Deplorable Dunn to exploit Hampstead kids at conference

Pity the town of Canton, Ohio. Home of the McKinley Presidential Library and the gravesite of U.S. President William McKinley, it also boasts the Pro Football Hall of Fame (well, U.S. football at least) and the First Ladies National Historic Site.

And starting on Friday evening, the Marriott Courtyard hotel in Canton will host the “Occupy 2019” conference, which will feature a group of über-evangelical end-times Christians, including the ever-deplorable Tom Dunn, legendary exploiter of abused children.

Dunn, who has confessed to having been visited by agents from the FBI regarding his continual harassment of children and families, will be speaking at this militant Christian hoedown on Friday at 6:00 p.m. local time, and has stated on one of his videos that he plans to talk about (guess what?) Hampstead.

Never mind that by his own admission he knows piss-all very little about the facts surrounding the Hampstead SRA hoax—anybody remember his disastrous interview with Hellbound Heathen, in which Dunn stumbled and stuttered and basically demonstrated his own ignorance? The one where he finally admitted that his “proof” of one person’s guilt was their appearance on a BBC interview?

Yeah, fun times.

Setting aside the (presumably unintentional) schoolboy humour of its tag-line—”Occupy till I come“—the conference sounds like something that would happen if a bunch of gun-totin’, gay-hatin’, conspiracy-believin’ survivalists suddenly got religion in a big way.

Actually, that’s exactly what it is.

On the conference web page, Dunn hilariously describes himself as a “gorilla film-maker” who rode on his “mentor” Russ Dizdar’s coattails for eight years before finally deciding to while away his days harassing women outside abortion clinics, exploiting abused children, and mucking about on YouTube.

According to Dunn, he has great plans coming up, which he will presumably announce at the conference. Sure, he’s stuck with a basement full of little cards and stickers and hoodies that he can’t unload, but arrant stupidity of Dunn’s calibre will always find a way.

Dunn plans to “do some damage”…we mean, aside from crashing his car while filming himself:

…but he can’t announce it on video, because people might be watching.

Um, pardon our ignorance, but do you think he really gets the concept of putting things online? Isn’t the point supposed to be that people watch you? What are we missing here?

And of course, it all comes down to the bottom line: send money, so Tom Dunn can continue exploiting abused children and pretend he actually works for a living:

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  1. Gorilla filmmaker? Well, we all know that spelling isn’t Tom’s strong point. A bit like facts…and the analysis of information. Those aren’t his strong points either. I bet he was good when he worked in fast food though.

    That conference sounds like a hoot. I am so glad that I’m thousands of miles away…..

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  2. I reported Occupy’s event page to no avail. Facebook – unlike YouTube – don’t have a comment box for explaining why you’re reporting content, so if something looks fine on the surface, the poster gets away with it.


    • This is the HH interview EC refers to, for anyone who hasn’t seen it:

      Dunn’s made loads of howlers since too. Thing is, most of his “facts” come from the self-confessed child abuser, alcoholic, hate campaigner and compulsive liar Angela Power-Disney. So good luck with that, Tom

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  3. I posted this in the “black hole area” at the bottom of the previous post, but am putting it here too.

    Cat Scot just cannot seem to control her fascination with me, so Cat, this one’s for you.

    I know you and your friends keep a close eye on this blog, so here is my challenge: Since you seem so completely obsessed with me, I challenge you to come and do a live-stream with me, in which you can ask me any questions you like, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

    Never mind all this blocking me and then skulking around posting shit—let’s do this out in the open, Cat. You and me. Let’s go.

    Unless, of course, you’re too scared to actually face one of your stalking victims face to face….

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      • Great idea EC and a good chance for Cat to share her grievances with “Jokestead” as she likes to call this blog. Remember Cat that you are the one person that claimed to have got Hoaxtead on the run and then that you had even killed this fine blog off. Well, now you have the chance to come and explain yourself because as far as I can see Hoaxtead Research is still going as strong as ever. Perhaps you would like to show everybody how many hits your blog receives each day compared to Hoaxtead Research?

