Abe Christie, serial child abuser?

A few weeks ago, we noted that Abe Christie states he approves of the practice beating children to keep them under his thumb:


One commenter on that post made the following disturbing allegation: Chantelle-July 31 comment

“Aby has always been a child beater, I warned Ella via text before they went on (their) holidays she blanked me so she don’t give a shit about her kids. I hope she never gets them back and I can’t wait for (Aby) to be arrested. (H)e got away with this shit for (too) long”.

Yesterday Chantelle reappeared here to comment on two more posts:



Chantelle comments

“Ella was warned by me about (Aby) he also beat and did the same thing to my family but this time I hope he does not get away with it. I wrote her an email telling her to keep away from him and told her he was a dangerous man and she still took her children on holiday with him. She does not deserve her kids back”.

“This little girl is not liking (lying?). He did the same to me and my family. (A)by is a(n) evil man with no feelings. (W)hen you cry he licks you more”.

Reading these comments, we recalled a comment from one of Sabine McNeill’s blogs in February:

http://victims-unite.net/2015/02/12/innocence-destroyed-whistleblower-kids-threatened-to-be-killed-film-maker-killed/#comment-370479 Chantelle-Sabine blog“Abraham Christie is the man who filmed these poor children as I know. (H)e was my stepdad from hell who abused me and my brothers and sisters and made my brother LIE to social services back in the nineties, saying my dad was an abuser which was a lie. (H)e destroyed our lives, took all of my mother’s money, and this disgusts me that he is doing this all over again but worse”.

As painful as these are to read, they also shed further light on Abe and Ella’s apparent disregard for Ella’s children. If Chantelle’s assertions are correct, the abuse Abe inflicted on Ella’s children is part of an ongoing pattern of violence, controlling behaviour, and child abuse.

Christie, Abraham

If Chantelle’s allegations are true, Abraham Christie has even more to answer for.

It’s long past time for both Abe and Ella to return to the UK to face up to the consequences of their actions.




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  1. We’ve no way of knowing if this is genuine or not. If it is it’s VERY disturbing indeed. If it isn’t then why doesn’t he come back and clear his name?

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  2. The CRIS report certainly states Abraham Christie has convictions for offences against his own children.

    The P & Q determination states at para 163

    “Mr Christie has a background of criminality for drugs offences, violence and dishonesty. More recently, he received a police caution for assaulting his adolescent son.”

    That caution would be more recent than his involvement in Chantelle’s family in the 90s.

    It seems the judgment means that prior to the caution for assaulting his son he has a background of violent criminality.

    The CRIS report also states he admits hitting the children with a spoon and throwing water at them.

    There’s the injuries in the medical reports too.

    I’ve certainly noticed he is very controlling. He has a bee in his bonnet about corporal punishment of children, as in it’s a good thing to hit children.

    There’s good evidence of coaching. The recordings, drawings and not forgetting the drive around before the police did one. Of course, the children describe what he did too. The medicals show corroborative evidence of the violence the children describe, and they describe this right from the start.

    In addition, I have read that Abraham wasn’t happy with one of the officers investigating the Hampstead case because he had been involved with Abraham due to an offence against children in the past. Possibly the caution. I haven’t got a link for that.

    On the one hand I’m curious about Abraham Christie’s history with Chantelle, on the other, the children are now safe and there’s no need for her to lay her history out for people.

    She could contact Barnet Council so they can check any contemporaneous records and link cases. It is possible that the scumbag will come back to the UK at some point and get involved with another family. If she goes public, the people who believe 8000 plus babies have been eaten in Hampstead will not care, and there’s the obvious risk of harassment and abuse directed towards her.

    There’s enough there for those with eyes to see.

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      • “You do have to actually admit guilt to get a caution”

        Really?! Do you have a link to this law? I’m intrigued!

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        • Click to access adult-simple-caution-guidance.pdf

          9. Simple cautions cannot be offered to an offender who has not admitted that they are guilty of the offence or who has raised a defence, and cannot be given to an offender who does not agree to accept the caution. Offenders retain the right to decline the offer of a simple caution – even where guilt has been admitted – and face being prosecuted.

          59. An admission of guilt to committing the offence or offences must be made before the simple caution can be offered to the offender.

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          • This makes sense to me–if the suspect denies guilt, then the police would have to move to the next step and put together enough evidence to lay charges and bring the case to court. Thanks for the clarification.

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          • Wow! Thanks for that. So how are people arrested if they don’t own up on the spot? Is a caution different from reading your rights?


        • A caution is not a criminal conviction, but it could be used as evidence of bad character if you go to court for another crime.

          If you go for a job and they ask you if you have previous convictions you can say ‘no’ because a caution isn’t a conviction.

