Little Rascals daycare scandal covers some very familiar ground

A few days back, one of our readers mentioned that they’d been looking at videos covering one of the many trials that erupted during the last Satanic panic in the 1980s and 1990s; they recommended a series on the Little Rascals case.

The Little Rascals daycare scandal, although it took place in Edenton, North Carolina, shared elements in common with the infamous McMartin Preschool case in Manhattan Beach, California. Similar factors included hysterical parents, incompetent and misled therapists, and prosecutors eager to demonstrate that they were responding to this new apparent threat: child sexual abuse in the context of child care settings. And the predictable consequences: innocent people were accused, lives destroyed, trust broken, and children forced to make allegations against their carers.

The “Frontline” news analysis show on the PBS television network in the United States produced a stellar series of programmes about the Little Rascals case, titled “Innocence Lost”. The shows are well worth watching, as award-winning producer Ofra Bikel interviewed Edenton residents on both sides of the issue. Here’s the first of four shows, detailing how the case started and gathered steam:

According to journalist Lew Powell, who maintains a comprehensive blog on the Little Rascals debacle, the case began with two seemingly unrelated events:

Brenda Toppin, a dispatcher for the Edenton police department, attended a seminar on “satanic ritual abuse,” and Jane Mabry failed to get an apology from Bob Kelly for slapping her child.

Mabry began a campaign of complaints about Little Rascals, and eventually Toppin became part of a web of gossip, speculation and accusation that came to include parents, police, therapists and prosecutors.

In 1989 Kelly and six other defendants were charged with child sexual abuse.

Testimony of 12 children, who after months of intense questioning by parents, investigators and therapists had produced the sought-after claims of abuse. All documentation of the initial interviews, in which the children denied ever having been abused, was lost or destroyed.

On that last point, Bart Mills reported in July 1993 in the Chicago Tribune:

“The authorities in North Carolina, who I know met with the McMartin prosecutors, learned from them that the therapists’ notes should just be summaries,” Bikel continues. “They learned that if you want to win a case, it’s a bad idea to have tapes around.”

In the McMartin case, the defense used the videotapes of therapists’ interviews with the children to suggest that the idea of abuse had been implanted in the children’s minds by their interviewers.

In the documentary, the prosecution interviewer [Brenda Toppin] is shown testifying that she cannot say why her original interview notes were destroyed: “It’s just a lot of extra paper,” she said.

However, in an interesting twist, a portion of one of those interviews turned up after Bob Kelly had been convicted in 1992 of 99 counts of sexually molesting 12 children, and sentenced to 12 consecutive life terms.

According to Mr Kelly’s Appellant’s Brief in his 1994 appeal, “Child No. 5” was interviewed by Brenda Toppin; the interview was audio-taped. Later, Ms Toppin used the same tape to record an interview with Betsy Kelly, one of the accused; however, at the end of the recording is part of the interview with “Child No. 5”.

The brief states,

Ms Toppin did not bring any record of her interviews to court….She testified however that she used appropriate interview techniques, did not lead the children, and used the anatomical dolls in a professional and non-suggestive manner. The transcript reveals that contrary to Ms Toppin’s testimony at trial, at least some of her interviews were recorded and then intentionally destroyed. It also reveals that Ms Toppin’s interviews were not only suggestive, but coercive to the point of brutality. The child’s crying and pleas to stop are met only by Ms Toppin’s promise to stop when the child said what she wanted to hear. The tape also makes it clear that it was Ms Toppin, not “Child No. 5”, who manipulated and touched the dolls.

The transcript of the interview with “Child No. 5” fully bears out these statements:

All we can say is that it’s a good thing Ms Toppin didn’t have access to any metal spoons during that interview.

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  1. And that’s why blogs like this are so important. This has never been just about Hampstead for me. It’s also about nipping this crap in the bud before it becomes an epidemic. In the age of the internet, the hoaxer twunts can wreak so much damage with false allegations like those above. However, the other side of the coin is that people like us can use the same tool to fight back, with feckin’ bells on. Time was the only occasions when you’d encounter the likes of Berry, Shurter, Mahmoudieh, Alanson and Disney would be when you had to avoid sitting next to them on the bus. But now these freaks effectively have their own TV channels and radio stations and it’s up to sane, rational people like us to stop them.

