John Taylor’s YouTube attack thwarted

Many of our readers will remember John Taylor, the basset-hound-faced, chemtrails-obsessed Scouser who distinguished himself in August 2015 with a video in which he used a gun to shoot holes into a photograph of RD. In an all-pink room. With Duran Duran playing in the background.

Maybe you had to be there.

In any case, John was never a truly important player in promoting the Hampstead hoax, but he seemed to pop up now and again, usually spouting death threats. And he had a real hard on hate on for RD:John Taylor 2018-07-02 2015 2

John Taylor 2018-07-02 2015

John Taylor 2018-07-02 3For a while it seemed as though he might have given up, but the recent discovery of last year’s video featuring RD and his two children, who’d won a prize from eBay for the the kids’ business, seems to have set John off again.

YouTube barrage

On Sunday we noticed that the comments section on that video had gone berserk, led by John, who saw fit to share his bizarre sexual fantasies: John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 1

John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 4John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 6John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 7John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 8(Okay, we have to admit that this one made us laugh. Yes, John, we’re perfectly happy to hear the word “Jesus”. We think he was a fine chap with some very good ideas, but he probably would have had his doubts about you.)John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 9(This one was addressed to another long-time Hampstead pusher, Kim Lawrence, who’d popped in to say hello.)John Taylor 2018-07-02 YT 10Oh, John. Get help. Seriously.

Of course some of John’s friends piled on…but then, something strange happened: early yesterday evening, all the vile comments disappeared. All was calm once more.

It didn’t last, though: within an hour or so, two of John’s friends had made their feelings known to eBay:Michelle Reid re Taylor 2018-07-02 YTMichelle, who is the mother of young children and (believe it or not) a trained nursery nurse, seems to misunderstand one of the basic premises of social media: the eBay channel belongs to that company, and they can choose to remove any posts they please, at their leisure. They have absolutely no obligation to John Taylor, Michelle Reid, or any of their deluded friends, even if those friends chose to make fools of themselves by calling eBay customer services.

Darkish Cloud re Taylor 2018-07-02 .pngDarkishcloud, please see above re eBay not owing you or any of your whackadoo friends the time of day.

Tune in tomorrow, when eBay will most likely remove the latest round of Nutjob-o-grams from its own video. We can hardly wait.

55 thoughts on “John Taylor’s YouTube attack thwarted

  1. Must make a lot of people jealous…..finding out that RD is running a successful business.

    I just don’t get why they can’t be glad that the kids are alive, look well and are in good spirits. It cheered me up no end to see them like that!

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    • Yes, and in the video, RD says, “You’ve won!”, which tells me that the business is the kids’, not his. To me, that makes it all the more disturbing that the Hoaxtead mob, who have always claimed only to be interested in the children’s welfare, cannot seem to stop attacking them.

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  2. The people commenting about RD below that video are downright awful.
    They supposedly care about children yet there they are repeating the same malicious lies under it even though the children can be seen to be clearly happy with their dad.

    Even if the children spoke out and said what they had suffered at the hands of Abe and their mother, these people would find a way to say they “had been coerced”. They make me sick.

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  3. Who does Michelle think she is?

    She’s a nursery nurse? I demand to know where she works! She’s obviously not a full shilling! Someone should make a complaint and record the call!

    Actually, I don’t demand anything because what she does is nothing to do with me, just as what RD does is nothing to do with her.

    Silly mare!

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    • Oh FFS I just looked at her Facebook profile. She says she’s a ‘stay at home mum’ but she’s a full-on Donald Trump Loon and has posted the latest bit of fantasy from the Orange Baboon: that tariffs are going to fund all government expenditure and eventually there will be no income tax.
      Boy is she in for a suprise.

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      • Is trump also going to save waifs trafficked for sex in her mum’s car across the borders between Yorkshire council estates, been chased through bitch black woods festooned with dead children and chased by hooded Satanists intent on rape ?

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  4. Same here, glad to see they are not only ‘alive’ but doing well for themselves to boot- something many of the hoaxers seem incapable of doing (how many constantly have their ‘digital cap’ out begging for cash?)

    The fact they are both obviously happy (and with their dad to boot) must grind away at the hoaxers inners, especially since most don’t seem to have a single friend or relatives that even want to talk to them

    So to the kids and dad, good on ya’s

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  5. APD for encouraging this behaviour should feel ashamed and I hope when the law catches up with her that she is held responsible for all that she has done.
    How revolting their comments are, really sickening….I’m glad Ebay is removing them..

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  6. What a crowd of nasty begrudgers, so jealous that a Dad & his children are happy & have found a harmless niche in the market which is making them happy & hopefully a few bob while they’re at it, but the begrudgers have to try to spoil it by spreading their ridiculous poison.

    Can they not just leave them alone once & for all.

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  7. Like I said. These clowns are cowardly bullies who only want to vent their bilious spleens out into a world they hold in contempt. There also very stupid. They just want to attack paedophiles even where their aren’t any and declare an ‘evil’ woman who conspired to abuse her children into making false statements the innocent victim. They just can’t work out they’re the bad guys
    knobheads the lot of them. I really hope someone calls the police on the death threats and accusations of child sexual assault. These wankers need teaching a lesson.

