Belinda beats a hasty retreat from Facebook

Well, fellow “shadow people”, it looks as though Belinda has had just about enough of our discussing her. She’s decided there’s a mole on her Facebook page (hello, Captain Obvious!), and she can’t work out who’s been sending this blog screenshots of her posts, so she’s decided to shut the whole thing down and try again.

Only this time, she’s planning to only invite people whom she knows to be friendly to her particular brand of trooferism—we’ll call them “the friendlies”. Belinda FB 018-06-04Poor Belinda. You really have to feel for her.

In the twilight of her life, she finally embraces the miracle of Facebook, only to discover that not everyone who claims to be your friend is really a friendly.

Now she’s looking for friends who will all be “QUALITY PEOPLE and not out to destroy me and what I stand for”.

“Destroy” you? That hurts, Belinda. Really it does.

Couldn’t you think of us Shadow People as trying to help you see the error of your ways, rescue you from your own folly?

Are you ‘QUALITY PEOPLE’? Take this quiz!

It seems we weren’t the only ones to pick up on the “QUALITY PEOPLE” thing [Going a little heavy on the all-caps, no?—Ed.]

Belinda’s friend Jadviga queried her on it as well:Belinda Facebook 2018-06-04 2Belinda Facebook 2018-06-04 3

You might be “QUALITY PEOPLE” if:

  • You are simply a GOOD PERSON ⊗
  • From any background ⊗
  • From any race, colour, or creed ⊗
  • Rich or poor ⊗
  • Educated or uneducated ⊗

It’s okay if you

  • Lie (well, you know, white lies, whatever those are) ⊗
  • Say hurtful things (but only when you’re offended or annoyed) ⊗

But you must

  • Feel for those who are suffering ⊗
  • Try to give them help or comfort if possible ⊗
  • Believe in things like justice, fairness, and truth [And the American way, shurely!—Ed.] ⊗
  • Not lie (except for the aforementioned white ones, as defined by…well, yourself), cheat, steal, or slander ⊗
  • Abhor any form of cruelty or abuse to those who cannot defend themselves (such as parents, children, teachers, clergy, or others in a beleaguered school and church in Hampstead) ⊗

How many boxes did you tick?

If you got them all, you might very well be a “QUALITY PERSON” and therefore eligible to be on Belinda’s exclusive list of Facebook friends! Now, if that doesn’t send a thrill of excitement down your spine, we don’t know what will.

Or are you a SHADOW PERSON?

Unlike “QUALITY PEOPLE”, “SHADOW PEOPLE” seem like a nasty lot.

Here’s a little quiz to help you decide whether you belong in the latter category:

You might be a “SHADOW PERSON” if:

If you ticked all five boxes, it’s entirely possible that you might be eligible to join Belinda’s crack team of Hoaxtead mobsters! [Team on crack, shurely?—Ed.]

Think of it—the fun of destroying lives on a whim, the excitement of never knowing when you’ll get that knock at the door, the thrill of knowing that if you do go to prison, you will be glorified and hailed as a martyr to the cause! Whee!

So for now, let’s bid Belinda a fond adieu from Facebook. We’re quite certain this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of her. Belinda 2013

70 thoughts on “Belinda beats a hasty retreat from Facebook

    • Quality, used alone, is a meaningless word and Belinda is putting her ignorance on display. You can high quality, or low quality but you cannot simply describe something or someone as being of quality. It’s patently obvious she’s of a low quality intellect.

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  1. You have “accounts going back decades”, do you, Belinda? Interesting. Those are the same accounts you said had been destroyed in a mysterious fire when the authorities asked to see them, I take it?

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    • And she still mysteriously has my old address, to which unsolicited correspondence about Iranian organisations is sometimes sent. With recent changes in the law, it would be interesting to find out what information she has on people.

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  2. Latest ITNJ ‘offering’

    I hope that this guy (Stephen E Arnold) who is listed as their ‘Technical Commissioner’ isn’t actually teaching law enforcement officers and it is just part of their fantasy world

    If he is and is involved with the ITNJ, it brings into question his suitability as a teacher…

    Brings to mind certain people pushing the SRA angle from the medical community

    or (looks up above) certain people who purport to be legal helpers who do anything but help….