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  2. sounds to me like mr bob may or may not have spanked a girl and touched someone on the stomach, but that isn’t necessarily sexual abuse. Seems to me like they need to question this “annie” girl before they start making accusations


  3. True, remember spanking wasnt frowned upon so much back in the eighties, and touching a stomach could be as innocent as a child having a stomach ache- “does it hurt here?”

    One sad outcome of the hysteria that came out of these cases was the loss of many people (both male and female) from the child care industry, as it became just too risky a job- leading to a shortfall in daycare centers staffing levels in the 1990’s/2000’s across the country
    Even today they struggle to find people willing to work with children, especially men are just too unwilling to risk being left alone with children in case they are accused

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  4. The use of the word ‘bairns’ leads me to suspect that it’s a Scot, a Geordie or a Mackem.

    It appears to be an old blog, though, yet another one that has died an embarrassing death along with all the other hoaxer twats’ pathetic efforts.


  5. A question of enforcing court orders and on credit notes.

    The legal system of any nation state is a contract between citizen and the state, enforced by the judges in the courts. The strength of law is that a decision by a judge in the form of a court order is enforceable. There is no point in a judge making a court order if by reason of lack of resources or a weak administrative system, the judge is unable or unwilling to enforce the court order. My faith as a citizen in the social contract with the State is based upon the ability of judges to enforce court orders. So, when court orders are made against Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry and Angela Power Disney in England and in in Ireland, the failure to enforce those court orders reveals to me that the legal system of both nations have become worthless, court orders are empty, the court judges are impotent in word and deed. A strong and vigorous nation in part is made this way by reason of its ability to make and enforce laws, which is to say people such as Angela Power Disney in a healthy nation state would be arrested the moment they became in contempt of a court order, brought before a judge and jailed. Is it now a wonder that parasites such as Angela Power Disney are trampling over the basic human rights of children and innocent people, because she knows the judges have no balls.

    Lets now look at Neelu Berry and her friends, those that have issued their own court orders based upon their own legal systems against state officials such as judges, and entities such as councils. Berry has issued such court orders as demanding unreasonable compensation running into £millions, plus disbanding councils, dismissing judges and placing many officials in a position of treason requiring prison time or other penalties as they see fit. Anyone can create a set of rules, also a system to make decisions based upon those rules, and judgements out of those systems, but the power of any authority is based upon brute strength of being able to enforce those legal judgements. Neelu Berry has no army or muscle to enforce her laws and court orders, so regardless of how she arrived at her decisions, she is impotent. The Queen who Neelu Berry sets herself against has the army, navy and airforce at her command, and would defeat Neelu Berry in battle, muscle dictates who creates and enforces the laws.

    Also, law is a social contract between citizen and the state, it being based upon the agreement of the many in order to live within a reasonable state of harmony allowing them to trade, have families, own land and have the basic rights of privacy, health, liberty and life. Neelu Berry has neither consulted the many, or has won the support of the many for her laws, legal system and legal orders, and in forcing her decisions upon the agents and agencies of the many, she becomes a tyrant and dictator, acting without the will of the people, but only for herself and the chosen few.

    Likewise in the matter of paper currency and debt Neelu Berry and her associates are ignorant hypocrites. Yes, it is true currency is a fraud, an IOU backed by debt, and limited assets. The whole paper currency system, loans and interest is a stinking scam, however, what does Neelu Berry offer instead. Why, she offers a piece of paper associated with Swissindo, an entity, another type of IOU, backed by uncertain claims of gold assets. All investigations of Swissindo suggests that debt rather than tangible assets supports the so-called debt relief certificates that Neelu Berry is issuing. So where then is Neelu Berry any different than the currency scam of the state? There is no difference, it is another scam. But, like the legal judgements that Neelu Berry makes against others, her paper currency is neither approved, or supported by the majority of citizens of any nation. The paper currency we have in England, the pound, is supported on the basis of faith and consent by the majority, but few do so for the pieces of paper Neelu Berry throws about.

