Parents of Hampstead finally have their say

As the implications of yesterday’s verdict against Rupert Quaintance ripple through the community of Hoaxtead mobsters, we’d like to offer our congratulations and admiration to all the parents who stood as witnesses in court, knowing full well that they’d be leaving themselves vulnerable to further attacks by speaking out.

Over the past two and a half years, the parents named in Abraham Christie and Ella Draper’s demented hoax have been threatened, reviled, and harassed over and over again by those determined to believe they were members of a mythical “Satanic cult” which was sadistically abusing their own and other children, and murdering and eating infants.

Since the Hampstead SRA hoax hit the internet in early 2015, the parents have, for the most part, maintained a dignified silence. Those who supported the hoax interpreted this as evidence of their guilt. (The same Hoaxtead mobsters have also interpreted the evidence of this blog, which has been outspoken in its opposition to the hoax and its defence of the victims, as evidence of guilt. Because when you’re a Hoaxtead mobster, everything points to “guilty”.)

The accused parents have, at times, been subject to criticism from those opposed to the Hampstead SRA hoax, as it appeared that they were doing too little to help themselves.

But appearances can be deceiving.

It’s no small matter to make statements to the police, back it up with evidence, and then to follow the case through various legal hurdles, eventually standing up in court to testify against a person who has subjected you and your family to terror for many months.

Victim personal statements

As we reported here last week, the witness/victims in this case provided very compelling evidence against Rupert. Following yesterday’s jury verdict, the court heard statements about the impact Rupert’s behaviour has had on their lives.

Here are a few excerpts:

Rupert has had a massive impact on my day-to-day life. He travelled thousands of miles to come and “kick down my door and take my blood”. Since seeing his videos and Facebook post which contain threats of violence directed at me, I’ve been unable to sleep at night with worry that he could turn up at my door at any time. …

A lot of people online are making comments about the case, but Rupert is different because he actually came to the UK. His coming here terrified me. and made his threats more real because he went to the trouble of raising money, planning the trip, and turning up in my city, and then in my neighbourhood, when he’d already made threats against me. This made me utterly terrified that he would follow through on his threats. …

When I saw his Facebook picture outside the school, which meant he was literally just around the corner from my home, it seemed he was coming closer and closer, and my fear and anxiety just kept getting worse that he was going to hurt or kill me, and harm my children. …

I have to scan my surroundings when leaving the house to make sure it is safe for myself and my children. This traumatic experience has turned my life upside down. I haven’t been able to live a normal life. …

I’m constantly living in fear that this person could turn up at any time and would be violent towards me…. Constantly worrying about the safety of my children. Having to put steps in place to make sure we are safe including installing CCTV which was connected via the Internet to [family members] so that they could check in on us at any time. Informing the police of these threats so they are aware that if I phone it is an emergency. …

It is not normal that someone should have to live with their children feeling vulnerable, scared, intimidated, and frightened. Rupert has projected all of this into my life, but I haven’t done anything to him!

I didn’t deserve any of this happening to me. I’ve done nothing wrong and this is a complete stranger that has turned my life and my children’s lives upside down.

The down side of victory

Let’s be clear: Rupert’s guilty verdict is an important victory in the fight against the Hampstead SRA hoax. While he didn’t start the hoax, he was one of its more visible foot-soldiers, and he distinguished himself by making loud, graphic, and credible threats against the families of Hampstead…and then backing those threats up by coming to their neighbourhood on the first day of school last year.

We don’t want to take anything away from this victory, but we’re keenly aware that at times like this, those who believe in the hoax can get pretty excited too, but in a different direction…and that can mean a temporary resurgence of Hoaxtead mob activity.

We’ve seen it today: various Hoaxtead mobsters raging that the verdict and sentence are a travesty, that Rupert was actually a brave investigator, that it’s all part of a stitch-up, and so forth. There’s a certain satisfaction in their reaction, as we know that we’ve won this one, and that they can’t stop the wheels of justice from turning.

However, it’s important to remember that there will be a backlash. Troofers don’t like it when they’re shown up for the fools they are, and it’s quite likely that their threats and harassment will increase over the coming days and weeks, and that this will have an impact, once again, on the families of Hampstead.

The good news is that the scene has changed since early 2015, when there was little police or court appetite to arrest anyone for harassing, threatening, and terrorising the people of Hampstead.

This time round, the police and courts are ready, willing, and able to take action. They understand the impacts of inaction all too well.

We feel there is now very good reason to believe that the end of the Hampstead hoax is nigh. It’ll probably never completely disappear, as there will always be a few thickos who are willing to believe six impossible things before breakfast; but if we treat the impending backlash as an opportunity rather than a catastrophe, we’ll rack up further victories like yesterday’s verdict.

This is a time not to rest on our laurels, but to push even harder, knowing we can and will win. And when that happens, we will know that the parents are standing, united and strong, on the front lines of victory.

Edited to add:
To our readers: we received a note from one of the parents who was a witness at Rupert’s trial, saying they’ve been very moved by the kind words and support they’ve received from our readers today. They asked if we could post their sincere thanks, as your support has really meant a great deal to them.

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  1. Congratulations to the victimised families, hopefully this well-deserved sentence gives them some token of closure from a period of despicable, vicious harassment. And if any of the other conspirators and mentalists can be prosecuted (or placed under restraining orders) that would be nice too.

    Well done to the HoaxteadResearch team as well – you have been a steadfast, decent and sometimes hilarious antidote to this madness. You did great work here, be proud.

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    • Great to meet you, M. Parrot! I’ve long admired your choice of names (as in “wish I’d thought of that”). And thanks for your support. It’s much appreciated.

