Dr Michael Salter’s dangerous deductions

From time to time, we digress from watching the monkeys in the zoo…er, the Hoaxtead mobsters behind their keyboards and webcams, take a step back, and look at the broader picture. One aspect of the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax which we have been finding particularly disturbing is that it seems to be at the crest of a new wave of Satanic panic.

Some of us are old enough to recall the last time this happened, in the 1980s and early 1990s, and it wasn’t pretty. Gullible and/or unscrupulous and/or mentally ill therapists, police officers, and parents converged both here and in North America, creating and feeding off their own hysteria, which built up to a witch hunt of epic proportions.

In the bad old days of the last Satanic panic, the issue was seized upon by the “mass media” as it was then known—basically television, radio, and print media. These days, social media has almost completely replaced the older forms of communication, and one day’s speculation becomes the next day’s viral meme—why, hello, #Pizzagate!—and off we go into a spiral of hysterical delusions, amplified by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some of those who support this latest manifestation are veterans of the first Panic—people like Valerie Sinason and Joan Coleman of RAINS—but others (perhaps more disturbingly) are relatively young, seemingly progressive people who one would imagine might know better.

Then again, SRA promoters like Dr Michael Salter, a Criminology lecturer at Western Sydney University in Australia, weren’t around for the first Satanic panic…so what’s their excuse? HR commenter Justin Sanity has been making a bit of a project of examining and critiquing Dr Salter’s claims lately, and we think his insights are worth sharing.

Take it away, Justin!

My initial interest in this Dr Michael Salter, a Criminology lecturer at Western Sydney University, came from his being a friend, ally and apologist for some specific fraudulent “ritual abuse” claimants that I’d been “watching” for a long time. His apologetics were so over-the-top that I felt compelled to ridicule & mock them.

But as I’ve delved deeper & deeper into his subsequent career as an academic, supposedly conducting and publishing serious research, my bemusement has shifted into real concern.

Here’s why:

Salter uses something called “qualitative” methodology, based on soliciting a subject’s life history narrative. In other words, he records and then “analyzes” what they tell him about their life experiences and how those have affected them. He makes no effort to objectively verify anything they tell him. He takes them at face value and assumes that what they say is valid and true.

He claims to be researching “organized abuse”, defined as: “where multiple adults conspire to sexually abuse multiple children”, but the people he uses as his subjects are drawn exclusively from the ranks of patients being treated by “trauma” therapists, and are all either self-identified as Ritual Abuse victims or “diagnosed” to be by a therapist

Salter never solicits, as subjects, people whose CSA experiences as victims of such perpetrator conspiracies is validated & documented through the conviction of their abusers. Obviously, there is no lack of those in our society…there have been numerous pedophile & pederast rings prosecuted between say 1970 and 2000, in North America, the UK and Australia, so there could be hundreds of PROVEN “organized abuse” victims for him to interview if they were willing to participate.

But Salter isn’t interested in them, and doesn’t try to include them in his research. His subject pool is deliberately restricted to persons whose claimed childhood Ritual Abuse experiences are unproven and unprovable, and are similar in nature to those of persons whose RA claims have been proven to be fantasies saturated with demonstrable falsehoods.

Which would be neither here nor there to me if this was simply a personal hobby, but Salter is presuming to generate “a body of knowledge” about Organized Abuse crimes, their victims and their perpetrators, including suggestions about mental health treatment of future child victims, that is based on & derived from fantasists but will be applied to genuine, documented victims of conspiracies where multiple adults conspire to sexually abuse multiple children”, as well.

This is very serious fraudulence, in my opinion, with potentially disastrous, permanent corruption of our understanding of CSA, its causes, prevention, prosecution and treatment.

In a recent article on Reddit, Justin pointed out:

Another amazing resource, documenting historic organized child sexual exploitation-abuse in the UK (and elsewhere in the world, involving British citizens) with scans of actual news coverage from the time, is Spotlight on Abuse:


This is a very comprehensive database documenting cases all the way back to 1960’s.

Strangely, Dr Salter never mentions the existence of organized abuse cases prior to the 1980’s – most likely because allegations of satanic ritual abuse/ ritual abuse/ ritualistic abuse cannot be documented prior to the 1980’s.

Note that a few controversial cases of CSA allegations that might seem unrelated to well known SRA accusation cases, such as Leeds 1985-1990 and Cleveland 1987, actually share an important common trait.