        You say you are a fighter Cat and fear nobody, well here you have the perfect chance to prove that. Unless you are too chicken to do so? 🐔🏃🏻‍♀️

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    • And in full light as well as I’d like to assess Cat’s weight as she seems to have a slight problem about others who may have put on a few pounds.
      None of this bothers me as I struggle with the kilos as well but obviously Cat must be a gorgeous example of a paper thin fashion model so why should we be denied the right to view such beauty?.

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    • Among many things you could ask Cat about is this from last night:

      Here are some snippets from the Fabooka post she’s promoting. Or to put it another way, this is the kind of guy she’s cheering on:

      (Name of protected witness redacted)


  4. At 9:01 in the Dunce video referred to in EC’s article, he says (of his SRA stuff): “I’ve lost a lot of friends over this.” Quelle surprise

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  5. Dunny used to be a Sunday school teacher? That is fucking scary! That’s like putting the Beast of Kincorth in charge of a women’s refuge 😮

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      • I watched Ms Brees’s YouTube video referenced yesterday and I’d say going by some of the comments under that video (on YouTube) that we have a few people with bizarre religious ideas in the UK. I know people from Australia sometimes visit this site but I have no idea of how many loony tunes are in Australia.

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        • Talking of Anna Brees, just how many places is the money from the book sales going to? How much are they expecting to make?

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    • “That’s like putting the Beast of Kincorth in charge of a women’s refuge”

      …Or Andy Devine in charge of a hospital ward.

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  6. I think his subscribers probably enjoy all this dark evil rubbish, as hard to believe as that is I don’t think there is another answer because if u try and tell them that there is overwhelming evidence to say it’s a hoax they get angry as if your taking something from them, defo a weird situation cuz it looks like he’s feeding sick ppl with sick stories not doing any good whatsoever.

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    • And they block you instantly to shut you up, so they can carry on ranting about cover-ups without the slightest hint of irony.

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  7. From the tail end of the last post, this is genuine advice given by Andy Devine to the terminally ill Robert Green:


    • Reply from Lucca:

      “My God, what a freak Devine is, he thinks cannabis oil is going to take a man back from the awful journey he now has to face, I would not wish it on anyone. It’s like he is on a parallel universe, he can’t fathom how serious the man’s illness is! I don’t think he was ever quite right, his stories from growing up seemed to be all laughable to him, his yuck story yet when someone said about putting them of their food, he thought they were talking about something else, just didn’t get how inappropriate that was. He talked about his mate smashing a juke box with a glass, he laughed as if it was the funniest thing ever. Maybe that’s why he went to prison, because he cannot fathom that actions have consequences. He is the same about his posts being taken down, he wonders why & says he was trying to be good but does the exact same thing again a few days later, shares something that has no place in society & gets another ban.”

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  8. I have noticed that Andy Pandy has been filming a lot of pavement lately…..subliminal advertising or just a taster? BTW. It was I who notified Australian Authorities about King John, just as I did with UK Border Force. He has as much chance of getting in to Australia as an apple getting in to NZ.

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  9. Just caught the tail end of an interview with Katie Bourne re her experience of being stalked. Was on BBC Radio 4

    Just sharing in case anyone is interested.

    At the end of the interview the show requested people with experience of being stalked to contact them

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  10. An opportunity for posters here to ask questions of facebook

    Do you have questions on how Facebook monitors for hate speech or inappropriate behaviour? Perhaps you’d like to know more about the process moderators undertake or how Facebook are using artificial intelligence technology to help? Would you like to know how new accounts are verified? Maybe you would like to know how a post is determined as hateful? Or would you like to know how to report a post and the process that is involved with that?

    Whatever questions you have around moderating content on Facebook, please post them on the thread below and we will choose approximately 10 for Facebook to answer. Everyone who posts their questions will be entered into a prize draw where 3 MNers will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).


    • just to say that I spent some time working on a detailed reply to a similar mumsnet issue and by the time I had my answer sorted out the thread had disappeared, so if you want to get your questions in be quick about it.

      I considered asking myself but am not on facebook and thought that the questions would be better off coming from those with extensive experience of complaining


    • Are Facebook really going to reveal their processes for account verification ?? Really ??

      Because that wouldn’t assist people in circumventing it, would it ?? Oh, no.

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