The time has come, the coyote said…

Well, it’s that time of year again, and EC is packing his bags, stocking up on sunscreen, and humming to himself as he prepares for his annual vacation.

But never fear, dear readers!

In lieu of our daily posts here, we’ve scheduled a carefully curated series of repeats from the Hoaxtead Research vaults: we’re calling it Hoaxtead in the Summertime.

The dog days of summer (“dog” days, geddit?) are the perfect time to catch up on articles you might have missed, and we hope you’ll enjoy those we’ve selected for you.

EC will return, tanned (but not overly so) and refreshed, in 10 days’ time. And of course, he’ll be keeping tabs on the blog from afar, and will bring you timely updates should anything truly startling happen in the land of the Hoaxtead mob.

Farewell for now, and see you all soon!


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  1. You have certainly earned a break EC. I hope that you have a great holiday and I shall look forward to your return.

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    • The crypto section used to have very nice “secret squirrel” coffee mugs, but I gave my one away to my mum’s old friend Margaret, who used to be a Bletchley Park girl back in the exciting days, and I figured that she had earned it more than me.

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  2. Well deserved, Your Howlness. Have a super-dooper-pooper-scooper time and don’t do anything me or Arfur Pint would do 🙂

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  3. Huh? Is there anyone here fluent in Malcolmian logic who can explain this one to me?

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      • I suppose we should be grateful that at this stage the only ally Angie can summon up is a man who is clearly mentally ill and spinning out of control.
        If Arfur wasn’t fixated on The Hoax he’d probably be attacking some innocent council worker in the street and accusing them of selling drugs outside a school.
        I think I can feel another spell in a Mental Health Unit for Arthur /Joseph and I hope an innocent person isn’t attacked.
        It’s only an inch away from announcing he is Napoleon Bonaparte.

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        • I just watched the first one… funny, I’m still laughing but like you I feel a little guilty laughing at a raving lunatic…more at what he’s saying than him really.

          I’m afraid to look at the other videos in case I die laughing.

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          • The other two are quite short, and his mental health is visibly deteriorating isn’t it, I suspect he will be heading back in soon…

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          • @ Steved I do wish the man the best. I feel like the further he gets from APD’s grasp the better for his sanity. Sometimes I forget how evil she truly is and then she pulls a stunt like yesterday’s, lying about her daughter being maligned, so her hero will rush to her rescue. I hope she hasn’t set him on the road to a psychotic episode.

            And actually much of what he said, especially to Tracey and APD was dead on…I laughed because he was being really cheeky.

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        • I like the way Arthur advertises Lonsdale London on his clothing. They’re apparently owned by Sports Direct who, according to wiki, is one of those corporations that keep most of their employees on zero hours contracts and also engages in other kinds of unfair practices.

          So well done Arthur. You keep advertising one of the big corporations which craps on poorer people. While you’re doing it you can fool yourself into believing you’re some kind of revolutionary thinker.

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    • I usually only last a few minutes listening to these ratbags and that was no different. However it did lead me onto the subject of the last post who the same “producer” is making a meal of : Maggie Oliver. I take back any concillatory comments that I made about Ms. Oliver.

      Maggie Oliver: you are a phony and a goose. Your claims now appear timed to cash in on a scandal that unfolded and which you had no hand in and it appears you are attempting to basically cash in on that dreadful series of events.

      We’ll never know the real reason you left the force- I believe it was probably under a cloud (but you can always prove otherwise & I’d happily apologise) like that other great phony Wedger but your and his association with a vicious creep like Robert Green who has thought nothing of trying to destroy the lives of innocent people reveals you for what you are. One day a REAL whistleblower in The Met may reveal why you and Wedger are no longer in the force. We can only hope.

      You cannot be a stupid person and you must know exactly what you are doing. You are attempting to give credence to these idiots who are no friend to genuine victims, rather deluded fanatics revelling in a sort of low level internet “fame” and whose obsession is personal glory under the guise of “child protection advocates”.

      Enjoy your five minutes in the limelight. I’ve had vast experience of idiots who believe a brief appearance in the tabloids is meaningful (it usually leads to a feeling of abandonment) and the internet just amplifies this.
      # Jon Wedger’s “merchandise” is not just an embarrssament it’s a scandal. What a bunch of cheap creeps – attempting to profit off child abuse.

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        • Had a quick look at her timeline. What fraud she is. She appears to be courting the media while making exaggerated claims as a “whistleblower”- whilst not revealing a single thing but jumping on bandwagons long after they have left town. Just like Jon Wedger.
          Very reminiscent of that other liar & fraud who claims he was “detective” for 9 years (was an acting det for 9 months only and was politely told his career would go no further) & who has forged a career as a TV presenter. And whose role in the Cliff Richard travesty is soon to unravel (there is nothing like the BBC scorned)

          Folk like Oliver, Wedger and that very, very suspect Ray Savage deserve the most condemnation of this mob. They have been at the coal face for a time yet encourage the false accusers and fantasists like Robert Green.
          Opportunists taking advantage of ghastly situations, downplaying the very difficult actions of real cops who do the hard grind and who get few thanks & are often pilliored because convicting criminals can be a 100 times harder than people think. They step up and claim to be “whistleblowers”. demeaning a term that depicts genuine heroic and often very brave people who put their careers and lives on the line to expose real crimes and the machinations of government or corporations. They seize upon scandals after they have bene exposed and make exaggerated claims while revealing sod all. Plaigarists.

