‘Nick’ charged with perverting the course of justice, fraud

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) yesterday announced that the person known only as ‘Nick’, whose allegations against various prominent figures set off the disastrous Operation Midland, has now been charged with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice, as well as one count of fraud.

Operation Midland, which began in late 2014, was based solely upon Nick’s allegations of sexual abuse and murder against several high-profile individuals.

Following the collapse of the investigation, in November 2016 an independent inquiry conducted by retired High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques found that the Metropolitan Police had made numerous errors, including a senior officer announcing that Nick’s allegations were “credible and true”.

Following the Henriques report, which reviewed Nick’s allegations, police launched an investigation into Nick.

According to yesterday’s report in The Times,

The CPS said that the police investigation provided evidence that Nick, 50, who has children, made a number of false allegations alleging multiple homicides and sexual abuse said to have been carried out in the 1970s and 1980s.

He is accused of making false claims of three child homicides and blaming one on Mr Proctor. He allegedly falsely claimed he was sexually abused by a paedophile ring including politicians, a television presenter and other unidentified men.

He is accused of providing a list of locations where he said he was abused, as well as sketches to back up the allegations, and went to the sites with investigators.

The Satanic ritual abuse connection

We fully expect that now that these charges have been laid, those who have enthusiastically promoted the Hampstead hoax since it went public in early 2015 will take the opportunity to dredge up the spectre of SRA, which many of them attempted to push during and after the Operation Midland investigation.

In November 2015, Richard Bartholomew of the Barth’s Notes blog  pointed out that SAFF, the Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation, had made an impressively documented case for a connection between those who promote the SRA narrative and the so-called “VIP investigations” such as Operations Yewtree, Midland, Fairbank, and others:

Among other things, the author draws attention to the fact that the original head of Operation Yewtree, Commander Peter Spindler, previously sent 30 Metropolitan Police officers on a course on how to spot evidence of SRA.

There’s also an odd detail from a document produced by RAINS which lists a number of Satanic abuse “suspects” from an accuser known as “Helen G.” This person alleged that the comedian Jimmy Tarbuck was “seen at Beaulieu at Summer Solstice”, where “Cult Festival Ceremonies” supposedly took place. Tarbuck, of course, was arrested in April 2013 as part of Operation Yewtree, with one initial accuser rising to six after the arrest was announced.

The matter was subsequently dropped (after the best part of a year) – not just due to “insufficient evidence”, but because of counter-evidence that showed he had been the victim of false accusations.  Perhaps a coincidence, but it seems reasonable to speculate about whether certain names have been passed around by “anti-SRA” enthusiasts for years and are now influencing police decisions and/or therapeutic encounters.

Lest you think that all of this is ancient history not worth recounting, only last week two supporters of the Scottish Fresh Start Foundation, Catriona Selvester and Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, released an “updated” version of the infamous “Helen G.” list, which originated with RAINS co-founder Dr Joan Coleman.

We won’t link to that list here, as it contains completely unsubstantiated and slanderous information about still-living individuals, as well as deceased persons who are of course unable to answer any allegations.

Operation Conifer and Robert Green

In a similar vein to the RAINS/Yewtree connection, readers will remember the involvement of SRA-promoter Robert Green in Operation Conifer, the Wiltshire Police investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against former prime minister Edward Heath.

It emerged that then-Chief Constable Mike Veale had received information from known conspiracy theorist Robert Green, late of the Hollie Greig hoax. Mr Green obtained this “information” from…yes, that’s right, Dr Joan Coleman of RAINS.

Barth’s Notes quoted the Sunday Times in a post dated 29 September 2017:

Mike Veale… emailed Robert Green, of Warrington, two weeks ago in response to an email Green had sent him. Veale wrote: “As ever thank you Robert.”

The words suggest the pair had communicated previously and will cast fresh doubt on the evidence that Veale’s force has gathered.

