Brees, your slip is showing

Back in the day, EC had a number of friends who were journalists. They didn’t call themselves that—they called themselves hacks, and when plied with a drink or three they could be extremely entertaining company.

One in particular regaled his audiences with tales of his early career at a one of the big-city rags which shall remain nameless. The competition between papers in those days was fierce, as reporters elbowed one another out of the way so that their paper could be first on the scene to get the coveted scoop.

This hack told of carrying an old, battered doll in his car, which he used to good effect when covering local disasters like house fires—he’d toss the doll on the ground, then start snapping his photos with the burning house in the background. The discarded toy, seemingly abandoned in the front garden by its poor young owner, tugged at the heartstrings.

Better yet, it sold papers.

He assured EC that nobody ever seemed to notice this bit of emotionally manipulative flim-flammery, and his photos nearly always made the front page. Job done, right?

We were reminded of this a couple of days ago when we read that Private Eye had followed up on last month’s coverage of Anna Brees, ex-BBC journo turned PR flack to the conspiracy set, most notably Jon Wedger.

It seems that somebody at the Eye has noticed a few discrepancies between Mike Tarraga’s memoir, Meat Rack Boy (published by Brees Media in February) and Tarraga’s previous self-published memoir, The Successful Failure: Life of an Uncouth Lout.

Both books tell essentially the same story, with the notable exception that in the Brees Media version, Tarraga claims to have been sexually abused by Sir Edward Heath.

‘I knew this would draw attention to his story and it has’, Brees tells the Eye. ‘As a journalist I knew what the ‘headline’ would be for others, so pursued this in my interview and added it to the book.’

In other words, she hauled the poor old doll out of the back seat of her car, and tossed it on the ground as bait, knowing that the Heath story is hugely popular amongst the conspiracy set. And hey, it sells books:

According to a post last month on BarthsNotes, Tarraga only mentioned Heath at Wedger’s instigation:

Wedger previously interviewed Tarraga last month, and according to Brees Heath’s name came up afterwards: ‘It was Jon Wedger was talking to you after, you know, off-camera, and you just said ‘yeah, I saw him. He was called Uncle Teddy”. In other words, Heath’s name only came up because Wedger mentioned him first – and Tarraga would have known what Wedger wanted to hear. The name “Uncle Teddy” is reminiscent of “Uncle Eddie”, which was the name provided by another Heath accuser, James Reeves – whom Wedger interviewed last September. Like Tarraga, Reeves was also raised and abused in care during the 1950s and 1960s, but details in his “VIP” allegations against Heath and others are contradicted by the historical record.

The Eye article has stated that further inconsistencies were found between the two books, but that Brees has “refused to answer any more questions after the Eye challenged her to explain the contradictions”.

BarthsNotes writes:

It is not explained what these contradictions are, although one may pertain to a social media post that Tarraga made in August 2011 to, in which he referred to having “many very happy memories” of an orphanage in London Colney in the 1950s; this seems difficult to reconcile with his claim that he was living with a couple during this period who “raped and sold him out to others” (as summarised by Wedger) from the age of four.


Another inconsistency we’ve noticed: while Wedger has claimed that “All profits [from Tarraga’s book] go to the campaign to expose an establishment cover up of child abuse”, Brees has a bit of a different take on how the funds will be used.

As noted above, she says, “[Tarraga’s] book is making £350 a month which will pay for a big event in June for survivors to tell their stories”.

Then again, if they invite just the right survivors and get them to tell just the right stories, perhaps the “big event…for survivors to tell their stories” will reveal astonishing information which will “expose an establishment cover-up”.

Stranger things have happened.

50 thoughts on “Brees, your slip is showing

  1. £350 a month?.
    Crikey I didn’t realise there was that much in misery porn these days. I’m pretty sure I have had a life of misery at those rates and the world should be told about it.