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        • Many thousands? Slight exaggeration there Maggie, where do you get your figures from, don’t get carried away. Actually why not do your research into the fact that a lot of prisoners are in there because they have severe mental health issues, there’s no where else to put them, some are in there for addiction reasons, having been abused as children, some of them are women who have got into debt. Some of them are in there because they are paedophiles. Why not do your research too into the fact that many young people end up in places like Feltham as a revolving door, because they don’t get any help with their issues in young offenders institutions, and there is certainly no help for them on the outside

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      • There is a photograph of Maggie Oliver leaving the Playboy Club in London with some of her Big Brother contestants after she was voted out, at the same time she congratulated the victims of John Worboys for winning their appeal. That didn’t sit right with me at the time. Ok she was a Police Officer and she was a Whistle Blower on behalf of some girls who were dreadfully abused. BUT THAT WAS HER JOB!

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    • Why should Bill Maloney take advantage of a vulnerable adult, and brainwash him into saying he was abused by every MP or TV personality that Maloney and Fay put into his head? And I believe Maloney had something to do with the accusations made against an ex Liberal Democrat MP. And as for the film he made featuring a dead baby, there is much more to this story, but it might not be appropriate to say at this present time.

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  4. I thought I’d check out the source of Angie’s vile racism about African migrants as I thought it was normal newspaper. Instead it’s the website of a raging racist who looks fairly well advanced in years yet still hasn’t discovered how to spell his profession : “Professional photoggrapher”.

    It always surprises me as I had one Irish grandmother who was a stauch OrangeMan supporter and worshipper of Ian Paisley and hated Catholics. My mother, an East European Jew was terrfied of her and we often discussed how Ireland was the birthplace of so many amazingly brilliant humanists who have spread far & wide throughout the world bringing great advancements (for such a small population) yet there was also a small minority of fixated hatfull racist scumbags in the land. Would never mention names of course but the words, Disney, Angie & Power come to mind.

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    • I always think of Ireland, our national psyche, as being schizophrenic (in the yesteryear sense of that word – as in possessing a split personality). We need some serious detoxing. There’s lots of lies and hidden truths surrounding the establishment of the free state, the civil war and our past which are coming to light, all for the betterment of our society.

      I don’t think like APD by any stretch….I’m sure her type are in the minority. I reckon, like the nuns dressed in their penguin style habits from another era, she’d have revelled in the respectability of being a member of the religious police.

      In the main, Irish people of all differing credos are lovely….so I like to believe.

      Our first settlers came from the African continent!

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      • Spot on. Are you Irish per chance?
        My ex-wife was a Catholic from an Irish family and often talked of someof the nuns at the various schools she attended as being kindness personified but there were some who were a veritable nightmare.
        Now you have put that image in my head: Angie as a demonic fieresome nun in a penguin outfit raging through the dormitory in full flight at 5.30am weilding a T-Square and threatening terrified 9 year olds with Hell & Damnation if they didn’t get to morning prayers on time and dishing up stale cold porridge for breakfast as punishment.
        She missed her calling.

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        • I’m Dublin born and bred. APD would fit in well with the sisters of the caliphate just as easily, dressed in a burka, rampaging through the streets tsk tsking at any woman who dared to show her ankles and then stoning them to death.

          I don’t recall having any major issues with the nuns at my primary school…once I was whipped on the back of my knees with a bamboo stick, that was sore – what I didn’t like most of all was the snobbery and insistence on modesty and I could never understand why in the yard there was a big white line separating the girls from the boys…I used to stand on one side crying because I couldn’t play with my brother.

          Like most girls I wanted to become a nun myself (brainwashed), the allure of dedicating myself to God, being a martyr to the cause was so strong, also I’d decided I was never going to be subservient to a man through marriage. Anyway, it wasn’t until after living abroad and returning home that I developed a profound anger for nuns because I saw them as the ultimate symbol of oppression…that’s what happens when your horizons are broadened.

          But there’s a lot of love worldwide for those missionary Irish nuns who taught children in the furthest reaches…which is dead handy if you’re a traveller. When I go to Canada I nearly always meet someone who wants to repay the kindnesses they received as pupils to their teachers’ fellow countrymen…

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  5. Only took her two days to notice:

    By the way, is that a rhetorical question or is she actually dumb enough to expect a reply from FB admin?

