Tom Dunn exploits children

There is no more delicate way to put this. Thomas Dunn, one half of the pair of ill-informed, self-righteous cretins who runs a detestable pseudo-Christian YouTube channel called “Through the Black”, is exploiting two children for his own gain.

In the past two days he has released two more videos in which he regales his audience with lurid tales, long debunked, of the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse hoax. He drags out stories and images of two abused children like a carny at a travelling freak show, to the delight and excitement of his followers, who just cannot seem to get enough of this stuff.

“Tell us again how they said they were anally raped by hundreds of people!” “Ooh, let’s hear the one about how they chopped the babies’ heads off!” “Come on, we want the one about the tattoos on the private parts…”

One can sense the pleasurable thrill that both Dunn and his groupies experience as they pore over these pornographic stories…and in the background, the intermittent “ka-ching!” as another fool buys a commemorative coffee mug or t-shirt to support abused children everywhere.

Haha, just kidding. The money isn’t going to help anybody except Dunn, who needs it to prop up his “ministry”.

And by “ministry” we mean “goggle-eyed shrieking at his computer from his basement in order to pretend he has some sort of worth or value to the world, which is what he does in lieu of an actual job”.

Dunn knows his audience

Thomas Dunn knows exactly what his audience wants, and he is prepared to give it to them, no matter what the cost to his child victims.

Dunn’s audience is looking for a potent combination of sexual titillation mixed with self-righteousness.

They want to hear allllll about how the children were tortured, exactly how the adults abused them and what they were made to do. And at the same time, they want to shroud their guilty enjoyment of these stories in the belief that they are doing God’s work by investigating every single detail of this sordid story…in the name of Jesus.

They become excited at the idea of capturing, torturing, and murdering those they like to believe are responsible—because it’s not wrong to kill those they’ve already decided are evil to the core, is it?

This combination of pleasurable, semi-guilty thrill wrapped up in virtuousness is what brings these people salivating back to feed at Dunn’s trough, and he is only too happy to keep doling out the slops.

The fact that he knows almost nothing about the details of the case is really not an issue for Dunn, nor for his followers. They neither know nor care that they are greedily consuming images and stories of children who were tortured to say what they did.

‘We want to show the faces of the victims’

In his most recent video, Dunn announces, “We want to show the faces of the victims…because I believe that’s what’s going to get ahold of people and see that these kids are telling the truth, okay?”

He is well aware that his audience will fail to notice the children’s tense, fatigued faces, the scar from having a heated spoon applied to the chin, the huge bruise spreading across the forehead. Instead, they will see victims—real victims!—of Satan here on earth.

Dunn’s audience won’t notice Abraham Christie’s hand flashing on camera as he pushes one child’s face into better filming position, or hear Ella Draper’s voices snapping, “Talk to the camera!”

Nor will they trouble themselves to read the much more revealing Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio transcript, nor to pore through the mounds of evidence which point to the real culprits.

Why bother reading something which might force them to stop and think about the very real child abuse they are helping to perpetuate by lapping up what Dunn spews out?

‘I’m risking a lot here, obviously…’

Dunn tries to arrange his shifty features into something resembling earnestness as he tells his followers, “I’m risking a lot here, obviously…obviously the FBI was at my house last week, okay? Why is the FBI at my house? Why is the FBI at my house if this is no big deal, if there’s nothing to see here?”

This is conspiranoid gold.

It plays into the paranoia and mistrust of Dunn’s audience, convincing them that he is not just a cheap huckster selling them a form of pornography.

No, if the FBI visits someone who is exploiting the images and stories of abused children online, it can only be for one reason: they are evil representatives of the state, come to shut him down for nefarious reasons. Ergo: He must be onto something.

“It’s a cover-up”, say Dunn’s followers. “We are right to drool over these kids, this story…because we’re not really doing it for the thrills, we are fighting for justice! Yeah, that’s the ticket….justice…we’re warriors for justice, and Tom Dunn is our generalissimo…”

Do they truly believe this drivel, though? Are any of them ever troubled by a lurking suspicion that maybe, just maybe, the FBI came to see Dunn because the law enforcement agency had been alerted to his extremely questionable activities? Do they ever wonder about the real families who’ve been maliciously accused, who’ve been forced to live in fear that some Dunn-inspired lunatic will harm them or their children?

Probably not.

Dunn’s followers are in the grip of an addictive substance, and like any junkie looking for the next high, they will not be satisfied until Dunn delivers.

And he knows it. And he will continue to exploit it for as long as his audience continues to be greedy for that next hit of thrilling, titillating self-righteousness.

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  1. “And by “ministry” we mean “goggle-eyed shrieking at his computer from his basement….”

    Be fair. He does wave his arms about a bit too.

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  2. Cant stand this prick, he was shown to know next to nothing of the case when he was interviewed that time and now his latest find (Karly Noel franz) has made him look an even bigger idiot with her tales of being cloned and fighting aliens. He’s a religious fanatic.