    Yes I too had many pals and contacts on the Street of Shame in the pre-internet days and it was a lot of fun and the numerous invented tales were far less harmful because they were forgotten by the next edition as the public who salivated over this stuff just couldn’t get enough of it and mostly didn’t retain memories of last week’s antics of that errant Vicar who may have been rogering a parishioner.
    And the expenses they could access !. I had one good pal who wrote on one of the famous daily gossip pages who was exhorted by his editor to take anyone and everyone to long lunches in the hope of wangling a good tale out of them and we often complied inventing a corker after the second bottle of wine.

    But there are a reputed 4,000,000 British children living in what are described as poverty conditions. Does any of this £350 go to aid them or is it used to hire hotel meeting rooms for yet another “conference” where so-called “child protection advocates” meet up to discuss Satan and plan the next conference?.

    Anna Brees features with the always troubled looking Jon Wedger on his Twitter feed outside an unknown London location here they claim “children are sold”. We are not told where this location is and it looks to be a busy street and I think hapless parents wandering down that street with their kiddies should be warned that Fagin like characters lurk there and elsewhere waiting to snatch little Johhny and sell him off to the highest bidder. Apparently you don’t get to know these locations until the coffers of the Wedger “Foundation” are filled.

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  2. Thanks for the update, EC.

    I see from her YT channel that Brees also had a dabble with Bill Baloney’s beloved Haute de la Garenne ‘bones in the basement’ conspiracy:

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    • Oh FFS that fantasy was put to bed tonks ago but the fanatics just cannot bear it that dozens of children weren’t murdered. What is wrong with them ?.

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    • Bill proved beyond doubt that there was A. A statue of the devil in a pub’s beer garden, B. A weird skeleton carved from wood in the window of a building and C. Weird garden gnomes and a toy monkey hanging from a tree. That proves beyond doubt anything he says, or shouts, is troof.

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  3. Speaking of habitual liars, Devine’s been on again, moaning and droning and sending everyone to sleep.

    Oh and he’s really rooting for his latest hero, fake lawyer William Ellis, which I’m sure will work out as brilliantly as his promoting of Gordon Bowden.

    Sorry, I can’t link the video, as Desperate once again names and slanders a protected witness.

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    • Who will play Andy in Peter Pan / Chan’s biopic Walter Mitty 2, The Facts Not the Fiction- described in the press release as “a hapless traveller get’s stranded in an airport for 3 days and begins to hallucinate that he is the King of England when a mysterious Greek double glazing salesman called Andy (for it is he) plays Devilish tricks with our hero’s (already) scrambled mind”. A Mathew Taylor Production to be filmed on a remote island in our new Hollywood Fillum Studios in conjunction with Moonscape Productions.

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      • Reminds me of ‘The Comic Strip Presents – The Strike’ in the 1980’s. Peter Richardson as Al Pacino playing Arthur Scargill. I laughed so much I pulled something and haven’t recovered yet.

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    • I see he also popped up for the last part of Jesus (aka Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw)’s live feed in the wee small hours. Jesus was on for three and a half hours (no, seriously), clearly ripped to the tits and wired to the Moon. And, naturally, being cheered on by Cat Scot (and other assorted fruitloops), who was frothing with excitement at his endless barrage of lies, slander and vicious attacks on everyone from Karen Irving to MKD to Steve Keys’ parents. He even played Charlotte Ward’s discredited ‘slanderfest’ video… again.

      Oh well, remember what the Greek philosopher Andy O’Neill said: “You only get enemy fire when you’re over the target.”

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    • Towards the end of the first Devine video, he boasts about borrowing his mate’s car and incurring three congestion charge fines… while his mate’s standing there!

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  4. I have just seen the rant from Andy. I swear he is chanelling Wavy! The hoodie, the ear buds, the walk in the park, it is all there. Anyone else see the similarity?

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  5. I wouldn’t normally comment, but it’s a shame really that Anna shot herself in both feet, she’s not untalented nor completely untrained. Hopefully the reasons why she no longer works for the mainstream media will emerge in due course? On the face of it, all very unfortunate.

