More Shocking Revelations About Abe

Thank you to Special Agent M, who found this during one of his extensive tunnelling expeditions.

The author is Ninorc, a senior member of the Icke forum and long-time acquaintance of Abe’s:


Of course, most people now realise what an evil and manipulative criminal Abraham Christie is – and he has much to answer for in the whole Hoaxtead saga – but even I was shocked by some of the stuff in this.

10 thoughts on “More Shocking Revelations About Abe

  1. If indeed all this is true and from someone that knew him/knows him, then it is quite worrying!
    I remember hearing in one of the crass videos he made, he clearly states that he hit the children with spoons. It beggars the question, what does Ella see in him, what Mum could put a evil man before the welfare of her children?

    I fail to understand how the ‘supporters’ can bypass this kind of information. It is also stated clearly in the documents Sabine says she did not release that he was violent towards his own children!

    What is Ella going to do when he dumps her? which he will, when he has had enough of her too.


  2. How clear can that be?? Play it on a loop and the evil Hoaxers would still argue that is not what he is saying!

    I have to say, if I were 8, and that evil demonic sick in the head c**t came towards me with a spoon I would say ANYTHING!!!

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  3. When are you satanist hell bound bastards going to show us your body piercing,birth marks and tattoos that the children described by naming you and drawing your actual private parts and described on video witness statements – what are you afraid off, come out into the open and show yourselfs to be innocent by going in for professional examinations and clear your name and we will leave you alone BUT as you know you sick scum are guilty as hell so you hide away in the shadows, change your phone numbers, facebook names, shutdown websites, run for cover and moan about death theat’s whilst hiding behind pseudonyms – .the world does not need your vile CO2 pollution, nuclear waste is healthier for the world then filth like you.


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