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  3. He is disgusting as are his pretend outraged Christian friends! They make me f’n so angry that I can’t even watch his shit without feeling physically sick. I hope the FBI go back to him & throw his ass in prison where he cannot exploit children again for his f’n bank balance!

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  4. His audience crave child-sex fantasies. What kind of pornographer would he be if he didn’t oblige?

    The existence of that audience – a mob of child-rape-fantasisers who like to think of themselves as virtuous and pious and superior to the non-child-fantasising mainstream of society – is part of the problem, and is as skin-crawling as Mr Dunn.

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    • Once again I think we are over thinking this. The tell-tale signs are there. The glaring eyes… the Devil’s own beard… salivating at lascivious tales…

      He’s Asmodeus, a Prince of Hell, the Demon of Lust. Those who fall to Asmodeus’ ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell. So bad news for APD then.



  5. Again I refer to the Hulk Hogan case and the current Sandy Hook parents Vs Alex Jones matter.
    The time is coming swiftly where litigation will wipe out people like Dunn.
    He is basically making any sort of normal life impossible for the Hampstead kids and especially the father.
    Has then been such an intense case previously, as in Hampstead, were 100s of fanatics have set out to destroy the lives of innocent persons- proclaimed innocent in the highest UK court (and with two offenders now jailed ).
    I’ve always like the idea in the US. now taken up by solicitors in Aust. NZ and the UK where lawyers will take on cases in a “no win, no fee” basis (as the Sandy Hook lawyers have).
    It brings justice to people previously denied it.
    Of course Dunn may be a Man of Straw but those who aid in the promotion of his lies and defamation’s such as Facebook & Youtube may be liable as well.

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  6. @Tom Dunce’s followers, if you’re reading this:

    Most of Tom’s “facts” come from the self-confessed child abuser, alcoholic, hate campaigner and compulsive liar Angela Power-Disney. So good luck with that

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    • Not to mention the wanted child abuser Abe Christie…Tom Dunn is supporting child abusers and making a living doing it from the flock he has herded. I guess he needs lit up again.

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      • Abraham Christie’s rap sheet (excluding the Hampstead hoax, which ought to add “child abuse” and “attempting to pervert the course of justice”):

        Offences: 64
        Convictions 37
        First Conviction 10 April 1971
        Last conviction: 5 June 2014

        5 offences against the person (1973–2011)
        3 fraud and related offences (1991–1996)
        39 theft and related offences (1971–1991)
        6 offences related to police/courts/prisons (1973–1996)
        5 drug offences (1991–2014)
        5 firearms/shotguns/offensive weapons (1973–1992)
        3 miscellaneous offences (1973–1975)

        Cautions accepted: 2

        1. Drug offence: 26 November 2010
        2. Offence against the person: 16 May 2014

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  7. Every now and again I feel a faint sympathy for Sabine McNeil. Then I remember that people like Dunn wouldn’t be able to tout their child-abusing, pornographic, fake Christian, money-making bullshit if she hadn’t put that video on the internet. And I hope that anyone out there reading this blog sees him for what he really is.

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    • Yes, that’s a really good point, PA. Sabine ultimately bears some of the responsibility for Dunn, though I’m sure they’ve never met. She unleashed this filth to feed her own ego, as we learned in court, and people like Dunn are just taking it to its intended audience.

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  8. Another John Wanoa discovery:
    The late Sir Joh Belke Peterson was premier of Queensland in the 1980s and they say there wasn’t a property developer with a paper bag full of cash that he would turn away from his office, hence the unbelievably beautiful beach & popular holiday resort there called Surfer’s Paradise is shaded by 4pm by ginormous apartment buildings almost bang on the sand.
    Sir Joh was from New Zealand originally and there are so many similarities to the pseudo King John Wanoa. Did “King” John learn from Sir Joh an ability to say an awful lot but make it completely incomprehensible as Sir Joh was famous for along with extreme taste for right wing themes?. We report, you decide.

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  9. Aaaah Queensland! ” The finest State that money can buy ” was the mantra of the White Shoe Brigade back then. His Mrs, Flo, used to sell pumpkin scones at $5000 a bag! Yep, I reckon King John had the same teacher. ” Don’t you worry about that ” .

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  10. I hope you are right, Sam (about legislation stepping in). Mr D may be the man who puts it out there but I’m coming round to the view that the people who swallow his guff are in part to blame for not using viewer/listener discretion – and well, just plain common sense. I may be in the minority here but I’ve NEVER said SRA may not exist. I remember reading something about nasty things in a churchyard on Halloween though I suppose that could be a random nutcase and nasty person. There is a “magic” shop in my hometown now which you’d never have seen years ago, not that I’ve been in it. But the numbers in the Hampstead case just don’t compute. And as I’ve said before I’m sure the investigating police would have checked with DHL on their delivery lists to see if the number of parcels alleged had been delivered to the church (or would it be to the school or the vicarage?). And how come if the alleged Satanic shenanigans were going on no other child went home and said “Mummy I don’t like that school – please take me away”?

