Dr Colin Ross: ‘A well-respected and dangerous fool’

Yesterday, in one of those strangely convoluted online wanders from link to link, we happened across a fascinating, if horrifying, Canadian-made video. It’s an episode of a CBC Television programme called Fifth Estate, and it tackles the thorny topics of “dissociative identity disorder (DID)”, false memories, and medical malpractice. At the heart of the programme is a character whose name rang a dull thud in the back of EC’s brain…Dr Colin A. Ross.

We’d heard Dr Ross mentioned in the past, but had never really paused to look into his role in promoting not only DID, but also the myth of Satanic ritual abuse, MK Ultra mind control programming, Manchurian candidate-style super-soldiers…you name it, Dr Ross seems to have had a finger in it. This video is well worth watching, despite some cringe-worthy scenes of grown adults seemingly reverting to thumb-sucking, clay-tossing babyhood:

On his own website, Dr Ross describes himself:

Dr. Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. He is the founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

Dr. Ross obtained his M.D. from the University of Alberta in 1981 and completed his training in psychiatry at the University of Manitoba in 1985. He has been running a hospital-based Trauma Program in Dallas, Texas since 1991.

Dr. Ross’ book, The Trauma Model: A Solution To the Problem of Comorbidity in Psychiatry, was first published in 2000, with a second edition appearing in 2007. Other books of his include: Trauma Model Therapy. A Treatment Approach for Trauma, Dissociation and Complex Comorbidity (2009); The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists (2006); Moon Shadows: Stories of Trauma & Recovery (2007); Structural Dissociation. A Proposed Modification of the Theory (2013); and The Trump Card. A Psychiatrist Analyzes Reactions to Donald Trump (2017).

Hmm. Sounds legit. Lots of big psychiatric words. And yet….

It seems that many people have strong opinions about Dr Ross’ work. For example, a citation from the Dysgenics blog notes that Dr Ross “was fired from a Winnipeg hospital for practicing “fraudulent and dangerous medicine” and was sued for malpractice in Texas”.

And tucked away in the Google archive, one may find an intriguing document titled “Evidence Against Dr. Colin A. Ross, vol. 1“:

It was in 1985 that a Winnipeg psychiatrist Dr. Colin A. Ross first introduced a radical form of pop psychiatry into Manitoba health care. From 1985 to 1991 Ross divided his time between the St. Boniface General Hospital, the University of Manitoba and preaching his new found mental health ideas at seminars. Ross has been described as a young, charismatic and dynamic speaker.

Although Dr. Ross did not have the medical, scientific or police evidence to back up his ideas, he nevertheless maintained that almost all emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships etc.) and many mental illnesses were caused by childhood incest or childhood assaults by Satanic cults. And if Ross’s patients could not recollect memories of the sexual assaults, Ross would tell them that they (the patients) had involuntarily blocked out or repressed the abuse memories and that the repressed memories resided in the patient ‘alters’ which were not accessible to the conscious memory (or host alter). By the use of brainwashing techniques (suggestive questioning, drug therapy, hypnosis, calling out alters, age regression, group validation etc.) Ross had no difficulty convincing his patients that their disorder was the result of childhood incest and/or Satanic cult abuse. Two of Dr. Ross’s favorite psychiatric medications were prescribing overdoses of Halcion (triazolam) and giving sodium amytal injections. Ross also performed experimental new drug testing for large Drug Corporations.

Patients would readily produce horrendous false memories of incest and/or having been abused by Satanic cults to account for their illness. Ross would diagnose these patients as having Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and his treatment plan was to uncover the memories and integrate the alter personalities into one. There was no scientific or medical basis for this diagnoses and plan of treatment.

So it appears that Dr Ross wasted no time at all, jumping straight from his psychiatric training at the University of Manitoba in 1985 into a “radical form of pop psychiatry” involving helping his patients “uncover repressed memories”.

During the course of her malpractice suit against him, one of Dr Ross’ former patients swore in an affidavit that “all of his DID patients became suicidal”:

A former patient of Dr. Colin A. Ross from 1986 to 1991 states that she was wrongfully diagnosed by Ross who used brainwashing techniques to implant false childhood memories. [She] states that she witnessed the wrongful deaths of Ross’s patients, and that Ross prescribed massive, noxious doses of psychiatric drugs to her at the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg for five years….

