Satanic hysteria: Which came first, adult claimants or child victims?

We’ve been talking recently about how the noxious idea of Satanic ritual abuse gained a foothold in the UK, and how deliberate suppression of the truth by SRA enthusiasts—in those days a strange amalgamation of fundamentalist Christians and radical feminists—enabled the idea to spread more or less unimpeded until Prof Jean La Fontaine released her 1994 study.

Unfortunately, while Prof La Fontaine’s study damped down the Satanic hysteria, it didn’t completely expunge it, and the infection continued to fester amongst certain groups, who kept the myth alive until it was taken up with gusto by conspiracy theorists like David Icke in the early 21st century.

A conversation we had on Twitter with @RDobbson1 suggested, though, that there might be more than one way to look at the picture. We’re going to summarise this view, with our own notes, as we think it’s important not to get locked into a single viewpoint.

@RDobbson1 writes:

The Satanic Panic perspective is factual & valid, but there’s another perspective which I believe is equally valid: an extended campaign to fraudulently generate “validating evidence” for a small collection of adult SRA survivor claimants.

People may not be aware, the origin of [Australian criminologist, Dr Michael] Salter‘s “little obsession”. Salter claims, aged 19, he intuitively diagnosed a roommate as a CSA victim, which she subsequently confirmed. Her story: she was victimized by a ritual abuse cult run by police, and they still controlled her.

Later, while a social worker, he participated in the Rigorous Intuition paranoid conspiracist forum where he met and befriended SRA-MC claimant Lynn Schirmer.

Lynn Schirmer interviewed Michael Salter for the conspiracy-oriented publication Borne. In the news biz, this interview would fall into the category of “puff piece”—a news article which is so complimentary and one-sided as to constitute an advertisement for the interviewee.

Back to @RDobbson1:

RAINS, [Tim] Tate, & Sara Scott all “adopted” teen SRA claimant Natalie/Theresa and adult claimant “G”, attempted to exploit CSA allegations to generate fraudulent validation of their narratives. [Dr Lawrence] Pazder‘s career as an SRA evangelist, [was intended] to incite fraudulent validation for Michelle?

McMartin, et. al., attempts by Joan Christiansen and other adult SRA claimants to manipulate investigators & therapists into generating fraudulent validation for their narratives? …

(A)nother way to explain the panic and its apologists – as conscious attempts to generate fraudulent validation for specific ADULT SRA claimant’s narratives, by manipulating perceptions of contemporaneous CSA victims.

At this point we interjected:

So individuals might say, “It’s not a (sociological) Satanic panic, I’m just telling you all this stuff which validates what happened to ME”? The stuff is fraudulent, but it matches the claim, so it works…for them?

@RDobbson1 responded:

Example: The JET report and your Broxtowe documents demonstrate two things; Team 4’s adult survivor claimants emphasized the importance of “the underground” to their alleged cult. Team 4 was obsessed with claiming Broxtowe kids abused in tunnels – because that lie validated the adults?

Traditionally, we interpret those things the opposite way, i.e., adult survivor claimants supply false claims from their narrative to support misinterpreting child statements as SRA. I believe that is true. But the opposite is also supported, and even more psychopathic 🙂

Watch “When Satan Came to Town” again on YouTube. Note investigators ignore rational explanation of boy’s ghost stories, (à la Judith & the scar), persistently misinterpret as SRA evidence. Satanic panic delusions, or determined to validate belief in Natalie & G narratives? Both?

In other words, if we’re understanding this correctly, two things happened simultaneously to build the SRA narrative:

  1. Those who supported adult SRA claimants needed to generate belief in their protegées’ narratives, in order to confirm their own standing as “expert sources” delivering a credible message to the world. People like Dr Lawrence Pazder, who dined out on his patient/wife Michelle Proby’s alleged experiences of Satanic ritual abuse, therefore fed their beliefs to those who worked with potential “SRA victims”—social workers working with abused children, for example—in order to generate “genuine” SRA victims, whose existence appeared to validate the fictional experiences of the adult SRA claimants.
  2. Ideas about Satanic ritual abuse gripped the imaginations of social workers and others involved in child protection. These people saw “evidence” of this “new” sort of abuse everywhere they looked, and interpreted every symptom they saw in terms of lists of “Satanic indicators”. They used bizarre sources such as the medieval Malleus Maleficarum to validate their belief that hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of children were being subjected to hideous Satanic rituals (even though no evidence of this has ever been found). In essentially creating new SRA victims, social workers were helping to the system self-perpetuate.

If you think about these two perspectives feeding into one another and creating a constant flow of SRA stories, the entire phenomenon of Satanic hysteria becomes much more understandable: the existence of alleged child victims validates the stories of the adult claimants, who in turn provide stories and beliefs which can be used to create more child victims. 

44 thoughts on “Satanic hysteria: Which came first, adult claimants or child victims?

  1. By jove, I think you’ve got it! 🙂
    For trivia’s sake, there were adult SRA claimants – beyond Michelle – before there were any alleged child SRA complainants. A group of psychiatrists and psych grad students were studying women alleging childhood abuse by satanists at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute circa 1983, according to Debbie Nathan.