    Someone observed (might have phrased it differently) that there is something prurient about wanting to see what is in someone else’s underwear (other than one’s significant other or maybe family). We don’t really know that the people concerned DIDN’T agree to a discreet strip search and that it wasn’t made public. I know if I was a teacher I wouldn’t want any pupils I taught knowing I’d had to go through something like that – let people have some dignity.

    Sam, this reply will probably be “nested” so I’ll say good find on the Queensland politician who had some similarities to JW – grifters are everywhere as I’m sure you know. I’ve had several calls over the last few days (recorded – they can’t even be bothered to pay a person to make the call live now) saying my broadband is going to be terminated. I’ve discontinued the calls.

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    • I believe ritual abuse exists too. I just don’t buy it in Hampstead for a lot of reasons and I don’t think there’s a Satanist ritual abuser round every corner. It pays the likes of Dunn and Angela to promote the myth of the vast empire of Satanists wanting world domination. While they both say they’re not making any money out of it, it’s clear that Dunn doesn’t work and that he’s trying to build a business out of his ‘ministry’. Angela has admitted when she was in Lanzarote she had someone paying her utility bills. (Yes you did Angela, I saw the video) Real Christians lead honourable and ethical lives and do service for others. These people are fake Christians because they don’t give a sxxt about who they damage. Both of them should be ashamed.


  11. Wanoa has taken up the “pedo” chant as well for anyone in disagreement with his “bitch Queen” remarks & telling one particular person he needs shooting up the behind. Such a pleasant & articulate “King”. 🤔

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    • Sighs- what ever happened to the old traditions…
      Shooting them up the backside- how barbaric, how- American…
      Whatever happened to the time honoured royal funnel and hot poker???
      This modern ‘royalty’ just has no class…

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  12. My brain needs a thoroughly cleansing; I had never hear of this Tom Dunn, nutbag. I can’t thank you, in good conscience for introducing me, I was, quite happy, in my ignorance. I made it through about 5 minutes and couldn’t take it.

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  13. Now there’s an odd thing.
    The photo on the left is apparently from renowned “whistle-blower” Jon Wedger’s twitter feed as he shows that famous award he received in 2000.
    On the right is a medal that is self explanatory- awarded in 2012.
    Of course they may just have boxes and boxes of these things hanging around the Palace.
    All this will change when HRH Wanoa The First takes over.

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    • Hmm, how strangely prescient of the medal-givers in 2000, to be able to predict the exact design of a medal that would be given 12 years later. Maybe they used Alfred Labrador-Webfoot’s time-travel thingummy?


      • And available from Amazon for £7.25, with free delivery.

        Police long service and good conduct medals come with a blue ribbon:

        The Distinguished Service Medal ribbon is:

        The “heads” side appears to be a standard design but he could solve the questioning of his veracity by taking a photo of the “tails” side. 🤣

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    • You should get a medal for bravery.
      Does Devine ever say anything NEW?. Both he & Wanoa are like broken records going over and over with the same old claptrap which one can barely understand. Devine comes on as though he’s about to drop some earth shattering words of wisdom but it’s always that endless “the facts are the facts” and smug claims that “you” (those not hanging off his every word) will some how be punished for not heeding his ..well what? What’s it all about Alfie?. Got me beat.

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  14. So Tom’s next move will be to say that he must be onto something to merit Hoaxtead’s attention and anyway this is all doing him good etc. He’ll say that to save face and because he hates that people notice how limited his thinking is. This is why he keeps showing people the books he’s read. The message is ‘I’m really clever…I’ve read all this…..!’

    Thing is he only reads the books that support his narrative and most of the ones he’s mentioned are in tabloid language, designed to appeal to people like Tom.

    I note he hasn’t read Jean La Fontaine. I bet he never will.


  15. people forget that if we were all to believe the first couple of interviews of killers,rapists,abusers,any serious crime ,then no one would be in jail or found guilty ,questions have to be asked then investigated,then more questions then investigated ,then same again ,the childrens first statements were so full of holes and they were terrified of christie ,the police had to put these children on protection,and did,then they had no fear of that predator with lots of previous convictions ,16 videos in 6 weeks ,he made way more than 16 he prob deleted about 100 that were no good ,funny how he lost his phone ,yea right heard it,then the threats he would have used to there mum and dad that christie would also have used,never see gran ma or granda again ,put in jail for eating babys ,only when they were safe from that child abuser Abraham Christie ,would the truth come out .if you were that age of these children and your mother is helping him would you not be afraid of that beast ,and knowing after the interview he could be sitting in the house on your return ,knowing he is out there and can turn up at any time ,and your mother is no help ,she is a disgrace ,if it were true you would have taken your children to a cop shop outside hampstead since they were all part of the cult,they certainly would not have been taken to Morocco for 6 weeks ,you kidding me on ,and oh it was there that Abraham Christie discovered what was going on ,not another sole in the world had suspicions ,only Abraham Christie PAPA HEMP ,a PAPA tortured them ,but it certainly was not there real father ,it was the self named PAPA hemp ,

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