[She] says Ross would encourage his drug induced patients to commit suicide. By way of sworn statements, and other evidence, this Dossier alleges that Ross was dismissed from his position at the St. Boniface General Hospital in 1991 for causing the wrongful deaths of five patients. Ross’s dismissal was concealed and covered up, allowing him to become certified by the Texas State Board of Medical examiners. After assessing the drug prescription resume of [name redacted] as a patient of Dr. Ross, it is the writer’s view that Ross attempted to cause [her] death by way prescribing massive overdoses of drugs and suggesting to her that she commit suicide.

In July 1998 Dr. Colin A. Ross was charged with fraud, gross negligence, fraudulent concealment, and conspiracy to commit fraud in the State of Texas. He was charged in Texas for practicing the same fraudulent medicine that he practiced at the St. Boniface General Hospital from 1985 to 1991. Charges were also filed against Ross in the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench in l994 and 1997. To date no one has been successful in getting Ross into Court.

It seems that Dr Ross has not limited himself to the psychiatric quackery of DID, however.

As suggested in the video above, some of his writings have branched out into full-blown conspiranoid “research” and speculation about the CIA’s MK Ultra mind-control programme:

As far as Ross “proving” the existence of a satanic conspiracy and CIA mind-control, of course he’s done nothing of the sort. What Ross has done is collected and published a number of documents – available to anybody by way of Freedom Of Information Act request – relating to the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control experiments that began in the 1950s, continuing till at least the late ’60s, in response to Cold War fears that the Soviets had perfected the same.

In the course of the project’s mind-control research, MK-ULTRA experimented with a variety of drugs – sometimes on unwitting citizens – in an effort to find the perfect truth-serum. While some drugs made most subjects more chatty, none reliably provoked the unrestrained revelation of guarded secrets that experimenters had hoped for. In fact, the potential for the subject to divulge unreliable, false, fabricated information was found to be so high that the drugs employed as truth serums were eventually disregarded as useless. [3]

Similarly, hypnosis was concluded to be worthless insofar as military applications are concerned. Ross nonetheless suggests – flaunting the existence of documents that demonstrate experiments in hypnotic mind-control were attempted – that the United States is currently engaged in the production of hypnotically brain-washed agents, “Manchurian Candidates”, to carry out Top-Secret operations and assassinations.

The irony of Ross’s self-styled expertise regarding MK-ULTRA is that knowledge of the actual results of the MK-ULTRA experiments should have served to correct him – in advance – of errors made in his clinical practice: As a therapist working with Multiple Personalities, Ross has used many of the same techniques proven unreliable during MK-ULTRA to extract information from his client’s “alters” (alternate personalities), including hypnosis and “truth serum” (sodium amytal).

On his own website, Dr Ross makes this bizarre claim:

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) (www.randi.org) offers a One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. The Foundation will award a prize of $1 million to anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal ability or phenomenon. Dr. Ross’s Challenge was accepted by the JREF and Dr. Ross is waiting for a response to his proposed protocol.

Dr. Ross claims that he can make a tone sound out of a speaker using an energy beam he sends out through his eyes. James Randi accepted this as a claim of the paranormal.

Well. All righty then.

And just for larfs, here are a few quotes from Dr Ross himself:

...One of her alters had a clear memory of aliens coming into her apartment, impregnating her, coming back later to remove the fetus, than returning years later to show her the half-human, half-alien child they were raising among the stars. This alter was mortified when I raised the possibility that the aliens were possibly not literally real:-

Margaret made this claim before I had heard about the current epidemic of UFO abductions. I did not realize, when I heard Margaret’s story, that thousands of people in North America have similar memories. If the abductions are real, it would appear that the human race is being used as breeders, with amnesia for the human participation implanted hypnotically by the aliens. Margaret taught me that there is a connection of some kind between UFO abductions and the use of women as breeders for Satanic cults.

Colin Ross, M.D.
The Osiris Complex, P. 149

I have met many demons, devils, evil characters, representatives of Satan, and Satan himself in my MPD work.

C. Ross, M.D.
The Osiris Complex; 1994

How can one determine if an entity is an alter or a demon? This question would be dismissed as irrelevant by the vast majority of psychiatrists and psychologists, and regarded as unscientific. The Evil One taught me otherwise.

