Robert Green has died

Reports from a number of his online friends confirmed yesterday morning that Robert Green had died the previous night. We were aware that Green had been in hospital suffering from cancer, and so the news did not come as a complete surprise.

Green may have been best known for his role in aggressively promoting the Hollie Greig hoax, which resulted in 22 people in and around Aberdeen being falsely accused of sexually abusing a girl with Down Syndrome. With the support of conspiracists such as David Icke and Belinda McKenzie, the allegations went viral on the internet, in a grim foreshadowing of the Hampstead SRA hoax.

According to The Herald, reporting at the time, “Those named included a prominent sheriff who supposedly abused children at the home of his sister, despite the fact he does not have a sister”. Alleged victims of child sexual abuse were named online, despite laws which protect such victims from having their names publicised.

One such alleged victim was “already an adult, and a successful footballer, by the time her mother made friends with Hollie and Anne Greig” says The Herald: “‘I wasn’t a victim of child sex abuse,” the 37-year-old said…. “I was playing half-back for Scotland and travelling the world.'”

Green, then 66 years old, was jailed in 2012 for harassing those he had falsely accused. Following his release from prison, he claimed that he did not regret his actions, and maintained that he had been “protecting children from suspected paedophiles”.

He would be jailed once more, and sentenced to 250 hours of community service, for his efforts in promoting that hoax.

More recently, Green gained a small amount of national prominence in September 2017 when it was revealed in a Sunday Times article that former Chief Constable Mike Veale of the Wiltshire Police had contacted him in relation to his attempts to prove that Edward Heath had been involved in sexually abusing children.

Green would later reveal that the “information” he had been sharing was the notorious RAINS list, a hit-list of alleged “Satanic ritual abusers”, many of whom had insulted or otherwise offended Dr Joan Coleman.

While Green seems to have lived a relatively uneventful life until his early 60s, he spent the last decade dedicating his time and efforts to conspiracy-related activities, which he referred to as “campaigning against child abuse”.

We would like to express our sympathy to his family for their loss. We would also like to acknowledge the suffering of those whose lives were disrupted by Green’s misguided “campaigning”.

May all, in the end, have peace.

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    • Ever the contrarian eh Grob?

      Btw, are you the same grobnob of Willseasyguitar fame? Just wondering.

      Guess you’re not. Silly me.

      Let me know if you are! If you can.

      As for the Hollie Greig hoax – that was a serious arena to fight in. No one knew what the fuck was going on. If nothing else, it marked out those that could be reasonable and say: I don’t know what is going on here.

      I know you lot had privvy information and got to the bottom of it before the rest of us did, but there were many of us in the middle ground that just wanted to know the truth. It was a battlefield.

      And to see you be magnanimous in victory only adds to your argument.

      Mind the brown sauce now grobs – it only gives you hiccups!

      It’s one thing to take a delight in victory.

      It’s another to be indifferent to another human beings suffering.

      Fair play, what what.

      Kudos to EC.


      • I’m not involved too much in the Hollie Hoax and tend to focus my attention on various other affairs. I take no pleasure in anyone dying but it will ultimately end that person’s reign of terror if they’re involved in the systematic slander of innocent people based on a series of lies. These self styled crusading muppets are a blight on society and represent a very real danger as people falsely accused of serious crimes are subject to intense life changing suffering and physical danger from violent vigilantes. That people casually pass these sordid lies around the online ‘truther’ community with zero regard for anything but a few dollars in adsence and patreon payments is a truly sickening indictment of just how low some people can stoop. I reign in my views on this site so I’ll end it there.

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          • No, it should be “rein in my views”, as Grobnob was stopping himself saying how he really felt by talking about what he had for dinner instead.
            That’s the way I read it anyway..


          • The stage of the French Revolution where the execution of aristocrats was as its height was known as “the reign of Terror” – in English anyway – which is why I thought of it as being a reign of a ruler rather than rein in as in reining in a horse.