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  2. Thank you to all the brave parents and other witnesses who were brave enough to turn up in court and stand up to these hoaxer psychos. And thank you for all the hard work you put in to preparing your case.

    And thank you also to that nice Mr. Coyote for all his amazing reporting, from which so many so-called ‘journalists’ on the other side of the fence could learn so much.

    And of course, thank you to the intrepid HR reporter who turned up day in day out to listen to that creepy perv droning on about biscuits.

    And thank you to my mum, my dad, to God….Oh sorry, wrong podium.

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    • Yes, as I recall, Jason Streatham, aka Neal the Badger-Loving Nazi, was very fond of making threats against people’s mothers, their siblings, their children…in short, their families. How amazing, then, that someone should protest against this and use the term “my family” in their complaint. Wow.

      And Kristie Sue doesn’t have the brains God gave geese.


  3. You know, yesterday all day long, I went through a lot of self reflection about RQ being imprisoned. I started feeling sorry for him, the shock he must have felt when the sentence was handed down, going to prison for the first time, how I would have felt myself if I were in his place, I felt very mean for everything I had posted the previous day and wondered if I was engaging in mob mentality. My self analysis did upset me and left me feeling unsettled. 

    Then I looked at the last video Common Porpoise posted, (thank you), got such a reality check because I had never seen that one before where RQ sounds absolutely unhinged, his manic laughter & obvious threats frightened the heck out of me, I had chills going down my back. The pure evilness and self glee he  portrayed was sickening. No wonder the parents were scared for their children and themselves. I salute them for going to court & probably facing one of the worst fears of their lives, especially for the safety of their children. I salute and sympathise with all the parents who have suffered at the dreadful lies that have been made up about them. 

    I offer this Blessing from a great philosopher (now deceased) to the parents in the hope that the hand of friendship is of a little help to them.

    A Friendship Blessing, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom.

    There is a kindness that dwells deep down in things; it presides everywhere, often in the places we least expect. The world can be harsh and negative, but if we remain generous and patient, kindness inevitably reveals itself. Something deep in the human soul seems to depend on the presence of kindness; something instinctive in us expects it, and once we sense it we are able to trust and open ourselves.
    John O’Donohue

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    • Love that book, Anam Cara.

      I went through similar feelings and also looked at videos and when I heard what he’d said and saw his attitude I thought ‘maybe I’m being a bit of a nelly’. Incidentally, I looked at videos from way back and it came home to me that Rupert has been talking about Satanists and paedophilia in a conspiratorial context since at least 2012; he did so in an interview with AFR/Vinny Eastwood. So, we can’t blame Angela (‘considerably dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’)* Power-Disney for that element of it. He was already in that mind-set.

      I’m told that in court Rupert claimed he was using a ‘persona’ and in reality isn’t the cocky git he portrays online. Advice to Rupert – watch comedians like Steve Coogan, who have the sense to use different names for different personas, so everyone knows where they stand. Not that it would have made much difference mind, since a threat is a threat, even if Mickey Mouse makes it.

      *Quotes from the prosecution and Rupert.

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      • “Incidentally, I looked at videos from way back and it came home to me that Rupert has been talking about Satanists and paedophilia in a conspiratorial context since at least 2012; he did so in an interview with AFR/Vinny Eastwood. So, we can’t blame Angela (‘considerably dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’)* Power-Disney for that element of it. He was already in that mind-set.”

        That’s an excellent point! Since circa 2010, there seems to have been something of an explosion of ‘wannabes’ trying to latch on some of the Icke/Jones type action. And to be fair if you examine this in depth there something of a ‘tradition’ that runs from the old snake-oil side shows morphing (particularly in the States) via the rise of radio (AM/SW) and cable TV into things like televangelism, mysticism and politico-conspiritainment…

        The US has been a haven for this sort of thing through the 20th century due to factors such as space, relatively low technical standards, the constitutional structure, lack of regulation etc; the internet has simply extended the reach of this ‘wild west mentality’.

        What people like Rupert don’t understand is that people like Icke, Jones, Jeff Rense, Texe Marrs and even the likes of Ralph Stair are relatively big fish only in terms of the small (and often extremely grubby) ponds they swim in. – And that all these people possess certain levels of technical skill, backup and resource. Even if you don’t like what they have to say, it has to be acknowledged that it reflects a certain level of knowledge and ‘competence’ in the way that it’s presented.

        Rupert and those like him are just sneaky small boys trying to grab a free ride on a fast moving merry-go-round. it’s pretty much a given that most will wind up being slung off the edge or getting caught up in the mechanism.

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      • Rupert really is the “cocky git” don’t worry about that.

        2 hours approx. before his Sentence of 9 months in Prison, Rupert Quaintance was striding down the corridor outside Court No.7.

        Big smile on his face, exposing all his teeth, both arms outstretched with 2 thumbs in the air as he addressed me with “Alright Babs!”

        I just looked at him…

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        • “Big smile on his face, exposing all his teeth, both arms outstretched with 2 thumbs in the air as he addressed me with “Alright Babs!””

          WOW- even at that late stage- reality really hadn’t sunken in, had it……

          Well he will have PLENTY of time to reflect on it now, wont he?

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          • Some might recall that last year at about this time, Rupert was standing in the back garden of the house where he was staying, laughing and saying that all of the warnings we’d given him about the legality of what he was doing were so much drivel. He hadn’t been arrested, the police hadn’t come banging on his door, nothing was going to happen to him, and we were all just trying to frighten him for nothing.

            A few days later came the knock on the door….

