Hellbound Heathen schools Dunn

Yesterday morning Thomas Dunn got his arse handed to him on a platter. There really is no other way to describe this YouTube video interview conducted by “Hellbound Heathen”.


From the start, it was clear that Dunn’s knowledge of the particulars of the case was very sketchy.

Although Hellbound Heathen said he’d only recently read into the matter, having watched the children’s videos and read the High Court judgment, he nevertheless ran circles around Dunn…in a calm, polite, and measured way, but his questions were very much to the point. Dunn’s answers, not so much.

Asked to cite evidence to justify his assertions that Satanic ritual abuse was happening in Hampstead, Dunn’s standard response was, “I don’t know all the details, but…” Not exactly a convincing rational argument.

The highlight, however, came at about 1:08:56, with this exchange:

HH: I just want to know why Thomas Dunn believes what he believes about this particular case. 

TD: …The only thing I can say…you asked me what makes me tick. What makes me tick…

HH: About this case.

TD: What makes me tick, I went into this case to make films. I went into this, honestly, to scare people, because I thought this was frightening stuff. Hollywood makes millions of dollars offa these very very things that we’re talkin’ about, right? So they make all kinds of films about Satanic cults and all this crazy stuff, and spiritual things, and people possessed and all that stuff. I went into it to make a film. And the deeper I began to research, and the more I began to study, it got real real for me. And I talked to the people that experienced this stuff, and I believe that they were telling the truth. When I saw the Hampstead interviews, I believe the kids were telling the truth because they could not have known those things unless they experienced ’em. I believe that when you watch their body language, when you listen to their words, I think it’s easy to discern that they’re telling the truth. That’s my experience. That’s not your experience, you’re asking me why, I’m telling you why. I’ve heard so many people say the exact same thing. 

HH: So…hold it…so, okay, sorry. So the interviews, there were three interviews, P and Q, so the young boy and the young girl were interviewed by the police. And there were three interviews. There was one, two, and then third, where they recanted their stories. So you’re saying that you believe their body language, their truth, for all three of those? Or one? Or two? Or three? I mean, do you believe all of them or just part of them?

TD: I think especially the recant is the most important, because you can tell that the boy did not want to, he did not want to recant, he did not want to say that. And he—every time, he was asked several different times, and each time he got closer to recanting, but he said, ‘yeah, not that many’, y’know, until he finally said it didn’t happen. So I think, I would encourage people, watch the recant video, you know, make your own decision, I’m not really here to convince you or to convince sceptics, it doesn’t matter to me if you believe in this or not.

HH: But Tom, Tom. I want to be really sincere with you right now. I want to be really sincere with you right now. It’s actually very important. Because RD is receiving death threats. The man has to change his name, he has to hide because he’s receiving so many death threats. Everybody who watches your videos, who believes that this stuff happens, some of them act on it. Okay? So it’s not like you’re just, ‘Oh! I got this idea about this happening and so I’ll put it out there”. People are going to believe you. And they’re going to act upon that. And they are acting upon that. RD is receiving death threats. So unless you are 100% believing that this—what happened did not happen the way it happened, you are perpetuating a lie. And you need to understand that. It’s very, very important. And I don’t think you’re making a lot of money off of the banners and the little cards that you have and the website and all this, if you are, then that’s even worse, because now, what you have in your pocket is blood money. And I want you to understand that. And I want you to really, really think about that. 

Dunn stammered and squirmed, as well he ought. Then he revealed that his “evidence” of RD’s guilt was the interview he’d done with Victoria Derbyshire.

At this point we had to stop the video to clean the coffee off our computer screen.

We strongly recommend the video, and we’d like to thank HH for stepping up and schooling Dunn. It’s about time somebody did.schooled

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  1. The above was cringeworthy.

    You don’t get the full force of just how fundamentalist Dunn is ’till you watch some of his other videos. There’s everything in them and discussions with guests include the subjects of demons possessing people, demons in objects and records played backwards with Satanic messages. (People still believe that?) No wonder he styles himself after Vincent Price in Witchfinder General. I’m tempted to send him a big black hat!

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    • I’d like to see him either arrested or sued till he’s sleeping under newspapers. He’s a truly nasty piece of work.

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  2. That was an interview well worth listening to. Well done to the host for his excellent skills. Dunn is a complete twat. He has been well & truly pwned.

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  3. For anyone who missed it, the squirming continued in Dunny Dunce’s response video to that embarrassing interview:

    And naturally, he’s still being cheered on by his creepy (and somewhat blinkered) followers:

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    • The piles of books with book marks, the state of his cellar, the distractions while researching a film led him into SRA conspiracyland, the inability to stay on topic. Tommy’s ADHD.

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    • Naturally, Angie is right there, lol…….. Her hate campaign began after I challenged her over the torture dealt to the children in Morocco, by Abe Christie, which Tom was also playing dumb about or dissmissing, when HH brought it up.

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      • The kids look so bad because they’re stoned, starved, sleep deprived and scared. It was an abuse case, only not what the hoaxpushers insist is the case.

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  4. Tom’s twattery is nothing new, then. Looks like he’s been playing the same record for at least six years:

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  5. Today (Saturday) I went to a mega Westfield here in Perth. Packed to the rafters but what surprised me was a man outside wearing a sandwich board.

    I haven’t seen one since the late 70s when I lived just off Oxford Street and there was a man who turned up every day at Oxford Circus wearing one that proclaimed The End Is Nigh, Repent etc etc and carried a maze of messages. I used to take one of his leaflets out of pity and then felt awful because I was taking his supply so ensured I always left one in a prime position in a bank, on the Tube etc.

