Hoax promoters do nothing to halt child sex abuse, trafficking

Belinda McKenzie. Sabine McNeill. Angela Power-Disney. Charlotte Ward. Kristie Sue Costa. Deborah Mahmoudieh. Tracey Morris. Each of these people shares one important thing in common: they all claim to be “child abuse campaigners”.

They all claim that by promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax they are actually “helping children” escape the horrors of child sex trafficking and cult-related abuse.

How many children have they helped in the two years that they’ve been pursuing this noble quest? Erm…well…none, actually. Nada, zip, zilch, zero.

In yesterday’s comments section, MonkeyStoleMyBanana wrote in part:hr-comments-2017-02-04-1Regular commenter Justin Sanity responded:

hr-comments-justin-sanity-2017-02-04Out of interest, we thought we’d have a look at the conviction rates for child sexual abuse cases in the UK. The most recent stats we found on a quick search come from 2014/2015:

The number of convictions in child sexual abuse prosecutions in 2014/15 rose 19 per cent from 3,344 to 3,975, the highest volume ever according to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Violence against Women and Girls crime report published today. However, although there were more successful prosecutions the conviction rate actually fell (from 76.5 per cent to 73.8 per cent).

So if (roughly) 4,000 prosecutions resulted in conviction, representing 73.8% of the total number charged, that means approximately 5,420 suspects were charged with child sexual abuse during that time frame.

We can argue whether more people should have been charged, let alone convicted, but it doesn’t look to us as though the police and courts are “covering up” child sexual abuse cases.

Now, let’s look again at the number of accused child sex abusers charged in the UK as a result of the efforts of the Hoaxtead pushers. Oh, right. That would be zero.

They will argue and bluster, of course, that they can’t get cases before the courts because the Illuminati/Freemasons/Shape-shifting Lizard People conspire to block their efforts. They also routinely hack their computers, steal their equipment, and obstruct the “child abuse campaigners” via mind control.

Oddly, though, the Illuminati/Freemasons/Shape-shifting Lizard People never seem to interfere in cases that do make it to the courts. Or if they do, they’re unbelievably subtle about it, to the point where the fruits of their efforts are virtually invisible. Funny thing, that.

Let’s get real for a minute: the fact is that all of the keyboard warriors who claim to be “researchers” and “activists” on behalf of sexually abused children are doing precisely nothing to help any real-life children.

They are helping themselves feel good about themselves…because they can tell themselves they’re heroes in an epic battle against a terrible foe. What they’re not doing is getting out there and actually helping anyone.

  • They’re not looking at the grim reality of child sex trafficking (which used to be known as “child prostitution”) and raising funds for organisations with a proven track record in helping victims.
  • They’re not lobbying police and courts to treat victims of child trafficking as victims, not offenders.
  • They’re not donating their time and energy to ensuring that rescued victims are cared for in appropriate settings, by people who understand what they’ve been through.
  • They’re not meeting with and lobbying their local and national government representatives to ask what they’re doing about child sex trafficking, and demand that they make it a priority.

It’s just so much easier to cruise the internet looking for imaginary “dots” to join, and innocent people to accuse, than to actually get out there and do something about a very real problem.


152 thoughts on “Hoax promoters do nothing to halt child sex abuse, trafficking

  1. The Angies and Kristie Sues of the World are an embarrassment to real child abuse campaigners. They jump on whichever passing bandwagon will get them the most attention. In the two years that the Hampstead hoax has been going, we’ve seen real, genuine cases trundle past without a hint of interest from the hoaxer camp, mainly because they’re not fashionable. Case in point (and sorry, I know I’ve mentioned it before): the 270 – that’s 270 – Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April 2014 (when the Hampstead hoax was but a glint in Abraham’s eye). For 5 minutes we had celebrities lining up to speak out, recite the slogan, wear the t-shirt…But then, to borrow EC’s phrase: nada, zip, zilch, zero. The bandwagon rolled out of town and everyone moved on.

    Well, Angie, Kristie Sue, Deborah et al – on the off-chance that you give a shit about a bunch of black Nigerian kids (as opposed to two white middle-class British kids), you’ll be saddened to learn that 218 of them are still in captivity. You call yourselves child abuse campaigners, so go get ’em, ladies! Or wouldn’t that case make you drool in quite the same way that the sordid Hampstead hoax does?