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        • Maybe his ‘attitude’ didn’t go unnoticed; aren’t those places peppered with CCTV? And I dare say there are various court officers who keep watchful eye on the precincts. – Then of course there is the Dunning-Kruger effect… Rupert won’t actually realise what an uneducated twit he really is, and probably thought he was pulling the wool over the jury’s eyes.


    • I feel a bit sorry for him too but I’m not one of the people he terrorised, if I was I would’ve hoped for a longer sentence. Fact is a precedent has been set now and anyone who wants to come over here and terrorise innocent families know the people are not with them no matter what their little echo chambers say. The jury has spoken.

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      • I also feel sorry for him as it was blatantly obvious to me that Angela was grooming him all along for her own sexual and other purposes.

        Will he learn from this?

        Not sure.

        Btw what exactly does the 5 year Order he received mean?

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    • I think it’s important to think carefully about the justice of sending a person to prison, whatever the situation. As you say, a great deal of evidence against Rupert never made it to court for various reasons—but Rupert did and said a lot of very nasty, frightening things which were never seen by the jury.


      • If the case could have been adjourned a few years the jury would have been able to snoozefest its way through the likes of Angies back catalogue of abject shit and even a special CGI 3D representation of Rupert pissing on a church wall.Probably not worth demanding a retrial over though.

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  4. Quaintance deserves the jail sentence handed down to him. And he deserves banishment from this country… Likewise; don’t give a solitary beat of sympathy to either him or his mother – who herself made a significant contribution to the distress people suffered.

    – The witnesses who stood in the dock are brave, brave people. If you’re fortunate enough to be a parent you know what an anxious time the first day of school is. And there was that armed lunatic standing outside with his deranged threats of drawing blood and kicking down door… Even boasting of how he urinated on a church…

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance – the man who threatened toddlers with a knife and pissed on basic decency and a respectable community!

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    • What must be remembered is that in another country, far far away, from whence came a midget with a loud mouth and much delusions of grandeur….

      Another hoax involving a pizza restaurant and ‘rights’ involving easy access to guns

      came perilously close to innocent people being gunned down…

      does this sound familiar?

      “In a letter to US District Judge Ketanji Jackson, Welch apologised for “endangering the safety” of the pizzeria customers, adding “it was never my intention to harm or frighten innocent lives, but I realise now just how foolish and reckless my decision was”.”

      “A US man who opened fired in a Washington DC pizza restaurant because of an online conspiracy theory has been sentenced to four years in prison.

      Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, burst into Comet Ping Pong on 4 December 2016 armed with a rifle and pistol.

      He drove from North Carolina to pursue bogus claims that the restaurant was the nexus of a child sex ring linked to Hillary Clinton’s inner circle.”

      reflect on this Rupert- had you gone pizzagate instead of hampstead- you might be in jail for the next 4 YEARS instead of likely only 4 months….

      Something to think about…..

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        • I (and some others) have been putting this viewpoint forward for quite a while, but the powers that be simply dont seem to see just how close they came…
          AFAIR Rupert actually claimed to be able to get a gun at one point- if he had, then Hampstead could have been pizzagate mk2
          Yet even now, they ‘only’ gave him a few months rather than the years he deserves….


        • Pizzagaters say it went through the hard drive but it never. That was so some idiot called Titus Frost could claim he hacked into it and the authorities destroyed it. Total bullshit and he knows it.


  5. Rupert will do four and a half months but might be released before Christmas if he has an address to go to, under a Home Detention Curfew. He’d be tagged. I don’t know how the authorities are going to handle the period of supervision after release. He might not be allowed to leave the country immediately, after the four and a half months is up, although I hope he is. I really do hope he comes out of prison a better boy but in my experience prison usually makes people worse, not better.

    Well done to the parents – must have been gruelling and they’ve been through enough.

    Incidentally, did Rupert show the Court any ‘death threats’? He made such a fuss about them and I know if it was me and I was in his position, I’d have produced all of them as evidence. You can’t really claim that you were reacting to trolling that included death threats and not show them can you?

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    • I’m relying on second-hand accounts of what went on in court, but as far as I can see no, not really. If you were to trawl through the various social media exchanges I’m fairly confident that all you will find are responses to the threats of violence Quaintance made; and that’s quite a distinction. – The main thing he was ‘threatened’ with was arrest and jail.

      Rupert argued that the threats against him were credible; but then that rather collapses when you consider they were made from thousands of miles away, in reaction (rather than unprompted) to his threats of harm to innocent people (particularly children) and that it was he who got on a plane, travelled to the other side of the world and posted his ‘online challenge’ – his ‘defiant face’.

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    • He did not. The judge asked whether he had them in court, and he said he didn’t. Why wouldn’t he have entered the threats into evidence, if they were such an integral part of his defence? My guess would be “because they were either so mild as to be laughable, or they were completely non-existent”.

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      • His words were something to the effect of ‘I don’t have them here’ IIRC? Even if the material was still back in the U.S., as it was of such importance, why wouldn’t he have presented it to the court?

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        • I was never aware that anyone who frequents this blog had made any threats to Rupert. Granted, I don’t supervise anything our readers say or do when they’re not here, but if I’d known of anything resembling a death threat I’d have made my disapproval quite clear.

          I do remember various warnings on this blog about the potential legal consequences of Rupert’s actions…and as it turns out, we were not wrong.