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    • Stephen Arnold is another crackpot who appeared less than five years ago and has latched onto the troofer world. He makes all sorts of claims- ex-Navy & CIA (so annoying that the CIA never confirm or deny), claims to have started some high highfalutin US Navy set-up ( a lie- was started by an Admiral ) and I notice he always appears in a suit and tie even when he’s sitting at home rabbiting on in one of his YooToob “interviews”.
      He reminds my of the “Dutch banker ” Ronald Bernard (not his real name). Not sure what Arnold’s monetary scam is yet but it’s coming. These grifters give just enough background to look authentic yet not enough to check. Like which bank did Bernad work for and what Naval rating was Arnold (probably just Able Seaman)?. I’ve asked one of those Veteran outfits who expose phonies to check on Arnold as they simply hate with a vengeance when they exaggerate their credentials. So far they have found no listing under that name and are checking on variations.

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      • Sorry-talking about the other goose in the photo whose name escapes me at the moment. But reading Arnold’s biog I smell a rat.

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        • Arnold’s “awards” seem very dodgy indeed. I have a feeling his awards are that time honored scam- set up your own so-called award’s outfit and present yourself with the top one.

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        • The other chap is Robert David Steele who was ” recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017″ (recommended by his Grandmother probably).
          Now going down the Rabbit Hole on Arnold’s ” awards”..very obscure and some awards are “managed” by…Robert David Steele.

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  3. Oh dear, never mind, what a shame, feel so bad for her, that must be awful for her having her social media (aka campaigning platform) account watched, so sad, crying now.

    Now, what if someone had set up a credible account, ooh years ago, that looks exactly like a distressed parent needing Granny Belinda’s special brand of help, wouldn’t that be a shame. Best if it stays closed really. Make a fake one for the pictures of the kids.

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      • Same here, I’ve been crying all morning! Y’all’s need to ‘fess up now k! Tell Belinda that y’all really are MI5 or is it 6? Then I might get a chance of being her friend again. Because I am:

        1. Gullible.
        2. Believe everything that’s written on the hugs big internet that stretches across lands far, far away.
        3. Gullible
        4. A brilliant researcher, my favourite source is the Sunday Sport.
        5. Gullible
        6. Repeat 1 – 5 above.

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          • I dunno if you saw the weird spam comments, I should’ve screenshot, it was a first for me, but each comment, tho an identical one and same name, had a different email, I was taken abaxk and just got on with blocking each one, expecting tha that would trigger wordpress and put a stop to whatever that came from, anyway…… I don’t know why I checked so noticed, but intuition is stong in me sometimes my fingers take on a life of their own, …… 🙂 the programming’s working, guys 🙂

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    • No, no “child sex camp” was found. What was found was some abandoned ‘camp’ with broken chairs and ..God help us..cans of shaving cream. The so-called “Vets” group has fantasized that this was camp, as this moronic woman claims : ” a child trafficking camp”. Utter claptrap without a scintilla of proof except a desire that it was something it’s not.

      These people are sick and that includes you Andy Devine. You really want it to have been a “child trafficking camp” don’t you Andy.? Probably dream about it, salivating as you made that post.

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      • What the hell is a “child rape tree” anyway? Why would you immediately jump to the conclusion that anything found was related to child trafficking or any other sort of people trafficking? These people have one track minds.

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      • Health Impact News looks like a conspiracy anti-vaccer site.

        This is from the more reliable Arizona Daily Star. (I’ve cut and pasted it as they have it blocked the site for EU viewers. You see, there are legitimate reasons to use a VPN!)

        No evidence of child sex-trafficking at homeless camp, Tucson police say

        The claim that the camp was used to sexually exploit children spread across the country through Facebook, including one video posted by Veterans on Patrol that had nearly 600,000 views by Monday afternoon. Several other videos had tens of thousands of views. Comments came from New York, Kentucky, Idaho and elsewhere.

        Since late last week, three local news television stations ran stories on the claim, which fed a wide array of conspiracy theories. One news broadcast was posted on Veterans on Patrol’s Facebook page and had nearly 240,000 views as of Monday afternoon.

        The stations later updated their stories to include comments from Tucson police that the site likely was an abandoned homeless camp.

