CRIS report highlights troofer lies about Ella Draper

The other day, as we were researching our story about ex-DC Jonathan Wedger’s role in exposing the true nature of the Hampstead SRA hoax during the 2014 police investigation, we had occasion to re-read the police CRIS report. This report provided a day-by-day summary of police actions as they progressed the investigation, and we noticed several details this time, the significance of which we hadn’t fully grasped before.

We should note that in general, this sort of confidential police report would not have been released into the public domain. However, when Ella sacked her second set of solicitors in December 2014, they very unwisely handed her the court bundle which included the CRIS report as well as the police ABE interviews with the children. She and Abe began releasing confidential information online as part of their campaign to stir up the feelings of the UK truther community, in hopes that this would somehow drive public opinion toward having the children returned to Ella. The CRIS report was part of that bundle, and is now widely available.

Police notice Ella’s odd behaviour in Jean-Clement recording

When Jean-Clement Yaohirou brought his recordings to the police, the first thing the officers noted upon listening to them was that both the children’s and Ella’s emotional states seemed “off”, considering that she was reporting that her two youngest children had been subjected to the most brutal and horrifying sexual abuse.

The officer notes, “Upon listening to recording the children seem very relaxed and mother does not seem overly concerned, joking and laughing about it”.

Keep in mind that while Ella knew that Jean-Clement was making this recording, she was not aware at the time that it would be brought to the attention of police, so she was in a more relaxed and natural state.

Ella’s behaviour seems to have started alarm bells ringing early, as the officer then points out that “father has made allegations against the mother in the past”, which could point to the current allegations being malicious in nature. [Ya think?โ€”Ed.]

Note that “father made allegations against the mother”, not the other way round: to hear Ella’s version of the story, she was the one who’d made allegations against RD. However, we know from the subsequent family court case that RD had been forced to obtain several court orders in respect of his access to the children. Ella had managed to ignore or breach all of these orders, a fact which is noted in the judgment from the fact-finding hearing.

“Ella and Abe went straight to the police….”

According to troofers such as Kris Costa and Deborah Mahmoudieh, Ella was so concerned with the information her children had revealed that she took them straight away to the police.

However, the CRIS report states, “The family showed concerns about speaking to Police and eventually allowed the officers entry”.

This does not sound like a family desperately reaching out to police for help. It sounds like a family who would really rather not have spoken to police, and instead took their concerns to Abe’s brother-in-law, a Special Constable, who realised that this needed to be brought to police attention.

The children were known to social services

Another thing the Hoaxtead mob refuse to admit is that RD’s children were known to social services, and were on a “Children in Need” (CIN) plan:“They showed improvement until the last couple of months when there has been a down turn in their behaviour. According to Social Services there has been no contact between the children and their father since July 2014”. In other words, they’d been doing better, but once Abraham moved into the children’s lives, their behaviour began to deteriorate.

Later in the CRIS report, the police elaborate on the CIN:

In 2013, the children were referred to social services because of “concerns over the children being left on their own as being heard crying. At the time Ella did not appear to have a partner”. In addition, “there were concerns over the children not having enough food as they were seen to steal food from other children and from the school bins”.

So it looks as though perhaps Ella was not the “perfect mother” she’s made herself out to be: she left her children on their own, crying, and allowed them to go to school hungry.

Ella was referred to Tavistock…

According to the CRIS report, Ella and the children received several referrals to the Tavistock Institute and CAMHS, which she failed to attend. This is hardly the behaviour of a conscientious parent, concerned about the psychological well-being of her children:And to bear this out, we see here that Dr Hodes (whose opinion on the significance of the controversial “signs and wonders” of RAD have been central to the Hoaxtead mob’s conviction that the children were sexually brutalised) was the person who recommended that the children be taken into protective custody. Dr Hodes stated that the children would be at risk if they were left with Ella and Abraham, and said that “Ella has not appeared to protect her children”.

The picture painted in the CRIS report is not one of a caring, loving mother, desperate to ensure the safety and well-being of her children. Rather, it shows a woman whose neglect of her children caused social services to intervene on several occasions. It shows a woman who couldn’t be arsed to attend therapeutic sessions at the Tavistock and CAMHS, which could have helped her cope more effectively with her children. And it shows that neither Abe nor Ella was really keen to involve the police, even though they claimed that the children were allegedly being abused in the most horrific manner possible.

In short, the CRIS report is a scathing indictment of an uncaring mother, more interested in using her children as weapons against her ex-partner than in ensuring the mental and physical well-being of her young children.


101 thoughts on “CRIS report highlights troofer lies about Ella Draper

  1. Well done for writing this up EC. Those poor children are finally away from their monstrous mother who starved and neglected them and then allowed them to be abused psychologically and physically by her evil partner. Hopefully RD’s children are happy and thriving. Justice will catch up to Abe and Ella and like I said I hope it is this year. Fingers crossed!