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          • El Coyote
            September 1, 2017 at 12:31 pm

            “I was never aware that anyone who frequents this blog had made any threats to Rupert. Granted, I don’t supervise anything our readers say or do when they’re not here, but if I’d known of anything resembling a death threat I’d have made my disapproval quite clear. ”

            I dare say that had anyone crossed that line- there would have been MANY people calling them out on it…

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          • i mean, you guys made me snap out of it pretty quick when i was going overboard with my slanderer, and put your foot (feet?) down pretty firm, i highly doubt you’d allow death threats to anyone.

            if this isn’t allowed, delete it, dont know if it’s considered toeing the line

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          • “if this isn’t allowed, delete it, dont know if it’s considered toeing the line”

            I dont think there IS any toeing of the line here- certainly that comment wouldnt be deleted
            Any line drawn is that of common decency… There are plenty of examples of people disagreeing- and agreeing to disagree…
            I still get the feeling that you consider this a bit of a ‘closed club’ say or do the wrong thing and you get thrown out…

            It is NOTHING like the hoaxers where you toe the line or banned and deleted…
            We all have different viewpoints, we sometimes agree, sometimes we dont, but short of doing something REALLY over the line, you arent likely to be banned!
            At worst IF you did happen to step over the line, I dare say many people would say ‘ WOW- thats a bit over the top’ and most likely at worst that post would be deleted..

            AFAIK even the hoaxers are (mostly) still welcome to post here- well not welcome, but they arent banned and wouldnt be unless they did something really stupid..

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          • there is some of that but with this comment it was mostly that this is a ******* – free zone and im feeling out where the line is, because i relate to hoaxtead via my personal experience and want to give responses but dont want to cross the line


          • No, in the UK at least, by the time a case comes to trial, both sides will have chosen and submitted all their evidence. And once that evidence has been presented in court, there’s no going back and saying, “Wait, hold on, I forgot to mention something!” It’s a fascinating process in many ways, almost like a very formal type of dance.

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          • Generally speaking, it’s a question of resourcing Dot… They put al Capone away for tax evasion remember! 🙂 It’s not impossible that he might be implicated in something else later on, but really the aim of the game was/is to give the little squirt a short sharp shock then get him off the British taxpayer’s books for good. – He might be in for some nasty surprises when he gets back to the US with any luck.

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          • we’ve got something kinda like a rarely used jury at my workplace that im now a part of, called peer review. it’s something you can volunteer and get trained for, and basically, if an employee feels like a manager’s decision on something, like a write up or firing, was too harsh or undeserved, they can “take it to court” and try to fight it. have to get all necessary evidence and paperwork beforehand, cant go back in the middle of it but you can take more time if necessary and get witnesses and stuff.
            it’s really interesting. lots of rules about what you’re allowed to ask and how you have to ask things, and whether there’s precedence for something and paying close attention to the wording of the rules in employee handbook and other documents. i haven’t gotten to do one yet because it’s rare for someone to request it, but i love the process. you’re exactly right, it’s like a dance. i’d really like to be on a jury sometime, or be a judge

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          • “there is some of that but with this comment it was mostly that this is a ******* – free zone and im feeling out where the line is, because i relate to hoaxtead via my personal experience and want to give responses but dont want to cross the line”

            Thats mostly because most people here dont want to encourage ‘he shall not be named’ delusions- every time he gets a mention only encourages his delusions of grandeur..
            He ‘gets off’ on every time his name is mentioned, so atm he’s pretty much ‘on ignore’ for his own good

            (hopefully I wont fall foul of the …..-free zone rule for this post as its explanatory)

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    • That claim was blown out of the water by a sensible response from the eminent GOS ..ohh that’s me init?.

      he claimed he was threatened and frightened but I think the jury-or at least 10/11 of them must have thought “bollocks”..why then, if you felt threatened . would you actually turn up at the Church looking all arrogant and boasting about pissing on it?.

      I think the judge summed it up on that matter..”if you can’t stand the heat etc etc”

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    • Big Earl
      September 1, 2017 at 11:03 am

      He’d be tagged.

      Hmmm. not sure I’d be happy with that, after all another tagged individual associated with people involved in this hoax have already done a runner…
      another pedophile on the run (did they ever catch him?) associated with the hoaxers….
      seems to be a bit of a common theme there
      Rupert seemed to not be joking when he said he was wanting to try it- no laugh or anything..

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      • I won`t speculate about what Rupert was thinking when he said he wanted to `try it`. Professionally I`ve met many idiots who`s main attribute was talking bollocks because of drink, drugs, wanting to shock people etc. Wanting to shock people is a big one in a lot of people. In the past immature bast….people like this just got punched whilst in the pub….but now they go on the internet. Sigh….

        I honestly don`t think Rupert would go on the run. He wants his passport and he wants to go home. I don`t blame him.

        Peter Hofschroer was reportedly on the run, although I didn’t see anything in the mainstream press about him. I think someone on here said he’d been caught and shipped out. Hallelujah!

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          • [spelling nazi]
            BAN him!! It’s WHOSE!!!!!
            [/spelling nazi]

            Last I heard was from here too, that he was still on the run
            Now let me see- whose (lol) place was he staying at??
            Was he staying at our favourite ‘satanic’ coyotes house??

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  6. Via MKD Mels damage limitation/extrication exercise and her intent to now turn her things to more important matters to make the world a better place(and no doubt hopefully proves more lucrative).Just maybe she has learnt not to poke her stick into hornets nests willynilly and do a little due diligence before shouting her mouth orf.At least Mel broadly gives this place her thumbs up although not sure what recommendation that is really.

