Exclusive: Eye-witness describes crucial meeting between Ella and RD

Earlier this week we discussed how the police CRIS report on the investigation into the Hampstead SRA allegations portrayed a less flattering version of Ella Gareeva Draper than her acolytes would have us believe. As a result of that post, we were contacted by a commenter on this blog who wished to remain anonymous for the purposes of this post.

The commenter told us a very curious story, which we have no way of confirming. However, following a lengthy discussion via Skype we believe this person to be sincere, and so we’re presenting their story here (some parts have been paraphrased for clarity):

Your readers might recall that a branch of the McDonald’s chain, which closed its doors on 17 November 2013, was nevertheless named in the hoax as a place where murdered babies were cooked before they were consumed by members of the imaginary cult.

In early November 2013, I was asked to be a witness along with one other person, to a meeting which took place in that McDonald’s. The meeting was between Ella Draper and her ex-partner Ricky Dearman. Mr Dearman had asked my friend to come along to the McDonald’s, and my friend asked me to join him. We were to sit near their table and just watch. I wasn’t sure exactly what we were looking for, but my friend said it was important so I went along.

Ella was there when we arrived, and Mr Dearman came along shortly after. She had some papers with her, and she pushed them at him. I could see him shaking his head no, and she kept telling him he had to sign. He had this look on his face like no way was he going to sign those papers, and he was saying something like “I’ll never see them again? You think I’ll agree to that?”

Then he reached into his jacket and pulled out his own bundle of papers. Her eyes got very large, and you could see she hadn’t expected this at all. She was like, “What’s this?”

“I’m taking you to court. I’m serving you with notice”.

Her jaw literally dropped, and she turned bright red, you could see she was just furious. Like the fury of a thousand suns, but she literally looked like she couldn’t speak. She was just staring at him with this look on her face like she wanted him dead. I’ve never seen anyone look like that before, and I hope I never do again.

Mr Dearman got up and walked away after he handed her the papers, and Ella just sat there. I was trying not to stare, as I didn’t want to be too obvious about watching, but it was clear she was really rattled.

My friend and I left, and he told me afterward that the reason we’d gone is that Ella had made various false allegations about Mr Dearman in their court battles over the children, and we’d been there to make sure that if she tried anything, we could tell the court exactly what we’d seen. My friend thought it would be best to have someone who didn’t know either of them and couldn’t be accused of bias I guess.

As it turned out, he wasn’t supposed to have served her the papers himself, but was supposed to have had them served by a third party, but I guess he didn’t know that at the time. So later I saw news of the hoax in the Ham & High, and I started taking an interest in the case and sometimes even commenting on the blog.

I hadn’t wanted to say anything about my small role, but when I read about Ella’s behaviour as a mum versus what she claimed about herself, something snapped and I thought the time has come to talk about what I witnessed. I hope it helps.

We have no reason to believe that this story is incorrect, and if true, it certainly does help explain why Ella and Abe later attacked RD with such ferocity.

RD’s version

We were interested to note that this story meshes with some of the information RD gave police during his interview under caution. Here we see RD stating that although the children have been made to claim that he and the “cult” were abusing them between November 2013 and July 2014, in fact he had not seen them for nearly two years.

But instead of leaving it at that, he counts off “November, December…” etc. This made us wonder: was he using November 2013 as a kind of mental touch-point, since it was the last time he’d seen Ella before his contact with the children in May.

Another interesting fact: RD saw his children twice in spring/summer 2014, both times under supervision of a social worker named Richie. Richie gave RD an excellent report, stating that “the children love him”. In light of our witness’ story, this report would have been anathema to Ella, who would have seen it as one more step on the way to losing custody of her children.

Flash forward a couple of months, and we find that Richie, like anyone else who’d angered Ella and Abe, was now on the list of alleged abusers. His crime, it seemed, was saying that RD and his children were doing well with limited contact, and that this should be extended, first to eight hours and then to an overnight stay.