    I hope the hoaxtead mob wake up and realise Ella is an evil witch who along with her stupid degenerate partner conjured up disgusting and disturbing shite to create pain and chaos into other people’s lives. So there continued support of this hoax is creating and continuing on that pain and chaos. So Please stop or the law will catch up with you. Peace!

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    • Thanks PinkIvy. I think it’s interesting how the troofers selectively read the CRIS report, skimming past the parts which might make their heroes Abe and Ella look less heroic.

      I hope this will be the year when Abe and Ella are brought back to face justice.

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      • What a terrible mother Ella was to her children. She couldn’t even feed them properly. Children having to eat food out of bins sounds like something from a Charles Dickens novel. When her lack of ability was noticed by the authorities she couldn’t even be bothered to take up their offers of help. It sounds to me that Ella is all about herself and not her children.

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    • And yet Mad Moo keeps saying in her videos that no attempt was made to arrest Abe and Ella and she’s presenting this as “proof” of their innocence! Mind you, in other videos, she states that if Ella hadn’t fled abroad, she’d have been facing 7 years in jail, so go figure. These idiots can’t even keep their whopping great lies consistent.

      Oh and by the way, Debs, RD was never arrested either and neither were any of the other people accused – as you yourself are keen to keep pointing out – so by your own (cough cough) “logic”, they’re all innocent too. QED.

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  2. Yesterday someone mentioned a video by George Greek Trucker. In the middle of the video is some of the older footage of the children being interviewed by Abe and Ella outside. The children sound well rehearsed and Abe is putting them through their paces. They recite who allegedly commits acts of abuse against them and then:

    Abe: Does your mother do it?
    Children: No
    Abe: Do I do it?
    Children: No
    Abe: Who does it then?
    Children: Papa, Mr H, the school
    Ella: The parents
    Abe: Tell me more people then
    Children: The parentsโ€ฆ.

    No coaching by Ella thenโ€ฆ..

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    • Something I’ve long thought would be very interesting: an audio-only recording of the original videos, with the children’s voices taken out. I think when one listens to the voices of Abe and Ella, it becomes pretty clear what they were up to.


  3. “According to troofers such as Kris Costa and Deborah Mahmoudieh, Ella was so concerned with the information her children had revealed that she took them straight away to the police.”

    Yep. Nicely put, EC. Don’t hold your breath on them offering any coherent counter-arguments on this, though.

    On a related point, I see that both of the aforementioned hoax-pushing fruitloops are still pushing the fallacy that it was RD who was told to get attend the Tavistock clinic, when it was in fact Ella!

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    • Oh, their answer will be what it always is: “The children said it so it must be true! Children never lie! We believe the children! They are saying what we want to hear, so obviously they cannot be lying! You are bad poopoo-heads! Waaaaaah!” followed by the usual foot stamping and throwing of toys out of prams.

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      • In a sense, children “lie” all the time. Because their little brains haven’t fully developed yet they repeat stuff that isn’t true.

        Christmas has just past and children believe Santa is real and will talk among their friends about how this real Santa brought them presents. Reality is, they are fibbing to themselves and their pals.
        And it’s because adults have told them these fibs and the precious little things believe what adults have told them.

        And that is how easy it is to get kids to repeat falsehoods. But it takes a very evil mind to use these for nefarious ends.


  4. Fascinating, EC!

    So even Kris and Moo’s beloved Dr. Hodes expressed grave concerns about Abe & Ella and wanted the children removed from their care! I’d love to see them try to wriggle out of that one.

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    • Dr Hodes must have thought that abuse of some type was going on in Ella’s household because she wanted the children out of the home and away from Ella and Abe. I’m sure though she didn’t believe their was any satanic ritual abuse happening or even TBMC or any other types of abuse that Abe cared to throw into the mix.

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    • Liz Crokin says she has brain damage from her ex giving her an STD. She’s suing him and he’s suing her for libel.
      She’s an avid Trump fan but even several right-wing outlets have given her the boot since she jumped on the Troofer / @pizzacrap wagon.
      She’s also young, blonde and good-looking.
      No wonder Angie @SendMeaFiver is “standing” with Liz who would be a role model for the old bat.
      The difference is Crokin did have something of a journalist career before she got her brain damage while Angie’s career is just made up.


    • Believe you me this psycho sexual blah blah blah..the arrogance of this dame who demands every professional do as she bids. Yet she can’t even get the most basic indisputable facts correct like who actually went to the police.

      I wonder why she is so obsessed with this one case? Of course she weaves everything under the Sun into a grand conspiracy which Hampstead is supposed to be a part of.

      On reflection she does sound a bit drag queenish. Farmer Giles says he’s met 1000s of drag queens so I bow to his expertise. Is she really Bruce Mahmoudieh ?

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    • 9:21 on the second video:

      “The thoughts that are going around my head right now are from quantum light energy at work in my brain, which is like a machine for the quantum energy to operate within. And when this body dies, that quantum energy, my spirit and my soul – the body light energy – will leave this body and probably be born again onto this planet, or maybe another planet, or maybe into another quantum dimension.”


