Neelu Watch: Missive from the Planet Zod

Yesterday we noted that Neelu might or might not have a court date scheduled for tomorrow, 7 October.

Her most recent despatch from the Planet Zod, far from clarifying matters, leaves us scratching our collective heads in puzzled  amazement…and wondering what terrible karmic sins her solicitors at Hanson Young must have committed in past lives, to be thus burdened.

5th October 2015

UCC 3-503, 3-504 3-505 without prejudice 1-308

Please inform the individual named agents, employees, directors and volunteers at the courts, Police stations, Local Government London BoroughS of Camden & Barnet, criminal prosecutors, lawyers, barristers, courts, court clerks, CPS, of the Formal Public Notice below in the public interests!I am in receipt of an anonymous letter from Hanson Young dated 28 September 2015, see attached, which has errors to correct for your file. Please provide the evidence on which you assume that there was a hearing listed on 15 September 2015 at Blackfriars Crown Court, or that I attended it. Please explain why you did not monitor it since your agent “Paul” was present (Note 1) when Judge Miller stated on 02 September 2015 that it would take place at the Blackfriars Crown Court on 15 September 2015, but the matter was not listed due to no case being made out against me, no case to answer, case dismissed!

Sheku Kamara confirmed to me on 02 September 2015 following the Holborn Police Station interview on 01 September 2015, held by Police officers Betsy Davey, Marcus Sales, (under Sargent Gilks, Sargent Andrews, Inspector Hornby, Sargent Stapleton) that there was no allegation of “perverting the course of justice” against me, hence it was invented without cause, law or warrant, fraudulently, out of thin air, there is no case against me based on any law or due process, there is no case to answer, therefore case is dismissed. (Note 2)

Please demand all prosecutions involving these Police officers are reviewed.

Please correct your file that no hearing was listed on 15 September 2015 in the Blackfriars Crown Court because London Borough of Camden failed to make out any case against me under the alleged “perverting the course of justice”, the second reason why there is no case to answer, therefore case is dismissed. In any case, thirdly, the matter is outside the 6 month statutory period and time-barred.

I am in receipt of a text on my mobile phone from Mr Taj last Friday “Call me please regarding the Magistrates Trial on 07 October 2015” (Note 3). Please confirm with Advocate “Paul” who was apparently instructed by Hanson Young at the hearing in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on 02 September 2015, that the case was transferred to Blackfriars Crown Court by District Judge Miller due to having “No Jurisdiction” in the Magistrates Court according to law, which must be known by you. It would be Treason to hold any trial in a lower court which has been deemed by law and a magistrate at a hearing, to be without jurisdiction. Please provide the evidence on which you believe that there is a trial at a court without jurisdiction!

In your letter you state “The Court claimed that they had sent an email to our office” – please clarify the name of the person and the name of the court regarding alleged hearings on 22 & 23 September 2015 which I knew nothing about. Please provide copies of all communications between Police, court staff and CPS with Hanson Young regarding the hearings in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court.

Please provide copies of the notes made by the judges, barristers, advocates and your firm’s employees and agents at all meetings at your office, Police stations, court hearings and telephone attendance notes. Please obtain the emails allegedly sent by the “Court” for the apparent hearings on 22 & 23 September 2015. (Note 4) Please see attached the evidence of fraud by Betsy Davey in inventing “hearings not attended” by post-sending back-dated letters to pervert the course of justice that hearings have not been attended. Please prosecute Betsy Davey for her perverting the course of justice to apply to put me on remand on 02 September 2015 based on the fraud attached. Letter dated 15 August posted on 26 August for a bail return date on 26 August which I knew nothing about!

Please provide a copy of bundle relied upon by advocate “Paul”, in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, appointed by Hanson Young, on 02 September 2015.

This is a formal instruction to obtain on my behalf full and complete subject access data requests for all my files including Police body camera recordings by all Police stations within the Councils in Barnet & Camden as well as the Police present outside the Ecuadorian embassy on 04 April 2015 and the vigil of 22 March 2015 outside Christ Church Hampstead.

I also require names, contact details and private, public professional and corporate liability insurance bond details of all agents involved in the kidnappings, false prosecution, theft of property and terrorism against me and my family to pervert the course of justice in the alleged crimes against babies and children in Hampstead, required by law to be provided upon request, under the Uniform Commercial Code UCC

Please bring action against the Barnet & Camden Police for terrorising me and my family as well as other whistleblowers to pervert the course of justice in the crimes against babies and children.

Please demand that my stolen property is made available for collection from my local Police station at Ilford, immediately.
Pursuant to the Geneva Convention 1930 a number of corporate governments such as the United Kingdom and therefore all companies/corporations registered there-under are operating illegally due to their bankruptcy and insolvency. This is evidenced by the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227, 21 September 1931 [suspended] and the subsequent Uniform Commercial code (“UCc” International Law).

This is a final Notice of Acceptance of the sum of the total assets of Camden & Barnet Councils be redistributed to victims of dishonour under the UCC Notice of Dishonour if the remedies sought above remain un-settled after 7 days.

AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835
neelu of chaudhari clan
Declared this 05 October 2015

sadhana of chaudhari clan raj of chaudhari clan
Without Prejudice UCc 1-308: A party that with explicit reservation of privileges performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the privileges reserved.Contract revoked, rejected, denied and dishonoured, UCc 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 without prejudice, UCc 1-308

PUBLIC NOTICE: There is no hearing on 7th October 2015 due to no Jurisdiction! After Neelu Berry was kidnapped in a cell overnight on 01 & 02 September 2015 in Holborn Police Station, without law, cause or warrant, Judge Miller, on 02 September 2015, in Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, stated that the new alleged charge “perverting the course of Justice” against Neelu (for holding a silent vigil outside Christ Church Hampstead on 22 March 2015), was outside the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court and he transferred the case to Blackfriars Crown Court for a hearing on 15 September 2015. When Neelu called Blackfriars Crown Court on 14th September, she was informed that no papers had been received from any court. Given that Hanson Young Solicitors acting for Neelu, at Miller House Rosslyn Crescent Harrow Middlesex HA1 2RZ have received no papers from the prosecuting London Boroughs of Camden, Barnet or the Court, and 6 months have lapsed, there is no case made out and no case to answer! The prosecution has apparently contacted Mr Aseem Taj in a fraud that there is a hearing in the Magistrates Court but the case has already been discharged from the Magistrates Court as being without jurisdiction!

Phew. If you made it through that, congratulations! Tough slogging, isn’t it?

A few notes re the highlighted portions:

Note 1: Neelu seems to be alleging that her own legal representative, “Paul”, is working under a pseudonym. It sounds very much as though she’s lost trust in her solicitors. Perhaps her trust went the way of her marbles.

Note 2: Neelu seems to believe that the charges of perverting the course of justice have been dismissed. This is untrue, and she is being very foolish in thinking that simply by declaring it, she can make it so.

Note 3: Neelu seems to be aware that she is meant to be at least contacting her solicitors regarding her 7 October court date. She ignores this at her peril.

Note 4: Neelu is demanding that her solicitors provide evidence of both their own and the police’s evidence against her. Again, this points to an alarming loss of trust in her solicitors.

Finally, a word from one of our commenters on the matter:

Neelu-original charges-OctWe’ll be checking the court lists for tomorrow, and let you know what we find.


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  2. I think you have underestimated the Lotus Princess. She has powerful Kevin Annett of the feared ITCCS on the case. He’s already arrested the Pope, The Queen and dissolved Canada. Be afraid.

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