Why did the police believe ‘Nick’ and his fantasies?

Yesterday in our Comments section there was considerable discussion about “Nick”, whose fantastical imaginings about VIP paedophile rings were swallowed whole by some media and police, and who, it has recently been revealed, has been charged with offences involving child sex abuse images and voyeurism.

Arthur Pint commented, “Reading the stories from Nick and how over the top they are and without any evidence to back up his claims makes me think just how smart or dumb are some of our top cops?”


Some of Nick’s more bizarre allegations included claims that the paedophile ring had murdered three boys in order to scare other victims; that he had been present at an orgy during which Harvey Proctor had tied up another boy and knifed him for 40 minutes before finally strangling him; and that Nick, too, had been raped by Mr Proctor, who had been stopped from cutting off Nick’s genitalia by Ted Heath…but Proctor had later given him the penknife as a memento of the occasion. As one does.

Another of Mr Heath’s accusers, a woman, claimed that he was linked to a network of paedophiles who held Satanic orgies in the woods, and stabbed children in churches.

And yet, despite the utter unbelievability of these and other allegations, the police officer in charge of Operation Midland described Nick’s delusional sado-masochistic fantasies as “credible and true”. And former Chief Constable of the Wiltshire police force, Mike Veale, stated that he believed Nick’s allegations “120%”, and that had Sir Edward Heath been alive today, he would have been interviewed under caution for seven of the 42 allegations against him.

Updated 28 February 2018: A reader has correctly pointed out that Mike Veale cannot be properly quoted as having claimed that he believed Nick’s allegations 120%. In fact, while The Mail on Sunday reported that “the police chief investigating claims that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile is convinced the allegations are ‘120 per cent’ genuine”, and that “The Mail on Sunday has been told that Mr Veale believes the paedophile allegations are genuine. A source said: ‘Mr Veale believes in them 120 per cent and thinks they are totally convincing”. The 120% figure, therefore, should not be attributed directly to Mr Veale, but to a source close to him. In addition, it is not clear from the Mail on Sunday article whether Mr Veale was speaking about “Nick”, although “Nick” did make allegations about Mr Heath.

So are these police officers exceptionally gullible, or just plain stupid? Why did they so readily believe the bizarre, uncorroborated stories fed to them by Nick and others?

Trained to believe

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the phenomenon of intelligent, well-intentioned, educated people who nonetheless believe in the myth of Satanic ritual abuse.

We mentioned police officers who might have attended training seminars which taught them how to identify the tell-tale signs of SRA. Although we speak of the “satanic panic” of the latter years of the 20th century as though it’s a thing of the past, it is unfortunately still very much with us, and being propagated by respectable and respected institutions such as the Bowlby Centre in London.

In 2009, the S.A.F.F. reported,

Currently (the Bowlby Centre) is running three day courses and giving ‘qualifications’ in satan hunting at £620.00 a time!

Of the nine keynote speakers at the seminar seven are either on the Bowlby Centre staff, have been trained by them, or are officially linked with them. Amongst these is our old friend Valerie Sinason….you’ll find lots more on the SAFF website about this SRA crusader. She is a key member of RAINS (The Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support,) set up in 1988 to further the meanderings of believers in the myth and all are ardent players in its promotion. Joan Coleman, also of RAINS, is chairing the conference.

We’ve discussed the Bowlby Centre’s link with Dr Sinason recently, as well.

Various professional people—including physicians, mental health professionals, and police officers—attend such seminars to earn CPD (continuing professional/personal development) credits. While there, they learn from people like Dr Sinason, Orit Badouk Epstein, Joseph Schwartz, Rachel Wingfield Schwartz, and others how to identify the tell-tale signs of Satanic ritual abuse. In the above workshop on “Meeting the Challenges of Dissociation: from recognition to connection”, speakers include Orit Badouk Epstein, Adah Sachs, and Valerie Sinason—all of whom believe that a key cause of dissociation is…wait for it…Satanic ritual abuse. In fact, you might say they wrote the book on it: And many of the same people have offered up their services to a company called Confer, which delivers conferences, seminars, and online modules to professionals looking for CPD credits: We can easily see how people could be taken in by this sort of hogwash, as it’s delivered by accredited individuals who are affiliated with a well-known, respectable institution. After all, anyone who’s taken a course in psychology at the most elementary level will be familiar with the name of John Bowlby, whose pioneering work in childhood attachment has had a profound impact on our understanding of childhood development.