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    • Yes, the Nigerian schoolgirls are a perfect example. And child trafficking isn’t necessarily about sex, either—in fact, the vast majority of child trafficking is in the form of slavery, in which children are forced to labour in sweatshops to produce things that we in the so-called developed world take for granted. So here’s another way the so-called “activists” could actually get off their arses and do something: campaign for certified fair-trade production, regular inspection of working conditions, and a crackdown on child labour in countries where it’s prevalent.

      Will that actually happen? Not on your life. They’re too busy being “spiritual warriors”, whatever in f@ck they mean by that. As far as I can tell, “spiritual warrior” is troofer code for “lazy person who engages in virtue-signalling, not action.”

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  2. Spot on.
    It’s an aspect that makes to me sick to the stomach with these creeps. But they can also have a chilling effect on genuine campaigners.

    One of the few charities I support is an AIDs clinic & orphange run by a French doctor in Thailand. This is for kids born with AIDs whose mothers were victims of the sex trafficking industry, ( and for all the talk about Thailand’s sex industry Western NGOs steer clear of the real murderous Thai gangsters who run 95% of the industry).

    I’ve never been there but people I know have & trust their word. The doctor goes to extraordinary lengths to actually keep the children at arm’s length for fear of a Western busybody falsely accusing him. He does not live on the premises and only ever visits every second day accompanied by 2 Thai nurses. The clinic is run by Thai government nurses but they are paid via donations which come mainly from wealthy gays and gay clubs who have a well organised ant-child exploitation unit assisting local police. There are some wonderfully Western staffed outfits in Asia but also some seriously creepy NGOs.

    These Hoaxers are reptiles who seek personal aggrandizement through the internet. They were never heard of before the internet allowed them to flourish and con people out of donations.

    What on earth is someone like APD seeking donations for when she claims to live on a Spanish island and has an incredibly expensive smoking habit? If she gave up one packet of gaspers a day it would feed a child for a week in the Third World. Pretty sure that’s why she posts endless news stories on her FB timeline to try & convince her handful of dwindling followers she is involved.

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  3. Nicely written post, EC. Loving your work 🙂

    It would be great to see Angie, KSC, Deborah etc. actually address some of the points raised on this fine blog (without lying like they normally do) but I won’t hold my breath.

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  4. OK, hands up everyone who’s feeling “frightened”, particularly those among you who are “shitting constipation, piles and gallstones out of your tear ducts, pussy lips and cock-eyes all at the same time”. Hello?

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    • Are there any hermaphrodites commenting on here?

      Probably not.

      He’s such an attention seeker.

      He needs a hobby.

      I suggest running.

      He’ll get fitter and lose some blabber and might actually get a life.

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      • These were the type of messages he sent to the Hell’s Angels and he still can’t work out why his membership a application was rejected.

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        • Well, that plus he didn’t own a motorbike. He reminds me of a fellow I knew years ago who used to carry a motorcycle helmet everywhere he went, in the vain hope that the girls would think he had the rest of the equipment that implied. His nickname amongst those in the know was “Crash”.

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    • Arfur does indeed frighten me Liza. Every time I read one of his inane rants, or watch one of his drunken video performances, it frightens the hell out of me to realise the damage that excessive usage of Drugs and Booze can do to the human intellect.

      Arfur may indeed impress, in the tiny sub-culture of the Hood, that he dwells in, but he’s totally out of his league in communicating and impressing in the wider world, and in particular with the intricacies of the Hampstead Hoax. If fact, he is a blessing in disguise, for those of us who are helping to expose that Hoax.

      One wonders what processed Angie to think that this Drongo could somehow swing things back in favour of herself and the other Hoaxers. The real irony of course, is that Arfur, whilst having absolutely no effect on our side, is actually destroying what remains of the Hoax. It’s almost as if we created a perfectly repulsive creature, and infiltrated it into the Hoax movement, to destroy it from within. We probably wouldn’t have created something so far fetched though. Reality can be stranger than fiction as they say. 🙂

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    • Absolutely bricking it at the thought of piles and gall stones coming out of my tear ducts. Arthur needs to take some biology lessons methinks.