    As a philosopher I support laws that are enforceable, and currencies that have assets backing them. I neither desire or support the legal systems or currencies of the small minority of fraudsters such as Neelu Berry. I am deeply frustrated that court judges have allowed the social contract that they are supposed to enforce fall into the sewer in their failures to enforce court orders against Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney. If the court judges want to avoid nations from turning into a lawless Darwinist Mad Max world, then get their acts together and enforce their court orders.

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  6. Yes, she’s a Scot all right. Has been spewing this shite on Twitter for ages now. Don’t know what she’s talking about, “not believing”—as far as I know she’s always been a Twoo Bewiever.

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  7. No, she’s actually saying she hasn’t received money for that piece of rubbish, as she’s too paranoid to give over her details, LOL!


  8. Am I being stupid or is Kim admitting to tax evasion?
    allegedly admitting to tax evasion….

    (apparently putting that in front of any old made up bullshitte makes it ok)



  9. But who is it she won’t give her details to, EC? When she says IRS, does she not mean the Inland Revenue Service? Or is it perhaps the name of her publishing company? Actually, that would make sense, as not telling the taxman her details wouldn’t necessarily stop her getting royalties in the first place.

    Damn and blast it all, chaps – I thought I’d caught myself a live one there but I guess I’ll have to find myself another tax-dodging celebrity instead. (I got those bastards Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr and am now looking to make it a hat trick.)

    Oh well, carry on guys. And remember: If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street. If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat. If you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat. If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

    Taxman Mr. Wilson
    Official motto: ONE FOR YOU, NINETEEN FOR ME


  10. That’s quite amusing… For the benefit of the conspiritard community (as I know many of them are avid readers) I’d just like to point out that merely ‘quoting allegedly’ does not satisfy the exception, in most defamation legislations, for ‘fair comment’ or ‘honest opinion’. – To invoke this you must also be able to defend your opinion using actual evidence…

    It would be reasonable for example to form and express the opinion (stressing that it is opinion) that someone who regularly advocates drug abuse, (perhaps even has a criminal record for the same) has been credibly implicated in the abuse of a child or children, and now masquerades as a child abuse ‘campaigner’, is in fact a fraud and probably a paedophile with ulterior motives.

    On the other hand the baseless accusation of paedophilia directed at an individual with absolute no criminal past, no involvement with children (other than as a parent perhaps) let alone any kind of adverse-indicator in dealing with them… Well, no matter how often you add the word ‘allegedly’ or state that this is ‘your opinion’, it remains defamatory.

    Defamation is unlike anything else you conspiritards might find yourself facing the court over in that it’s up to you to prove your allegations and/or opinion have a basis in fact. That’s one of the many reasons this so-called book was removed and why other rubbish of a broadly similar nature has been ordered to be pulped.

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  11. Yes and I would think you’d have to be able to specify who has had made the allegations, right? ‘Allegedly’ wouldn’t really cut the mustard if the person saying it were the one making the accusations in the first place.

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  12. The Illuminatus trilogy (see start of video) were fictional novels. Even the author stated that. Hey Shurter – and other conspirasheep who regularly read this blog (don’t deny it) – you may also be amazed that Cinderella, Casino Royale and Oliver Twist were made up too! I know, right!!! 😮

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  13. “There is an ‘evil geniuses for a better tomorrow’ card, depicting a man who looks a lot like Bill Gates.”

    Er…really? Which one?

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  14. There were important elements of the panic, that you rarely hear about in these accounts. The behind-the-scenes influence of adult SRA survivor claimants, for example. Little is known or understood about that, partly because it was so difficult to document. Everyone knows about frauds like Lauren Stratford, and a lot is understood about how such “celebrity” frauds helped drive the media panic – but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the very early adult SRA survivor claimants who volunteered themselves to equally fraudulent self-professed police “experts in cult & occult crime”, as expert advisers on satanic abuse crime.

