Who really abused the Hampstead children?

Given the recent blip in interest in the Hampstead SRA hoax from American ultra-fundamentalist Christians and their UK-based allies, a review of some of the basic facts surrounding the case seems to be in order. 


We recently published a complete transcript of the first, and perhaps most telling, piece of evidence, the Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio recording. This was made on 4 September 2014, within hours of Abraham Christie, Ella Gareeva Draper, and the two children returning from a month-long stay in Morocco. 

In that recording, it’s very clear that the children were being led and coached with details about the allegations Abe and Ella wanted them to make. You can also hear Abraham berating the children for infractions such as looking at him in a way he considered disrespectful, failing to eat their supper in silence, and talking to one another while they cleaned up a mess the dog had made.

The medical reports

We’ve written a number of times about the medical reports written by Dr Deborah Hodes, who examined the children twice during the police investigation.

Most true believers are unaware of Dr Hodes’ observations that prior to the inception of the hoax, while they were in Ella’s care, the children had been identified as suffering from malnutrition and neglect, and that after Abe came on the scene, they suffered severe physical abuse. 

The first medical examination

Dr Hodes first saw the children on 12 September 2014, the day after they were taken into protective custody by the police. They were taken into custody because Child P had told the interviewing officer that Abraham was in the habit of giving them “licks” with a spoon. 

The children had not yet retracted their allegations of sexual abuse against their father and the rest of the alleged cult. That would not come until a week later, when they had been out of Abraham and Ella’s care long enough to feel confident that they would not be punished for telling the truth. 

The medical report begins with a “Background and Chronology of Events”: 

Dr Hodes notes that the police became involved in Ella and RD’s domestic disputes, and that on one occasion Ella’s eldest son reported RD to the police for assaulting his mother. The couple separated in 2009. 

In October 2013, when the children were seven and eight years old, a neighbour reported Ella to the NSPCC, as she had heard the children crying for long periods of time, and had found them on the balcony of Ella’s home, cold and hungry. This preceded Ella’s relationship with Abraham. 

(During the Jean-Clement audio, Ella tells J-C that the neighbour who reported her was “in the cult”—however, she later admits that she is not 100% certain of the identity of the neighbour who made the report. In addition, she and Abraham claimed that the social worker who was assigned the case was also “in the cult”.)

In May 2014 Abraham Christie moved in with Ella and the children. In July 2014 the school called social services to report that Abraham had been aggressive towards the children and other children at the school. 

Abe and Ella “repaid” the teachers and headmistress of the school by naming them, too, as “members of the cult”. In particular, they focused on the teachers they believed were “against” them, claiming that they had various strange physical markings and deformities—red spots all over one teacher’s penis; warts and birthmarks on other teachers’ privates.

Alleged sexual abuse was still on the agenda at this point, as the children had not yet retracted their allegations. However, it’s important to note that other concerns included physical abuse by Abraham Christie, emotional abuse including Abraham’s threat that they would go to jail; and their longer history of neglect.

Those of us who’ve followed this hoax in any depth are acutely aware of the fact that Abraham beat the children over the head and on their legs with a metal spoon. In fact, Child Q described the spoon in the Jean-Clement audio, noting that it was the type of large metal spoon used to serve pasta. 

Evidence of these beatings can be seen on Child P’s forehead during the videos made while they were travelling from Morocco to London. Her forehead is clearly bruised, and she has a lesion on her chin which she said came from Abraham pressing the edge of a heated spoon into her chin. 

Abraham also pushed them into walls, put his hand over their mouths and suffocated them. and punched Child Q on the side of the head, which caused his left ear to bleed and his left eye to be swollen and bruised. Abe and Ella kept him out of public view until the bruises had disappeared. 

Similar to her brother, Child P had signs of physical abuse which she attributed to Abraham: an abrasion on her calf, and another on her ankle, from being pushed into walls by her mother’s boyfriend; injuries to her ear caused when Abraham pinched her and picked her up by the ear; and the aforementioned cut on her chin from Abe’s spoon. 

Believers in the hoax tend to fixate on the allegations of SRA (even though the children never once mention Satan in the videos they were forced to make), but completely ignore their claims, combined with very clear evidence, that Abraham routinely subjected them to physical abuse, and that their mother was neglectful and uncaring. 

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  1. From what I see in twitter there’s a correlation between believing in the Hampstead cult, ignoring genuine abuse and voting for Donald trump. Birds of a feather.

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  2. Great digging and analysis, EC. There’ so much damning evidence against Abe now that his arrest must surely now be a question of when rather than if.

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    • It looks like most of Abe’s abuse was committed abroad though – so out of jurisdiction. I’ve often wondered if he did this intentionally. Also if he was to plea NG the children would be forced to give evidence which they might not want to do and it might not be the best thing for them. Who know!

      I can see him walking away from this, but he’ll never again have a clean slate and any woman who gets involved with him is going to know what he’s done.

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    • I’m not a violent person but I admit to having had the fantasy of finding a BIG metal spoon, the equivalent for an adult of the one used on the children, and giving Abe a few sound whacks on his bald spot – just so he can appreciate what it feels like.

      Excellent post EC. What people seem to miss in all this is that the children were removed from their mother because of their allegations of physical abuse by Abe – i.e. they weren’t safe at their mother’s home. If they had been safe at home they would have been left there while the allegations of sexual abuse were investigated.

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  3. Reading the Protection of Harassment Act UK made me wonder whether the Irish Republic has a similar Act. And indeed it has with different wording but basically it means the same except for one difference: at the worst end of the scale there can be an imprisonment term of seven years which is pretty hefty.

    That would have to be harassment on a major scale like repeated and endless incidents, say numerous harassing blog posts that possibly puts the victim in fear as it tends to rile up the mob and even get phony US Evangelicals jumping on the bandwagon. But no-one would be foolish enough to do that. Would they?

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  4. Has anyone got some pointers? Sabine’s trial is meant to start Monday but I can’t find any listing. I’ve checked Southwark, Central Criminal, inner London, Blackfriars and Snaresbrook but nothing has come up.

    I don’t want to be seen to appear to be speaking up for her, but any further delay would seem to be an abuse of process given her time on remand unless it was because the defence had asked for it.


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