But clearly, when senior police officers are unwittingly indoctrinated by soft-spoken, seemingly credible “experts” into ultimately believing in fantasists and liars like Nick, there is something very, very wrong going on.

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  1. “So are these police officers exceptionally gullible, or just plain stupid? Do they really believe the bizarre, uncorroborated stories fed to them by Nick and others?”



  2. ” But clearly, when senior police officers are unwittingly indoctrinated by soft-spoken, seemingly credible “experts” into ultimately believing in fantasists and liars like Nick, there is something very, very wrong going on. ”

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    • Hi tdf! You didn’t provide any explanation, why you’ve linked this quote to this documentary on Sidney Cooke gang – ? So I will guess, that you might be suggesting police were primed for “Nick’s” fantasies by the brutal realities of the Cooke gang’s crimes? If so, I think there is some truth to that.

      If you’ve been watching discussions here, you must understand that I have no naivete about the terrible realities of how bad CSA crimes can be and have been. And because I’ve talked about this, extensively, here – I doubt that regular readers of this blog have any naivete left, if indeed they ever did possess it.

      In my case, it was only a few years after my experience with pornographers as a teen, when a group of pornography obsessed sexual sadists on the other side of the country murdered a young teen boy they had lured:

      and that was all over the news, so of course I had some dark times contemplating just how close to such a fate I might have unwittingly come myself. Bye-bye childhood naivete, believe me.

      But Nick’s narrative included some elements that don’t fit with what police would have known about gangs of sexual sadists that torture & murder children. In particular, the idea of murdering one child in front of others as a warning, doesn’t fit the reality at all – and the idea that a boy who had witnessed multiple murders at the hands of one gang would have been allowed to live is so preposterous that it should have triggered doubts even in the minds of the most traumatized child sex crime investigators. THAT narrative does fit with SRA fantasy narratives however….

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      • If you’ve been watching discussions here, you must understand that I have no naivete about the terrible realities of how bad CSA crimes can be and have been. And because I’ve talked about this, extensively, here – I doubt that regular readers of this blog have any naivete left, if indeed they ever did possess it.

        Quite right, Justin. I think some of us have worked in areas which exposed us to the grim realities of child sexual abuse, but whether or not that’s the case, your descriptions of your own experiences, along with your insightful analyses of other cases, have been very educational and enlightening. I don’t think anyone here denies that child or adolescent sexual abuse and exploitation exist, nor that they are a terrible problem, made worse in some ways by false claims which muddy the waters and make reporting and discussing these crimes more difficult for those who’ve really been abused.


  3. Great analysis, EC. It’s rather unnerving how easily trained professionals can be taken in by people who clearly have no credibility, even after all this time. Were lessons not learnt from the hoaxes of the 80s?

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      • It’s group-think in action, raise your hand in disbelief at what is being said and you are in danger of getting a disciplinary on your file.

        In organisations like the Police you aren’t allowed critical thought….ironic eh?

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      • @Eliza – indeed, regulatory requirements to “believe” must have played some role – as Henriques himself discussed in his report. These regulations were discussed in detail on Anna Racoon’s blog and continue to be dissected on “Real Troll Exposure” blog.
        But even those internal pressures can’t explain Kenney’s public statement that Nick’s allegations were believed by police to be “credible and TRUE”. Hogan? Howe? Hogan-Howe? Haggen-dass? the top cop at the time, tried to insinuate that might have been a slip of the tongue…but no one believes that. People at the top of the chains of command had decided that Nick’s narrative was TRUE, before it had been investigated, and there’s just NO EXCUSE for that.

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        • Like conspiracy retards the people at the top can’t resist a juicy story, especially one that gets your 15 minutes of fame in front of the cameras and promotion up the ranks.

          The top brass must have been jizzing in their pants at the prospect of heading up that investigation.

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          • It’s a shame that after attending these courses about SRA that the police don’t employ critical thinking and perhaps delve deeper into the subject to see if there is an actual evidence of SRA crimes.

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          • You’re so right, Arthur.

            In fact, that’s exactly what happened in the Hampstead SRA hoax: evidence was sought but not found; critical thinking was applied; and the result was that while the father and the rest of the community were found innocent of any wrong-doing, the SRA true believers have been in mouth-frothing overdrive ever since. Apparently SRA allegations really are a no-win.

