Media Watch takes on ’60 Minutes Special Investigation’

Thanks to regular commenter Ghost of Sam for sending us this post from Australia’s excellent Media Watch site. The article looks back on the infamous “60 Minutes Special Investigation” which aired in July 2015, breathlessly proclaiming that “Britain’s biggest-ever scandal is about to explode…”.

The scandal in question, of course, was the infamous “VIP paedophile ring”, sparked by the now-discredited “Nick”, which grew into the £3 million police investigation known as Project Midland. “Nick”, of course, has now been charged with possession of child sexual abuse images, as well as with fraud and perverting the course of justice; his allegations are no longer perceived by most people as credible.

When the 60 Minutes show aired, Scarlet Scoop noted,

I’m not denying the existence of paedophiles in high places but it’s amateur crap like this parading as serious journalism that actually risks deterring people from taking the issue seriously.

Let’s start with the questioning style:

“It still hurts, doesn’t it.”

“When you were 6, a family member took you to other paedophiles, didn’t they.”

…Sooo, no putting words into the mouths of the interviewees there, then!

Moreover, what evidence is actually presented in this documentary other than the ‘testimonies’ of these random ‘victims’? Not a single document or piece of video evidence, no witness testimonies, no police records, no data, no sources, no media clips or press articles, no consulting with experts…

And is there a reason we should take these so-called victims’ claims on face value and believe everything they say without question or robust analysis? I’m not necessarily saying they’re lying but when the makers of an award-winning news show on a mainstream TV channel swallow everything they say (at times manipulating them into saying what they want to hear), and regurgitate it all as categorical fact, for consumption by millions, then something has gone horribly wrong.

This is tabloid journalism of the shoddiest kind. It’s essentially an hour of idle gossip and tittle-tattle that would be more worthy of hysterical lying charlatans like Bill Baloney and Ben Fellows. Gullible paranoid loons like Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward and her creepy troll collective will inevitably swallow this crap wholesale – in fact, they’d already done so before it had even aired (!) – but intelligent, rational people should, I feel, approach this so-called documentary with extreme caution.

At the time, Scarlet questioned whether she was being too harsh in her criticism of the show.

However, Media Watch’s analysis would suggest that she was right on the money:

The 60 Minutes report was built on a number of witnesses whose evidence is now disputed or discredited.

In addition, the investigative website, Exaro News, on whose work 60 Minutes relied, was severely criticised and then shut down.

Watts and Exaro claim to have arranged 60 Minutes’ key interviews, one of whom was known only as ‘Darren’, who told 60 Minutes that, like Nick, he’d been abused in an apartment in London’s Dolphin Square by VIPs, including one of Britain’s best-known politicians:

ROSS COULTHART: One of the most powerful men in the land, Leon Brittan should have been prosecuting paedophiles. Instead, according to Darren and other witnesses, he was one of them.

DARREN: He liked boys to dress in women’s underwear, and then to be in a room alone and discover you, in women’s underwear, and punish you for wearing the underwear.

ROSS COULTHART: A member of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet?


ROSS COULTHART: Raping children?


— Channel Nine, 60 Minutes, 19 July, 2015

So, how credible were Darren’s allegations? Well, turned out they weren’t.

The police investigation into Dolphin Square, Operation Midland, whose lead officer had called Nick’s claims “credible and true”, collapsed in March 2016 without bringing charges and an official inquiry then found police had made 43 errors and fallen for false claims of abuse.

As Media Watch points out, there were any number of reasons to doubt “Darren’s” claims, from the outset. Had 60 Minutes done even the most cursory investigation before going to air, they might have discovered that

  • “Darren” was convicted of making bomb hoaxes in the 1990s.
  • He had previously made false confessions of murder and rape.
  • In 2013 he sent an email to a social worker saying, “Leon Brittan never abused me or anyone I know”.
  • In 2014 he stated that police and social services “falsely declared me as suffering from a delusional paranoid mental health disorder”.
  • In 2015, he claimed on Twitter, “I am just so so terrified of all police now after witnessing one kill a girl in an abuse ritual as a child”.

And then there’s this:

Five months before 60 Minutes went to air, Darren made the extraordinary claim to Exaro that he had helped a VIP paedophile torture and kill a boy with Down syndrome by tying him to two vehicles and driving them apart. 

Funnily enough, this macabre murder method seems to have been in vogue amongst VIP paedophiles, continents apart. Another Media Watch post notes that chronic porky pie specialist Fiona Barnett claims to have witnessed an almost identical crime:

Ms Barnett recounted a story about being shown as a child what happened to “traitors” who spoke out. 

She alleged she witnessed a man being tied to two tractors which drove in opposite directions, tearing him limb from limb.

— Northern Star, 23rd October, 2015

Troofers need to believe

As Scarlet pointed out in 2015, the Hoaxtead mob leapt aboard the 60 Minutes “special investigation” train even before it had aired. Interestingly, though, the collapse of Project Midland seems to have done nothing to dampen their ardour for all things SRA-related.

After all, they still have the Hampstead SRA hoax to cling to.