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      • It will be interesting to see whether her actions match her words- I saw early in her ‘broadcast’ that she was still badmouthing hoaxstead, attributing the ‘cable cutting’ etc to hoaxstead supporters, but later on seemed to be trying to be conciliatory…

        I am atm willing to be nice and give her the benefit of the doubt, and think this might be a willingness to walk away from the entire hoaxing scene, but only time will tell…

        Of course this is depending on her future behaviour- time will tell if this is truly a shift in ‘consciousness’ or a attempt to distance herself from any possible future legal actions

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        • Hoaxtead supporters?
          But aren’t we just one person? Just a lowly GCHQ operative typing away in his spare time hoping the boss will take notice?
          And it’s not me- I’m just (voluntary) Head Tea Lady or I was. Been demoted after I was caught going through the files and defacing the hefty reports on Targeted Individual Angela Power-Dizzy. The reckoned it would confuse the agents they have placed around Oldcastle. Talk about spoil sports.

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    • “Poor guy got drrrraged in”? I think not… Despite his ‘manchild’ bearing and presentation, that’s a middle-aged man Mel… 38 years of age; no kind of “naive boy” by any reasonable standard and entirely the author of his own misfortune.

      Like yourself Mel, Rupert Quaintance is a fraud in that he fantasises about being a media professional when the truth is he has no such expertise, no training, no qualifications and an utter lack of the basic skills…

      Anyone who ever legitimately trained in any aspect of the media ( TV, Radio, Newspapers etc) spent time in a recognised academic institution and was taught the basics of how the law impacts on the industry and the job they do; just as anyone who drives a lorry learns the rules of the road and then how to handle the ‘lethal weapon’ that is a juggernaut, before they take to the roads…

      Simply knowing how to push a few buttons isn’t enough.

      The fact is Mel that YOU didn’t do the basics before YOU gave this story a platform. So, as far as responsibility for what appeared on your so called ‘network’ (LOL!) and the part it played in inflicting misery on innocent people, YOU madam are entirely and irrefutably responsible for that with no scope for mitigation.

      The reason no one who REALLY works in the media (MSM or otherwise) ‘wanted to touch the story’ (i.e. the SRA allegations) is that about an hour of deskwork (i.e. the very basic due-diligence any media professional goes through when assessing such a story) exposes it as the most infantile and unintelligent of puerile nonsense… What’s more a few quick checks of Draper and Christie expose them for what they are.

      The only ‘story’ here is that a career (if you can call it that) criminal and a psychopathic clothes horse abused two children by filling their heads with perverted sexual fantasies off the back of which they then tried to milk cash from the credulous… Much as you do yourself Mel; for you are a fake to the very marrow. You’re “not willing to go there any more” not because of any ‘mess that has been made, but because there is no money in it, one of your colleagues has already been jailed and others (hopefully) will follow…

      Your ‘apology’ to the kids is as fake as your tan because what you should be apologising for is your part in disrupting their lives by promoting that hoax. Instead you rail right on to pointing out that there are “other bigger stories out there”; it wasn’t the kids who promoted or stood to gain from the hoax, and they have been robbed of their innocence in childhood because of it… But all you can think of is the bigger fish out there for you to fry – other ‘profit centres’, more opportunities to part people from their cash.

      The industry YOU are part of Mel is that of promoting hoaxes… You’re not a journalist or media professional of any kind; it’s fairly obvious you don’t have the basic skills necessary, and that’s because you never took the time to walk the walk, get yourself to a media college, and learn the fucking basics of the job… You don’t have a ‘network’ – you’re just another fool with a webcam and a youtube channel. Neither you nor your husband even have basic technical or presentation skills – that’s obvious, because if you did, you’d know the basics of lighting and sound and be able to utilise ‘guerilla film making’ techniques to do a half-way competent job; even without the money and resources you’re constantly e-begging for.

      In essence Mel, you’re no different from Angela Power-Disney or Rupert Quaintance or Sabine McNeill or Belinda McKenzie or any of the other fakers and chancers that involve themselves in promoting these scams…

      Really; you should just go and earn an honest living Mel… Sweep floors, clean toilets, work in a cafe; something that suits your actual training and qualifications. But of course, your kind don’t have the integrity for that, do you?

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  7. A big thankyou to the witnesses that stood up in court to let the jury know just how badly Ruperts behaviour affected them. I am sure their words must have had an effect on the juries decision.

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    • hear hear Arthur!
      My admiration and support goes out to those people.
      Its often said by the hoaxers that we ‘hide’ under a cloak of anonymity, seeing the effect that letting people know your real identity online when involving yourself with such nutcases shows that that is indeed a wise precaution, or else they will drag not only yourself, but your family and your neighbours into their fantasy world, and the attendant risks of having people such as Rupert and worse turn up on your doorstep.
      For totally innocent people to be subjected to this is IMHO so much worse, that the sentence for Rupert is (again IMHO only) totally inadequate, innocent people were put in real risk and fear of their lives and their childrens lives- it was only lucky that true harm didnt occur to any innocent people- and (again IMHO only) the hoaxers should have been given a much stiffer sentence- it was only by the grace of dawg that nobody was injured or killed

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          • Yes… They’re not open to discussion though, nor will anyone be giving any indication as to who the witnesses were unless they come forward themselves.

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          • …Actually, I should have expanded on that.

            The S45a order that was made at the beginning of the trial gives lifelong anonymity tot he children involved – that’s P,Q and the witnesses’ kids; what may be less clear is that it effectively covers the adult witnesses too since, if you identify them you effectively identify the kids.

            The police will also adjust their operational plans for the area in question to suit the risk as assessed on an ongoing basis.