…Green is an activist closely involved with fraudulence [sic] allegations in Scotland in the so-called Hollie Greig case, in which claims that a girl with Down’s syndrome had been abused were found to be false. He was jailed for 12 months in 2012 for harassment.

As it turns out, while the Sunday Times did not clarify this, Mr Veale was thanking Mr Green “for an email in which he expressed his glee at the Mail on Sunday‘s front-page splash about how Operation Conifer’s findings were to be passed on to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Green’s email and Veale’s reply were published on a Hollie Greig conspiracy website”.

Dizzy yet?

On 5 October 2017, someone from the “HollieGreigJustice” website posted a letter, seemingly penned by Mr Green, in the comments section on Barth’s Notes. It included this snippet of information:

Over seven years ago, following the publicity surrounding the unlawful arrest and imprisonment I suffered in Aberdeen over Hollie`s case, I was invited to meet Dr Joan Coleman, a specialist in the field of child and ritual sexual abuse of impeccable reputation. Amongst other details, including some relating to Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, she offered some evidence about Sir Edward Heath. Although I was naturally not party to any depth of information, I did learn that evidence against Sir Edward had been provided by no fewer than five witnesses, all of them totally independent of each other.

I can say that due to the consistency of aspects of the content of the various statements, it would be impossible to deny that such evidence must be wholly credible.

Now, here in October 2017, it is interesting to recall that had I not been snatched from an Aberdeen street in February 2010, it is possible to imagine that such valuable evidence would never have seen the light of day.

Mike Veale, you might recall, was the police officer who announced that had Sir Edward Heath been alive today he would have been questioned regarding the allegations against him.

Mr Veale left the Wiltshire Police in January 2018 to become Cleveland Police’s new chief constable, but shortly after his appointment it was reported that he had done so because he was under investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC, formerly the IPCC).

We’ve discussed the insidiousness and strange persistence of the SRA narrative amongst people who really ought to know better: police officers, social workers, psychotherapists, and the like.

It seems quite plausible that some of the more bizarre and lurid allegations which have arisen in the various relatively recent “VIP abuse” allegations may have had their genesis in the fertile imaginations of the usual suspects—those who seem determined to spread the SRA narrative far and wide.

As usual once charges have been laid, comments about Nick or his case are inappropriate and may amount to contempt of court.

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  1. I hope a certain young lady with a passion for Donald trump, crackling candles and collecting parents considers these matters.

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  2. Here’s hoping the arrest of Nick starts the ball rolling on further arrests of people who make false allegations. The bandwagon jumpers need to think twice now!

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      • I somehow doubt this actually deter the usual knobheads, they’ll merely weave this into their conspiracy as proof of s cover up and the heroic Nick being framed for his insolence in making charges. They’ll never stop.

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        • [redacted material re defendant] Massive waste of public money that could have been spent on surveiling terror suspects, catching genuine paedophiles who are actually alive, if not famous, and putting cctv into the dark woods of hull to catch the bastards who are hanging dead children in trees. Looking forward to seeing neelhu, apd and mad deb react to this breaking news.

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        • Indeed and I’m disappointed that LBC radio host James O’Brien is criticising this decision. I liked him for a long time but have decided he’s a knob head. He makes the rediculous claim that this may deter real victims.
          So he agrees that anyone could falsely accuse innocent people inlcuding the respected war hero Lord Brammal (“Nick’s” calculated and creepy plot against this great man included casing an army base 2 years before he accused Brammal who hadn’t been there for over 30 years and then claiming Brammal had abused him on the base). We know of the distress this caused his dying wife.
          Same same Harvey Proctor (and still annoyed LBGT “activist” Peter Tatchell refused to support Proctor because of his 1980’s politcial views- some gays more equal than others?) whose life “Nick” has almost destroyed and so on.
          Let alone the financial cost of his false claims ( Earth to knobhead O’Brien: this means far less resources to chase up real offenders).