And if they are able to ignore all the inconsistencies, contradictions, and physical impossibilities in the case as told by two children who were tortured by their mother and her boyfriend, their faith will remain strong.

While it would seem reasonable to ask 60 Minutes to follow through on their promise to update this story, perhaps including the fact that most of its proponents have been discredited, it’s probably too much to suggest that those for whom SRA is an article of faith re-evaluate their views.

Even if the Archangel Gabriel (no relation) were to descend and read a holy proclamation dictated by the Man Upstairs debunking the hoax, we expect that the troofers would find some way of claiming that it was merely elitist propaganda, and that “they believe the children”.

You have to hand it to the troofers: they might not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but they sure are persistent.


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  1. Its hard to believe that at one time 60 minutes was actually an award winning investigative tv show isnt it? These days they are (barely) one step away from showing ‘I had bigfoots baby’ type garbage (some might say they have already reached that point)
    Wow, the Northern Star.. theres a paper I havent seen in a very long time! I obviously wont mention the exact date, but there is a picture of me in one edition (much much younger lol), standing in front of one of the local towns council chambers with several others.

    Sadly it is also the paper that launched fiona onto the media stage, she was regularly written about at one stage by (from memory) her sister in law??? who was a journalist or somesuch there- this was much earlier than 2015- would be in the 90’s sometime?

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  2. Scarlet also named the post, back in 2015, “60 Minutes of Shite?”
    How right she was!

    That Media Watch video should be on YouTube for all the hoaxers to see, although I can imagine the comments they would leave under it.

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    • I wanna be Scarlet Scoop when I grow up….

      “Now go have one of Araya’s hemp-and-menses cocktails and calm down.”

      Is it right for me to think many ‘troofers’ claim that they have been subjected as children to physical or sexual abuse themselves?

      Therefore they are expert in their knowledge and awareness?

      I wonder what constitutes for them said abuse….to my mind, physical, sexual and emotional abuse happens covertly and is exercised by extremely manipulative people, their imperative being controlling and domineering and never wanting to be ‘found out’.

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      • I dont now how many have suffered actual abuse, no doubt there are some actual abuse survivours, but then there are a good many who seem to regard it as simply yet another scam to get them some $$$ and others who simply believe every conspiracy theory that comes along

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    • Why does it not surprise me he is flirting with freeman-on-the-landism/ sovereign citizenship(commonly called FOTL/ Sovcit) the birth/bond thing? It reinforces the thing that I and many others have noted that it is usually ‘believe in one, believe in all’ when it comes to conspiracy theorists.

      The thing is that for most people, 9/11 troofers ARE funny, 15 years on, and they still havent come up with one single thing, and some of their stuff is just plane silly (lol) like laser beams from satellites, mininukes, hushaboom nanothermite, hologram planes and hollow empty towers. (I deleted a whole bit here as it was imho a bit too political on second reread)

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      • And of course Belinda was in on the 9-11 troof movement years ago. There may be some political questions about those events that need answering, but questioning the mechanics of what happened just deflects from them. Commercial airliners, full of people, were hijacked and flown into real buildings, also full of people – to believe anything else is pure fantasy.

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        • The nearest thing to an actual conspiracy was the whole wmd, from the get go it was obvious to most of us that the whole iraq thing simply wasnt true
          Wonder history will view it?

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          • In the ’50s and ’60s the secret services encouraged the loonie stories of abductions by dusky maidens from Venus in order to rob UFO spotters of credibility. They didn’t want anyone to realise that what was going on was the testing of experimental military aircraft.

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  3. Nasty pair of hags:

    Oh and Cat – try to come up with something original for a change instead of recycling someone else’s tired old ‘meme’ from about two years ago and passing it off as your own.

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    • Cat’s stamping her feet and crying because Perth & Kinross Council didn’t take kindly to her trolling them on Twitter and have blocked her arse 😀

      Her fancy man David Scott’s in a strop about it too, lol.

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      • She’s also just put up a post stating that Winston Churchill was a – and I quote – “drunken genocidal psychotic child rapist”.

        Naturally, she’s backed that up with loads of evidence. LOL, has she fuck.

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  4. “I think we have come across the biggest political scandal in Britain’s postwar history.” –Exaro editor Mark Watts

    The use of this phrase: “the biggest political scandal”, by Exaro’s Mark Watts, was a huge red flag for me. I had thought that phrase was used in the 60 Minutes program as well, but I see them being quoted: “Britain’s biggest ever scandal…” so perhaps I was wrong about that.

    In any case, I was appalled that Watts was apparently perceiving a POLITICAL scandal, rather than a CSA scandal. That really made me doubtful of his motivation. I thought all of this was supposed to be about the tragedy of historic CSA, Meester Watts….but it’s really about politics, for you? Shame, shame!

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  5. Off topic.

    Ole Wesley sees fit to post a Victoria Derbyshire interview about homelessness on Facebook.

    I thought after Victoria interviewed RD she was generally known as a Satanist? Obviously nobody told Wesley. Or maybe Victoria can be forgiven when she posts things that troofers agree with?

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