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          • “The S45a order that was made at the beginning of the trial gives lifelong anonymity tot he children involved – that’s P,Q and the witnesses’ kids; what may be less clear is that it effectively covers the adult witnesses too since, if you identify them you effectively identify the kids. ”

            It will be interesting to see how far they actually go in doing it- as we saw today, P and Q are regularly still being ‘outed’ by several of the leading hoaxers despite a previous court order that they not be identified- will the police ‘finally’ get around to them or will the teflon ones slip away yet again???


          • The enforcement of court orders really is something the police, CPS, PPSNI and Scottish procurator Fiscal need to be banging their heads together over. I’m told by our company solicitors that there may also be pathways to enforcement in various other territories – no point in making orders if nobody’s going to police them!

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          • That’s right, Sir Henry. The one thing I think people here should know, though, is that the witnesses who stood in court were seen and their identities revealed to at least one person who does not have their children’s best interests at heart—Belinda McKenzie and a couple of her friends were there during that portion of the trial, though they were nowhere to be seen on the day of the verdict.


          • “no point in making orders if nobody’s going to police them!”
            That’s been the issue pretty much since day one…
            There is already a court order against publishing P & Q’s names- let alone putting up their ‘confessions’ ie the police interviews, which is pretty much child porn in itself
            NOT that I am accusing the police of producing such- dawg forbid, but police interviews of necessity, tend to touch on matters not suitable for the general public’s consumption, and as such should NEVER have been in the public’s view in the first place

            That some people are STILL uploading the videos shows that up until now the police and courts have been of little use- now is the time for them to step up and show the public that it IS worthwhile going to the police and lodging a complaint when such things happen

            The alternative isnt worth thinking about- that the courts and police fail in their duties- then comes the question of what happens afterwards…

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          • I feel confident that, in the event that order is breached, the relevant Met officers will be advised. they can, after all, arrange for local officers to take statements, no matter where in the country, the complainant is based… All it takes is an email or telephone call. The relevant clerk of court should probably be informed too.


          • “I feel confident that, in the event that order is breached, the relevant Met officers will be advised”

            The problem being that in the past, that advice has simply disappeared into a black hole
            Just in the last week, at least two of the hoaxers have uploaded videos with the children’s faces and names intact- despite the previous court order prohibiting exactly that!
            The courts and the police really have to step up and show that people breaching court orders WILL GO TO JAIL!!!

            no ifs, buts or maybes…
            Up until now- that simply hasn’t been the case

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  8. I have no sympathy for Rupert whatsoever, he did much much more than the charges brought against him covered. One could easily make a 10 minute video of all the threats he made, along with all the disgusting things he said about British people. I just hope he finds the Brits he is locked up with as bad as all the things he said they were, teach the little yank prick a lesson.

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    • robert was stupid. if he really cared about getting to the bottom of the story himself, he should have done it quietly. saved up the money himself. kept his mouth shut about what he was planning to do. gone there, and then actually bothered to get to know the accused people, and join the church and take a look around himself. and then later if he saw any indication of stuff actually going on, he could Then start asking questions. in a non-threatening, non-accusatory way. if he saw nothing and it was obvious that this shit was bullshit, he could have then left gracefully, no one having been harmed in this. stupid because what he did is like being on a battlefield and going and telling the enemy your attack and spy plans. stupid because he could have avoided hurting and slandering people. stupid because he could have avoided jail.

      i dont understand these people in that. they have no strategy to speak of, they just think if they throw enough fire at something and talk about shit it’ll make a difference. they should actually go make a difference, teach people how to protect their kids better and signs to look out for, give money to charities that help kids, do actual reasearch and look at actual documents instead of hearsay and hand information over to police or teams that can actually do shit about it. at the very least, if you’re going to accuse someone of something, you should bother to get to know them first and hear their side of the story. dude wants all the fame, but none of the work or responsibility


        • lol did you notice angie kept adjusting her hair and looking to see what she looks like? and r’s ego has no bounds… “what are you gonna do, send me back to america where i’m a hero”


        • “How can you spend so much time on me when I’m obvious a loser” mocks the oh so smug AND arrogant Rupert.

          Possibly because you were the only one, among dozens, who issued physical threats to innocent people and then planned and announced you were heading to the UK to “kick in doors”.

          What are the chances of Quaintance taking any notice of his “5 year exclusion” notice although we don’t really know the wording of it.

          As soon as he gets back to the USA I figure he will either
          1. go very quiet having realised he’s made a complete turkey of himself or
          2. completely ignore the order and paint himself as a martyr & ramp up his campaigns thinking he can become an internet star as he would surely be invited to be a guest on the likes of Alex Jones etc.

          If he breached such an order it’s highly unlikely he would be pursued in the US.

          Will he be deported? The judge mentioned nothing about this but it wasn’t an immigration matter. What sort of visas do Yanks get? Surely they don’t get open-ended visas and surely they are not permitted to work while in the UK which he has done.
          Will the UK Border Agency pick up Rupert from jail and escort him to Heathrow & put him on the first flight back to the USA?


      • “i dont understand these people in that. they have no strategy to speak of, they just think if they throw enough fire at something and talk about shit it’ll make a difference. they should actually go make a difference, teach people how to protect their kids better and signs to look out for, give money to charities that help kids, do actual reasearch and look at actual documents instead of hearsay and hand information over to police or teams that can actually do shit about it. at the very least, if you’re going to accuse someone of something, you should bother to get to know them first and hear their side of the story. dude wants all the fame, but none of the work or responsibility”


        Not to put **** on you DOTB, but think back to when you first started posting here…
        now look at what you just posted..

        ‘A long way you have come, young Jedi’
        in best Yoda voice….