    I was inspired to think this through recently, after reading Aaronovitch’s “Response to Believers” on Barrister Blogger:

    wherein he details Tim Tate’s obsession with teen SRA claimant Natalie/Theresa, a subject of the Tate researched July 1989 Cook report: ‘Devil’s Work’, (I believe) and especially with validating her SRA narrative.
    Then I wondered if the other early RAINS folk like Judith Jones/Dawson and Chris Johnson were similarly obsessed with validating the group’s SRA informants – two adult SRA claimants that Joan Coleman had been “supporting since 1987” and a teen girl SRA claimant referred to Coleman in 1989. I’m making assumptions, that the teen was also Natalie, and one of the adults was Helen “G” – source for much of the RAINS rumored Satanist list on the SAFF site. I could be wrong about that, it’s not important though because they are just illustrations of “adult survivor claimants” who were advisers to police and/or child protection investigators.

    Adult survivor claimants, and adults who allege that a child they are involved with is an SRA victim (could be parent, social worker, therapist, or police child sex crimes investigator), face a similar credibility hurdle because of the often bizarre and fantastical nature of SRA allegations.

    Adult claimant’s narratives have been used to support interpreting child statements as SRA. Example; a McMartin boy was alleged to have claimed he was terrorized by a lion that his abusers forced him into proximity with. But there was no evidence the accused ever had access to exotic animals wild or tamed. Is this a falsehood or a fantasy? Solution is provided by unnamed adult claimant – it’s SRA! Explaining their SRA abusers terrorized them with wild animals too, but sometimes they noticed an animal had a zipper down their back…(a documented illustration). The adult validates interpreting alleged child statement as SRA.

    But the adult claimants face this question: you claim to have suffered SRA in the context of inter-generational satanic abuse cults operating for decades or even centuries. So, where is the evidence for current child victims? That’s why they might exploit opportunities to manipulate CSA allegations, so that alleged child statements will mirror aspects of their own narratives. So, sheer speculation, why would Team 4 be so obsessed with evidence the Broxtowe kids were SRA victims – AFTER – the adults were already convicted? Not to generate new charges against them, surely? To solicit allegations about others and expand the hunt for SRA perps? Perhaps. And perhaps, along the way, child statements which mirror & therefore validate their informant’s narratives will be generated?

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    • The fact that adult SRA claimants seem to have come first in this chicken-and-egg situation ought to tell us almost all we need to know about the validity of these claims. Amazing.


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    • I googled “Hoaxtead research…etc etc” as ordered by John Patterson and what came up were many links to Hoaxtead dissing John Patterson. In the spirit of the World Cup I think that qualifies as an own goal.


    • A few more words might be in order. Dr Ross is that rarity… a psychiatrist who we know has engaged in weird experiments, using drugs and false memories and “psychic driving” in an attempt to induce split personalities in non-consenting patients. Basically he is so convinced that patients already have Alters when they come to him, that he will create them if they don’t, so as to have something to treat.
      He has demonstrably abused patients in all the ways he accuses the CIA and other (unnamed) psychiatrists of using… and in the minds of the Truthers, this makes him a particularly credible whistle-blower. I’m seeing a parallel here to the special credence they put on random accusations when these come from known sex offenders.

      Ross’s enthusiasm for “ultra high dosage” drug regimes (perhaps inspired by Ewan Cameron) are one reason he is no longer employed in Winnepeg and had to move all the way to Texas to find an environment receptive to his variety of coercive craziness.

      Oh, he’s also a cancer crank.

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      • My best friend and the Best Man at my wedding many decades ago was a brilliant young psychiatrist. He ended up as a patient in the hospital he ran and eventually killed himself.
        I like shrinks but some can be very borderline.

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      • A very important point Smut Clyde

        I would argue that, when trying to understand the confusing mess that is the current resurgence of the satanic panic we should utilise inductive rather than deductive reasoning.

        When a strange and mystifying sequence of events occurs and we are not in a position to prove what is happening, as we don’t have all of the data and much is opaque and redacted, the best approach is to develop a number of provisional hypotheses based upon what is the most likely, from a rational POV.

        One then works on eliminating hypotheses and seeing what is left.

        Certainly one provisional hypothesis is that certain networks (possibly state actors, possibly criminal networks – they are not mutually exclusive categories) are conducting unethical experiments on humans.

        It could be that one state actor was conducting experiments but that they were infiltrated and appropriated by another state actor of by a criminal network, there are many possibilities.

        One thing that is certain and provable is that there is a long history of unethical human experiments conducted by state actors or small, covert groups acting on behalf of state actors.

        More recently it has been reported that Dr Brandon Porter of the NXIVM cult was conducting horrific experiments upon young women, without their consent.

        Colin Ross seems to be a prime example of a corrupt / criminal psychiatrist who is conducting the exact type of unethical, cruel, sadistic experiments that he accuses satanists of conducting. My understanding is that Ross is not the only one.

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    • Angela shouldn’t worry, there’s no evidence of anything remotely resembling control as far as her mind goes.


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      • The Gnostics are partly right… the universe we inhabit (or think we inhabit) is a second-rate, derivative version, created by an incompetent Demiurge, which is why Lucifer is offering to lead us through into the real universe… but he can only be found at the subatomic level…

        Its all about the Quantum Pentanglement.


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