Jacqui the Troll can dish it out…

…Yeah, you know the rest.

And there are so many lies, slanders and hypocrisies in her latest rant that it’s hard to know where to start.

But let’s give it a go anyway…

“These people have illegally hacked my Hotmail. They are releasing into the public domain details about my private life which they could only know had they had hacked my Hotmail. As you will know, hacking is illegal.”

Yep. That’s Jacqui the Troll, who has spent the last 10 months illegally posting the names, photos and confidential Police testimony videos of two vulnerable children all over the web, along with the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and itineraries or countless innocent people (and their children!), as well as disgusting child pornography images. And there she is, ranting about privacy laws. Maybe there’s a loophole clause in those laws which declares that they apply to everyone in the UK except Jacqui. If anyone can enlighten us, do please let us know. Thanks.

“These people have also, we have evidenced, been hacking more than one computer. They have also been watching child sex abuse images. They have been reported to the police and Crimestoppers.”

It’s interesting that she’s made this serious accusation again, as she still hasn’t provided the proof for which we asked her the last time she made it. It’s interesting because she spends all day every day demanding proof from everyone else for whatever she can think of to accuse them of on any given day. It’s also interesting in light of the fact that she has so far made and uploaded two videos and a photo which contain illegally downloaded pornography. And for the fact that last we checked, she’s the one that Barnet Police are currently scouring London, Holland and Surinam looking for, not us. By the way, Jacqueline, slander is illegal too. Oops!

“As I make clear on the blog I use a pen name because I mention an ex lover in my book (which has been on sale at Lulu for around 7 months now) and do not wish to embarrass him as he has done nothing wrong. This is why I prefer to remain anonymous.”

This one boggles the mind, doesn’t it. As you all know, this is a woman whose illegal drug-addled internet ramblings have endangered the families of countless innocent people. How is it even humanly possible to be this brazenly hypocritical? Still, never mind – whether she likes it or not, we have her details too and soon anonymity will be but a distant memory for Jacqui “CW” Farmer. She’ll just have to deal with that. Tick tock…

“So it looks as if you are an accessory to the crimes of hacking and harassment.”

LOL, there she is again, bless her. Hey Jacqui…bring it on, hun! Seriously, just get your lawyer to fax, post or email the legal documents to my lawyer and we’ll get the ball rolling. See you in court! By the way, you have to use your real name on legal documents. D’oh!



One thought on “Jacqui the Troll can dish it out…

  1. Jacqui F is so stupid she would probably have Belinda and Sabine as McKenzie friends…..and have Neelu as her lawyer, waiting for the right moment to pounce and arrest the judge. These BULLIES eh? Can dish it out, but as soon as their liberty, privacy and details are compromised they squeal like little teenie piggies !! Well tough JFarmer, your time is up, will you be packing your case and joining Abe and Ella in their escape from the truth? I expect so. You are a coward too, just like Sabine, the mouth almighty, she shouts and screams and accuses and defames, and then when the time comes for her to prove all she has said, she pisses off to another country COWARDS THE GOD DAMN LOT OF YOU.

    You know the saddest part, and the most infuriating for countless, the fact that when you do finally give up, or get arrested, all the rubbish, the lies, the libel on that scurrilous site of yours will still remain on the internet. Yes, there as a constant reminder to TWO INNOCENT children, that they were dressed up like kippers and used for the agendas of some CRIMINALS. It won’t effect you though CW will it, you have no conscious no principals, NOTHING?. Shame on you, you ARE THOROUGHLY DISGUSTING. An excuse for the human race.

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