          When you get a caution you have to go to the police station and a police officer will make sure you take responsibility for the offence and he’ll warn you about what will happen if you offend again. Then he’ll issue the caution. It stays on your record for your lifetime and, as mentioned, it can be brought up again if you go to court for further offences.


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          • I should have mentioned there are two kinds of cautions. There’s a simple one as described above and then there’s a conditional one, which carries conditions about your behaviour or says you should make reparation. Obviously if you breach the conditions the police can then look at it again with the help of the CPS.

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        • “You don’t have to say anything, but it may harm your defence….” As in telling a suspect or person under arrest their rights is also called a caution. The context makes it clear which one is which. For a non UK person it might be confusing! So RD was had an interview under caution +3. Read his rights, but also not under arrest, free to leave at any time etc.

          People are arrested when there is reasonable suspicion they’ve committed an offence. That is a very, very simplified explanation.

          Interviews are conducted under caution, or caution plus 3, or simply as a witness.

          Being given, or getting a simple caution (not being read your rights) is not a conviction but it is a criminal record that will come up on police checks.

          That is probably as clear as mud.

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    • Agreed–I expect that anyone who’s been on the wrong end of Abe’s boot in the past might find the Hampstead case extremely disturbing, so I can fully understand Chantelle trying to make her experiences known. I do hope she’s able to contact Barnet Council, as you suggest.

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      • Not to mention Chantelle ‘ s mother, if she is still alive and well. Had someone victimized my children and me like that ( emotionally, physically and financially), I’d have been crying it from the rooftops and seeking justice long ago. Hope that doesn’t come across as judgmental…but it would appear that several former partners as well as kids/ stepkids could be very helpful in exposing/ confirming his (surely long-term) patterns of abuse…


        • We don’t know that they didn’t considering he does have previous convictions including for violence and a recent caution for assaulting his adolescent son. The CRIS report says he has previous convictions for violence towards his children.

          There is obviously a lot we don’t know about Abraham Christie.

          I don’t think Chantelle should feel any responsibility to come forward publicly and to identify herself.

          I suggested she get in touch with Barnet social services. That’s up to her. There may be old social services files for her family showing Abraham’s behaviour that they’re not aware of if he was not convicted of any offences.

          It would be very sad, to say the least, if Abraham has been able to spend much of his life hurting children.

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        • I understand what you’re saying, but keep in mind that Abe is a creepy fuck who rules by fear and intimidation. Many of his victims could be too terrified of him to speak out–not an uncommon problem, unfortunately, in many domestic violence situations.


          • True, domestic and familial violence is an awful problem for individuals, families and society. Ricky Dearman himself has a caution.

            Agree on the “creepy fuck” description.

            I just don’t want Chantelle to feel any personal responsibility for this situation if she was a victim of Abraham’s. I’ve seen enough victims of awful childhood stuff in my time. If she wants to report things, there are official avenues, police, social services.

            If Abraham knows where she lives now I would not put it past people to post those details.

            I’m just floundering round for a way to say Chantelle should look out for her/himself. There’s some nasty people with no moral boundaries on the sidelines. And Abraham himself certainly is not afraid to abuse society’s most vulnerable individuals.

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  3. The witchfinders want to have the children given back to that monster (Abraham Christie) … they have no interest in the welfare of those children … someone mentioned Christie threatened to bury the children alive in the Moroccan Desert unless they lied to the police.

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    • This is not a case about child welfare. It’s about those who believe the world is controlled by the Illuminati, attempting to “prove their case” by showing that their theory of massive worldwide Satanic paedophile rings is not, in fact, a fairy tale they made up to scare themselves. This is why some are clinging to it with such ferocious tenacity: they know that admitting it’s a crock of shite would undermine their carefully constructed fantasy.

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  4. From sources I have collected, one of many sat on the fences. I have spoke to his ex wife and it’s common knowledge what he did to her, and the attack on his son.

    He hasn’t been a well man for sometime.

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  5. I’m also of the belief that ab may have a history of sexual assaults of worse. One person has stated he tried to attack them sexually, historically. Like his beating of children and those scared to talk out. How many women may have been attacked by him?

    I hope Chantelle is ok and has healed from her own pain.


  6. I had always been intrigued by Chantelle’s posts and wondered if she was a legitimate commenter or someone from the Hoax camp trying to get one over on us and laughing behind our backs if we took her seriously. I see now, however, that she has also commented to Sabine, so she does seem to be legit’. Guess I was just a bit over-cautious.


    • Very understandable, though, JB, given some of the trolls and fraudsters out there. For some reason it seems to disturb them when we ask uncomfortable questions. Can’t think why. 😉


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  9. This should really be republished. Excellently put together and a real reminder of the evil bastard Abe…He has been out of the spotlight, why? What is he up to?


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