C. Ross, M.D.
The Osiris Complex; 1994


In an article on The Process blog, author Doug Mesner states,

Dr. Colin Ross’s delusions are hardly concealed.  He is a known conspiracy theorist who helped construct the Satanic cult hysteria of the eighties to mid-nineties.  He has written and lectured regarding nefarious mind-control projects within the CIA, and even – in an interesting case of possible projection – speculation regarding the “iatrogenic [clinically produced] creation of Multiple Personality Disorder” by CIA psychiatrists….

Ross can not be dismissed as a marginal fool.  He is a well-respected and dangerous fool.

We really don’t think we could have said it better.

140 thoughts on “Dr Colin Ross: ‘A well-respected and dangerous fool’

  1. My review of Colin Ross’ crappy book on MKUltra:

    I never got around to writing part 2 of that…I concluded that there was no point to going into greater detail.

    I’ve often suspected that Colin Ross might have been funded through medical school by Scientology. Years ago, we were able to document that the Scientology had paid for members to graduate from Law Enforcement programs and become police officers in the same city – working in clerical positions – because they got busted funneling confidential information to the local “church” leadership. They have “sleepers” in various professions all over the world, of course. My suspicious is that Colin Ross’ mission was to wreck/discredit psychiatry from within. Could just be my personal paranoid conspiracy theory 🙂 – but he was given an award by them, and I’d never heard of Scientology bestowing honors on anyone who wasn’t a member…

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    • Could be right, Scientology is anti psychiatry and pro mind control. All those women being hypnotised to believe their parents had raped them, that awful. One woman only went in for marriage guidance.

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    • Fascinating Mr Sanity. I worked on a small newspaper in the 80s and Scientologists were their main advertisers for about 18 months. To say they attempted to influence or even control editorial output is an understatement.
      I have no doubt they have been covertly extending their influence for decades and it sounds logical they would extend their influence far & wide via funding law enforcement, medical professionals etc.
      # I met Ron Hubbard in the late 70s at a London reception. I got the feeling he had become just a figurehead for movement totally out of his control.

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      • @GOS – let us not forget Operation Snow White…


        “Operation Snow White was a criminal conspiracy by the Church of Scientology during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. This project included a series of infiltrations into and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members in more than 30 countries.[1] It was one of the largest infiltrations of the United States government in history,[2] with up to 5,000 covert agents.[3] This operation also exposed the Scientology plot ‘Operation Freakout’, because Operation Snow White was the case that initiated the US government investigation of the Church.[3]

        Under this program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Eleven highly placed Church executives, including Mary Sue Hubbard (wife of founder L. Ron Hubbard and second-in-command of the organization), pleaded guilty and were convicted in federal court of obstructing justice, burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property. The case was United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al., 493 F.Supp. 209 (D.D.C. 1979)”

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    • The Scientologists also reeled in and have never left his side- the Aussie billionaire James Packer. His father Kerry was a no-nonsense toughie but apparently despaired of ever extracting James from their influence which seems to have never happened.
      No wonder they seek out major show-business figures like Tom Cruise who become incredibly useful over time.

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    • “My suspicious is that Colin Ross’ mission was to wreck/discredit psychiatry from within. Could just be my personal paranoid conspiracy theory 🙂”

      It could be, yes. But it’s very possibly not… To some degree at least.

      Here; you caused me to reflect upon the wider/party line narrative that ‘all conspiracy theorists are nuts’, which seems to be being developed across quite a wide range of platforms. This piece, and your comment, well illustrate the utter folly of dismissing any theory that there may be a conspiracy afoot as part of a universal madness. But then that is what I’m expected to believe and even at times chant as creed, if I am to toe the party line like a good little sensible middle-class serf, isn’t it?

      All conspiracy theory = mad/bad/dangerous to know. All professional people/theories/institutions infallible/right/beyond reproach etc…

      Somewhat along the same lines of your own theory; I’ve often heard it said that the whole purpose behind the insane nature of many of these (adopting the pejorative sense for a moment) conspiracy theories, the Ickes the Jonses the Renses etc. – is to draw the public’s eye away from genuine conspiracies and endemic corruption of those who hold the tiller and their lackeys.

      But of course, that could just be a paranoid conspiracy theory too. 😉

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  2. This can explain a lot. If Colin Ross was giving lectures and holding seminars in the 80s how many psychologists have become influenced by him with his quackery radiating out like a medical form of a Pyramid Scheme?
    # Even getting involved with the awful James Randi rings alarm bells.