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  3. “Lest you think that all of this is ancient history not worth recounting, only last week two supporters of the Scottish Fresh Start Foundation, Catriona Selvester and Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, released an “updated” version of the infamous “Helen G.” list, which originated with RAINS co-founder Dr Joan Coleman”.

    I knew it! I knew that was one of the things they were up to: collecting further bogus allegations from fraudulent sra victim claimants for their own “Helen G” list!

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  4. Note to all Hoaxteaders: I think we should post positive comments on the Ebay Youtube video. No need to lie: this is a positive and pleasing development in this case. But I do not see why these utter creeps should get away with their mean spirited attaempt to rain on the winner’s parade ( all the winners).
    The nasty comments should be pushed down to where they disappear (no-one goes past the first page or the thirds page on Google searches).
    ## Also think Ebay should be contacted. They could face a legal problem if they allow and have facilitated defamatory comments.

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  5. Thanks for this update, EC. A somewhat pertinent reminder to the hoaxer fruitloops of the seriousness of lying to the authorities.

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  6. So could Mike Veale and Robert Green also be charged with fraud and perverting the course of justice for allegedly aiding and abetting ‘Nick’ in this case, or is that just wishful thinking?

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      • Malcolm has no redeeming qualities about himself whatsoever. A sad man that spends his days just waiting for comments to appear here. He never actually has much to say himself and when he does, it’s never anything nice.

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        • Also, he tends not to make much sense (dihydrocodeine and temazepam aren’t a good mix). Have you any idea what his comment at the bottom has to do with the screenshot? Is he saying no to my question about wishful thinking? In which case he’s confirming that Green and Veale are being charged, lol.

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      • I don’t like looking at Malcolm’s blog; mainly because it is filled with nonsensical drivel, but also because it has the ugliest colour scheme and worst design this side of “Time Cube”.

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  7. Picture Quiz
    Can you name these three school chums on a trip to the Isle of Man in 1951?

    Clue: one of them is mentioned in EC’s post.


  8. Naturally, Malcolm stopped to check that this guy was ok and called an ambulance, as one does when one is first on the scene of a serious accident. Then again…

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  9. Just when you think Catriona Selvester’s dot-joining can’t get any more farcical and ridiculous, she jumps up and surprises you…

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      • Ooh, I’m not sure, Issy. I don’t think he’d use a fake name to say that. I think it’s one of the other fruitloops who were posting on his page. It’s bizarre, though, as it’s so random. It was posted to ‘Secret Squirrel’ on the comments under a Neelu video. Neither the video nor the thread had anything to do with Taylor or Hoaxtead, or anyone other than Neelu for that matter, Moreover, there was no reason to think that Secret Squirrel was connected with Hoaxtead. And as I say, who calls themselves Anonymous and expects people to know who they are? Weird on so many levels

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  10. What I find immensely distressing is the confirmation bias demonstrated by some police officers in relation to allegations of SRA. I say this as someone who telephoned Operation Yewtree and the Wiltshire Police in order to share with them my considerable 1st hand experiences of witnessing demonstrably false allegations of SRA. The lack of interest was underwhelming.

    Even more disturbing Recently watched a BBC documentary, part of the 24 hours in Police Custody series, the episode titled “50 Shades of Abuse”. It dealt with a subject close to my heart and also one on which I have significant bitter experience; the abuse of vulnerable adults.

    The prosecution of “Nick” (upon which I shall not comment for obvious reasons) should be considered in relation to the situation reported in the Channel 4 documentary that can be viewed here:
    (Warning, this is an EXTREMELY distressing video to watch, so take care to look after yourself if affected by these issues – viewer discretion etc)

    Watching this video left me feeling very angry and IMO we definitely need legislative changes to protect vulnerable adults from the kind of appalling abuses reported in the video. It is sickening to see how police find their hands tied when someone takes the immense courage to step up and report horrific abuses, only to have the police unable to do anything about it. The poor young woman in the video actually ended up in a situation where she was in more danger of being abused due to reporting her abuse to the police, a situation with which I am also very familiar. We cannot blame the police in this instance, they have to follow their mandate and if they do not have a mandate to take action in such a circumstance we need legislative change.