      • SHOUTY Debs doesnt seem very convinced about her future prospects in the grand scheme of THINGS.The words “probably” and “maybe” are the only words that carry any relevance within that scree of pointless naval gazing verbiage.

        If her particles do happen to be reassigned via some cosmic juggling act then chances are she will reemerge as an extremely annoying red lipped batfish or something.

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  5. Its mentioned that the police interviews were given by Ella’s solicitor by accident, did the solicitor face repercussions because of this? Was this the same solicitor who blocked the police from entering Ella’s property when they left via the back door?

    Also, were Ella and Abe interviewed by the police (i believe they was) and where are the videos and what other files did they choose to suppress. I think there most be something in those interviews that both Abe and Ella fear.

    Of course my question (files being suppressed) that cant be answered, its more the case that perhaps the material leaked was cherry picked.

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  6. The reptilians are probably regretting taking over the planet given the likes of Neelu are now squatting on it.Probably be up for auction at the next galactic planetary auctions if anyone has a spare 50 trillion quid to hand.


  7. This will annoy Kristie Sue, lol (or maybe it’s what set her off in the first place):

    I do wish she’d stop linking us with her antisemitist crap, though.

    Oh and Richard Desmond categorically does not play drums with the Who and never has. Seriously, where the fuck did that one come from?


    • Clare was doing well right up until she described Yolande as wise. Then she said Virgos are never wrong and it was game over.


    • Poor Yolande gets so many things wrong as well. I happen to think Richard Desmond is an appalling person but that’s because I had some dealings with him the early 80s when he was just a porn baron and he was a bully and creep then.
      But why do these people think that because Desmond is Jewish that somehow confirms all their conspiracy claims?

      I mean I’ve been ripped off over the years by Jews, Arabs, Brits, Aussies, black, white and yellow skinned along with French and German etc people while at the same time received great kindness from their ethnic fellows. And those being kind outnumber the thieves 10,000 to 1.
      One person is not indicative of an entire race just as poor Yolande is not your typical Brit or (Thank God) Angela Power-Disney typically Irish.


      • Debs does my head in with her “lawfully suspected…” crap. Does she have nothing else in her life to spend her time on? I wish she’d take up knitting or some other quiet activity.

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    • It’s fun to hear her breaking down in tears. That’s karma after the tears that she’s caused other people through her disgusting lies.


        • Freudian Slip from Moo? : “I repeatedly raped”. She means mentally of course.
          There will be tears before bedtime with this mob.


      • We don’t really hate you because of your fooking accent Moo but Farmer Giles who employs several transvestites on his farm thinks you sound like a drag queen.

        I wonder why it took her 17 years of being raped (by the same person it seems) to realise it may be wrong?.
        She finally clocked in her late teens that this sexual activity was wrong but she isn’t really old enough to have not seen 1000s of media reports exposing such awful sexual abuse.
        Was she locked in a room and kept away from the world?
        Was she a Sex Slave and suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome (there have been many such cases exposed).
        Was her father charged & convicted?
        She keeps harping on this so she should illuminate us a bit more about this terrible subject that has turned her into a (crazed) fanatic that sees a pedo behind every bush, in every corporate. media & political office.
        Give us the facts Mam.


        • There’s a video somewhere where she tells her life story. She said her dad was a violent man and then her mother had a relationship with a professional man who sexually abused her. She says she and most of her family have fallen out over this and as she said in tonight’s video they call her ‘mad’.

          She’s a damaged person with loads of issues and I think she probably is recovering from some kind of abuse. I actually feel sorry for her, but I don’t think she can be allowed to continue to harass other innocent people. In fact if the police do pick her up she may get the help she needs at some point. I hope so tbh because she seems to live in a headspace that is hell on earth. She seems to want to share that bit of hell quite a lot.


    • Those “professional people” including the Aristocracy and the Royal Family also paid a dear price in family members in the last 2 terrible wars Moo so we could say their sacrifices help pay for your social security benefits (she couldn’t possible have a job).

      Her tears are about her inability to get people to take her rantings seriously. They are not tears for others, just herself.
      And she has no problem defaming and accusing anyone and everyone of despicable crimes yet when faced with criticism of her village gossip amplified on the internet, she falls apart.
      And just what is this “lawfully suspected” (as opposed to unlawfully ?) crap?. Are her targets just suspects which means nothing has been proved against them?
      Then why does she ignore the presumption of innocence and blatantly accuse (innocent) people of despicable crimes when she couldn’t possibly know the truth?

      Her use of the word “suspect” just shows what a twisted mind she has. She claims people should be suspected but then denies them the rights of any suspect.


  8. This laughable bunch of inepts invariably end up wacking each other about with their unresolved issues.They have no cogent evidence based cause to act as a focus,only a mish mash of subjective opinion and conjecture.The perfect recipe for a pigs ear fest everytime.This lot would struggle to organize a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free lottery on Death Row.

    To their credit at least they are keeping the ancient art of monumental cock ups alive and well.


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