    A deluded or obsessed doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist can have devastating events as the great Chelmsford Deep Sleep scandal in Australia in which 26 patients died before alarm bells rang.
    # one of the unfortunate downsides of universal healthcare where the state funds everything: quacks leap on the bandwagon with any old scam and can make a fortune before disaster strikes.
    “Deep sleep therapy was also practised (in combination with electroconvulsive therapy and other therapies) by Harry Bailey between 1962 and 1979 in Sydney, at the Chelmsford Private Hospital.”

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    • “Involved” with the “awful” James Randi?

      “The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) (www.randi.org) offers a One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. The Foundation will award a prize of $1 million to anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal ability or phenomenon. Dr. Ross’s Challenge was accepted by the JREF and Dr. Ross is waiting for a response to his proposed protocol.

      Dr. Ross claims that he can make a tone sound out of a speaker using an energy beam he sends out through his eyes. James Randi accepted this as a claim of the paranormal.”

      As far as I am aware Randi is a committed sceptic, and the ‘prize’ that used to be offered by the foundation established in his name was a million dollars to anyone who could prove a claim of ‘paranormal’ phenomena under experimental conditions. – As you can imagine, such a challenge would tend to attract a lot of cranks and mentally ill people, particularly post-internet, so, in around 2006 the rules were altered such that you required the backing of a reputable academic and had to have a media profile of some sort to enter. Ross is obviously twisting the truth when he claims;

      “James Randi accepted this as a claim of the paranormal.”

      No… What MAY have happened (I’ve no idea if it did) is that Ross passed that first filtering stage and was considered eligible to enter for the prize, that’s all. and it’s fairly well known that Randi himself kept his distance from the mechanics of the process – he’s even been known to place himself on the other side of the world while challenges were taking place.

      I’m not aware of any statement from Randi that accepts any claim of the paranormal, Ross is definitely lying in this respect.

      In fact, after Randi retired in 2015 and stepped down from his foundation, the board of that foundation decided to terminate the challenge and the prize. Some do claim that Randi ‘always had an out’ and the prize money never existed. Certainly – by admission – Randi is an illusionist after all; and as much as he might have an ‘out’ his opponents have utilised this to make their excuses. However, fact is, in the 51 years that the Randi challenge stood, it was never won!

      What makes him ‘awful’? Apart from the fact he often passes out just enough rope for the dishonest to hang themselves with.

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      • Whilst it may be argued Randi may have enhanced his own celeb status on the back of the mumbo jumbo bullshit wagon,at least it was in debunking and publicly exposing the Gellers and Peter Popoffs and the shameless,new age,woo woo industry in general.

        Randi has also ruffled various feathers by making provocative remarks over the years such as smokers should be left alone to die of their habit but overall I have had him down as a net contributor to the pool of common sense.

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      • As I read it Randi, or his foundation, we’re saying that to CLAIM to be able to shoot beams out of your eyes that effect speakers is to CLAIM to have a paranormal power. They haven’t said he has proved to have such an ability.

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        • I’ve just been told that Randi was suitably impressed by Ross;

          “James Randi accepted this as a claim of the paranormal.” – Actually James Randi pretty-much said that Ross was talking complete and utter shite.

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    • My God these women cannot help themselves. Meddling in what sounds like a very complicated personal matter and neither with any qualifications to deal with such.
      Of course they are pure white as the driven snow. It’s always someone elses fault as Angie has blithely demonstrated over Rupert Quaintance having never once expressed the slightest notion that her sticky fingers are all over his incarceration.
      So much easier to blame the (non-existent) satanist VIP baby-eaters in social services.
      God only knows what those poor social workers have to put up with. What a thankless task.

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      • I have finally come to the conclusion that among Angela’s many “ahem” talents she is also a Psychopath.

        Does the woman not feel the slightest guilt that she helped to get JC sectioned and kept him there probably longer by telephoning him and attempting to visit him with what she hoped would be her f… buddy Rupert?

        Does she not feel the slightest guilt about encouraging Arthur to also get sectioned and again phoning him, Arthur sounding completely out of it when she had that phone conversation with him?

        Does Angela not feel the slightest guilt about encouraging and paying for Rupert to come to England and cause a lot of devastation to a lot of people in Hampstead?