    In this article, you meet some of the earliest self-professed police “experts in cult & occult crime”, such as Detective Sandy Gallant – who got started way back in 1981:

    (The W.I.N reports exposed all of these fraudulent police experts, individually, and debunked them as having no genuine understanding of the subject they claimed expertise in)

    Less well known are the adult SRA survivor claimants who advised them. Sandy Gallant had lying fraud Joan Christianson as an adviser. How far back? I could never establish, but well before the McMartin case. I could never establish if Joan was a former patient of an SRA obsessed recovered memory therapist, either, but some of the very earliest adult “survivors” were not.
    In any case, Christianson and others like her were principally concerned with somehow generating child “victims of SRA” whose abuse testimony would mirror and thereby support the adult claimant’s victim narrative. By filling the heads of police investigators, social workers, child therapists and “concerned parent” organization leaders, with their personal SRA victim narrative and assurances that these abuse cults always follow the same formula, she created expectations in their minds about what an SRA abused child would have experienced. So when they encountered a child that some adult suspected of being such a victim, they would find ways to manipulate the child into validating their expectations and what they believed they already knew.

    Its very hard to document that process. However, in the McMartin case, one of the key therapists interviewing the children turned out to be the only therapist that children were supposedly making “secret tunnel” claims to. Well, Joan Christianson’s victim narrative stipulated cult use of secret tunnels…
    I couldn’t prove that Christianson was “advising” this therapist behind the scenes, at the time, but I was able to document that later in the 1980’s those two women were jointly offering “SRA crime” training seminars, for which they charged big bucks.

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  15. Always confess when you’ve been mistaken, is one of my many many mottos 🙂

    I was tipped yesterday, that John D Norman’s claims about the “odyssey foundation” he supposedly ran in Dallas, were recorded in a long out-of-print book on the Corll case published in 1975. I was also advised that this book contains numerous inaccuracies – some of which may be a result of publishing so early after the case broke (1973) and therefore before all the facts could be clarified & verified. In any case, here’s what is known about John Norman’s “Odyssey Foundation”:

    “At the height of
    the furor there came out of Dallas reports of a na-
    tionwide homosexual procuring operation. Acting on
    a tip, police raided an apartment alleged to house
    the ring, arresting the ring’s leader and a number of
    other males, including two teenagers. In the apart-
    ment police discovered catalogued files containing
    the names and addresses of persons around the
    country, supposedly clients.

    They seized booklets containing photographs and
    the names of teen-aged and young adult males avail-
    able through the group which operated under the
    name, The Odyssey Foundation. It also worked out a
    post office box maintained in San Diego, California.
    The raiding police described the apartment as a
    crash^pad, a loading zone for young recruits waiting
    for assignments.

    The ring’s existence came to light through infor-
    mation supplied by a twenty-four year old gay ac-
    tivist who became panicky when he believed there
    might have been a link between the Dallas group
    and the Houston killings.

    Odyssey, it was learned, recruited boys from bus
    stations and other locations frequented by teenagers.

    They were called ” Fellows” and the homosexuals for
    which they were procured were referred to as “spon-

    In becoming a “sponsor,” the applicant was invit-
    ed to fill out forms listing his preferences in boys
    and how long he wanted the “fellow” in his home.
    Membership dues amounted to Fifteen dollars an-
    nually, plus three dollars for the booklet with pho-
    tographs of the “fellows/’ When a “sponsor” chose a
    particular “fellow” he contacted the foundation
    which put the young man on a plane to the “spon-
    sor’s” home. The “sponsor” was responsible for the
    “fellow’s” return air fare, his upkeep and pocket

    One of the young “fellows” who turned up on the
    list turned out to be an escapee from a California
    prison. A couple of youths picked up at the Dallas
    home of Odyssey were booked on narcotics posses-
    sion charges.