In all of these cases, social workers and/ or physicians attempted to use intuitive deduction methods to identify sexually abused children who had not made direct verbal disclosures of abuse. The widespread use of intuitive deduction in the 1980’s was documented in Sandra Buck’s “The RAINS Network in the UK”, 2008, a history of the Ritual Abuse Information Network. “…there were [social] workers in Congleton, Rochdale and Essex, all dealing with children who were trying to communicate terrifying experiences. They did this as children do, through their behaviours, drawings and play”.

The assumption by such professionals, that they could correctly “decode” from children’s behaviour, drawings and play, abuse events in the child’s life was tragically proven to be false – many times.

So Dr Salter’s “qualitative research” subjects are never required to provide actual evidence that any of their claims are true—they are merely observed and “interpreted” as-is, with no attempt at objective verification. This seems a bit of an eerie echo of the early use of “intuitive deduction” by therapists who believed they, too, could interpret the behaviour of children who they believed to have been abused.

It’s not about what actually happened, as determined by verifiable evidence, reliable witnesses, or even convicted perpetrators; it’s really all in the eye of the observer.


75 thoughts on “Dr Michael Salter’s dangerous deductions

  1. I seriously wonder about these developments, it reeks of the earlier SRA accusations, which resulted in many accusations against innocent people, some who were jailed for a good proportion of their lives- all based on…. nothing….

    Not one single case was actually found, not one secret tunnel dug up, not one flying person flew…
    But many people had their lives destroyed by people who were either mentally disturbed, or so called professionals (some who are STILL making a living off it) making up accusations out of… nothing…

    I wonder if Ray Buckey and Peggy McMartin Buckey, Dan and Fran Keller would be happy to see someone peddling the same exact ‘techniques’ used in their cases

    “Videotapes of the interviews with children were reviewed by Michael Maloney, a British clinical psychologist and professor of psychiatry, as an expert witness regarding the interviewing of children. Maloney was highly critical of the interviewing techniques used, referring to them as improper, coercive, directive, problematic and adult-directed in a way that forced the children to follow a rigid script; he concluded that “many of the kids’ statements in the interviews were generated by the examiner.”
    from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McMartin_preschool_trial

    “Later investigation of the case revealed serious problems: There was no physical evidence of abuse, a retracted confession that the investigating officer did not believe, flawed medical exams of the children, testimony by a dubious “expert” on satanic ritual abuse, and the prosecution withholding information from the defense.[5]

    On November 26, 2013, the Travis County district attorney’s office announced that Fran Keller, now 63, was being released on bond and her husband, Dan Keller, who was convicted at the same time, would be released within a week in a deal reached with lawyers. “There is a reasonable likelihood that (the medical expert’s) false testimony affected the judgment of the jury and violated Frances Keller’s right to a fair trial,” said the district attorney.[6]

    On June 20, 2017, the Travis County district attorney’s office announced that the case against the Kellers had been dismissed, citing actual innocence. This ruling makes them eligible for compensation from the state of Texas for the 21 years they spent in prison.[7] In August 2017 they were awarded $3.4 million in compensation for the wrongful conviction.[8]”
    from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak_Hill_satanic_ritual_abuse_trial

    What I often wonder is that these SRA cases may have contributed significantly to the delay in uncovering actual sexual abuse cases, even recently some SRA hoaxers have tried to get involved with the Royal Commission inquiry here in Australia (and I think we can safely dismiss any claim that these people make), as most are purely impossible and not supported by any facts (being abused by people who had actually passed away before the person claiming abuse had even been born, tunnels thousands of kilometers long (tunnels, always a SRA favourite for some reason)

    Many of the claimants seem to have serious mental issues, but others seem to be in it purely for the money, some others I have to wonder about their motives as they almost seem to be deliberately trying to muddy the waters so much that any person claiming to have suffered abuse will be met with dismissal and ridicule- deliberate???

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    • One thing I find quite unfair was the compensation the Kellers received, 3.4 million ‘sounds’ a lot,, but when you actually look at it was for both of them, and the number of years they were imprisoned, it works out to be less per year than I make, and they suffered the humiliation of being branded child abusers to boot

      I wonder if the people who put them in that position feel any guilt about their part in the whole hysteria????

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      • Or what about the children from the Rochdale “Satanic Panicked social workers running amok” case? I don’t remember if they or their falsely accused parents ever got compensation for all that they suffered. (?)

        By the way, the reason why I call Cleveland an intuitive deduction case, is that the children who were flagged for Higgs to perform RAD examination on, were identified by various intuitive or “warning signs” deductions. So, Higgs would have understood that a flagged child was “already identified” as an abused child by social workers whose judgement she trusted. Her role was to provide medical validation for what they already “knew”, which hopefully would persuade the perpetrating parent to confess. And she would, so intuitive deduction social workers would ask for Higgs specifically to do the examination on their flagged kids because they trusted her to find the objective medical evidence. Like the dysfunctional relationship between police detectives and their favorite Forensic Technician who reliably “reads” the evidence in ways that validate what they have decided to be the truth in their cases.

