Why was one child favoured as poster child for the hoax?

As we’ve pieced together a more complete timeline of the Hampstead SRA hoax, one thing that’s become apparent is that when given a choice, Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva tended to allow Sabine and Belinda’s conspiracy-minded friends to interview RD’s son rather than his daughter.

For example, we noticed that when Brian Gerrish was permitted access to the children, presumably to examine the merchandise before broadcasting the story, he mentions only having spoken to the little boy.

Similarly, we know that when Finn Hagan was questioning the little girl, he cut his questions short as soon as he heard an adult approaching. He abruptly stopped talking and stuffed his phone into his pocket without turning it off. This provided us with what we call “the pocket tape”, a revealing bit of dialogue which you can read about here. It seems that he knew he wasn’t meant to be speaking to the girl, and didn’t want to be caught out.

This made us wonder: did Abe and Ella think that the boy would be a more eloquent poster child for their hateful campaign of lies? And if so, why?

‘You have to tell the truth’

Judging by the videos of the children, it seems quite clear that the little girl was much more resistant to Abe’s torture techniques. He mentions when speaking to Jean-Clement that “she’s a liar”, almost as if to inoculate his brother-in-law from any inconvenient inconsistencies in her story.

And then there’s a sad little 35-second video in which the little boy begs his sister to go along with Abe’s storyline:

Q: Please, tell the truth. Please! [P], please! Just tell the truth.

Q: Look, they’re not here yet. They’re not here. Look, nobody’s touching me. We’re now with Mum and uncle. Please tell the truth, [P]. It’s really important.

Q: If you won’t tell the truth you will get yourself in big trouble, yourself. Into deep trouble, yourself. So please tell the truth. [inaudible] uncle says, tell the truth, okay?

In the next video, which lasts 55 seconds, the little boy continues, with a bit more urgency in his voice, this time with Abraham coaching from off camera:

Abraham: Say that again.

Q: P.. Papa is not here…look…Abraham is here, [P]…[P]…
Where is papa? Look. This is not papa, [P]. [P], that’s not papa…And just tell the truth…Please. [P], we can tell the truth….Look, is this your, is this papa? Is this [RD]? No. So, look… Don’t… Mum and papa are protecting you and to help you protect yourself and to protect them and to protect all of us… The group…
If the group lies…things will start to pack and roll and you might broke a glass…You might hurt yourself.

Abraham: What about the babies?

Q: …And you might get your bag of payment for the babies. You might get killed by somebody.

Clearly, the little girl isn’t interested in repeating the story yet again, but the boy seems genuinely concerned for her safety if she doesn’t comply. Is this because he knows Abe will hurt them if she doesn’t co-operate, or because he genuinely believes the story himself?

We know that in the third round of police interviews, while the little girl was quite forthcoming and angry about Abe having forced her to say terrible things about her father, teachers, classmates, and their parents, the little boy seemed to want to hang onto the story just a bit longer:

Q: Want to tell, Abraham he like accused me like, er, like when, um, he said does your Dad hurt you much…

S (Police officer): (yeah)

Q: …..does he hurt you really bad? And I say, no he doesn’t and he said yes he does and he accuses me.

S: OK. And then what happens?

Q: And then he says yes your Dad does hit you really hard. 

S: (yeah)

Q: And he says no he doesn’t hit me hard. He hits me softly….just to remind me.

S: OK. So, what was it, we talked in two other interviews before, didn’t we?

Q: (yeah)

S: Was what you told me the truth?

Q: Yeah

S: So all that stuff about the babies…

Q: (yeah)

S: And the church…

Q: (yeah)

S: and all that…

Q: No, no the babies, the babies, he um, no, well there is some of the babies killed, yep.

S: Okay, are you sure?

Q: Yes. But not much, not every single day, not every single day like killed, no, not like that.

As the interview progresses, he seems to drift in and out of Abe’s fantasy-world:

S: It’s okay, if it hasn’t happened it’s okay as long as we talk about it now. Okay?

Q: Yeah. So I lied about it, no because he made me say it.