        I hate to think what she has said and done regarding this Baby case.

        It’s about time she was stopped but she carries on regardless in her destruction of so, so many people.

        Blaming others, not taking responsibility for her actions.

        On the one hand she makes me laugh, saying awful things about people and expecting them to be friends very soon after.

        Dangerous isn’t a strong enough word for her.

        “Not a very nice woman” again just not strong enough words to describe her.

        Evil and vile is more like it.

        With all her pseudo Christian “quotes” I think she is the very opposite of what she pretends to be.

        She is a false prophet/profit.

        Nasty Angela, you have no nice qualities at all.

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          • Thanks Sheva.

            Angela makes me very angry and I’m not even a victim of her evil ways.

            All she has done to me is think I’m stupid enough to believe her cock and ball story that her sports car was tampered with in America. She told me this rubbish in January 2015.

            I wish her deluded followers would question her motives and what she says.

            But sadly she still has people that think she speaks the truth, although dwindling there will be others that jump on her bandwagon.

            I still don’t understand why Rupert came to England after Angela had “touched” him.

            Couldn’t he have given her the slip and bought a flight back to Culpeper or wherever and not come over to England with her?

            The taxi ride to the Airport is like 4 Euros, why didn’t he do that?

            Didn’t he have a Credit Card?

            He’d already decided the Hampstead Hoax was a hoax whilst in Italy as was said in Court recently.

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          • Ah so if he had a return ticket then he could have left and gone back to the States but the thought of “fame/money/attention” kept him going along, even though he didn’t believe the hoax.

            On top of that Rupert took money under false pretences from anyone that donated to him after he had decided it was nonsense.

            That would make him a conman as well as an immature, arrogant, little, fool.

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        • ‘Dangerous isn’t a strong enough word for her.’
          It isn’t. The barrister said ‘Considerably Dangerous’.

          ‘ “Not a very nice woman” again just not strong enough words to describe her.’
          Rupert said ‘not a nice person’. A short phrase but said under oath and in front of a Judge.

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    • So Angie, just to recap… You’ll soon be acting to thwart any hope of a transparent enquiry into this man’s death – simultaneously piling even more grief and embarrassment upon his wider family (particularly painful at this point in time) and continuing in the ways that probably wrecked the case in the first place; all for your own sick entertainment and to get attention for yourself…

      Because don’t think you’re fooling anyone for a moment; we know you’ll pocked the bulk of any donations you get in, and that primarily you’re just leeching off the misery and gullibility of the mother.

      A full investigation is fair enough Angie… But what you should know is the press have had this story for quite some time, and have held fire on it so as not to do any more damage to the mother (a vulnerable person), and more importantly her kids. But where what will your standing be when the truth (which we’re fairly sure you know about) comes out about this? – Cos it ain’t pretty now is it Angie?

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      • Well I’ve no idea what this Baby case is really all about but I do know that you need to hear both sides to really make your own mind up on what is the truth and not just believe the one side.

        But of course Ms Power-Disney seems to think she is the ultimate Judge in all matters she gets involved with and that she knows the whole truth.


        If for instance she really believes Rupert “honey trapped” her for starters (lol where is the honey?) she is more deluded than I already think she is.

        Like I’ve said before, Angela’s told so many lies that I don’t even know for sure that Angela is actually her first name.

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it wasn’t.

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        • One of the troubling things about this case is that there was some publicity seeking done at an earlier stage and initial enquiries and checks were made. Lets just say that there are very good reasons why the media won’t touch this one (not at this stage at least), why Social Services went the direction they did, and why what goes on in the family court is nobody else’s fucking business (yes I’m looking at you Angie).

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        • What i find horrifying is how someone only has to say the Social services have taken my children away and no questions asked, others rally round them, without knowing the full story most of the time. There could be serious reasons for why some children are taking into care, abuse, neglect, violence. Surely you have to hear both sides of the story?

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          • They don’t care, it’s not on their agenda to look into facts. These are the same sick perverts who would have the two hampstead children returned to their mother and abe.
            They could be returning a child to certain death or sexual abuse which has happened in some cases, the social workers can’t win with these people.

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          • Personally i would stay well clear of such cases., as for giving an opinion. As for a certain someone leaking all manner of details about the case publicly, it really is despicable.