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  8. The more I see the video the more I think RD is doing the right thing by not being intimidated by The Mob (™).
    Let’s face it, these bullies (who are cowards) could never be appeased, except legally so why should this family have to hide away from them?.

    In a way I feel rather sorry for Ella but she chose the ghastly Abe over her kids and allowed a stranger to physiocally and mentally abuse them. I hope they forgive her eventually and I hope she finds peace. She’s most defintely not a typical Russian mother (like mine) where children and family are so important and a mother will fight like a tigress to protect her kids.

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    • Sadly, quite a number of parents choose to stay with an abusive partner/spouse when told by social services that the baby/child will not be allowed to live in the family home unless the abusive partner/spouse moves out.

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  9. “Michelle…seems to misunderstand one of the basic premises of social media: the eBay channel belongs to that company, and they can choose to remove any posts they please, at their leisure.”

    …As indeed the fruitloops themselves frequently do to avoid answering uncomfortable questions or to stop people seeing their lies being disproved. Angie, Neelu, Debs, I’m looking at you.

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    • I had hoped that Michelle would be the first to break ranks and express her relief that the children had been found safe and well, as for a brief moment she seemed genuinely pleased. But hey ho, I guess she blew it.

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    • I have to say that’s pretty worrying about someone like Michelle being a nursery nurse. Not sure I’d be comfortable leaving my kids with her for the day.

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  10. You’re right about Taylor having bizarre sexual fantasies, EC. He’d (ahem) popped up a few weeks before Slimegate broke and posted a number of comments on an ITNJ video, including this one:

    By the way, if anyone’s still in any doubt as to the idiocy of this guy, lest we forget that he’s the one who started the whole Super Bowl conspiracy. And if that’s not enough, get this – he’s still pushing it!

    By the way, am I the only one who finds ‘Super Bowl’ really annoying as two words?

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  11. If anyone’s thinking Michelle’s name rings a bell, she has popped up before. Here she is doing a brief bit of pro-Sabine sabre-rattling:

    (From 2nd May)

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  12. OMG! An old BSA .177 air rifle. The wanna be Rambos’ weapon of choice! As the legal owner and user of many center fire rifles, up to a .460 Nitro Express I can safely say I am willing to let him shoot me with his providing he lets me reciprocate with one of mine. ( Not a threat EC, just a challenge. )
    The Paintball body armor doesn’t fool anyone who really knows either. What a wanker.

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    • I must admit I was thoroughly disgusted by that ‘body armour’ screenshot – there’s an apostrophe missing from man’s. I’m still in tears over it now. These monsters must be stopped 😮

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  13. Fake profile reported:

    By the way, check out that page – it’s non-stop obsession over the Hampstead children. Oh and Kane Slater, Tracey Morris and George Greek Fucker make appearances in the comments too.

    Kudos to Baz Evans, btw.

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      • Terrible people, worse than terrible…black hearted and soulless.

        Tracey, of all people, should know well and appreciate the struggle the father must have faced and the fight he had to fight to have his children with him and to normalise their lives given what they went through. I really admire that man.

        How do those people who say such crude things justify themselves? I don’t get it.

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        • Yes, Tracey should know better, but we’ve all seen her “hunting” RD…I would hope her friend Linda, who she tagged, would see through the nutters’ nonsense though. She strikes me as someone who’s able to learn from her own (and others’) mistakes.

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          • I feel like Tracey is a female chauvinist.

            If this story had properly and correctly emerged as the worst example of an attempt at parental alienation by a crazy demented mother against an innocent father (I’m suddenly reminded of Mr. van Tonder), I bet Tracey would still find fault with the father.

            I sometimes think with Linda that she’s the sort who can’t do right for doing wrong and it’s the story of her life that she ends up in bonkers situations precisely because she doesn’t think first, she’s all about being an attention seeker.

            What’s that they say about hindsight?

            Apparently, it’s a wonderful thing.


        • What is wrong with these people??

          I’ve said it before, they only see what they want to see.. and what they want to see is child abuse. They are sick in the head.

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    • In other words, she hasn’t stepped down from the Hampstead case at all… and with a new video on RD yet to come as well. Nasty woman.

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  14. 🙂 “Westminster ‘paedophile ring’ accuser charged

    A man who alleged there was a paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster has been charged with perverting the course of justice.

    The man, known as Nick, whose real name is being withheld for legal reasons, is also accused of fraud.”

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    • There are so many other people who tried to jump on the wagon with this one, even Philip Scholfield, but I really hope others go down for this one too.

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  15. Obviously no comment about this particular case now that there has been a charge, but an important statement from the CPS about what’s at stake for those who make unfounded and libellous assertions in public.

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  16. A shitty cheap air-rifle without sights and some plastic Poundland body armour are a hit man’s tool kit are they? Lets hope the victim’s not packing some Nerf-gun heat or there’ll be carnage on a our streets.

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  17. Did Linda not post on here that she didn’t believe the Hampstead stuff and that she asked TM not to talk to her about it anymore? Must have changed her mind again, and TM claimed not to know her own children had been abused until she was told so by a doctor and yet now she claims she can spot abuse of a child she’s never met in an eBay video – what a shower of creeps these people are


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