S: So I, so, there’s two things. So first of all  you say you lied… So are…let me just be clear. Are babies being killed or not?

Q: No.

S: So they’re not.

Q: No, he made me say it.

S: Who’s he? Who made you say it?

Q: Abraham.

S: How did he make you say it?

Q: When I said…when I, when he asked me, ‘Is any baby killed?’ I said no there isn’t and then he says yes there is, he’s like accusing me of my Dad killing me, of me of him helping me killing babies.

S: Okay, what about all the secret rooms in these houses and places?

Q: No.

S: Are there any secret rooms?

Q: Ss..not much. Well there is, yeah, not much, not much, no.

False memories in the making?

The little boy’s confusion is completely understandable.

He has just spent four weeks holed up with his sister, his mother, and his mother’s boyfriend, being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night for repeated grilling sessions, being beaten and kicked, having water poured on him whilst he knelt in his underpants.

And all the while, he was being told that his own thoughts and memories were wrong and invalid, and that he must now believe in a terrifying alternate reality where babies are murdered and eaten, and hundreds of people “do sex” to him with plastic willies.

For a small child, this must have seemed completely incomprehensible and bewildering. Most children hold the view, rightly or wrongly, that the adults around them are the arbiters of truth—so if Abe and Ella were telling him, repeatedly and adamantly, that their father was forcing him to kill babies and eat them, then perhaps they were correct?

It’s entirely possible that for a time at least, the little boy became confused about what he actually did remember. We know that one way in which false memories can be “implanted” is via constant repetition and questioning, creating confusion and distress in the victim, who begins to doubt their own memories and begins to replace them with fabrications.

If this was the case with the little boy, though, what stopped his sister from going down the same route?

It’s difficult to speculate about that, but one factor could be what Abe and Ella described as her stubbornness and unwillingness to go along with the programme. She was the older sibling, and had had many conflicts with her mother in the past—so in some ways it’s possible that she was more adept at defending herself against Abe and Ella’s assaults on her sanity during the Morocco trip.

According to memory specialist Dr Elizabeth Loftus, studies have shown that it’s possible to induce false memories in adults—but not all adults, and not all the time:

Despite the ethical limitations imposed on laboratory studies of artificially created memories,  research showed that creating false memories of a relatively benign childhood experience, i.e., becoming lost in a shopping mall as a young child was easily induced. In other studies, even much more extreme example of false memories (eg., spilling punch on the bride’s parents at a family wedding or nearly drowning as a child) could be induced in as many as a quarter of the subjects tested. Even in subjects who failed to develop a complete false memory, partial recall could be induced in nearly half of all research subjects.

We don’t know for certain that what happened to RD’s son comes under the heading of “false memory”. It’s possible that he didn’t fully believe in the grotesque lies Abe and Ella drilled into the children, but felt more compelled to hang onto them than his sister did, once they were safely out of Abe and Ella’s reach. As the younger sibling, it’s possible that he hadn’t had quite as much time to develop the defences which his sister had.

However, whether he fully believed the stories or not, it’s clear that Abe and Ella felt that the little boy could be relied upon to speak to strangers about the hoax, while it might be best to let his sister remain in the background. Fortunately for both children, once they were removed from Ella’s custody, the little girl spoke out angrily against their captors, thus ensuring that Ella would not regain control over them ever again.child sexual abuse 2

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  1. Excellent observations in this post, EC.

    I always thought it was sad watching a young boy get asked if there were any babies killed, only to hear him say “No, well… some”. The hoaxers cling to this.

    To me the boy was caught between wanting to please two adults, fearing consequences from Abe and wanting to tell the truth to the member of the Child Abuse Investigation team.

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  2. Amazing blog post El Coyote… You have asked us to be properly honest with ourselves by putting ourselves in the position of the two abused children – where and how would we find ourselves falling under the pressure of Abe and Ella’s demented pressure?

    Excuse me while I take a moment to recover from my tears and my heart break for those two very strong young children….

    I admire those youngsters so much and I wish them peace.