          • I think he was referring to his final sentence rather than the “reign of terror” part of his comment.


        • That’ll learn me to rein in my skimming – were you raining on my parade, Jake?


  1. On another note we have 2 known idiots converging on a Fleetwood hotel in early June to deliver their moronic brand of apocalyptic stupidity dressed up as lessons in media production. If anyone has constructive ideas over how this can be addressed I can be found on Twitter and am keen to discuss strategies.


  2. EC i hear you want to do a Q+A livesteam with Cat Scott on youtube. Problem is this woman is usually pissed as a fart during waking hours. This womans illegible even in the morning so good luck.

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  3. Something rather sad about Robert Green and his demise.
    The man became fixated on the Hollie hoax after a business venture collapsed. Some people can’t handle business failure and take it too personally. It seems Green substituted that life for a life of fanaticism and could and would not be deterred.

    I can’t really understand why the proponents keep agitating about the Grieg allegations as nothing can or will result from it. It’s become yet another non resolvable case for them to give meaning to their lives.
    I’m sure some of them are genuine when they say it’s about “child protection” but what unites them (including the current mob- no names although Power Daisy & Wedger the Sledger come to mind) is that they are spectacular failures when it comes to protecting any child. Bizarre.

    And if that’s not bad enough, the often very good top Australian ABC TV discussion program Q&A this Monday has a Known Nutter on the panel much to the dismay of many of us.
    Malcolm Roberts was briefly a Senator until it was discovered he’d never renounced his British citizenship which precludes anyone under the Constitution. Many question how this arose but it dates from the establishment of the Oz Commonwealth in 1901 when the first few Prime Ministers were born all over the place- Scotland, Chile, UK etc and had to renounce other citizenship for loyalty reasons.

    Roberts thinks the UN is running endless falsehoods like Climate Change, Brexit, One World Government, Rothschild/Freemason etc (could even be a flat-earther) and no doubt is a firmed believer in SRA. I’m in 2 minds whether to watch it or not. I think last time he was challenged by physicist Brian Cox but I find him annoying as well for no discernible reason.

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  4. Another Satan Hunter drops dead and joins the great spaghetti monster in the sky. Never really met the guy, Robert Green I mean, but I think my life has been enhanced by that lack of meeting. In the end, everyone dies, sad that some create so much misery for themselves and others when they lived. Time for coffee.


  5. My sympathies to his family and to whoever he is telling his theories now lol no disrespect


  6. “Robert Green’s Dead – Troll a LOL – PARTY TIME !!!!” – Such was/is the rather disgusting title of a YouTube video that was set to roll as early as yesterday evening, the promised live stream rolled a little past midnight, mainly featuring some foul-mouthed ignoramus repeatedly calling Green a C**t and erroneously assigning Scottish nationality to him in what was frankly a stupidly-racist and utterly pointless rant. – Not satire or comedy incidentally; just sickening vicious crap.

    Don’t doubt that the other side will rapidly twist Green’s unfortunate demise into an equally revolting fabric of lies about murder and big pharma – any minute now there will be a crowdfunding caravan making more circus out of the life and death of George Robert Green. Loonies will be communicating with him via the big white telephone, and everyone from the CIA tot he Tufty Club will be implicated in his assassination !

    For that was the level of debate and accuracy that defined the deflective online bitchfight that was the Hollie Greig debacle, still does. For the record it’s an infuriating inadequacy of Scots law that there s no equivalent legislation to that in England In Wales that protects the identities of alleged sex abuse victims. As reprehensible as his actions were, Green’s initial ‘revelations’ were made to a hand full of bewildered individuals in an obscure little hall in Aberdeen, and cumulatively eventually lead to arrest and jailing for Breach Of The Peace. But he didn’t break Scots law by naming these people from Scotland and wasn’t first past the post in committing the offence from England.