    As food for thought – trained presenters with a relatively recent, if minor, mainstream background can normally earn anything from £500-1500+ per day plus expenses, on their own, presenting corporate videos and hosting events. More, if they also have writing and people-handling skills and can take up some of the slack on the production side. Instead, Anna is shunned, partly because she has insisted on alienating herself from all layers of the industry by talking rubbish into her silly little iPhone, like the sad little conspiracy theorist she seems to be.

    Part of Anna’s problem is that she seems to think she knows more that she does about other people’s jobs. There is, for example, some irony on advising people how to do a voiceover when the resultant recording sounds as if it may have been recorded in the lav! Particularly when the penny doesn’t drop and you keep doing it!

    Even more in doing a piece to camera about making videos look more professional with a couple of hapless mugs misusing a toy Ebay tripod in the background. Perhaps this is where Rupert got the inspiration to raise (IIRC) he twenty quid for his? Then there are the four-quid karaoke mics and Lego phone holders from the Cardiff indoor flea market that allow your crappy phone to be attached to your crappy tripod! It’s all junk! And she is certainly in no position to pontificate on what shots are or are not possible with a ‘large conventional video camera’! – Out of your depth Anna and, these days, out of your league!

    She seems painfully naive when it comes to legal issues too. In one video, filming a woman while she shopped, then simply asking if she minded being included in a corporate video – where’s your (legally required) clearance form Anna? Were customers of that shop made aware that there was filming for commercial purposes in progress? What of insurances and the Health and Safety protocols that need to be followed to ensure it is not invalidated? Where’s your audit trail Anna? You do know you need one don’t you?

    As for the views on her channel, bearing in mind her claims of expertise? Few of her videos make it into three figures, even after a significant period of time. Some don’t even make two! Now, to be fair, this might be expected of a closed audience corporate video embedded on a website, or for something so specialised it will only be viewed by industry-insiders. – Where nobody is promoting the video, it’s not monetised or the views don’t register because embedded videos with no ads and the recommendations tag turned off, don’t.

    But for someone promoting what they themselves are doing as exemplar of a marketing tool in play? these are the results achieved? For the purposes of contrast and comparison, here’s a random flat-toned man banging on about fuse boxes and electrical fittings from his front room and garden shed, occasionally doing a bit of outside work where he obsesses over lift buttons;

    Viewing figures Anna can only dream of! – Perhaps you shouldn’t go around pissing off the technicians and support staff Anna?

    Then we get to that £350 a month in relation to this book! £350 a month? Is that ALL? In the great scale of media things, it’s not a lot. Would a better income not be achieved by trawling the charity shops through the week, buying up random kitsch trinkets, then flogging them down the Bessemer Road at the weekend? Surely the four grand raised after a year or so won’t put on much of an event by the time you’ve paid for venue, catering, expenses for speakers and other hospitality?

    Poor Anna. Quite an achievement though, drawing the fire of Private Eye!

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  6. Off topic but hey…’s Saturday and you all deserve a treat.

    Here’s Based Amy being refused entry to parliament and harassing policemen outside. Go to about 6:28 to see her shoving a camera in a copper’s face. Fortunately (for her) he thinks it’s funny.

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    • Of course I don’t encourage violence but how she and Tracey Blackwell don’t get a smack over the chops one day is a mystery. Arrogant, rude, insulting.
      I cannot understand how patient those coppers remain under and onslaught and especially with a phone shoved in their faces. There should be a law about invading personal space.
      She is so similar to that Blackwell who it’s so very hard to feel sympathy for. The pair of the berate and try to humiliate cops and then when they turn away they accuse them of doing what they are doing !.

      As for those frigging “British bulldog” nitwits. This mob really thinks they won a war in the 40s don;t they.

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      • I spoke too soon. Someone finally did smack Amy in the mouth. Now I hate violence but the verbal violence coming from “Based Amy” and her Brexit thugs is just bizarre.
        There is a real psychosis at work here where she and Blackwell harangue and abuse anyone they decide to pick on and finally someone is going to react. It’s not even passive aggressive with this Amy woman – just blatant verbal aggression. I despair of Britain, Brexit has brought out the worst in many people (both sides) but I find it depressing there are so many of these utter morons.
        Same applies to Jon Wedger who seems like underneath he is seething with nastiness and as for Brees, I give her another 5 minutes. 15 was already too many.