    Before a youth was accepted by Odyssey he sup-
    posedly underwent a ten day to three-week orienta-
    tion period for the program. This, the operator of
    Odyssey maintained, was intended to weed out un-

    ‘ As a correlation to the Houston murders, the
    Dallas call boy story amounted to a one-day sensa-
    tion and quickly died away. What appeared at first
    as a national ring of homosexual procurers turned
    out to be the enterprise of someone’s imagination —
    and hardly a new one. ”

    -from Harvest of Horrors:Mass Murder in Houston, by David Hanna

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  16. It would make a good sketch show, a bunch of different freeman of the Land types all meeting up in a mexican stand off trying to arrest each other, under different stupid made up laws.
    Then at the end the real police could turn up and arrest them all 🙂
    Bring back the stocks for these village idiots, free out of date rotten tomatoes for every law abiding citizen.

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  17. Everyone is justin…..

    jeez he’s getting worse isnt he?
    I abused Trump on twitter, and he now doesnt answer me…
    (well der, you actually think trump ever looks at the replies???- you are one of how many hundreds of millions that twit him every day….)

    Whats with his eyes- he keeps looking off to the sides all the time- looks weird

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  18. What a nice screen name you’ve got! 🙂

    Just for that, here’s some actual documented evidence for you:

    Second tape on the list: “TREATING CHILD VICTIMS OF RITUAL ABUSE Martha Cockriel,LCSW & Joan Christianson”
    and here’s documentation of CII therapist Martha Cockriel’s central role in the “secret underground room” fantasies from the McMartin case:


  19. DS will hate this…hee-hee!

    Nazis, eh? Well, I was an activist (and occaisional street-fighter, but we can’t talk about that because ARA does not condone violence) with this movement throughout my twenties:

    “The Anti-Racist Action Network (ARA) is a decentralized network of anti-fascists and anti-racists in North America. ARA activists organize actions, including criminal violence,[1] to disrupt neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, and help organize activities against fascist and racist ideologies. ARA groups also oppose sexism, homophobia, heterosexism, Anti-immigration, Nativism, anti-Semitism, and the anti-abortion movement. ARA originated from the skinhead and punk subcultures with influence from anarchist politics”.

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  20. Curiouser and curiouser, Justin. I was with the Anti-Racist Alliance in the 90s and we were also known as the ARA (in the UK, though). We never got involved in any street paggas, though, as we were a peaceful lot. The Anti-Nazi League were an aggressive bunch back then, though. Our lot were more hippified and used to hold concerts and festivals etc. I have fond memories of ARAFest in Southwark Park, c. 1993, where one of the acts was Gabrielle. Remember her?

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  21. Thanks, Justin 🙂

    Yes, your fan club (or cult, as Shurter will no doubt label it) appreciates your efforts very much. You’ll see we also posted a screenshot of an old comment of yours further up the page.

    God, that McMartin case was farcical. The stuff they were expecting people to believe – giant flushing toilets, flying witches, spaceships, hot air balloons and God knows what else – was so ridiculously far-fetched. But people did believe them! In fact, even now, after the children have grown up and admitted it was all a load of bollocks and that they’d been forced to lie by unscrupulous adults – the likes of Shurter STILL believe it! McMartin is a beginner’s guide to satanic panic and a depressing example of the long-lasting damage it can do.

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  22. You would at least need to be able to cite where the allegation was made, and if you endorsed it (explicitly or otherwise), cogently evidence why. As you suggest Ethel, merely placing ‘allegedly’ in front of a spurious claim does not in any way absolve the author of that claim. Nor does it assist anyone who repeats it.

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  23. LOL, Shurter’s accusing us of never denouncing Nazis.

    Can I just point out for the record that some of us haven’t shut the fuck up about them since this blog began. And unlike Shurter, we didn’t wait until there was a pagga in our own back yard before speaking out. Welcome aboard the bandwagon, Shitter. Toot toot!

    Mind you, this is the same lying twat who’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that we work 24/7 to stop his videos being seen, at the same time as bitching that we keep…er…posting his videos!

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  24. Not only is he saying we don’t denounce Nazism but the lying slanderous lowlife wanker is also saying that we are Nazis. I’d like to apologise on his behalf to all our black, Jewish and gay ‘members’ for that disgusting, false, highly insensitive accusation. If you’re new to the blog, take comfort from the fact that almost everyone who encounters Shitter learns very quickly to assume that anything he says is the opposite of the truth.