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  5. Does anyone else find this ironic, considering Arfur and Alanson’s penchant for blocking people on Farcebook and YouTube?:

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    • Well I just can’t see any sign of Arfur having done anything bad.

      I’m actually having a very productive day today so far.

      The stupid oaf wants to stop talking in riddles.

      I really don’t know what is wrong with the likes of Arfur, Alan Alanson, RQ, Spivey lah de dah getting all aggressive.

      I don’t take them at all seriously, as anyone that was really going to whack someone over the head or whatever, would just do it.

      They wouldn’t have to wind themselves up to get the courage to just talk the talk.

      Because that’s all it is. NONSENSE TALK.

      Arfur is one big, fat BULLY that thinks he can get what he wants by throwing his obese body around.

      Somehow that didn’t quite work out for him for 10 months of 2016 did it?

      He’s a MORON.

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      • I don’t take them at all seriously, as anyone that was really going to whack someone over the head or whatever, would just do it.

        Very true. Just as anyone who was really going to be an activist against child abuse would…well, just do it. Not call themselves something fancy and run around accusing people they don’t know and pretending they’re doing anything to help.


        • That’s one of the parts of this hoax that I don’t really understand.

          imo unless Angela has met RD and all the other accused and actually spoken to them, she is totally out of order to declare all these people are paedophiles.

          Where is her evidence?

          She didn’t want to talk to Sylvia Major.

          However, I’m not even sure if Sylvia would have wanted to speak to her.

          The reason Angela did not want to, was because she doesn’t engage with intelligent people that would put her right on Angela’s lies.

          And aren’t there so many of them?

          A journalist would have spoken to people they hadn’t met yet had spoken about if they’d had the opportunity.

          Angela is no journalist, nor does she have a journalistic degree.

          Where does she claim she got that degree from?

          How many degrees does this liar have?


          • I think her squirming over the evidence question in that video last week spoke volumes. She basically doesn’t have any.


          • Angela shouldn’t be allowed to get away with the outrageous comments she has said are FACTS when they very clearly are not to all but the STUPID.

            And there’s plenty of STUPID out there that believe the shite she spouts.

            Angela is relying on her 2 boys being “disabled” (one maybe considered to be but not the eldest) and her own phoney disabilities (she’s sufficiently not disabled though as in her own words she has been working the last 2 years!) and age to be sufficient that she can’t be made homeless.

            I’m not sure that will be good enough to protect the house and she doesn’t even live there now.

            I hope someone sue’s her as what she’s said about RD and others at the school is all over the Internet at her fair/black lace gloved hands.

            She has the gift of the gab though but there are all her videos as evidence of her appalling behaviour.


    • At least he still likes you, Fanny. I’ve a funny feeling I’ve upset him and that he’s not too keen on me any more. I feel so guilty.

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      • Lol, I don’t understand if he destroyed you a week ago why he’s still telling you to f..k off?

        What an idiot he is, lmfao.

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    • They are two blokes mentally stuck in their teenage years and still trying to the school hard nut. They don’t realise how stupid they sound.

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    • Ooo he thinks she’s going to be his Valentine.

      I don’t like the way she is demanding that he does what she wants though.

      But hey, that’s true to form.

      She’s done it with her Dad, Mum, Sisters, all her Children, friends etc.

      So no change in her behaviour there for ARFUR.

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  6. I’m not the author of the following satire. Copyright belongs to Robert D Friedberg MA –

    Questions accidently left out of the original Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)-
    Answer YES or NO

    I sometimes stir fry small animals
    I believe virginity is never lost, just misplaced.
    When I am feeling blue, I often have thoughts that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.
    I enjoy talking to realtors.
    I frequently brake for the elderly.
    I water wallflowers.
    I can’t help but think that Bambi got what he deserved.
    I cry while merging onto freeways.
    I date my shadow.
    Capital punishment is my favorite spectator sport.
    I am sure a person should never yodel in public.
    Librarians make me hot.
    I believe God is my landlord.
    My mother was a smurf.
    When I lip-read, I get ink on my mouth.
    When things get tough, I floss.
    When I was a child, my family frequently moved without telling me.