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  3. Heartbreaking and I remember feeling the same heavy thud, when I first heard all of the videos…..armed as I was, with knowledge of the vile and viral behaviour of the same players, dirty tricks, foul abuse, from the hollie hoax days, then as I’ve learned more of how much damage they’ve intentionally done to good groups, for years, shown clearly by their recent open attacks on me and Danny of Shatterboys……….. I really tried to inform the police but it is only now, perhaps, that there is enough, collated and with clarity now available, broadly painting the picture……… that the true conspiracy will be found to be created and energised by these so called conspiracy theorists…….they are conspiracy PRACTITIONERS……….

    And especially now, with even Miles Johnston showing his hand, again in the dirty pile of creeps and con artists, charlatans and therapists ready to tell survivors that their abuser was ……..take your pick….that the only way to heal is……… ? whichever route they can send you down, to one of theirs….all flavours available…….. Collaterol damage, people who realise are turned on, targeted, pushed over the edge if possible, addictions triggered and supplied in some cases……..abuse rampant from the predators hanging around anti child abuse events…… this is their target market……

    The children and people of Hampstead were collaterol damage to them, so what if property prices, say had fallen…….. there are some property developers as well as some millionaire energy something or other….in the background…….

    I was immediately and truly empathic to the people and children effected by this.

    Because they have put me and others through it before. I had really heard the innocent victims speak and have also heard and read thoroughly the actual evidence…….. I witnessed enough of the vile abuse heaped on people by Belinda and anyone like Brenda McNamara, mumsy…. viciously attacking anyone who didn’t buy into her obsessive posts about hollie as if anyone disputing the hoax was picking on the girl…..not that she was a girl anymore…and it’s left out that the reason she was in the RCJ was because of the abuse being done to Hollie by THEM !

    Robert Green and every person who has mentioned him at Fresh Start Foundation talks spins the old spiels and lies……….. He plead GUILTY ! and he has a LIFETIME GAGGING ORDER, so how come he and they are getting away with not just that, but also bringing up the Hampstead children, who deserve nothing less than absolute guarenteed privacy ……. so how come there is nothing in place to stop this perpetuating and them doing it all over again?

    I’ve been called many things, allsorts but they all seem to think satanism means automatically that a person following that path or religion, is evil…….. for people who go on about media mind control…they sure are allowing it to run the narrative, where that is concerned…..relying on fears drilled into some people, to motivate them and justify yourselves, is despicable…….and whether people like it or not, if people choose to follow satanism as a religion, they can…and what you are all doing, that spit this shit… is actually religious hatred…… and I for one will support any campaign to highlight this and fight for religious freedom….even tho I don’t class myself as religious, I reject it mostly, but I do have beliefs and spiritual understandings, practices which I am comfortable with………..

    What Hoaxtead Research has done is amazing. Today I am truly grateful for everyone who has shone a light on these cockroaches and shown up their hypocrisy so plainly. 🙂

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  4. I think the girl realised more quickly that she could trust Steve Martin, and that she knew she did not have to go back……we wouldn’t hear that part…… the boy may have been really overwhelmed or the police may have left it to the girl to tell the boy…….. Steve would have kept that bit of the interview short as possible, for the younger child, who was clearly confused and tired, but there would have been more probably, but with expert trauma counsellors used by the police……….now, thankfully. Alot has been achieved over the decades…… It is sickening to read the comments by pushers for the hoax… there was a last interview where the boy said very strongly, that he NEVER wanted to go back with his mum, even if she got rid of Abe, he didn’t trust her to keep him away, that’s when the boy showed both relief and strength, he felt safe but he knew he would never be safe because ‘Abe will be back, no matter what she says’, that was heartbreaking, but he seemed really happy and not all concerned about where he was going……..