        One of the videos posted Sunday by Veterans on Patrol showed signs put up near the camp by the group that targeted “coyotes,” or human smugglers. One sign read “This area now patrolled by sheepdogs. Beware.”

        In the video, Veterans on Patrol founder Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer, who goes by his middle names, said he contacted federal law enforcement agencies to continue the investigation of the camp.

        Tucson police spoke with Veterans on Patrol, along with others present near the camp, Sunday night and they vacated the area peacefully, said TPD Sgt. Pete Dugan, another department spokesman.

        TPD takes all reports of suspicious activity seriously and appreciates the public’s awareness, Bay said.

        She said police, city code enforcement personnel and the property owner are working to clear out the camp and secure the property.

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      • They’re on a par with UFOlogists and Ghost Hunters, only far more dangerous. They always claim they’ve found something despite never having a shred of evidence

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  4. Utter hypocrisy. She gets upset that her posts are shared yet relished in having the sexually explicit children’s interviews plastered all over the internet for paedophiles to enjoy. I wonder how much money has been made exploiting the material the twisted Ella and Abe produced ? Monetising videos of your own children telling bizarre and sexually explicit stories is pretty depraved. How people can’t see that and just want to see it as proof of a satanic conspiracy escapes me.

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  5. Yes, Belinda abhors any cruelty to children. Unless it is Abraham beating RDs children which she describes as ‘not serious abuse’. Belinda will also consider you a quality person if you claim to be a ‘freeman’ or a ‘whistleblower’, even if you are a convicted paedophile. In fact, she might even let you stay at her house or collect donations on your behalf.
    Having consulted with a common law grand jury, we have concluded that Belinda is NOT a quality person.

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    • No Angela, your disgusting defamation & fraudulenf lies are what are gaining you bans……..but more importantly, to carry on abusing those two children, after all they were put through for satanic hoaxers to have an appealing poster, is vile, despicable and utterly evil and criminal……. Victims of abuse, in this case by Abe Christie, encouraged by your hoaxing pals…..are entitled to automatic privacy….. That you have all thrown so much in the trash, that genuine advocates fought for, is also an example of how little any of you really care at all about children.
      Reverse counts ? They only happen, when clickalotties employed by people like HoaxGirl and other friends of Belindas…keep trying to bump numbers…YouTube caught on to this and stop it, these days….. no one much watches you shite…. too many have been revolted by your lies and as for your double act with Heather ……what a turn off…but a fantastic way to warn people of how dangerous you actually can be to any genuine victim/survivor or campaigners against child abuse……well done 🙂

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    • com/watch?v=D69naVLUAcI
      The thumbnail is a picture of two children who as victims of child abuse, violates not just their UN convention backed right to privacy but a restaining court order: Please remove it. This channel breaches this order, multiple times. The Hampstead case is a vile hoax, proven to be so in court. Please try & work out an algorithm to stop the viralised videos of the children talking in detail about sex. enjoyed by paedos


  6. What’s a shadow ban, is that to do with Belinda’s shadow people or just another word Angela has copied thinking it’s impressive? 😂

    CIA guy eh, colour me confused, when did they get in touch!

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    • If I remember correctly it was a man she once interviewed in one of her videos. The guy regretted ever agreeing to her interview afterwards. She was constantly putting words in his mouth as well whenever she let him speak.

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      • She still has that guys videos up as well, ignoring his request to take it down, who acts like that ? then expects people to invest trust….doh, do they really think we’re that dumb……/ I can’t tell you the shock and realisation going through groups that tolerated their posts or believed them….. but the anger too, the insulting way they have treated people, plus what they done in our name, but with disastrous outcomes in so many ways……… I probably have some unique because it is broad, information….because I mixed in so many groups across the world, seeking for our voices to be heard……..there’s nothing anyone can throw at me, that hasn’t been said before……………. nothing I can’t face……
        But, that they have done this type of action to people not as seasoned or well supported by even more seasoned survivors….. but that so many have felt like giving up, given up, even been driven over their edge, that they can continue to do so, even after either mental health intervention or convictions, they just find a new way to spin it into a drama that can be re woven into their theme and SRA has become the central most vehemently pushed theme of the Truther, Conspiracy and Alt Media networks, …….