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          • The reasons for that are actually quite easily understood; though often difficult for those working within authority to admit; mainly due to the influence of internal politics and personal hubris and even downright dishonesty and corruption. – For an evidential and contemporaneous example of this in action, look no further than the behaviour of various agencies (and the individuals within them) in relation to the abuse of young girls in the north of England by Asian paedophile gangs. And for clarity, I raise concern about that matter as a person of Asian descent myself.

            In my own family there are examples of unwarranted interference in our lives by social workers out, basically, to make work for themselves.

            I have cousins who came close to being taken from my auntie for no better reason than her husband having died and her English not being good; my own father had to intervene to stop them going to a home. A long-standing colleague of mine has no less than five adopted siblings; all of Chinese descent… Of the five only two were actually orphaned, the others all had natural parents who were still alive but committed the ‘offence’ of being ‘foreigners’. My colleague’s mother was, apparently, the ‘go-to person’ for fostering because she was a nurse by profession and some other relative was married to a high-profile member of the Chinese community; otherwise they’d have been one of the many sent to children’s homes which, by many accounts, were not good places.

            And then there are the stories of those who emerge from the ‘care’ system. And, as a friend of mine often points out – poverty is a huge industry; that’s why there is no real interest in eliminating it.

            I think many individual Social Workers, Police Officers and other public servants tend to be as much ‘rags in a washing machine’ as the people they serve. And in that respect are perhaps as much as victims of the system as any. But people aren’t as stupid as the system seems to think they are, and it’s difficult to trust any system (or the people within it) that is all about bullshitting people with stupid statistics, chasing and spinning those same statistics, and money… All of which opens the door for the likes of APD.

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  4. No words? Bahahaha, she’s spent the last 24 hours counting donations and slandering everyone she can. Lying old trout.

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      • Check out her friend list (and shared posts) too. She supports violent psychos like Rupert Quaintance, Bronwyn Llewellyn, Jason Streatham, Wesley Hall, Angela Power-Disney, John Paterson, Peter Green, Araya Manna/Soma, Yannis Emmanouel and Margaret Sneddon, to name but a handful.

        Mind you, she also supports the EDL, the BNP and Hitler, so I can’t say I’m too surprised.

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    • So this is the smoking gun they’ve been banging on about for ages? The police got together with child protection and someone from the education authority to come up with a plan? That’s how an investigation works. These people are out of their tiny minds. This is the biggest load of bollox since Kris costa told me that if I read the Jean Clement transcript it would open my eyes. It did, to the fact that Abraham is insane.

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      • The word ‘strategy’ has set off alarm bells among the fruitcakes, Karnevil. An integral part of their ethos is to make things up as they go along, so damn anyone who actually plans things.

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        • There was a lot of excitement after the Manchester bombing when one of the A&E nurses said that they had trained for such events. Maybe they would prefer it if no one preparedfor anything?

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    • Oh, I was thinking it looks like St Drifloud The Unconscious’ handiwork. He never really grasped the concept of effective highlighting for clarity.


  5. They what, Jake?! They repaired the paintwork and the stained glass windows? Oh my fucking God! That’s a sure sign of guilt! Let’s hang the evil baby-eating bastards without further ado! 😮

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  6. Well I never !!!
    I’ve often said that in these witch hunts eventually the Chief Witch Hunter invariably gets burnt at the stake and lo..it came to pass.

    Professional “victim” Esther Baker is another of the fanatics (fantacist?) claiming Satanic orgies were held in forests etc etc (the whole range as often claimed by APD) and in particular an ex-MP participated in these orgies with the usual..local coppers, judges etc etc…and who was that ex-MP, why a name well known on here: JOHN HEMMING !

    At least Hemming has had the good grace, and courage, to now announce it was he.
    # Police have investigated and the CPS declined to press charges.

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  7. Ha! Good to see that even Steven ‘I’m not gonna kill him, I’m just gonna maim him’ Crosley is considering dropping Angie from his circle. Nice work, Tim of the MKD Family (or footy team? LOL).

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    • I applaud Moo’s efforts to save the NHS especially mental health services. It’s personal with her.
      She may have to do a tad more though than just make another Jewtube video. Not sure the other 65 million Brits will find their way to her channel.
      Sorry to hear all these people have been going around spitting on her Granddad’s grave. Dirty bastards.