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    • Lee & Sarah’s Love-In: Summary


      • Accusing you of all sorts of shit with no proof
      • I know the shit they spreading isn’t true
      • I have a journalist friend. She said they’ve broken all the laws imaginable
      • That’s why they’ve done this to me, cos I outed them the other day
      • Tim Haines is definitely one of them

      Slander, never happened:

      • Making false allegations against people like he did with you Sarah
      • Accusing you of all sorts of shit with no proof
      • You should see what’s in the comments. Somebody telling them where I live
      • That knob is actually inciting by publishing your address
      • Even using lies to get it [LtV’s channel] down
      • The lies they used in a very underhanded way
      • Or they are part of a cult that wants it all burying cos they are paedophiles themselves

      Hypocrisy and self-projection:

      Making false allegations against people like he did with you, Sarah
      • Accusing you of all sorts of shit with no proof
      • All I worry about is if it was somebody vulnerable, this would send them well over the edge
      • It’s disgusting
      • I know the shit they’re spreading isn’t true
      • Might want to look into breach of data protection
      • Especially cos I photo shot their conversation
      • Pack of cunts
      • Stalking, defamation of character, making up lies with screenshots of conversations [from] weeks ago
      • Spending all their time slagging off people
      • Accusing them all of using fake accounts.
      • Printing stuff using people’s real names
      • Cowards
      • Fucking class A fuckwits
      • They obviously don’t have jobs otherwise they wouldn’t have the time to do what they are doing
      • Or they are mentally ill, obsessing over a stupid court case
      • Bunch of useless cunts, I’d say, with no backbone
      • And this is what we have to put up with!

      Threats of violence:

      • Love them to come visit me. Last fucking time the cunts would have use of their legs
      • I would fuck them up personally


      Easy to trace IP address etc.

      Idiocy and ignorance:

      He seems to have not grasped the true definition of harassment
      • I’m sure somebody will report them one day
      • Screenshot and grass the cunts to plod
      • He knows fuck-all about law
      • Might want to look into breach of data protection
      • My mate said cos they’ve used my real name and pic…something to do with data protection etc. and they didn’t get permission to take off Facebook and use in their blog
      • They really would be in trouble if I went to the police
      • It’s not in me to sprag or snitch. But I know somebody who might, if I gave them the info they need
      • They’ll no doubt be shitting their pants now
      • Tim Haines is definitely one of them


      And this is what we have to put up with!

      Yeah, and…?

      You and me and Suzanne Cunliffe photo shot of us chatting
      • It was them who have had you tube channels taken down, including Lifting [sic] the Veil’s channel
      • But I know somebody who’s had their channel taken down cos of them

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      • She also said, “All I worry about is if it was somebody vulnerable, this would send them well over the edge.” I guess her compassion doesn’t apply to RD and his children.

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    • You are correct Lee Sullivan.
      When I say you look like a pedo it most definitely isn’t defamatory. If I was going to conjure up in my mind what a pedophile looked like this photo would be an example.
      I’m not saying that this is a photo of a pedo as that would be a libel, just that to me, that’s what a pedo looks like.
      Over to you sport.


      • I ventured to take a peak at Sullivan’s Facebook page and he is utterly vile. Antisemitc, homophobic, reckons Cliff is a paedo, yadda yadda – all the usual boxes ticked. And he uses the ‘c’ word so often his page might as well be called the Vagina Monologues.

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    • If you don’t want people to know what town you live in you’d best not have a You Tube channel that makes it EFFIN OBVIOUS.
      What are the police going to say? They’re going to say ‘you exposed yourself on You Tube.’

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      • Sarah’s been exposing herself on YouTube? Dammit, you had to put that image in my head, didn’t you. I’ve just eaten too.


    • I don’t even think this bloke should be allowed on a plane. I wonder if that policeman who seems to know his history is aware Arthur is planing to travel?
      It could just be B/S that he is about to visit the UK but should a man with a violent history who makes frequent trips to Lebanon (one of the main sources of illicit drugs into Australia), a man with an admitted history as a gangster and drug dealer be allowed into the UK given the current atmosphere and his threats against the Royal Family?.
      I think not. I think an email to the AFP (Australian Federal Polce) is in order. What if he goes haywire on a plane in mid-flight?.

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    • Had to giggle at arfurs demand

      immediately brought this to mind

      “One billion gagillion fafillion shabadabalo shabadamillion shabaling shabalomillion yen”

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    • “You need to pay back all congestion charges ever since 2003 when they came in” 😂


    • “You are a network of criminals – all of you, every single one of you”

      Nasty Neelu 😦


    • “Let me repeat myself for the fourth tiime”

      Oh God, Neelu, do you have to? Zzzzzz


    • And shes shared ‘cwissy’ norris’s latest video, he gives a little smirk to the camera (which is actually the wrong one as he is using a different one to film on LOL) every time he ‘thinks’ he has pulled a fast one over the bailiff, makes him look a right twat too it does

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  6. Good work, Fnord. Looks like you’ve touched a nerve. There’s a wonderful adage that Captain Mainwaring is wont to use in moments like this 🙂

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