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          • Everythings a cover-up, false-flag, hoax or psy-Op. These people are both stupid and predictable.
            Genuine accusations and scandals are ignored whilst false allegations of the more lurid and sensational are promoted to death for YouTube views, political, social and religious reasons.
            Then when interest wanes, it’s time to move onto the next bit of juicy gossip.

            When there is a lull period with no mass shootings or terrorist attacks, there’s people on 4chan and reddit willing to provide months worth of nonsense for dot joining fantasists. See QAnon, and the storm is coming, for examples of utter wishful thinking tripe. Political fan fiction for Trumpturds.
            Conspiracy theorists understand what their audience demands and what will appeal to their demographic, probably why Abe’s Hampers Hoax got so much support from disenfrachised crazies; they believed in all the SRA rubbish they had previously read about, and wanted such sick events to be true.

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      • I think it might require a month on a Greek island at a 5 star hotel to work out how 6 grand is going to protect “police whistle blowers” as let’s face it- the only whistle blower being helped will be Mr Wedger.

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    • “Protect whistleblowers in the police”? I don’t get it! The Gospel according to Malc teaches us that all policemen (or even ex-policemen) are evil satanic nonces who should be burned at the stake! Especially the ones that go around exposing corrupt politicians and police inaction and who play a part in real sex offenders really going to jail. Maybe he’s raising money for a police flute band?

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    • I wonder whose salting his pot ? I watched the bit on the 9th Jan, UK column video which mentioned the walk, but no mention of Baloney, this time, but it did include a plug for False Start Foundations’ first meeting. I wonder too whether Wedger knows about Martin Smith and Garishs’ full support and defense of him.

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    • I really don’t have a problem with him doing the walk to raise awareness etc. He’ll need money for hotels etc I expect. I only hope he knows that you don’t meet a lot of people on canal tow paths and those you do meet are usually there to walk the dog and for a bit of peace and quiet.

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  4. Does anyone know whether there have ever been conferences that clearly show these claims for what they are ? I think there is a need for them, if not. Surely the professionals that go to recieve this kind of ‘training’ should be shown both sides of the issue.

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    • @sheva – in North America, toward the end of the satanic cult panic, the FBI’s top man in the CSA field did tour around giving lectures on facts & reality versus mythology & fantasy. These were just lectures, and I don’t think connected to accreditation – not as “sexy” as full scale conferences professing “credits” for attendance.
      And fear-mongering is always “sexier” than debunking, so there s more money in it. There’s lots of money to be made by selling a fantasy bogeyman to people, and professing to teach them how to “slay” it – there’s no money to be made from debunking falsehoods. Generally speaking.

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      • “There’s lots of money to be made by selling a fantasy bogeyman to people, and professing to teach them how to “slay” it”

        I have a Cannabis based cure for Trauma Based Mind Control.

        In this exclusive kit you will find my videos, a mug, t-shirt and a metal spoon.

        Gift wrapping is available, perfect for your partner on Valentines Day.

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      • That was the FBI’s Ken Lanning, I was talking about there.
        I never got to meet him, but the detectives I worked with back in the day did. They respected him, and I respected them, so…

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  5. And the nominations for this week’s Excellence in English awards are…

    Kristie Sue Costa: “All your pedos are belong to us.”

    Mimi Pinson: “Chemtrails – there were none of these in the sixteens.”

    And Heather Brown, with: “He made remarks to me about my ‘eyes’ but he didn’t mean the ones in my head.” (Er…which ones did he mean then, Heifer?)

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    • “Mimi Pinson: “Chemtrails – there were none of these in the sixteens.”

      To be fair I wouldn’t expect to see any in the 1916s

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    • Kristie Sue is trying to show off how “cool” she is by misquoting an early internet meme from a 1989 Sega game called “Zero Wing”, which was mainly notable for its hilariously awful dialogue translation. I remember first seeing the meme in the late 1990s; it’s drawn from the game’s intro sequence. CATS is some sort of evil android creature, if memory serves.

      Captain: What happen ?
      Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb. (This became another meme….)
      Operator: We get signal.
      Captain: What !
      Operator: Main screen turn on.
      Captain: It’s you !!
      CATS: How are you gentlemen !!
      CATS: All your base are belong to us.
      CATS: You are on the way to destruction. (As did this…)
      Captain: What you say !!
      CATS: You have no chance to survive make your time. (…and this…)
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      Operator: Captain !!
      Captain: Take off every ‘ZIG’!! (…and this…)
      Captain: You know what you doing.
      Captain: Move ‘ZIG’.
      Captain: For great justice. (…and this.)