    It was a (strangely Teflon-coated) third party that, from within the territories of England and Wales, first published those names. Another “self serving self aggrandising” lifelong fantasist and publicity seeker with, as is typical of these types, an apparently prurient interest in the fine details of child abuse (the contents of laundry baskets being his speciality) someone who loves such a “STORY” and tried to gain pole position until the whole thing was blasted out the sky with a single missile! – The sheriff has no sister!

    Primarily though, the matter of Hollie Grieg was a McKenzie Industries Production, Green just held the same sort of managerial position later given to Sabine. Like Sabine, he was a loose cannon and in my opinion sought a career on the conspiracy circuit for himself. He was, as is highlighted, failed as a businessman, but far from his life to that point being “uneventful”, was always the author of his own misfortune.

    The whole matter of Hollie Greig was kept going by two warring factions of idiots with a common agenda, to move the matter as far away as possible from the actual core issues and reality. To the greater extent it’s right and proper that Hollie gets to live the rest of her life in peace. But while she continues to draw breath, the bottom of the matter will never be got to and it’s very possible that the individual who should be brought to the dock will pass before they can face justice.

    But I digress.

    There is NOTHING magnanimous, acceptable or even remotely dignified about ‘showboating over Green’s passing or abusing a dead man. Somebody on hearing the news of his terminal condition said to me “karma’s a bitch”, I baulked at agreeing. “Hell mend him” was a reaction yesterday – again, I struggle with this.

    Bad luck, bad lifestyle, some intervention from beyond the aether? Who really knows? What’s for sure though is that those from either side of the bitchfight that chose to dance on Robert Green’s grave, and make merry from his passing, have serious crimes against common decency to answer for.

    I won’t be a hypocrite – I developed a very low opinion of Mr Green as the Hollie Greig case rolled on, and say many of his followers are the violent and the criminal and the sexually deviant and the downright dishonest.

    But I would much preferred to have read of his peaceful demise in 20 or 25 years time than hear of this. May God, if there is such an entity, forgive and keep him.

    Requiescat in pace.

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    • “The whole matter of Hollie Greig was kept going by two warring factions of idiots with a common agenda, to move the matter as far away as possible from the actual core issues and reality.”

      That was certainly not my agenda. Sadly, Hollie was always going to be the collateral damage in this but those wrongly accused had the right to be defended…..and so they were.

      The rest of your post I completely agree with.

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  7. King John has had his Facebook accounts ” knobbled ” . Guess what, according to my usually accurate sources he is also on a ” no fly ” to Australia alert with NZ Authorities. They have been told he will not be allowed entry. Next option Your Royal Highness?

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      • OMG he’s invaded the Ancestry boards and that was 10 years ago- still hasn’t seized that Cook Street car park yet.
        In his latest video he’s with Lee Cant (currently lobbying the Royal Navy to steam up the Thames and take a few pot shots at Liz in Buck House as she refuses to leave) in some court with a Very Important Folder that they somehow managed to get a stamp on.
        This Mob really are quite funny as they take the courts seriously when they want a stamp on some paper (Neelu is fond of this) but never actually go through an actual court case.
        Not Neelu of course. She actually makes it into courts and harangues the judges who risk arrest from her if she doesn’t get her Remedy.

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  8. Tom Dunn just made another video and can’t help himself mentioning the “whistleblower children’s” names again (can’t leave them alone and let them get on with their lives, can he?) and their “powerful testimonies”
    What a wanker.

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    • I couldn’t help noticed Sonia Poulton’s Facebook statement about Robert:

      “This isn’t going to be long, I just need to acknowledge the passing of campaigner Robert Green.

      If you knew anything about this man you would know that he cared deeply about the safety and protection of children.

      Robert Green was defamed, attacked, imprisoned and relentlessly pursued for asking very serious questions about institutional child abuse.

      I will fondly remember all his telephone conversations, and there were many over the years, and I am proud and honoured to have known him.”

      Could someone please let me know when he was ‘imprisoned and relentlessly pursued for asking very serious questions about institutional child abuse’?