In this segment of the police interview, it’s obvious that RD is working toward more contact with his children; this also bears out the story of our correspondent.

And as a side point, it could explain why Ella and Abe included the McDonald’s restaurant—which had been closed nearly a year—in their description of the alleged cult.

To be continued….


118 thoughts on “Exclusive: Eye-witness describes crucial meeting between Ella and RD

  1. “Although the children had been made to claim that he and the ‘cult’ were abusing them between November 2013 and July 2014, in fact he had not seen them for nearly two years.”


    Another one I’d love to see Kristie Sue try to explain.

    I’ll add it to the list 🙂

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        • Another reason why Ella must have fumed: RD may have been very successful getting full custody of the children seeing Ella was now living with not only a career criminal with “over 30” convictions but also a conviction for child abuse.
          I can’t see a court allowing the children to remain in a home with a stranger who has such a conviction.

          It’s not unusual for one parent to make allegations against the other, of abuse etc but Abe’s Master Plan went way to far and was always bound to fail.
          The problem is there are 1000s of demented troofers out there waiting for the slightest confirmation that will fire up their per-conceived beliefs in the bizarre. We see it all the time and no proof or confirmation is usually needed- just the claim.

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  2. Well I’ve been telling people for ages that Ella was a REGULAR at McDonald’s and people used to laugh at me. I’d seen her there a few times myself. I’m not kidding either. I was gobsmacked later on when I was told she was a vegan!

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  3. Interesting story, glad RD stood up for himself and didn’t sign Ella’s papers. Ella is so unlikeable and evil. I really dislike her and all the evil she has done. Ella and Abe need to be hauled up in court and sent down hence why I hope police are actively looking for them.

    By the way have you guys listened to the second half of Lou Collins interview with ex copper John Wedger on MixCloud?

    Wedger sounds deranged and unstable to me. Its like he believes he is the only good copper fighting against child abuse and child exploitation even though he states himself social workers and even his police colleagues have reported him for his strange behaviour. I think people like him are dangerous as they come up with ridiculous garbage that can damage careers and harm people’s lives because they are on a bizarre crusade in their mind against the world. John also pushes the false narrative Mi5 is involved in covering up paedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse. JW also says Leon Brittan is a paedo, (John even says Brittan had luxury lingerie made for him by a designer he spoke to- I hope Leon’s family sue this idiot) however allegations are false as Nick the fantasist has been exposed for lying about Westminster Paedo VIP Rings which Bill Maloney was heavily involved in as he was pushing and encouraging it, he even went as far as getting a journalist at the Daily Express called James Fielding I think to write about it. It really is shocking. Its weird how all these toxic, crazy and unsavory people all hang around together and are the ones always lying and creating and pushing hoaxes. When will they be prosecuted for all the evil they do I wonder?

    Also well done to everyone who has been reporting and flagging videos on Youtube containing RD’s children. 3 have come down today. 🙂

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    • Yes, I think EC covered the interview in a recent post and I’d previously posted the links to both halves. Thank you for the analysis, PI – very interesting. I think Wedger started out well intentioned but got seduced by the ‘dark side’, i.e. hoaxers ‘n’ troofers, a point that I think EC has previously made.

      Do you know which 3 videos came down? That’s awesome news 🙂

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      • Agree Norman. Think JW hanging around the conspiracy lonies hasn’t helped him much.

        Videos went down are the ones were the police interview the kids. More vids keep coming up but am reporting it. Also this Terri Stewart is a strange person who keeps encouraging people to go to Hampstead and asking people to visit [teacher’s name redacted by SS]. Also the hoaxtead monsters keep calling RD Tricky Demon and threatening his life. It’s so scary and sad this is still on going.

        EC can we have confirmation police are looking for Ella and Abe? Who is dealing with the case Hampstead police or Barnet and are Scotland Yard still involved or is it The National Crime Agency? This nightmare has to stop or we will have a more violent out of control Rupert like person on our hands who could really hurt someone or their kids.