      Actually, the whole damn thing was mined for memes…I think I might have owned a tshirt at the time which sported a couple of them.


  6. So KSC is way behind the times yet again then. She really needs to buck her ideas up and catch up with the rest of the world.

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  7. Hee-hee! More corporate social responsibility ideology clashes with social media:

    “Consumer goods giant Unilever is threatening to pull ads from popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Google if they do not do more to protect children from “toxic” online content.

    In a speech on Monday at an advertising conference in California, Unilever’s chief marketing officer Keith Weed is expected to say the conglomerate cannot operate in an environment where “consumers don’t trust what they see online.”

    “Unilever, as a trusted advertiser, do not want to advertise on platforms which do not make a positive contribution to society,” Weed is expected to say, according to a copy of the speech seen by CBC News.

    Weed is also expected to say: “Unilever will not invest in platforms or environments that do not protect our children or which create division in society, and promote anger or hate.”

    The U.K.-based company is one of the world’s biggest advertisers and spent more than $9 billion US last year marketing well-known brands such as Dove, Lipton and Ben & Jerry’s”…

    Does Mangle-a realize she’s driving all the corporations off social media? LOL!

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  8. Cat Scot committing child abuse by illegally showing the children’s faces:

    Oh and psst – Cat: citing the widely discredited Kristie Sue Costa as a source is hardly helping your cause (whatever the fuck that is). And this particular post was roundly debunked 3 months ago. Keep up, luv!

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      • Cat Scot proving she is just another conspirasheep. These people all claim to be ‘awake’ to what is really going on in the world, but in reality they are just a bunch of people that fall for any old cock & bull story. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she also thinks the earth is flat.


    • Well her co director David Scott chats shit alongside this guy………it’s why warnings must be heeded by people that can stop the Fresh Fart Foundation from enabling r mates to groom victims that turn up at their (fcough) Scamish Interdependent Inquiry………… Edinbufgh 3.3. the first date,,,,,,finny ain’t they ?

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      • their mates. Predators who white knight vulnerable people….. head em off Miles Johnstons way if they’re into alternative and the usual chemtrails, ufology and stuff……………. Belinda McKenzie andf Penny Pullen another Fresh Start Foundation director are conduits to offer support and feed lambs to these wolves.


    • [NAME REDACTED], are you obsessed with this woman? Why else stalk her and keep posting her videos even when she has stopped posting about Hampstead?
      Having met Deborah several times I can say even if she supports ridiculous ideas, she is not a bad person.


      • Because good people publicise the details of children that have been tortured by Abraham Christie and starved by Ella Draper and claim the residents of Hampstead are baby eating paedophiles, yeah?

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        • And kept naming innocent people who were stalked mercilessly cos people felt justified, falsely accused of vile crimes, over and over again, so that even their children suffered, those of us pointing it out have also then been accused of vile crimes and also stalked, harrassed online………… some of our children have been effected too………….. bur we are not deserving of anything but to have random nutters and scummy scammers laughing cos they think the 2 children can just be their ticket to fame & fortune as the rake in donations or get paid to do conferences……………… NOT HAPPENING and boy arn’t they all mad….. 🙂 Thats to bra zilch nut Judgement is not yours, nor any other random nut online to decree, nor to mete out the punishment……….whilst working alongside paedos in plain sight, which somehow is ok with their ardent deluded followers, mind they are good, slick and clever, That mind control thing, NLP used an awful lot by these people, I have to brainwash myself after lots of the videos, of them speaking overlong…..
          Like Badda puts it, Shills and Grills, …… Cat n all the FSF lot are shills, As are Brian & gang of shills that work for him, as is Belinda of course and Sabine…. I think Neelu too, cos I see those looks of triumph when she tries to pull yet another stunt……….Mark Ceylon, George Greek Trucker, Chrissy Morris, Beat the Bailiff guy, now trying to make out he’s an anti fracker, they ain’t gonna get much joy there, I don’t think, cept maybe newbies……… there’s alot of em about isn’t…. John Paterson, Matt Taylor, ……. Russell Burton, who is nothing to do with me by the way nor of course Davey Russty joke of a dragon and the creepy leader, yuck, Dave Wicher, whose just found his chakras 🙂 Kent Chemtrail and flatearther, satanic lizard fighter gonna save the world, yadda yadda,

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  9. LOL! That first one.