      I thought he was imprisoned for breaking the law.

      Sympathies to his family and friends. Nevertheless his death shouldn’t be an excuse to tell lies about what happened.

      Shame on you Sonia. I thought there was more to you.

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    • 31:15 – “You look at these Satanist [sic] and I’m sorry but they’re probably having the worst sex of anybody. And they’re probably not even having orgasms… And they probably don’t know the difference between ejaculation and orgasm… I’m just being straight up blunt” 🙄


  9. No disrespect to the person who was the focus of Green’s activism, but one thing I could never work out is why all these people were supposedly so keen on ravishing someone with Down’s Syndrome. People with learning disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation, but why would “elite” abusers settle for someone with a serious disability when presumably they could take their pick?


    • That’s far too sensible….. Stop it immediately!

      Can someone contact Ann Grieg for a comment please because I’ll tell you what, she didn’t give a toss about Robert for the last 5 years or more.


    • You said the unthinkable but it’s a valid point. I think it would be far more dangerous to abuse a Down Syndrome kid as most live with their families unlike the hapless lot in institutions.


      • Anne Greig was sectioned a week after she first reported that her daughter had been the victim of a paedophile ring. Interestingly, in a foreshadowing of Ella’s alleged polygraph test, Greig was interviewed by a consulting psychiatrist who decided that she was not mentally ill at all, but just fighting for her daughter’s well-being. That psychiatrist was Valerie Sinason.

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  10. Hey, ho, I see the inevitable “Robert Green was murdered” lunacy has already started…

    (Thumbed up by Cat Scot, naturally)

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  11. I’ve heard it all now. One of the fruitloops has just claimed that EC has never received a single death threat. I’ve got a folder with literally hundreds of them, lol – many of them from the very person who’s made the claim 😂

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      • Some of the usual misleading rubbish about Jews.

        While many Russian Jews were either revolutionaries or sympathetic to the Revolution, the vast majority of revolutionaries were not Jews. And that’s because under the Tsars Jews were treated as second class citizens and denied many rights as were many other ethnic groups in Russia so like many of the different sectors of Russian society they were amenable to the revolution as a way out the repression, incompetence and stupidity of Tsar Nicholas’s Russia.

        And Communism was not “invented” by the Jews and far from it. Communes were a very Russian thing.
        The majority of Russians, the peasants living in 10,000s of villages formed business-like Communes where they would often pool labour, equipment and so on for very practical reasons- poverty. For a village to survive there often had to be a communal effort.
        So when the Coup and Revolution leaders began creating a Communist state they were expanding an already popular and workable aspect of Russian life.

        The influence of famous Jews like Trostky is exaggerated as well. There were 100s of leaders of the revolution and the eventual leaders of Russia & the USSR like Trotsky and Lenin, both who had spent years in exile while other revolutionaries plotted and did the real work, came about because of their natural ability to speak and take charge as front men despite fierce enemies among their comrades.

        Saying Jews created Communism is like saying Nigel Farage created Brexit and ignoring the influence of 100s of other powerful people.

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    • Really, Cat?

      Important note: 2.5% Eastern European does not equal 39.6% Jewish.

      While Jews did live in Eastern Europe, their DNA would not have intermingled much with the general population, as there were strict social norms and prejudices on both sides which discouraged intermarriage until fairly recently.

      If Cat’s ancestors had indeed been Jewish, their DNA would have been labelled “Ashkenazi Jewish” or “European Jewish”.

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  12. Green’s obsessions began after he had problems with his travel agency business, Green harassed a solicitor in Cheshire in 2008. He delivered leaflets to neighbours of the solicitor, placed posters on the fence and gates of the solicitor’s home, and attempted to intimidate and threaten the solicitor.

    In one way Green was gullible after his disillusionment with authority, and his obsessive nature led him along totally the wrong path promoted by the likes of Gerrish, Ike, and so on.

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