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  8. 7:07 – “[We’re living in] some Jistarpo state.”

    Jistarpo, Debs? Sounds scary. Whatever it is.

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    • It’s a shame she won’t allow comments on her videos. We could have so much fun insulting her some more there.
      OK I know, that’s an awful thing to say.

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  9. Ha! That’ll teach her to call for people to be hanged in the streets.

    Actually, let’s face it – no it won’t.

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    • Classic stuff, mate! You have talent, my friend 😀

      By the way, I hope these chirpy travellers abide by all the relevant EU directives while they’re in Europe, or they’ll have Mad Moo to deal with.

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    • Ah, so that’s how Abe’s managing to fund himself – as was pointed out the other day, a dude can earn $1,000 a month in the USA just from being a wanker. (So many jokes I could make about Piers Morgan there but I shall resist.) Perhaps that’s where the rozzers should be focusing their search!

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      • Bad Seed?
        It’s a great occupation…. until the work dries up.
        Abe’s last Stand?
        he was a top earner until he got blackballed by the industry.

        I’ll get my coat


    • Has she confused Oxfam and the Red Cross?
      The Red Cross have announced they “could have done better” over Grenfell but I would never donate to the Red Cross.
      They are still sitting on around $50M donated to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. They only ever distribute a small percentage they receive from disaster begging. Same with the Haiti earthquake.
      Seems Debs has listened to a Neelu Berry style phone call where a hapless receptionist is grilled.

      Moo, Neelu etc (and who could forget the late Patrick Cullinane) seem to think that by attacking a person who is possibly at the bottom rung of the food chain they are achieving something. The never go much higher unless it’s to use George Soros as a sort of defacto boss, ignoring that Soros has donated over $5B to charity.
      Investigations aren’t their strong point.

      Wouldn’t Moo be better off doing something practical for charity like knitting little fluffy toy dolls to sell in Oxfam shops?

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  10. Preaching to the converted.
    Moo is on a campaign to educate us all about what conditions are like for “80% of the country”/
    I sense a tiny flaw in her reasoning : perhaps that 80% already know if they are currently living what she describes.


    • More sick twisted slander about Hampstead people being baby-raping cannibals in this one too. This woman needs to be arrested. It’s long overdue.

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  11. Thanks, El Coyote! I appreciate the bump to my YouTube channel.
    As you’ve noted, Colin Ross isn’t simply a fringe character, he has been a driving force in the propagation of massive repression theory and the Dissociative Identity Disorder diagnosis.
    Ross is a past president of The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD). This “professional organization” was started by Ross’ colleagues, Bennett Braun and Richard Kluft. Braun settled several lawsuits totaling over $17M and had his license suspended in Illinois so he now works in a supervisory role for a psych hospital in Butte, MT. Dr. Kluft has also settled at least two malpractice lawsuits but continues to pack rooms for his training workshops.
    The list of past-presidents of the ISSTD is replete with those who have settled malpractice suits, lost licensure for misconduct, or been involved in controversies concerning their research data. Yet, the ISSTD’s annual conference attracts thousands each year. They issue awards to one another and publish their research in their very own “Journal of Trauma and Dissociation”, the official journal of the ISSTD. Those awards and published works then form the basis of CV’s that gain them the ability to write chapters in college psych textbooks, testify as “experts” in courtrooms, and act as consultants for televised portrayals of “traumatic amnesia” and MPD/DID.
    (For more on the ISSTD’s founder, Bennett Braun, see: “Frontline: The Search for Satan” also on my YouTube channel)

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    • Many thanks to you, Lilith, for your excellent YouTube channel. And this information about the ISSTD is really useful, thanks! Fascinating that they carry on despite the lawsuits–there must be gold in them thar hills, no?


      • It’s apparently lucrative enough to take the hit and keep right on doing the same thing.
        It’s very difficult to fight because the licensing boards and professional organizations have not been responsive to complaints. The only recourse for a harmed patient then is a lawsuit, but that’s a long complicated process that most mental health patients do not have the energy to pursue as they attempt to put their lives back together.
        Most of the time, the individual therapist’s insurance tops out at $100-200K, so the harmed patient will settle out-of-court for that amount along with a confidentiality agreement. Thus, the victims are silenced.
        That’s why these documentaries and blogs like yours are so important – keep spreading the word.


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