Margaret Sneddon’s fraudulent past exposed


Thanks to intrepid tunneller ‘MD’ for sending us these links. The first is an article from a corporate bulletin and the other two are official court papers:—november-2012/#Glencoe

The gist:

It seems that staunch Christian and holier-than-thou Hoaxtead troll Margaret Sneddon (see pics above) has been a naughty naughty girl! Apparently, old Marge got herself involved in some very dodgy, fraudulent behaviour (tut tut). With the help of her husband, she allegedly abused her position of trust as a company secretary and attempted to defraud a colleague out of a parcel of land that he’d inherited from his late mother!



So in light of this intriguing revelation, let’s remind ourselves of some of Maggie’s more pious moments during the Hoaxtead fiasco…

Here, she is slandering and cyber-bullying an innocent elderly man who has already suffered so much abuse and intimidation at the hands of cowardly Hoaxteaders that he has had to take two of them to court (resulting in two restraining orders and a deportation). Note Marge’s rather blasé attitude to the concept of fact-checking:


And this is Margie getting caught blatantly lying. The second screenshot confirms that she had never actually posted any questions to me or any of our team:



And this is her demonstrating her loving, caring Christian credentials:


By the way, isn’t it interesting that so many Hoaxteaders have now been revealed as having dishonest/criminal pasts (Sabine, Abe, Charlotte, Neelu, Christine, Belinda, Margaret, Neil, Everard, Annett, Angela…to name but a handful), yet we’re the crackpots for suggesting that they might not have been entirely honest about the Hampstead child abuse allegations?!


14 thoughts on “Margaret Sneddon’s fraudulent past exposed

  1. I suppose this ought to surprise me more than it does, but whenever I hear these overly pious types decrying others’ behaviour, I wonder about their own pasts.

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    [2011] CSOH 59

    CA91/08 & CA30/09 Get it right asshole. And Scarlet Scoop YOU STILL HVENT ANSWERED MY LAST QUESTION. You people really are desperate. But this is MY MY MY BEATIFUL SUNDAY.


  4. Well now everyone can see. My last question was HOWS YOUR PENIAL GLAND SCARLET?


  5. As previously stated and proved, you did not ask me a question, you lying skank:

    Now, it’s Sunday, the traditional day for religious hypocrisy, so go spread your lies and bullshit somewhere else. Perhaps you can preach about the 10 Commandments at your local church in between stealing land in share scams, issuing death threats to elderly organists and coveting thy neighbour’s blog.


  6. You did not post that. Do you have a link?

    By the way, what the fuck is a “penial” gland? I can’t find it in the “Oxiford” English Dictionary.

    Weirdly, I can’t find ‘beatiful’ in there either.

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  7. This woman rents out rooms in her home. She rented a room out to me after I seen the advert on share a room website. I went not actually realising what she is like and she abused my trust. I required to pay her a months rent in advance which we agreed on however, she was not mentally well and I had to move out after a couple of days as one night I heard her tell her husband she was going to put me out of the house and pull me around the house my hair. I asked for a 3 weeks rent back and deposit which she refused and posted on my facebook ‘massive mistake’ which I took as a threat. This woman is very dangerous and appears to get away with these kinds of things. I reported it to the police and they just gave her a warning.


  8. Court order to hand over papers… Mr K is winning all expenses Sneddon Morrison better get these files in order. Mr Robertson (Paisley Lawyer) has been orderd to do the same….


  9. Mrs Sneddon back in Lanark court this Thursday (17/12/15) under criminal proceedings. I’m sure the courts are going to start charging her rent! Have you got these files ready for Mr K yet Sneddy?

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