        I listened to some ITNJ videos last night, listening to Jon Wedger (what a shame, he’s chosen to use such platforms as them and Fresh Farce or Fckers…….. pizzagate was mentioned, so I’ve reported quite a few, especially, pisstaker seamen, as spam,……… GET EM ORF….!!!! I say…… they took so long to release the films, obviously hoping the dust settled, people forget or off to find new ones…… what a silly lot they are, I bet so many people overseas laugh so much if they think they represent the rebels and active people in this country….. I’m glad and lucky to know so many who do it right.

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      • Jake, that one above is with rupert, it’s quite revealing, to listen again, before it goes, which it better had, but the one you mean is still on one of her channels, he was visited and wanted to obey his caution, but why is she getting away with breaching it for him, despite his request ?


      • Apologies, Jake, you are quite right, I was only half listening , multi tasking a few phonecalls and dinner cooked in between, but on re listening yes, she mentions the guy, confirming that indeed, the police were active in trying to stop the YouTubers, but Angela should’ve been visited by her local bobbies, surely by now, or isn’t there any agreement between our police forces ? And also alot of people just don’t act that way with such utter disrespect for anyones wishes….. the video with Rupert was following a couple of our convos, he did step back, took down his videos, look how hard she works on him and draws him back, yes he was foolish and stepped wrong, but even now they are both trying to wriggle off their particular hooks, He was also so driven by his ego that the fact that his videos were imediately reinstated by MKDs, I think or someone so angry with him, rightly, but he reacted, by saying well fck you all, now……. Belinda McKenzie had too much form, with everyone that Rupert turned to, thinking it was support, or would be, and the anons and OpDeatheaters too, are well known now, as tags used by hoaxer clicklotties, blackmailers and trouble makers for good people….. I was disgusted to see the tag being share via #purplesummer instigated by David Lean who really had to fight for justice and was put through the wringer along with others, showing us that these heroes, footballers, that their dreams were manipulated into a mentally tormenting, hell……some didn’t survive……. Sports clubs are now being spoken to and trained and becoming more vigilant it must be so, wherever children are, especially vulnerable children in care, who are often treated to trips to clubs, holiday centres and venues of all kinds that now, so many have been revealed to be targets for child molesters also, single parents and all of the information that has been collated for decades now is being drawn skillfully together, imho via IICSA and The Scottish Inquiry where they have failed before has been highlighted too, and now they are seriously ammending much that has been the cause of so much historic child abuse, that lessons learned will now be put into practice with a firmer grip on reality as long as there is a recognition and majority judgement that the Satanic Ritual Abuse myths are just that in most cases viralised by these tag merchants, clickbaiters using children mercilessly and victims, in their vile lies…… if we can get agreement on that and then put some things in place to prevent such false allegations being able to inflame so much overwhelming crime online…… I think it’s a must.
        I am not though saying that I don’t think that there could be some satanists that do abuse children, but I have always said that they cross all barriers….. It’s just that myths have been pruposefully grown to pervert the course of justice, perhaps, but they are certainly used still now, like the mcmartin case, as if to back up the newer hoaxes.


  7. Sheva unfortunately Angela would have to be extradited to the UK to face any charges, she would have to be charged in the State she committed the crime/s. I guess it depends on the crime committed, did she actually commit any crimes in the U.K. apologies for not being totally up to speed with it all btw.

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    • I think so, given her giving a testimony to Wiltshire Police. No need to apologise either.
      The fact that Miles Johnston was also involved and Heather Brown recorded that she also gave testimony, we know that Robert Green, so therefore, probably lots of the manic obsessives, like Malcolm or others, would’ve been emailing the police no doubt as well as other departments, I’ve always suspected that they overloaded the early inquiry site, just because, there were indications, in the way they described it and the tricks they get up to. We also know that our services’ IT departments were woefully non secure nor were many savvy to what was going on, online
      I really think there is a wealth of international fraud, fakery and interference going on that is international criminally conspired……. so as someone told me a few times, no one is immune and there are international arrest warrants for good reason….it’s just a matter of time, surely. As there are signs of catching up and changes, I’m hoping fakes get raked out and the good people can come back if wrongfully swept up in the purges and demonitisations, seamans most unhappy with google now he can’t get paid by them and got kicked, so fcking transparant…..isn’t it ?

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