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    • Is she off her head again?

      It must be the wine she’s been necking at Church.

      Anyway, she’s the one calling all sorts of people paedophiles, so on her reckoning, she must be one herself.

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    • If you need my email Angie I will give it you and you can get your lawyers to send my a summons.
      Because I accuse you of being a fraud, a con-merchant, a charity scam and a cheap crook with a filthy cigarette habit.

      ## Take note though: I once sued the News of The World in the early 80’s after they mistook for someone else with a similar name. They caved in within 10 days and paid damages which were enough at the time to buy a new Mini. However their legal costs for a matter that didn’t even go to court (except for a barrister to read out a formal apology-ten minutes) was nearly £50K then.

      You better put your house in your sister’s of children’s name as well – if you trust them. It’s not uncommon for either plaintiffs or defendants to get a lien on a person’s assets if they launch an expensive case like libel & don’t have the fuds to pay.
      I’ll await your message.

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      • You will also need to transfer your house at least 2 years before you launch an action. Courts are right onto people avoiding their debts that way.

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        • GOS She won’t be transferring her house deeds as she needs the house in her name to get housing benefit for her 2 boys.

          That pays for her rent in Lanzarote, the bills, the fags, the beer, her food, her jewellery, her internet etc.

          Btw the only reason she believes the Holly Greig case (she hasn’t researched it) is because Brenda Mumsy McNamara is selling her cheap jewellery and Angela loves a bit of tat.

          Plus Angela is burning her bridges with somewhere to stay in London and with Bren living in Essex and having slept on Bren’s sofa before, she wants to keep in with her.

          Also Bren has a lot of really thick followers that will believe anything.

          They don’t have logic or reasoning skills to suss out the truth.

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      • If you are talking liens GOS then i know a woman by the name of Neelu who is an expert in them.


    • He’s also obsessed with demonstrating and flaunting his status as a genuine mental midget.
      I’m the author of “D.S.’s Epic Fail”. Every time he states that “Lucian Greaves” is the author of that essay, or claims that person to be the author of something else I’ve written, he flaunts that status yet again. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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        • @karnevilnine – you’re very kind, thank you! 🙂

          Yes, all of the rants on Dysgenics blog attributed to “Plain Speaker” are mine.
          You can tell its mine, in some cases, by the tragically botched HTML (or whatever other code architecture underlies these WordPress blogs). HTML and I have never gotten along, and although I recognize the problem has to do with some blockage in my own thought-perception processes, I remain suspicious that all such technologies are a plot by an insane & sadistic conspiracy to drive people like me out of our minds.

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          • I suppose its possible that DipStick’s major mental malfunction could be driven by his not having any other name to attribute to me. So, here we are – an account under my proper legal name: Ichabod Skrabibble.
            Pleasedtameetcha! 🙂

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  7. “But NOW that the Portuguese Supreme Court has just ruled there is a STRONG chance Madeleinen McCann was SOLD TO AN ELITE PEDOPHILE RING- their constant lies and deflections are looking more and more pathetic.”

    Err, no.
    The Portuguese Court ruled no such thing you ignoramus. What it did rule was that the McCanns could not sue for libel as the cop had, under Portuguese laws, freedom of opinion. They made not a single ruling on what happened to Madeline McCann and if anything, the cop claims he thinks the parents may have killed their daughter by accident.

    However it was pure speculation and no subsequent investigation by Portuguese Police or the UK Met supported that conclusion.

    So there have an example of what viciously nasty and pathological liars these people are- fixated on child abuse & who not only hang around with abusers but are absolutely obsessed with the subject.

    Didn’t this creature claim he did something to Johnny Depp? So he contemplates Black Magic but couldn’t cast a spell to get himself out of a paper bag if he tried.

    But the intentions are there.