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        • lol yeah.. i was stupid. i believed, out of concern and fear, things certain people said. i never came attacking you guys though, and i know that i defended ******* on his youtube but i also didn’t try to lash out at anyone and i tried to give benefit of a doubt. if i did end up making anyone feel attacked, i apologize. and i came to you guys late but even while i still believed ******* i started taking a look at others he was slandering. omni michael, david wolfe, and doc savage…started looking into all of them, watching their videos… being quiet and figuring shit out for myself. ended up friending michael on fb and talking to doc. david wolfe is a pretty decent guy, and works towards positive ends, just figured that out looking through his fb and the things he’s done. Michael is bluntly honest, sarcastic, and has a lot of anger, but a good heart and i admire his willingness and ability to just say shit as it is, and his heart for defending those who get mindfucked. doc savage is surprisingly gentle, incredibly calming, caring without coddling and able to stay logical, but would make a bad enemy if pushed. they are trolls, but that does not make them bad people. i had my false perceptions but i would rather look into something before acting, i wouldn’t go out attacking people blindly


      • Or he could hav y’know used his brains like any sane person, looked at the accusations, the crazy impossible claims, read the court report and the many other well written articles on the subject.
        Plus anyone with a brain could tell from the first short videos that children do not reel off such abuse stories like that with no emotion, and with a nonce filming them and getting noticeably excited when he gets them to repeat parts about killing the babies.
        That’s how I know anyone who believed those videos have no knowledge or child abuse and are comeplete frauds if they think children disclose abuse in that manner in public for christ sakes, repeating the same exact script and trying to rush to remember parts to please their abuser who would get angry if they had to do repeat takes.


        • well, i originally considered that they just dissociate and numb out, i do that myself. but reflecting, that isn’t a constant thing, they should have been upset at times.. such things cause trauma. they dont seem to shift or have personality issues, or anger or other ptsd symptoms. i found their descriptions of the rooms consistent and detailed, which would be difficult to fake, but if you have a real room and then imagine one or two false things, i guess it wouldn’t be too hard even for a kid, and since they were remembering real rooms, that would explain the correct eye shifts as they remembered and it would look and sound real


          • Descriptions of rooms like the school, the church, their own house and houses of their friends, “difficult to fake”? Really? I can still describe the rooms of any schools I went to as a child, the layout of any of my friends houses decades later. Most of the time they were just describing places they went everyday, like any normal child.
            The videos I am referring to were the ones filmed in public places by Abraham and Ella.

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          • no that’s what im saying. i think you misunderstood me.
            if room is obviously faked > then whole thing is a hoax
            correct memory reactions> room is real >possibility it isnt a hoax
            correct memory reactions> room is real > can still be a hoax
            in what i watched there was only two rooms described, and originally my mind was focusing on the first two possibilities and holding it as an either/or, i was not considering the third. to be fair, i was multitasking and not really paying attention


        • i just watched two videos on it, i didn’t look into it…i figured if they were being interviewed and this shit was already out in the open something would be done about it. am i remembering incorrectly though? i thought it was some police guy who interviewed them, not their abuser


          • the ‘leaked’ police A.B.E. interviews (something that Abe has played on…)
            basically what many call the ‘kiddieporn interviews’ because watching young children describe sexual acts is basically kiddieporn when released to the general public- something the ABE interviews were NEVER supposed to do…

            What many suspect is that pedophiles find children relating (factual or not) sexual escapades they have supposedly done sexually exciting- hence the labeling of the ABE interviews by many as kiddieporn….

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          • There are several (well many) kid tapes out there- the A.B.E interviews by the police are quite obviously police interviews- in a room, with formal questioning etc
            The others are the hoaxers ‘interviews’- obviously videoed/audio tape where they try and hide the fact they are taping, IE candid ‘interviews’ where its obvious they are hiding the fact they are taping…
            the ‘Irishman’ tapes are these types, as are the Abe (as opposed to A.B.E.) tapes..
            ie the kill the babies and eat them tapes

            I can say with absolute certainty (as someone who has ‘abnormal’ sexual tastes myself…) that Abe is DEFINITELY in the ‘not something you tell to your mum’ tastes

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      • I know you probably have seen it before but Angela’s “off the record RUPERT” video around 14 minutes is very telling as Angela wants to give him a list of names of people in the “Cult” who have contacted her lmao, a fictional cult. Rupee doesn’t want them until after he lands so he can deny all knowledge.

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  9. Bam! And there goes his main account (which he’d only just got back).

    So that’s both accounts down now, hehe 😀

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      • There is certainly a Cult of Hampstead & Alanson is in it.
        After all – we are just one person working for MI5 so we cannot as such, be a Cult.
        ( Although I think Ether Aardvark could well be the tea lady Ethel Tambling-Goggin from Level 4 as she’s been after my job for a long time)

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    • The kind of comments that Alanson allows on his page (and which have also been reported):

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      • This level of wishful thinking in wanting to inflict violence is simply bizarre but one thing the internet has revealed is that there is an enormous number of like-minded people.

        They jump on the bandwagon re child abuse knowing the public’s distaste for such crimes, but are they just sociopaths who would enjoy inflicting pain, torture and death on just about anyone for any perceived reason?

        WW2 showed us that many people are itching to do this. My mother’s family fled an East European country before the outbreak of war as her father correctly reasoned he had too many marks against him-Jewish, socialist and budding labour union organiser. Few Jews survived in that country and in some communities former neighbours joined in on committing atrocities.

        It’s apparent many of these fanatics really haven’t a clue about child abuse either and simply adopt a gutter tabloid mentality without delving into or studying the complexities surrounding abuse.