    Our man in Perth’s sign said (not his real name) ‘Pete of The Family Dutton’ and below were listed all the fruitcake conspiracies found on YouTube: Rothschild Illuminati Satanist Cult Rule the World, Pedo Gangs Run Wild, Planet Niburi is Coming, The Birth Certificate Conspiracy etc etc (for further reference see : Princess Neelu of The Planet Wackadoodle).

    I contemplated on this delightfully old fashioned protest but not a soul took a blind bit of notice of him. And it got me thinking how YT, Facebook etc have become like these giant sandwich boards beaming out all this madness to the world and now 100,000s (who would have in the past ignored this man) are soaking it up and believing it (reference see: Thomas Dunn, APD, Bellend McKenzie and assorted nutjobs).

    Anyway I just skipped into the nearest pub for a refreshing Lager as I thought this is some huge plot and while I think I’m leaving it all behind when I switch of the PC maybe The Mob (c) is now going to haunt me.

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  6. Keep digging, Scamgela!



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  7. But we ‘know’ Angela doesn’t lie. Oh wait, who was it that posted on her FB page that Joe Van Tonder had 24/7 Gardaí protection outside of his house when such a thing is next to impossible for a private citizen. 😕

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    • She also claimed he was a “consultant for Scotland Yard” when all he did was phone them up ala Patrick Cullinane / Neelu Berry and ramble on about his theories for 30 minutes to a long suffering receptionist.

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  8. Have you all heard about the result of the Disclosures Tribunal involving whistleblower Sgt McCabe?

    The below link is Conor Lally of the Irish Times analysis:


    His last paragraph is this

    “But if McCabe decided to sue on the basis of what the tribunal has found Callinan said about him, he could use the same witnesses in his case. This may all have a way to run yet.”

    The Irish media is full of discussion about it all and the parallels between APD’s deliberate dripping of poison and that of Callinan’s is very clear….but also APD has put out videos defaming the McCabe brothers so she has a lot to answer for.

    Anyway, as GOS consistently reminds us, amongst the first things a budding journalist learns is how not to be sued for defamation hence why he remains unconvinced APD ever studied journalism because she steadfastly ignores best practice.

    I think she is being investigated for the crime of harassment on a complaint by RD which the Gardaí have taken very seriously. I think we all wish RD would sue her for defamation also, perhaps he’s waiting on the outcome of the criminal investigation before he proceeds with that.

    This link may be of interest:


    Just briefly, it is known that celebrities come to Ireland to sue for defamation because of the generous awards in their favour and apparently it’s easier to prove….a case in point is one Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel took against a German publication “Heat” in the Irish courts.

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    • Interesting to read the updates on Irish defamation law.
      RD would have a very good case apart from alleged harassment over the fact she attacks his children’s business which he obviously manages as their guardian. Her continual attacks upon him could be seriously damaging for their capacity to make a living.
      I’ve never seen anyone be so foolish and arrogant about very serious accusations and the possible ramifications if the law is implemented.
      She’s either seriously stupid or in an inedible state of denial.

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    • Yeah, watched it with glee & a hurrah in my heart for the McCabes.

      Angela also defamed a lady volunteering for St. Vincent dePaul, St. Vincent dePaul society itself, saying there was money laundering going on, the local ‘blow in’ barber, members of the GAA in her defamatory video about Sgt. Maurice McCabe & a host of others.

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      • Yes, the judge’s considered thoughts were great to read. I was trying to find a quote but my pc is on a go-slow, the judge, Peter Charleston, described Maurice McCabe as an honourable civic-minded citizen and Gard.

        The sheer malevolence APD spewed in White Coat Man’s screen grabs of her comments on a youtube video are just so disgusting and horrific. Talk about self-sabotage!

        I hope Yolande does come to Ireland and makes a complaint about APD and all of those other people who are referring to her as a “looney”, that will not go down well here.

        Also…APD slagged off a Vincent de Paul volunteer? The VDP is a well-respected charity, known to be completely transparent and is quite possibly the only honest charity in Ireland who receive massive funds from the Irish government and donations from right-thinking citizens. To say the VDP has the public trust might be an understatement….I’ve had a relationship with them and that relationship with those volunteers, some of whom are highly educated, one such man, now a retired medical consultant proved to be a great reference. They are very good people who do amazing work.

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        • Angela slags anyone & everyone off who she ‘imagines’ have harmed her. It could simply be a matter of someone saying, “that one’s mad in the head” & she would slag them off for it on a live. She can’t take critiscism as we know all too well.
          Perhaps they refused her a bag of coal at Christmas because they found out she had the go fund me.

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  9. In other news, Cat Snot has (possibly after a few gins) declared that JM Barrie, Enid Blyton and Lewis Carroll were paedophiles. Just pop ’em on the pile with the other 500, Cat….

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  10. Message to Angela from Eir Broadband:

    We have discontinued your Eir connection because you are continuing the false abuse allegations of two children & their father. Get a life & we may restore your connection.

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  11. Abe (off camera) who are you going to help us catch ?

    Children (in unison) all the paedophiles !

    How many 8/9 year olds even know the word paedophile let alone speak in unison? Unless prompted. Those videos are obviously coerced, prompted and leading.

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    • Trying to examine the logic of the cult. They abuse the kids in the school, unlikely. They murder babies in the church by lethal injection (surely this would taint and render it inedible ?) Before decapitating it and drinking the blood and dancing naked wearing freshly scraped baby skulls. Next they clean up and hot foot it round to the local McDonald’s to have the freshly slaughtered baby flesh cooked and served in a secret room.


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