        Great video about the Rochdale case on youtube: “BBC When Satan Came to Town”

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        • That is a great video. The children flagged, then abused.
          The conference I attended at Norwick Park, organised by Vera Diamond, I’m sure Higgs was there…..some of the speakers really shocked me, from the Psychiatrist who became my expert witness to two police representatives. There were at the time recordings of them all, I couldn’t afford them, but it would be great if anyone out there can upload them for teaching purposes.
          I’ll try and recall as much as I can and write a bit more, soon ish.


    • One such tunnel being the crackpot Fiona Barnet’s from Sydney to the US top secret Pine Gap facility a distance of some 2800 KMs. It would have to be one of the world’s greatest engineering feats but why when there is an adequate highway and both locations have suitable airfields for international jets including Pine Gap that has US Airforce 747s arriving daily?. Madness.

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      • I always find it funny when the fruitloops talk about secret tunnels. If the fruitloops are all aware of these supposed tunnels then they aren’t much of a secret are they?

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      • Yeah she was who I had in mind when I wrote that- amazing thy were able to build a tunnel 60 times longer than the longest tunnel in the world,requiring the removal of some 11 million cubic meters of debris
        To give you an idea of the size

        double that….
        thats 5 million cubic meters shown
        (and thats assuming a rather small tunnel of 2x2m)

        not to mention most modern tunneling machines average about 20m a day, so they timetravelled a brand new tunneling machine back to the middle ages to start this tunnel, to about 150 years BEFORE Captain Cooke landed ‘officially’ discovering Australia…..

        Makes perfect sense to me…..

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    • Each time new stories of SRA come around they just keep the cycle going and help to convince people that there must be truth to them and that the government or whoever is helping to cover up the story. Just as the believers in Satanic panic now point back to the McMartin preschool case and Oak Hill etc the satanic panic believers of tomorrow will point backwards towards the Hampstead hoax as further evidence of their claims that SRA and cover-ups exist.

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  2. If only Aunty Ved was in the next cell the world would be a happier place. Oh, and Rubbergums as well. Cannot forget her, no matter how hard we try.

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    • Dear Ved Chaudhari, As an Irish person can I please request that you STFU about my people and my country, about which you know the square root of f**k all. Kevin Annett is a con-man and pathological liar who feeds off the pain and misery of First Nation people, enabled by idiots like you.

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  3. Very nice, thank you! 🙂

    One of my primary concerns from the very beginning, as far back as 1985-86. The potentially disasterous distortion of our academic and collective societal understanding of; cult group involvement in organized crime, the relationship between childhood trauma and adult mental illness, and the prevention, detection and treatment of CSA, that fraudulent sources of information might have.

    It can’t be a good thing, to have documented frauds like Mike Wanke advising law enforcement about cult crime, or confessed fantasist like Joan Chrisiansen advising police and child protection organizations about “multi-generational” CSA, can it?

    Let’s just take the case of Carol Felstead for a relevant example. We know for certain that the SRA victim life history attributed to her was entirely FALSE. We also know, that this false history and Sinason & Hale’s “case history” of Carol AS an alleged SRA victim, was incorporated into their understanding, beliefs, and professional pronouncements on that subject. Carol is unmistakably cited as an illustration of supposed “principles” in Sinason & Hale’s academic paper “Internal and External Reality”. But, it was all a LIE – so how does that impact our academic, and collective societal understanding, of this subject?

    Michael Salter does include standard disclaimers that his qualitative research and conclusions drawn from it may not be representative of all “organized abuse” cases, yet he is quoted in media such as articles in the Guardian saying things like: “my research shows that OA victims say their perpetrators did X & Y, therefore X & Y are validated in claims now being made in current police investigations”. And we know that his fans in groups/ networks like SMART don’t give a rat’s ass about disclaimers – if an “expert” endorses something of importance to them, with respect to qualitative “evidence” from a small sample, they will gleefully apply it to themselves and every other ritual abuse-mind control claimant they’ve ever heard of.

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    • I really think it’s worth approaching IICSA. They are still adding to the inquiry list. It matters alot I think, and recently I’m really glad that some panel members and those supporting VoicingCSA have realised and are taking actions……. like keeping dangerous people like Wesley Hall away from their events….. with good reason, some are not able to publicise, but I hope that those who’ve alerted security around the inquiry, or police have made some wheels turn in terms of investigating the web that Sabine so proudly boasted about being at the centre of….. email mining is probs the least of it


  4. It’s the 3rd anniversary of that dungshid at Christ Church….. with all the freemen and charlottens, and muckenzies and al…and the types of bellenders and annonites conspiring a conspiracy: Uncle Tom Crawford, cobbley n all….