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  8. I think all the screenshots in this comments section prove Coyote’s excellent article to be 100% true.
    I would be interested in seeing how many and the number of convictions the Hoaxstead Perp’s have against them in regards to child neglect or abuse. Actually forget convictions just how many have admitted to abusing children. Now tally that against the children they have helped or “saved” which is zero. Without even looking into it I already have Ella Draper (neglect, enemas, exposing to sexual themes), Abraham Jemal Christie (child torture, sexual themes, drugging kids), Angela Power-Disney (admits beating her kids many times with weapons), Arthur Kaoutal (admits to doing time), David Sharter (says he was forced to kill children?), Jake “cannabis soup”, Aaron Dover (threatened wife and child)……and many many more i’m sure that have actual convictions. If only we had a database of criminal convictions we could sort through like the soooper seeeecret agents they think we all are. I’m pretty sure arthur would shit his pants reeling off a list of his crimes if we are what he says we are we should know all about his habits.

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  9. I’ve decided to have a life history and background that the Hoaxers can easily accept & respect. So…

    The Skrabibble families are descended from a lost tribe of Isrealites who were abducted and enslaved en masse by The Sea Peoples, (who were really Atlanteans). Naturally, they were forced to adopt an Atlantean surname so as to “fit in better” with the nomadic Sea Peoples, for whom they performed all of the bookkeeping services. Skrabibbles were subsequently sold into servitude to various other nomadic peoples throughout history, including the Romani, eventually surfacing as freed people in and around Poland during the 1700’s after Jacob Frank won us all in a poker game and finally granted us our freedom.

    We are a highly forgettable people, but perhaps you might recall that nice Sabean-Mandean family down the block from your grandmother’s house? Probably ran a meat shop, with a large sign on the wall proclaiming: “All products derived from animals properly sacrificed to Yaldabaoth, in the High Places” – ? That would have been us…

    Wow, this is fun 🙂 I’m tempted to become a completely fictitious & imaginary person like Angie…

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  10. Can anyone tell me what this is? Clicking on it just goes to an about page and it downloads as a pdf.

    It’s a 77 page document I presume Illegally uploaded by the Hoaxers?

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  11. “…speaks with folk tongue…”

    Another classic malapropism for the ‘Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes’! 😀

    Entries now include…

    “The emperor’s got no clothes”
    “Impolitically correct”
    “You’ve worked your fingernails to the bone”
    “The police were so futile to themselves”
    “Our intentions are ignoble”
    “Those who despitefully use you”
    “He speaks with folk tongue”
    “I can’t work with this level of idiocity”
    “We need to put aside our indifferences”

    Let me know if anyone spots any more priceless gems like those and I’ll add them in!

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  12. This is Melissa Williams, the rather strange woman who keeps sucking up to Arfur and encouraging his psychotic hissy fits on Farcebook:

    She’s proving to be good company for his other lapdogs Alan Alanson and Stephanie Oostveen.

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  13. Look who’s back, with the same old butt-hurt, waffle and random pictures of office furniture:

    Now let’s see how quickly we can get her banned again 😀


    • Angela just doesn’t have full engagement in groups.

      People don’t bother with her and she doesn’t get many (generous) if any comments.

      As for the years of work?

      Yeah try and fool yourself love, making some weepy videos for attention is not called work, neither is surfing the internet for articles that are years out of date and ones you haven’t even read before posting.

      Neither is deciding this and that happened without checking out any facts.

      You Charlatan Angela, con woman.

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    • What’s with the interior shots by Angie? I would suggest she may be practicing to become an Estate agent but of course that would mean a fulltime job so it can’t be that.


    • Especially with the size of some of these turds, Mik.

      Mind you, that’s what happens when you “shit constipation out of your cock-eye”, I guess.


  14. Can’t recall who I was discussing fake Ladybird book covers with…

    I was running the old computer today, watching Netflix on it ’cause the screen is bigger, and messing around here. The old beast kept crashing. I followed the usual procedures for minor hiccup repair, and suddenly that Ladybird auto repair cover popped up, titled: “Your system’s fucking fucked, mate! Big time!”, with this message: “The fucking fucked system repair tool is searching for problems. If problems are found, the tool can automatically repair them. Or not. If not, might as well throw this POS in the garbage”.

    The villain was google’s Chrome, I’m sure of that. It had been complaining about being run on an operating system that it stopped supporting years ago, but I successfully outsmarted it by going back to my initial Chrome install date using system restore, several times. Alas, I believe it eventually found a way to commit suicide and take the whole operating system with it.

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