    And as for you, Reverend Shitter – because I know you obsessively read this blog and that you hilariously call yourself a man of God – here’s a quote from your alleged boss, affectionately known as Commandment No. 9:

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  25. Yes, it’s an old favorite 🙂
    I was a fan of Wilson’s Illuminatus Trilogy, and a more fanatical fan of his “Schroedinger’s Cat” Trilogy – throughout which the events and personages depicted in Illuminatus Trilogy undergo successive random “quantum shifts” – females become males and vice versa, character’s allegiances are reversed, some real world events become fictional stories and vice versa, etc,…

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  26. Funny how Shurter has never denounced serial killers, necrophiles or mass-murdering gun nuts. I guess it’s a case of birds of a feather.

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  27. Well I tried about 20 different comments and still couldn’t come up with anything that was civilised as a response to such a lying, lowlife, cowardly, and pathetic little worm as David Shurter.

    Music is always good though

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  28. Maybe Dave needs a bit of Demon Fuzz to Blow Away the cobwebs in his brain, now those rocks have fallen out of his head.

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  29. No but seeing as this is a blog about a satanic ritual abuse hoax that took place in a London suburb, it stands to reason that you should spend every waking hour discussing a race riot that happened in some God-forsaken backwater in Yankland. It’s obviously completely relevant to what this blog is about and if you don’t start discussing it immediately, I’m gonna tell everyone that you’re bunch of fucking Jew-hating Nazis, so there 😮

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  30. LOL, now he’s whining yet again about how we keep refusing to give him our real names. Sorry Dave, ain’t gonna happen. We’re not in the habit of giving out our personal details to someone who has admitted to being an arsonist and child-killer and threatened to murder his neighhbour’s babies. We’re old-fashioned like that and you’re just gonna have to deal with it. And while I’m on, if you’d like my address, phone number and/or bank account details, feel free to whistle out of your arse for them. Cheers

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  31. Quite amusing Raymond… Ogilvy does seem to have something of a Fregolian obsession with Mr Quinn; which is quite surprising since the man posts very little and very rarely on these matters. However the fact is I am not he and he is not everyone who happens to be onto the scummy little lowlife. – Many people see Madclown Ogilvy for exactly what he is!

    On the subject of dog walking though, I do happen to know that the woman who runs the pet care business Ogilvy alludes to (it’s nothing really to do with Mr Quinn) was utterly terrorised by a heavy-breathing pervert who made a number of intimidatory telephone calls to the number she uses for her business… So scared was this innocent female by this that she withdrew the number from her advertising, and now accepts clients only through recommendation and after a police check. – Then of course there were the intimidating calls to Mr Quinn’s office that he mentions in his (somewhat sparse) blog.

    I think it speaks volumes about those who seek to attack Mr Quinn that, unable to shake him, they took to attacking the vulnerable members of his family (his daughter was also stalked), and hold in such obvious contempt those who seek to make a living by honest means; that’s as opposed to the e-begging, con artistry and benefits bludging – not to mention drug dealing and other petty crime – so beloved of the hoaxing set.

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  32. Incidentally Ogilvy (I realise you are among the avid readers), when I wrote my post above I was thinking of the Ricky Dearman (innocent man) Vs Abe Christie (known child abuser and petty criminal). I now realise from reading what you wrote that you actually imagine it was all about you!!

    Poor little Mental Madclown – narcissitic as well as paranoid!!! Day after day spent desperately projecting your own sins onto anyone and everyone; and all you get in return it butthurt. What’s it like to have absolutely nothing to show for all your years on earth Malcolm? What is it the little children shout after you as you pass down the street?

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  33. Yes, I’ve noticed that Paedogilvy has a thing for you, Sir Henry. So this one’s going out to poor old lovelorn Malc…

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  34. As Madclown very clearly doesn’t know who I am, he is not only barking, but doing it up the wrong tree!

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