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  5. Salter’s MOD seems similar to the bizarre world of Liz Mullliner’s Heal4Life (coming to a UK town near you soon) in country NSW where many adults who were abused as children attend for ‘healing’ and are told they were the abused within a Satanist Cult by Mulliner but just can’t remember it.Those who criticise her are also accused of being cult members.
    There have been many calls for investigations especially as Mulliner has had $Millions in government grants but nothing seems to have been done about it.
    Mulliner claims there are Satanic cults operating near her but has never produced any evidence of even one. Yet she gets away with telling many of the attendees of her retreat they were victims of cults. We only hear of the complaints by those who are shocked to be told this but how many go on to believe this claim. Perhaps they end up as subjects of Michael Salter’s “research”.
    Retreat for child abuse survivors faces investigation calls

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    • You might be right, GOS! In his essay: “Through a Glass Darkly”, Salter talks about traveling around to interview his volunteer subjects, (all referred through mental health pros). He says that most are impoverished, living on disability (?) in remote areas where the cost of living is cheap. Sound kind of isolated, too. Isolated & impoverished…because therapists advised them to cut ties with their family & old friends – calling them cult perps, like in Carol Felstead case?

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    • Well done, mate!

      God, I hate that woman. Actually, ‘hate’ is a strong word. What I mean is…Nah, fuck it – I hate the bitch. Why live in denial? 😀

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    • I think Debs is also on a 30-day ban. She hasn’t posted on FB since 12th March, even though she’s been active on YouTube.

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      • That’s good news if Debs is on a 30 day FB ban. It must pee her off so much when that happens as she spends so much time on there.

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    • “They gave me a stamp, that was nice of them”

      I wonder what that stamp is???
      The infamous “file ID.010t” or equivalent?

      (or did she just nick a stamp off some poor workers desk when they werent looking?)

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  6. Christ knows what goes on in Wesley’s head but he’s dragged me into it now, lol:

    For the record, that screenshot is from months ago and was a reference to his arrest for an altercation in a chemist shop years ago.

    In fact Wesley archived that on 15th January (and he’s got the cheek to claim it’s from last week):



    But as Malcolm would say, never let the facts stand in the way of a good story 🙂

    Oh and I see Sabine’s age has changed AGAIN! LOL

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    • This is what Fresh Start is attempting in Scotland right now ……
      Does Wesley or any of them ever share a link or discuss the inquiry except in negative terms, or to use the exposure as if somehow it connects to themselves or they are right in touch with important witnesses……
      My twitter feed attests to the fact, that I’ve listened many days to the inquiry live and also to some early seminars and as I’ve mentioned a few times, almsot every professional mentioned that the SRA panic in Rochdale had been detrimental and caused the real abuse happening within the care homes, was mishandled greatly.
      Have any of them mentioned that ?…………….. oh no, of course not.
      Belinda & Baloney have called for Amnesty for child molesters; is this a ploy, to then have more fake witnesses come forward, who did go onto abuse, but can now like Andrew, Nick or Stephen be coerced or paid to come up with fake testimonials as long as an MP or a Star is involved ????
      As Badda has deftly shown; many paedohunters are going about it so wrong, they really can be shown to be aiding those they claim to be against, yelling all the usual names at anyone also exposing or challenging their lack of regard for the necessary process, nor the fact that they clearly are despoiling some investigations and warning rings to get rid of evidence…..as we know, many of their allies have been around the events that include promoters of this hoax and others.

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  7. I can’t believe I missed this at the time – Angie ranting about narcissism…when she has a framed photo of herself up on the wall behind her 😂

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    • Who the f*ck makes a video slagging off their 82-year-old mother and posts it to YouTube?

      You’re a nasty nasty woman, Angela >:D

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      • I watched it and a few others before I decided what to do about that disgusting video she had sent to my inbox December 2015, her first attempt to make me feel ashamed or triggered with fear, to shut me up…… It was a first…. from a fellow campaigner (fcoughz)……….I had years ago, when openly doing things re pedobear groups on facebook, had even a photo from thailand with an asian guy threatening that my throat would be slit, so in my usual cautious style 🙂 I posted it on my wall and exposed him…. Angie picked on the wrong person, but clearly didn’t know that……………. Belinda wimped out 2013.

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