    That’s the kind of thing, obvious to people who really work on this issue.
    I have though, been shocked that given they were police interviews, how come they were not taken down ? Have the police even tried ? If not, why not ? Copyright would probably work fgs, stupid though and in such need of change are those rules, where I can lose my channel for copyright, but Angie and co can say whatever they like about whomever they please, with no real problem from YouTube, etc…..it needs a fix…. that, I hope will ‘fix the world’ a bit….. 🙂

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  5. Yes, I find it appalling that police interviews, which are meant to be held in absolute confidentiality, would have been posted on the internet for all to see. I’m also shocked that the police would not have made all efforts to have them taken down.

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  6. On another note the Canadian dope smoker is sharing Hampstead material on his Cancer page and it’s showing in the UK. Needs addressing

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  7. Me too, they can easily establish copyright if nothing else. On a child protection angle, given the history, you’d think it’d be a simple email from a Sergeant or Inspector citing the judge and it’d be over. But no, the crackpots are winning and wallowing in the mess they’ve made.

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  8. What pisses me off is that the technology is available to automatically flag known images and videos. Once one video is flagged and removed it is fairly trivial to automatically identify and remove others containing the same content.

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  9. Thanks for the alert. Yes, I’ve been rather neglecting that dribbling swivel-eyed freak lately. So with that in mind I’ve just been through his FB page and taken a load of screenshots*, which have been added to his evidence folder accordingly (see 122-171):


    As well as the aforementioned Hampstead posts they include a number or sick, twisted ‘false flag’ posts too, so people can see the kind of person he is.

    Naturally I’ve endeavoured to obscure the children’s names and faces as appropriate (child abuser Kane posts them with gay abandon as always), as well as the names and faces of their classmates, their head teacher and the feller who runs the locksmith’s-cum-leather shop. But if anyone spots any I’ve missed, please let me know.

    You’ll see that some of the above screenshots also include comments from Slater’s creepy followers, including the terminally irritating Manuela Costa. These have been copied into the ‘Manuela Costa’ and ‘Random Twats & Psychos’ folders accordingly.

    I’ve reported some of Slater’s posts to Facebook but I won’t hold my breath on them taking any action. We’ve had quite a few successes where he’s concerned, to be fair, but at the same time I continue to be amazed by some of the jaw-droppingly disgusting Slater posts that they allow to stay up.

    *Note: screenshot 122 is from YouTube, where Slater goes by the name ‘Hampstead Cover-Up’.

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  10. YouTube can detect a snatch of a song playing on a radio in the background of a video and immediately recognise it – finding copies of the police videos should be easy with the technology available.

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  11. Indeed..copyright which will stand especially in the USA.
    But that requires almost one copper whose sole job is to chase this stuff on the net and they are already understaffed which is why politicians should make it law the onus is on the social media owners with huge possible fines.
    The bastards don’t pay their fair share of tax so why are pollies so frightened of them?

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  12. Can you believe these vile people (known as The Mob © (™) ) want these kids to go through life believing they have murdered babies?
    I mean really, where are their frigging heads at?

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  13. I noticed I had the most success with reporting posts when the media was focused on the various social media after yet another teen suicide after being trolled, less media attention and the success rate is markedly worse- these companies are not good corporate citizens, and it will take sustained public pressure on the politicians to put in place legislation before they are forced into doing the right thing imho

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  14. I must remember that recording of Abe calling the little girl a liar the next time his supporters scream that children don’t lie. Not saying he’s right, btw, but my God, what a jaw-dropping inconsistency for the ‘Believe the children (except when they say something that doesn’t fit our narrative, of course)’ crowd to conjure with.

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  15. Hopefully, even more new laws will come out that govern online material which could hopefully see the removal of the children’s videos. They shouldn’t still be online now. I feel for RD and the children as their names and faces will still get used by conspiracy theorists online until the law pulls its finger out and does something about it.

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  16. What type of person derives any sort of pleasure from trolling a teen suicide victim? The internet really does show up how sick some people are.

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  17. What a brave little girl Child P is. It must have been so frightening for the two children being exposed to a violent bully such as Abraham. I am so pleased that when the opportunity arose she called Abe out and exposed his lies and bullying.