  7. Brexit really has brought out the worst in some people. They have lost all respect, decency & concerns about personal space. She would be quick enough to complain if the Police stuck a camera in her face.

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  8. In a way, I really admire bare-faced grifters like Wedger et al.

    Meat Rack Boy.

    Meat Rack Boy? Are you shitting me?

    It sounds like a bad title to a bad snuff film.

    It’s even worse than saying ‘child prostitutes’ – it’s more titillating.

    I wouldn’t want to be caught reading a book called ‘Meat Rack Boy’, that’s for sure. I’d rather be caught reading a book called (and forgive me here and please allow me some license) ‘Young cum sluts’. I’ll just stop there. I’m sure you got the point.

    And all of this pedo wank imagery done under the guise of being righteous. Of being concerned with bringing attention to the fact that young kids are being abused.

    No shit sherlock. Yeah, we get it – try blowing your whistle once in a while.

    Wedger gets the best of both worlds. He gets to dabble in pedo lite fantasy culture, but he also gets the dollar for fighting the good fight against all that shit.

    I have no doubt that Wedger is a pedo enabler. That he is a charlatan.

    That he does not believe the first word of God or Jesus in the Bible.

    He is worse than a fraud. He is a danger to children. He must be stopped.

    I am not allowed to download images of young kids being abused, even if I didn’t make them, because it perpetrates the crime. But Wedger is allowed to peddle his sado pedo fantasies for fun and profit? Even though it very much perpetrates the very crime he so hypocritically claims he is rallying against.

    I almost admire him.

    But nah.

    ‘Meat Rack Boy’.

    A purveyor of filth like the rest of them.

    Every time he makes a false accusation against ‘trolls’, this should be brought up.

    Yeah, I know the title belongs to Mike Tarraga’s new book, but Wedger has been pushing it as well.

    ‘Meat Rack Boy’?

    Are you fucking serious?

    Anyway, I shouldn’t judge.

    I’m just off to finish my copy of ‘Young Cum Sluts’.

    So what if I read it on the school run on the tube?

    I’m bringing awareness to all that horrid nasty child abuse.

    So what if I bring myself off as well in the process?

    What boils my piss is the out in the open way they do this and make money from it on top.

    These people need to be stopped.

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    • I lived in Soho all through that “meat -rack ” era and so-called “Playland” scandals. I spent days wandering about the place and knew every inch of Soho.
      These opportunists are re-writing history.
      I would sometimes be quite frightened walking home from waiter & restaurant jobs late near the Arches at Piccadilly because these “children” were mainly aggressive nasty “rent- boys” who would as easily stick a knife in someone or probably pick up a punter and beat them up back at their home.

      Of course there were many unfortunate youngsters who fled to London from terrible home lives and abusive parents. Many chose an easier life on the streets (yes it was easier than getting a job) and I would never blame them. Some ended up selling themselves and were underage and probably incapable of building any other sort of life but there were plenty of people around who would try to get them out of that lifestyle. A lot just got used to it because in the end, it was easier tn a working 40 hours in a job.

      But the vast majority were well into their 20s and often drug abusing thugs.

      But Wedger, Brees and co present the entire matter as though it was young innocent children kidnapped from the schoolyard or somewhere and packed into a truck to be bused to London and sold off at auction.

      Now I don’t know much about “meat rack boy’s” life nor do I want to. But listen here buster: you were there selli gn yourself when it was actually very easy at that time to get a job in London (and the UK). I know because I did. Lot’s of menial jobs which really only paid enough to live on but when you are young it’s not nearly as bad as made out because you shared flats or even rooms and there was plenty of good times to be had and it was cheap to live.

      Those who chose a sordid life like yours were NOT forced into it- you chose it because it was easier to sell your body for an hour for the same money we bloody wages slaves got in a week. And then along comes an opportunist ex-cop* a very very minor ex-BBC hackette who thinks THEY will make money out of former prostitutes.


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