
    I have known Maurice Kirk since 2009, when he came to a meeting I had organised at the House of Lords,
    together with other victims of white collar crimes. His 6-minute video1
    introduction then is ‘more of the
    same’ of what has happened to him since: a demonstration of corrupt collusion between Police, lawyers and
    courts – as publicised on Bent Lawyers and Cops2 which also mentions Maurice Kirk’s ordeal:
     false charges for the possession and sale of a machine gun
    o the continued refusal of compensation, which is also at the root of this trial, which I
    attended on July 23rd 2017 and was permitted to support Mrs Kirk as a McKenzie Friend;
     extreme and exceptional harassment from South Wales Police that included ‘shoot to kill’ and
    o the fraudulent removal of his licence to practise as a veterinary surgeon;
     the fraudulent medical report by Dr T Williams that nearly committed him to Broadmoor for life
    o and later delayed an urgent hip replacement;
     fraudulent imprisonments with more extreme harassment and breaking of rules;
    o this included preventing me from visits and telephone calls besides utter medical negligence.
    At the time Mr Kirk had won 120 charges and they had won 12. At 72, he feels he can’t do it any more. But
    he also said he was only free then thanks to his friends, many of whom were at the same meeting, and his
    website. His account was one of the reasons why I published Victims Unite3
    , with over 3,500 followers and
    570,000 visits, and Flying Vet Challenges South Wales Police with 1,700 followers and 67,000 visits.
    As a systems analyst who used to diagnose software at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research in
    Geneva, I was appalled to learn about such extreme injustices and crimes. However, I am now the Secretary
    of the Specialist Law Group of the British Computer Society which is committed to “Making IT Good for
    Society”. We have already contributed to the Law Commission and will continue to ensure that law makers
    and law enforcers will catch up with the digital age.
    No jury can ever get an adequate picture, if they are asked NOT to google and inform themselves.

    1 https://edm1297.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/house-of-lords-01k.wmv
    2 http://bentlawyersandcops.com/
    3 https://victims-unite.net/
    Page 2 of 2
    No trial can be ‘fair’, if defendants are refused witnesses and disclosure. But judges do it because they can.
    ‘Going online’ is our only and last resort – whether as victims of sexual abuse, financial exploitation or any
    other victimisation by white collar criminals.
    White collar criminality among professionals in ‘authority’ and public bodies that are supposedly ‘public
    servants’ is so high that there is less and less credibility left, even though the mainstream media are part of
    the general deception and pretence that justice prevails.
    Handing down Restraining Orders is one of the ways in which the law is abused to silence and imprison
    people who Stand Their Ground4
    To fight the wrongness of Restraining Orders is likely to be as unsuccessful as applying for pointing to an
    Abuse of Process.
    I can only admire Maurice for his intellect that Caswell Clinic found to be in the top 5% of the country and his
    stamina that made him a world famous pilot and made him dare to file this Application for Abuse of Process.
    Given the level of corruption I have observed over the years, I would be extremely surprised if a jury was
    capable of imagining and believing the wrongdoings that victims have experienced. Many have killed
    themselves, many have died from the mental, emotional and financial stress.
    Hence I consider it IMPERATIVE that the jury is shown or is given access to:
    1. the video of Mr Kirk speaking shortly after he came out of Caswell Clinic in 2009 at a meeting of the
    Forum for Stable Currencies5 at the House of Lords;
    2. the award winning documentary of 2012 Lawful Disobedience6
    that illustrates how ordinary people
    took Common Law into their hands because they had enough of the distortion of their rights;
    3. Inside the Brotherhood7 – on Granada TV in 1989 about the influence of Freemasons in the UK;
    4. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death8 – the horror that was planned for Mr Kirk by his Defendants,
    facilitated by Dr Tegwyn Williams, which he escaped by the skin of his teeth – thanks to friends.
    Fortunately, everybody has a conscience that judges ourselves every evening, not only judges and juries who
    determine the fortune of others in courts.
    Sabine K McNeill
    Independent web publisher since 2002

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      • Police investigation? 🙂
        But we’re the ones who like & support relevant police investigators, the courts, the rule of law and our justice systems generally. Come on in, officers, want some tea? LOL!

        Some folk don’t seem to get, that Hoaxtead Research happens right here – in the articles and the comments – almost exclusively. (As far as I know). I generally see discussion about problems, problematic people, sites, postings – and what to do about them, right here. We pretty much discuss everything we are up to, right out here, in the open. Don’t we? Not much else for anyone to bother investigating anyway.

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    • 29:35 – “Investigate Hoaxtead. Investigate the people who are in Hoaxtead, because I guarantee you you’re gonna find quite a few child abusers in there, if most of them aren’t sock puppet accounts of the lawfully suspect dad.”

      Vile woman.

      Video flagged and reported.

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    • That Organ of Repute, The Daily Fail that takes every opportunity to have a sly dig at immigrants and this is a perfect example.
      Such a rubbish “newspaper” it’s even run rubbish from me in the past.

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  11. Funny how these members of the paedo protection squad all suck up to each other. I wonder how long it will be before Angie stabs Mad Moo in the back and loses yet another supporter 😀

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