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  18. I think Abe had implanted false memories into the little boy. Adults can have false memories implanted into their mind as we have read about in posts on this blog. Some therapists seem to be quite adept at convincing adults they were sexually abused as children.

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  19. Thanks for that, Sheva! I especially like your term “conspiracy practitioners”. It describes these people so clearly: they take advantage of the helpless, to sell their disgusting ideas to the disenfranchised and profit from grief and pain.


  20. There are a lot of theories about how the internet “disinhibits” people so that they reveal their own sadism to people they don’t know, believing they will never face the consequences of their actions. In part, that’s why this blog exists: we want to show that there are consequences, and shine a light on those who make a hobby of bullying those they consider weaker than themselves.

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  21. Yes, and people can even develop false memories unintentionally. I had a family member who was notorious for “remembering” events which had happened before he was born! It was a bit of a family joke, and no one took it too seriously, but this person was utterly convinced that he remembered the events in question, and could describe them in detail.

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  22. Yes i can understand that EC. It’s like people forget that online activities are real and that online isn’t some parallel universe where you can do and say what you want without any recrimination.

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  23. I think they were both very brave, but as someone pointed out to me in an email, another factor affecting the little boy’s compliance with Abe’s demands is that boys do mature emotionally a bit more slowly than girls. So while they were only a year and a bit apart in age, the difference in maturity could have been quite significant. Bullies like Abe will generally choose the “weaker link”, but I think that it’s a huge credit to the boy that he was able to begin the climb back to reality so quickly after they were free of Abe and Ella.

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  24. All very true EC. They were both very brave indeed in what must have been a very very frightening situation for them. I am glad that they have each other for support.

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  25. Don’t get me wrong. I understand everyone’s frustration. But posting such material in the United States is legal and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future under their first amendment. In the UK we can do nothing about that. What extra laws do you want see? A great government controlled UK firewall? The banning of VPNs? Outlawing of anonymous identities? The harm that would do would have catastrophic side effects, but I have seen elected UK politicians advocating all three.

    Existing laws should control such abuse and there are severe penalties including jail time. The real question is why the police and CPS don’t enforce them. That is where any ire should be directed.

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  26. Scarlet, that is one mighty big folder there! Thanks for the work you do on them all. They’re handy for reference purposes as well as being good collections of evidence.

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  27. What a disgusting comment he’s made about an elderly lady… and he knows where she lives? Worrying, to say the least.

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  28. Apparently he edited his comment but he was too late – I’d already reported them and got the screenshots.

    They’ve disabled comments on there now, btw.

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  29. YT’s algorithms must have picked up on my Duran Duran comment. Their ‘Greatest Hits’ album has just come up on my sidebar, lol.

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  30. Can someone please point me to any outfit that will pay good money for one to spread dis-information and “troll” Youtube.
    Asking for a friend.

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  31. Can you believe Cynthia McKinney actually got elected several times to the US House of Reps?. She makes Princess Neelu look positively tame when it comes to conspiracies. God help the students at that Bangladesh university where she teaches. Who would have thought US politics would entertain such wackos.
    What’s that you say? . Donald Trump?.

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  32. Spot on. They way in which they were soon able to finally tell the truth once they were away from a malicious physical abuser and mental mind bender like Abe points to them being intelligent kids who hopefully will mature and survive one of the most bizarre and creepiest of hoaxes that could only be developed in the mind of a very sick person.
    And I hate the way the policeman in question who must have one of the most difficult jobs in the force is so maligned. He appears to be intelligent but gentle at the same time. What a job he has: getting to the truth and then having to have his name traduced on the internet. Same goes for all local authority & community workers beavering away under difficult conditions with few thanks.
    # I always remember the way Rupert Quaintance and Angela Power-Disney set out to maliciously libel a psychiatric nurse just because she had the unfortunate job of greeting them at the front door of a clinic.

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  33. Sadly it’s one of the worst aspects of the law.
    I’ve been deeply involved in two complicated cases as an aid and witness that were finally settled after years in the highest court in the land with a win by the plaintiffs.
    But winning in court is often just the beginning.
    People and defendants can breach court orders and there is no automatic way in which to correct this (except in criminal matters) unless the plaintiffs return to the court for redress which can involve heaps more expense that can often not be recouped.