    There is something profoundly broken within our criminal justice system when our police services spend millions on investigating fictitious allegations of historic CSA and SRA and yet are unable to act to protect an extremely vulnerable and abused young woman who is in desperate need of help, and an offender who is in desperate need of locking up and the key being thrown away.

    Finally, in the BBC news piece re the police receiving training in spotting the signs of SRA, I could not agree more with RR Hoskins when they say:

    “Unless we are being racist, if religiously motivated crime exists in one culture then it can, potentially, occur in every culture,” he said.

    “The danger, of course, is going back to the position we were in 20 years ago where certain people were looking for it under every stone and round every corner making out this was massive organised abuse.

    “That’s going too far. We just need a balanced line here.”

    It is my understanding that ritualised abuses of children and vulnerable adults by controversial new religious movements (cults if you like) is widespread and that some of the worst offenders are deflecting from their own criminal activities by manipulating children and vulnerable adults into making allegations of historic CSA and SRA against innocent people.

    Open message to any police service: I will train you for free if you like. I have my training materials ready to go and I have evidence and lots of it. All you need to do is ask

    I have a blog under construction in the name of “surreal hustle” but until now I have been posting as OMGnotthisoldshiteagain – mentioning this as when I tried to post as OMG the new name comes up

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  11. I also noticed that, in the news today, there is a lot of coverage of the banning of so called gay conversion therapy.

    Interesting piece in the Indy

    “Writer and equality campaigner Vicky Beeching, who underwent a ‘frightening exorcism’ when she was younger, tells indy100 that her experience with the practise left her ‘deeply damaged’.

    Conversion therapy, or ‘gay cure’ therapy, is a practice that takes many forms. Some are more dramatic, like the loud and rather frightening exorcism I voluntarily underwent at the age of 16.

    Some are more subtle, like the years of quiet but equally harmful ‘prayer ministry’ I received in my 20s from Christians who told me that being gay was always caused by childhood trauma or sexual abuse. They assured me God could make me straight if I surrendered to the ‘healing process’.

    Despite the fact I had no such abuse in my past, they were certain they could help me remember some forgotten trauma, which was a horrendous suggestion to plant in a person’s mind. ”

    more here, plus a very interesting video


    It seems to me that if a damaging and abusive practice like gay conversion therapy can be banned, why can recovered memory therapies and various quack therapies that generate false memories not also be banned?

    One thing I will be publishing in my blog will be an open letter to Theresa May demanding that the quacks who have form for abusing vulnerable people with batshit crazy therapies should be banned from practicing and should face criminal sanctions for their activities.

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    • All this LGBT stuff is coming out, so to speak, because it’s Pride Month, it used to be like when people protested in large numbers in big cities round the country, about the treatment of LGBT people. But nowadays it just gives large companies like Virgin Media and Barclays Bank and at least sixty other companies to have large floats in a parade. So now government companies put out stuff like LGBT people get abused in the street when holding hands, Transgender issues, and now, the banning of Gay Conversion Therapy, that was actually still available up until the 1980’s on the NHS in this country

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  12. …meanwhile, oop Norf, the Scottish Legion of Doom have been thwarted by the devilish tactic by the Powers That Be, er, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration of “refusing to take their documents’ and telling them to sling their hook.

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  13. “I did learn that evidence against Sir Edward had been provided by no fewer than five witnesses, all of them totally independent of each other”
    There’s no such thing in SRA accusations really. Most if not all of these people have been in contact with each other for literally years on the internet through various victim message boards and websites. Seriously, what kind of stupid are these cops?