    15:12 “Man, learn to control your f’ckn dick, there’s a lot more to life than where you stick your dick. Tear yourselves out of the pornography. Women, tear yourselves out of the pornography”. 🙂

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    • Nice of you to show your psychopathic tendencies [NAME REDACTED], making fun of someone clearly experiencing an episode. Says a lot about yourself, a person who laughs at others misfortunes.


        • The answer to the crossword puzzle is Nut.
          Why are people still posting her content if it does not related to the SRA CSA Hoax?
          Is that not online stalking? Is Neelu’s reposession issues related to Hampstead? Not really.
          Is every garbage fake news link that Angela, Deborah, and other conspiracy fanatics worth reposting on here? Probably not.

          Whatever these people do is up to them and only they can and will control their output, it does not matter what you or I say or do. Both sides seem to thrive on the content, ehich makes me ask more questions about all of them obsessed with this hoax.


          • They were ignored overlong and have therefore gotten away with far too much and now it is time for those of us that understand the widereach of them who conspired to create the perfect victims and a hoax for all seasons ………………….I’m not now open to be guilt tripped, shut down or off, there are real people suffering too much en masse caused by the few that have created a web of deceiot and tangle, we are unravelling and busy spiders are running round all over like a nest poked. But because you stayed safe in your secret groups for so long, you are too obvious to so many so used to the game.

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          • ” Is Neelu’s reposession issues related to Hampstead? Not really.
            Is every garbage fake news link that Angela, Deborah, and other conspiracy fanatics worth reposting on here? ”

            It establishes a pattern to highlight their mental state in some cases and in others their fraudulent use of child abuse for financial gain.


    • Haha, good spot, Jake 😀

      She also says something that would make a great addition to the fruitcake quotes, imo. See if you can spot the flaw:

      “One thing that the EU did provide to Britain was cheap medicines and cheap food”


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  11. On the face of it, and according to various mainstream media reports, the situation may appear to be as you described – that supposed professionals believed the statements made by ‘Nick’ and the operations that resulted were based in his statements alone.

    However, as with most mainstream reporting, there are important details that get missed or omitted for the sake of enhancing the writer’s perspective.

    You are right in that the perception of the police taking someone’s allegations and acting on them in isolation is ridiculous, or an idea that defies logic and common sense – which it is and does
    There are important points what have been omitted from these reports.

    Firstly, there were investigations under way of a similar nature prior to ‘Nick’s’ statements being made to the police.

    Secondly, ‘Nick’s’ statements were not taken in isolation, and neither did they form the basis of various channels of investigation. They were used in conjunction with corroborating evidence the police had already acquired, and acquired as they continued their investigations. This included material evidence and statements from what could be considered very reliable sources – such as former Special Branch officers of the time the alleged offences took place.

    To dismiss the investigation into a ‘high profile paedophile ring’ as being nothing more than the police over-reacting and automatically believing ‘Nick’s’ statements is factually incorrect.
    As we have seen in recent years, there are the most ridiculous claims made by ridiculous people and their gullible followers that make their way into people’s minds that have no factual basis whatsoever – they are the product of fantasy for ulterior motives.

    But don’t make the mistake of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Before we dismiss or accept anything it is important that we take time and make the effort to consider accurate information. Subjective opinions and random association of unrelated material do nothing to clear the smoke screens created by interested parties, such as mainstream media and governments.

    In reality, ‘Nick’ was a small cog in a much bigger machine.

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    • I concur with most of what you have said. I would however have concluded with “Nick, was a spanner thrown deliberately into the works”.

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    • Let me guess, Ray Savage was one of the officers.

      Nobody is disputing that investigations will have taken place over the decades with police and Spacial Branch officers being obviously involved, but as already established detectives are only human and open to the same confirmation bias as any person on the street.

      If you tell them they are investigating a VIP paedophile ring then they will continue to believe there was one despite there being no evidence found.


    • Thankyou so much Order Of Truth. That makes the picture more whole and in line with information that I’ve seen and read by others who know alot more of the politicals and some very dark people looking like they are pulling strokes, and that is no consipiracy theory, they are conspiring, most involved are, imho and I believe there is enough truth out there online, to put pieces together. And Anonymous also makes a striking point that I also believe is true and easy to see now. Thanks to people who’ve really suffered for doing it.


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