    The other thing I have discovered: you can have a physical copy of a judgement handed down and show it to the police ( It’s amusing to watch FoTL advocates rave about documents in those eviction videos) and they often not only do not comprehend that document or, and this is obvious when you think about it, really cannot accept a piece of paper as proof of anything. Hence-more expense involved hiring a lawyer to help enforce that judgement and you really have to pick and choose your lawyers.
    (hint: if the sign out front says “Equity Lawyer” run for the hills).

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  34. I take your point about freedom of the net and we don’t want that to vanish.
    But the fact is the social media giants are basically criminal entities in the way they allow libels that can be extremely dangerous to flourish.
    # Pizzagate is a recent example.
    # The Oklahoma City FBI bombing a past one where 100s were killed including children.
    Both ( and many others) whipped up by internet loons with their conspiracy garbage. At least the ghastly Alan Jones is now being legally pursued by parents from Sandy Hook.

    My experience helping a friend who recently won a libel case against Google who are typical of this net giants is they are completely arrogant and thumb their noses at the court and do everything possible to frustrate the courts. My pal at one stage, having run out of money represented herself at some hearings and faced 4 Google barristers with reps from net entities.
    It’s taken her 4 visits back to court and nearly two years just to get a part payment on costs which she was awarded.

    And of course : these swine avoid tax like crazy.

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  35. GOS, yes that has been very upsetting. I have so much respect for the police officer and have felt really sickened at the way he has been treated by the hoaxers….. as well as all the time wasting, the rude, aggressive phonecalls, visits, emails etc that staff in all kinds of offices and workplaces have been subjected to.

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  36. Michelle Young from the ITJN. Is the court case her? She had a whooole session. Wonder if she actually knows she went to a steaming pile of larping fuckwittery presided over by a pompous, dishonest buffoon.

    Mr Walsh claimed to have a PhD in the 60s, well before he later claimed to have been awarded his worthless one.

    My god what a shitefest.

    Presided over by four blokes, of coooouuurse. Biggest slot given to the most privileged.

    WAHEY the mens iz here to save the peasants. WOOHOO

    It is just role play for faeces flinging shittgibbons, dragging along the unsuspecting or utterly deranged to gaze up at the big man on the throne in his fancy dress costume.

    Utter prat.

    Loving his Lord Magisterial Cockwomble Of Toilet Water’s preface. His achievements include the local drinking club, the Norfolk Island Bar Association, which met in the bar, and is a drinking club.

    Click to access young-judgment.pdf

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  37. She has a record of hiring forensic accountants and lawyers on a contingency basis. So far none of them have received their contingency payments, on account of the late Scot Young squirreling away his moneys so securely under many layers of other people’s names. She may have swallowed the ITNJ line of self-aggrandising bollox and believed their claims that they would be the ones to unravel the whole bezoar of deceit.

    And since the ITNJ are such wazzoccks and bumblefucks, they have evidently swallowed their own line of self-aggrandising bollox, and believe that they do have the forensic-accountancy skills — or that their judicial-gown dress-up games will prove an adequate substitute — and they will track down the missing money, or shame Russian gangsters into giving it back, therefore earning them a generous commission.

    Remember one of the issues that persuaded the US SovCits that the ITNJ was a scam?
    In July 2015, the case of a sitting ITNJ Law Commissioner came to the attention of Walsh, Stone, Cope and Rhoades, which outlined massive fraud that would be perfect for exposure of many corrupt corporations. In the letter, the Law Commissioner stated 1/3 of any financial judgment in her favor would be paid to the Australian team for their efforts and requested a call be had as soon as possible between the parties to discuss.

    …I rather suspect that the missing Young millions was what Stone et al. were salivating over.


  38. Exactly E.C.! Despicable apathy on part of LE to allow this B.S. after so many complaints and REAL LIFE cases.


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