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      • Also is it me or is there an upsurge in obsession with this case again?

        Is it because Ella is demaning support on social media because I saw a video about her and Abe discussing the Hampstead hoax with an American conspiracy group. Also flagged the video but it’s still up. I think Free the Hampstead 2 is her YT Channel?

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        • Pizzagate rekindled interest in the case just over a year ago and it’s kinda been trundling along since. It’s only really a handful of hardcore fruitloops who are now keeping it going, to wit Mad Moo, Kristie Sue, Jake Clarke, Kane Slater and Angela (when she can be arsed to get out of bed).

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          • Totally agree Norman. Come to think of it the PizzaGate, Hollie Grieg and Hampstead Hoax are always simultaneously pushed even though they are all proven to be fake. However the conspiracy loons believe it to be true and push for their freeman on the land laws to be implemented even though everything is contractual according to them so if a killer wants to kill or eat babies he or she can because their FOTL laws can’t stop them because they have no contract. It’s beyond crazy but you can’t argue with stupidity. We all will be living in civil war if the freeman on the land get their way which I hope is never! Please God!

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        • The upsurge happened when Abe and Ella spotted an opportunity when “Pizzagate” started appearing all over YT. Abe and Ella seem to have retreated somewhat now.

          What would be interesting to know is if you knew the uploader/s of the videos which were removed today?

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          • Oh yes that’s right PizzaGate. I can’t believe this creepy reporter Liz Crokin has subtly accused even celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend of sex trafficking their daughter regarding the Pizzagate debacle. Eye Roll!

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          • No I do not know uploaders. I went to check on the three videos and it said video not available. What are you accusing me of?


      • I reported 3 just last night but it wouldn’t be those as they wouldn’t have even looked at the complaints yet.

        However I noticed they are YT is now prefacing some of the videos with a statement that they contain disturbing material.
        I hope when these children get old enough they hire a lawyer in the USA and sue the hell out of Youtube and the shareholders for repeatedly exposing their images and publishing what are legally considered child pornography. It would never go to court- they would get a financial settlement. Youtube could not afford the bad publicity.

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        • I hope so too Sam. However I don’t think they will have a good relationship with their mother when they grow up I hope after all she has done to them or allowed things to happen to them. How a mother can stand there and let Abe abuse them is unforgiveable Babs.

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    • Yes, I noticed that Mr Wedger seemed to convey that he was the only decent copper out there. It’s a shame, as there are so many good, decent police officers; I wonder whether this attitude is part of the reason his colleagues weren’t overly fond of him?

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        • As Wedger is bent on making a meal of things you would of thought he would at least have gone for the double sausage and egg McMuffin look,topped off perhaps with a shaker side salad garnish and a toffee latte.Blooming cheap skate.

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          • LoL no no no Mik you got it all wrong John loves drinking a tall glass of shite and eating Baloney. All served by his mate Bill talk a lot of shite and don’t hang about to get caught even though his fingers were all over the HoaxPie!

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    • Re Wedger – A while back, The UK Column interviewed an anonymous copper who sounds suspiciously like Wedger – in the previous narrative, the copper claims a young underage girl was the victim of murder – does anyone have any recollection of this and can confirm it is the same guy?


  4. The king is back! Yes you lot who cant handle the truth need to get ready cos chrisspivey.org is back up. Ha ha. You will not stop him with all you defamatory and illegal comments. Just wait till you see what Chris is about to expose.. and i dont mean his nob.


  5. Mealy mouthed words from a billionaire. He said all this last year but little has changed. I think Zuckerberg, FB directors and even shareholders should be charged and hauled into court as distributors of illicit material. This article says how the monitors get such a small time to view material. I doubt they even have time to watch videos of the children talking about sex which under law would be considered child exploitation material.
    # and this FB & YT mob don’t even pay tax with their dodgy tax arrangements,

    “FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year resolution is bad news for a few people. Warning: Graphic content.”

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