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    • One of the issues that has been on my mind for some time now is the concept of “convergent evolution”. It happens in nature, one example being the rove beetle’s evolution into a creature that lives parasitically inside ants nests. Amazingly it is not the case that a single branch of the evolutionary tree divided into different sub-species that exploit ants. Different sub-species evolved completely independently over time, in total isolation from one another. This is called convergent evolution.

      This video explains it very well

      Another example of convergent evolution is the fossa, a mammal that fills an evolutionary and ecological niche in Madagascar.

      The appearance and behaviour of the fossa is not unlike a jungle cat. In the above footage it descends a tree in a manner similar to a small jaguar. The fossa is not a feline, it belongs to the family Eupleridae and is most closely related to mongooses.

      As Madagascar was, for millennia, isolated from other land masses distinct fauna evolved there. Lemurs evolved and fossas evolved to predate lemurs and to thus fill the evolutionary niche usually filled by felines in most land masses. Thus the fossa, while resembling a cat in appearance and behaviour, is not a cat.

      It seems to me that narratives regarding SRA may also be subject to convergent evolution.

      It may be true that many SRA “survivors” have contact with one another, especially now we have the internet.

      It may also be true that some “survivors” have no contact with one another but share quack therapists.

      It may also be true, especially when there is evidence that “survivors” are generating revenue streams from their narratives, that they have simply, like the rove beetle, evolved to predate on vulnerable populations in such places where the environmental and cultural factors provide a source of sustenance (money) for them.

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  14. Someone’s sniffed a conspiracy bandwagon, I see…

    Evidence please, Angie?


  15. Check out the last paragraph. What a nasty old cow:

    By the way, she forgot to include a picture in this one, so it was reportable. Will keep you posted but seeing as Facebook has allowed John Taylor’s death threats to RD and another guy’s threats to firebomb the office that confiscated Neelu’s van, I won’t get my hopes up.

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    • More stupid dot-joining. I wish Angie and her ilk would try to apply some logical thinking for once in their lives.

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  16. And apparently doing gardening makes you a mass murderer.

    I sometimes wonder where the police forces of the UK would be without Cat to guide them in their investigations. I’m sure she was the inspiration for Jane Tennison.

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  17. KSC’s back and still supporting Trump and ranting about immigrants. Oh well, at least it’s distracting her from harassing RD and his children.

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      • Good point, EC.

        Also, I wonder what Kris the “anti-child abuse campaigner” thinks about her beloved Trump’s policy of separating migrants’ children from their parents and locking them up in cages. She’s been strangely silent on that.

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        • Doesn’t their wonderful national symbol, the Statue of Liberty, feature Emma Lazarus’ poem?

          “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…”

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      • Sadly, despite having been disavowed by Alex Jones (who probably resented the loss of audience share), Q is very much out there and directing the energies of Trump enthusiasts into ever more Byzantine conspiracy blind alleys. It turns out that the best way to keep conspiracy nutters calm and complacent and believing in Dear Leader is to drip feed them “breadcrumbs”.

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    • Yes I will be asked Mr Soros that as well as CEO of All Broom Closets (GCHQ) if I can also have a major position at ANTIFA. No idea what Antifa does but if Mr Soros funds it I want a piece of the action. Hopefully they have a btter canteen than GCHQ (not that I’m allowed in there- for some reason they refuse to take Luncheon Vouchers which Mr Soros assues me can be used world-wide)

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      • Well, one thing they did last year that made me chuckle was mob Nathan Stolpman and confiscate his phone when he tried to film them 😀

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  18. I’m a bit taken aback at some of the comments above.

    First of all he’s not a convicted paedophile.

    Second, for all we know, he may be mentally ill. The allegations he made were so outlandish that the police were bound to (eventually) cotton on to them not being sustainable.

    None of the above is to excuse false allegations.


    • There is little support for Ireland leaving the EU among the Irish electorate, with even the main left wing opposition party, Sinn Fein, being pro-EU these days – though she does a somewhat have a legitimate point in Ireland was unfairly treated during the economic crisis.


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