        Such as the majority of it happening within families with ‘stranger danger’ being the least of the problems. And they also seem to think the term ‘child abuse’ is entirely about sexual abuse when it’s around 17% of victims while the majority of abuse is in the form of long term mental & physical abuse or via neglect which can cause almost irreparable long term damage while sexual abuse, if it’s a one off event can often see children successfully counseled so it has minimum future consequences.

        And that then raises the question of why these fanatics are so fixated on the sexual side. The mental & physical torture inflicted upon the two main children in Hoaxtead is particularly vicious but fortunately was nipped in the bud and the high profile court case is a positive for those 2 victims.

        Some of the characters who promoted the hoax: Sabine obviously has long term mental damage herself as demonstrated by the “oh woe is me” endless outpourings accompanied by floods of tears & foot-stamping with Mad Moo being very similar but having a different style of release.
        McKenzie seems to be a long term master/ mistress people manipulator taking up any cause where she can attract acolytes.
        Christie is clearly a life long criminal while APD seems to me to be just a low-level grifter whose main aim was to attract $$ donations but she latched onto abuse far too late. Neelu is just completely batty while Christine Sands was looking for any cause so she can screech as demonstrated in one video where she is at a demonstration about something (not child abuse) in the USA & there is a battle among participants over who has the loud hailer (just like in Lord of the Flies with fights over The Conch or an hilarious episode of Ab Fab where Edina is at a retreat & is only allowed to talk if she has the Talking Stick).

        There are of course dozens more who should all be psychiactrically examined.

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    • There’s that midas touch of yours again SSFS bringing home these great results time and time again. Impressive strike rate indeed.

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    • “lol, and what pedophile Asked to have their balls come off? inquiring minds want to know.”

      It’s a common ‘treatment’ for serial offenders- often called chemical castration
      They get injections that are supposedly stopping them from being um…. ‘physically able’ to do anything sexually

      kinda like the opposite of viagra…

      if you get my drift…


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        • “..that sounds…painful…”

          In some cases- unfortunately not….

          pretty much like viagra lets you get an erection regardless of physical conditions etc (and apparently they can be painful!!) chemical castration (which doesnt actually require removal of any ‘parts’ despite its name) simply doesnt allow anything to um.. happen…

          Kinda a ‘softon’ pill as the opposite of viagra- if you get my drift…


            google is your friend


            Its not needles in those bits ( lol altho I wish it was for some people… really BIG needles…)
            Its no more than a pill you swallow, reduces your sex drive to practically zero

            “When used on men, these drugs can reduce sex drive, compulsive sexual fantasies, and capacity for sexual arousal. Life-threatening side effects are rare, but some users show increases in body fat and reduced bone density, which increase long-term risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.”

            from wikipedia

            altho the alternative can be jail-which for ‘rockspiders’ can have a huge increase in life threatening effects-like having a shiv inserted into your body- not usually recommended for people wishing to live past the next- say- ten minutes…

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          • Sadly it isn’t currently an ‘optional choice’ for those who fear they may offend but haven’t- which seems to me to be kinda self defeating- if you seriously want to not be an offender and seek help- the treatment you require isn’t available to you…

            In fact in the current climate- seeking help if you have such urges is actively discouraged, which IMHO is rather stupid-anyone who seeks psychiatric help in most countries has their medical helpers- kinda don’t.. in fact they are required by law to report anyone who self reports to the authorities…


  10. The criminal behaviour order imposed on RQ is a reboot of the ASBO. There are a few differences, including the ability to add positive as well as negative requirements. The key elements though: requirements tailored to the nuisance caused and a maximum sentence of 5 years for breach, are the same.

    I haven’t seen the actual requirements on this site or maybe I missed them?

    Home detention curfew would be problematic in RQ’s case. It might knock two or three weeks off his sentence, however the offender has to have a place in E&W to be curfewed to.

    Whether he’s released on HDC or not, he will be liable to recall if he reoffends during the rest of the 9 months and will be on supervision for at least 7 months after release, which will include keeping his supervisor aware of where he lives. On HDC he couldn’t leave the country but on supervision he could.


    • We’ll have to wait and see if someone invites him for Christmas and doesn`t mind Capita or whoever putting equipment in the house.
      I’ve been told that prisons are under-staffed at Christmas and if they can release someone early they will. Don’t know if this is true in cases like this.

      I do know that lads used to strategically present themselves at Fines Court a few days before Christmas, knowing that whatever custodial sentence they got will be shortened because they`ll be chucked out on the streets on Christmas Eve. So if their fines warranted say, six days in the nick, they`d go to fines Court three or four days before, knowing full well that the prison would `write off. the last few days. You have to know how to play the game apparently!


    • I love that they said the manager was “on the phone” for what, 5 hours?

      Clearly he did a quick internet search on Neelu and then rushed off to a long meeting with a Rothschild operative to explain that Neelu had inadvertently stumbled upon the Secret of the Century and their entire Freemason Conspiracy to rule the world was about to unravel and the Swissindo Army would be issuing arrest warrants for everyone in the City of London as soon as the Indonesian authorities could arouse Kevin Annett from his slumbers to open up the doors of the famed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (second bedroom) and that they should all flee in a non-existent space ship to the Planet Niburu soon to appear as it heralded the End of Civilization as we know it anyway.

      Or he could have just been too busy to indulge a complete nutbag.

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  11. El Coyote, i have access to information i’d like to give you, and as far as im aware only i and one other person has access to it. can we talk on discord sometime this or next weekend? it is not involving hoaxtead though, dont know if you’d be interested and its not something im going to post here. kindly delete comment after you have answered me


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