Neelu accuses Sands of being accessory to murder

Neelu Berry must have had a very stressful day yesterday, what with having to go to court to face charges of witness intimidation. We understand that when people are under a great deal of legal pressure, the first thing they do is start accusing others, in a (usually) vain attempt to draw attention away from their own misdeeds.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Neelu cracked a little (more) under yesterday’s pressure, and started accusing her erstwhile bestie, Christine Ann Sands the Bellowing Yank, of being an accessory to murder.

Here’s a peek at Neelu’s Facebook page this morning:

Neelu-Christine Sands-2016-01-09

To say we were gobsmacked would be a radical understatement.

According to Neelu, Christine “sat in the church and recorded the whole service whilst a baby is executed in the recording”—and yet, when the service was over, even though the church was surrounded with police officers, Sands failed to report this grisly murder to the authorities.

What kind of vile, sick woman is Christine? And how long has Neelu known of this crime?

Yet even now, instead of condemning her friend for failing to act in the presence of such evil, Neelu tries to tell us we should apologise, as we “haven’t got a clue what this honourable lady has done for humanity”.

Shocked and appalled, we are. Shocked and appalled.

better call neelu



27 thoughts on “Neelu accuses Sands of being accessory to murder

  1. I listened to some of the recording.

    The first bang, was a bit weird, i’ve got to say.

    It’s outrageous though that she says these things, without any hard evidence, just what she believes.

    I do wonder what the bang was though, as for the other sounds, i’m not convinced.

    Sounds like Neelu is losing it more than ever.

    She’s got a remission of 6 months before her next date in court, you’d think she’d relax a bit..

    That’s if she hasn’t got any more dates lined up in her diary before then.

    And i still want to see a recording of all the prams and babies.

    I’m just not going to take her word on seeing this.

    Why didn’t she stop the prams, pushchairs etc. going into the Church.


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    • What does a ‘weird’ bang sound like? Monsters are only there if you want them to be, no room for ambiguity. All phenomena has an objective , measurable cause, even if that cause has yet to be identified. Anything else leads to madness, confusion, paranoia and things that go ‘bang’ in the night.

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    • And never one of those pesky IPhones around when you need them even though this crew film each other relentlessly as they film each other. You would think they may have covertly filmed the service or indeed, any service seeing they claim babies are murdered at each one but no, the dangerous fruitcakes are off on another adventure.

      Very remiss of the ”cult” though to dangerously perform their ritual knowing members of the public could just wander in. This woman is a real menace to society and should be sanctioned.

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      • …And not just any old members of the public but a swarm of rabid anti-satanic child abuse campaigners (all armed with video cameras), as well as several police officers. So what better time for a deeply secretive cult to perform baby sacrifices with its doors open? It makes perfect sense!

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  2. Our understanding was that the banging in the recording was actually caused by the protesters outside the church, who at one point began banging on the doors.

    And yes, Neelu seems to have gone right over the top. Not that she needed a boost.


    • ít’s true- you only have to drop something in a church and the acoustics will amplify it. I dropped a prayer book once and frightened the lady in front of me as she visibly jumped.

      The very notion that people would kill babies in a church while allowing cult finders like Sands & Berry to wander in and out just demonstrates how out of touch with reality this lot are.

      You can be sure during the Salem Witch Trials this lot would have helped build the bonfires and delighted in it. What vile creeps they really are. You have to begin to wonder- if there is a Devil and Satanic cults this crew are the ones who act like they belong to an evil cult. The fact they invoke Jesus & God is frightening when they break almost every Commandment.

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  3. In the last few minutes of the recording, Christine is reacting just as you would expect an innocent bystander who has found herself in the middle of a satanic baby-sacrificing ritual to react: chatting relaxedly and cheerfully to the cult leader who’s allegedly performed said sacrifice!

    And of course, realising his murder has been witnessed by Christine, said evil murderous mastermind flies into a panic and immediately takes steps to conceal his ghastly deed. Oh wait – no he doesn’t – he chats relaxedly and cheerfully back to Christine!

    In fact, isn’t it reassuring to know that a highly secretive satanic cult that has evaded capture for thousands of years* is kind enough to open its doors to American tourists and allow them to come in and watch them sacrificing babies? That’s some real southern hospitality right there!

    *Source: Jacqui “Those idiots think my name is Charlotte” Farmer @ Hasbeen Research

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  4. [Video of interior of church removed, as it contains images of children]

    It shows Sands could have pointed the camera at that baby, had she really been concerned. What planet is Neely on? Anyone who has sat through just a few church services – or any other public venue type happening will know babies do cry at the most inopportune times.

    And all it takes is for a door to slam or a walking stick to drop on the floor to make an echoing slam with the acoustics in such a large space. Neely really needs help and does not need anyone else to encourage her already warped perception.


    • There was a video which I can’t find now of Sands at some US rally where everyone is fighting and she is hogging the microphone while others demand she hand it over.

      It was so reminiscent of AbFab when Edina goes to a Retreat and wants to buy her own Talking Stick as you aren’t allowed to talk unless you are holding it.

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  5. Ah, memories. This post has brought back the elation I felt when Christine got her arse booted out of Blighty and my farewell poem to the daft deluded mutton-dressed-as-lamb fruitloop:

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      • Yeah, I love this. Wish I’d remembered that that sudden appearance by Paul “Sunday Man” Barbara was coming up, though. That frightened the life out of me! That stare!!! 😮

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      • Some interesting screenshots in this one. For all Sabine’s whining about how she never wanted the names and addresses to be leaked, here she is thanking Christine for publishing them!

        But don’t worry – it all had a happy ending (possibly the only time anyone has got a happy ending out of Christine)…

        By the way, check out how “bothered” everyone is by Christine’s impending arrest when she starts shouting about it. Well, two of them tell her to hurry up anyway, ’cause they’re getting cold XD

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        • I love the arrest video because when she screams to the other protesters that she’s being nicked they sort of turn away with a look of relief on their faces.

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  6. I’m speechless. What is it that happens in someone’s mind, when all common sense (and, hopefully, their legal counsel) would tell them to rein it in, that they then go the opposite way and reach into their consciousness for the most grotesque, nightmarish, fabricated imaginings and spew them all over the internet? She’s a one off, that’s for sure. I worry that, as someone said on here already, that those affected will be so sick and tired of it all that she’s allowed to continue uncensored.
    Perhaps the church authorities should be made aware of this posting? She needs gagging. Legally, obviously. 😉

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    • This was the arrest where Neelu claimed to have been kept in for 3 days, even though she was back posting on Facebook the same night! She also said that her jailers had tortured her by…er…giving her microwave food! Oh and then they served her baby’s blood, “even though they knew I was a vegetarian.” 😀

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  8. If I remember correctly CS said that she would find it difficult to believe that everyone in the church could be evil. Yet she also apparently believes she heard a baby being killed. I also think I remember her flirting a bit with one of the police officers.

    To me it sounded like a large bolt lock being undone, possibly even by the nut cases outside peeking their heads in during the service.

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