Charlotte Ward, Belinda, and the Musas

We don’t often think about our old adversary Charlotte Alton Ward, aka Jacqui Farmer, these days.

However, on Tuesday one of the Hoaxtead mobsters (who shall remain nameless, but who looks as though he could use a good bath and a stint in rehab, say no more, say no more) posted something, ostensibly from Charlotte/Jacqui: Charlotte Ward Jacqui 2018-05-16As usual, there was no credit given to the post. It used full sentences and correct grammar, so we knew it wasn’t written by the blogger who’d published it; but it seemed like a very odd, not to mention self-contradictory, thing for Charlotte to have written.

“So, yeah, sorry about that, I truly am…and I hope you’ll stop abusing children”. Hardly a heartfelt apology.

Curious, we delved a bit deeper.

Charlotte/Jacqui has been on Steemit lately, under the name “Healingherb”, so that was the first place we looked. Sure enough, she had posted the video…but not the text. Healingherb Steemit 2018-05-16So where did the strange message come from? We don’t know yet.

Sorry, that’s a bit anti-climactic, isn’t it?

However, while we were on Steemit, we found another of Charlotte/Jacqui’s masterworks, in which she explains how she became a “children’s rights activist” when Belinda McKenzie drafted her as a “court supporter” at the trial of Gloria and Joseph Musa in 2012.

We hope it will compensate somewhat.

Charlotte Ward Musa trial 2018-05-16

(Disclaimer: I’m reporting these events as I remember them and my impressions of them. This source offers factual and accurate reporting on the Musa case.)

It was summer 2012. I had just moved into the Highgate house that is known as London’s “conspiracy hub.” I was never an activist until then. I was to live there a year.

“Will you be able to accompany our group of activists to Crown Court over the next few weeks?” asked my “landlady” BM one morning, “It’s good to have a show of support in the public gallery.”

“I can be there for two weeks but after that I’ll be away,” I said, “What’s the trial about?”

“A mother who is having her children stolen by the State,” said BM.

“Sorry? What d’you mean?”

“The government steals people’s children,” she explained, “Didn’t you know?”

“No!” I said, “How?”

“Social Services. If the government likes the look of your children, Social Services will concoct a case and steal them. Once they’re in Care, the whole family is destroyed, their lives are ruined and God knows who or what can get their hands on them. It’s a gravy train.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” I said, “I’ve studied internet conspiracy for the past ten years – I can list ten SRA cases off the top of my head but nothing like that!”

“That’s because parents are gagged,” said BM, “It’s like Aaron Russo said – they’re destroying the family unit. And we all know the worst of it. But you won’t read about it in the media. Most of it happens in secret, in the Family Courts – Tony Blair set them up. There’s only Christopher Booker who writes the occasional article about it in the Telegraph. So no one knows it’s happening.”

“Oh. My. God. I’ll be there,” I said.

Let’s pause on this.

Yesterday we wrote about how the Hampstead SRA hoax could be viewed as a kind of internet prophecy cult. We think the conversation described above shines a bright light on exactly how someone like Belinda McKenzie is able to induct new followers.

Charlotte is already inclined to believe in internet conspiracies, but Belinda presents the Musas’ case not as “children are being removed from a family where they are being abused”, but rather as “the government steals people’s children” if they “like the look of them”.

They do this on a whim, she claims, presumably for nefarious purposes such as child trafficking. This is the hook that draws in the gullible, and it worked like a charm on Charlotte.

Belinda seals the deal by telling Charlotte that it’s a huge secret, only known to a privileged few…and now she’s being entrusted with this secret knowledge.

Charlotte again:

What followed was a very famous trial. I could only attend the first couple of weeks and I never studied the facts but those two weeks changed my life beyond measure. I had never even seen the inside of a court room before but the corruption I witnessed that first time (and God willing the last – although I am surveilled and continue to receive death threats for my activism) was so breathtaking, so enormous, that there was no way I could sit back and do nothing. As long as that level of very real (and growing) corruption existed on this planet, corruption that conspires to split up good families and tortures parents and children, breaking the most precious bonds in a society, devastating our future, I had work to do – work helping to expose it. And by exposing end it.

And that is how I have lived ever since. As some kind of activist. Exposing it. I have had to become a kind of outlaw – I have given it my all.

That trial changed the course of my life.

I wasn’t the only one whose life changed. The victims had it a million times worse. That trial had apparently been the mechanism by which the UK government had schemed via Haringey Council to remove seven well-mannered, well-educated, apparently balanced and healthy children from their Nigerian mother Gloria, a Bishop, and her partner Chiwar. They tried to make out that Gloria was a prostitute but she obviously was not. They tried to make out she was fiddling some benefits but even if she was (which she probably wasn’t) did that merit losing seven happy children?!

I watched those children give video evidence in court – their innocence was used against them. As I recall, they had few criticisms of their parents. We were supposed to believe that one of the children had dropped a letter appealing for help out of a bedroom window and that they had been beaten with brooms and wires but there was no sense of that in the testimonies I saw. I vaguely remember some of the questioning going something like this (this is just an example):

Crown: What does your mum cook for you?

Child: Um – chicken.
Crown: What’s the chicken like?
Child: Nice.
Crown: What do you eat at your foster carers?
Child: Um – chicken nuggets and variety pack cereals.
Crown: What’s that like?
Child: Lovely!
Crown: So do you like your mum’s cooking? Do you like it when she cooks chicken for you?
Child: (now in junk food versus home cooked dilemma) Um….no, not always. It’s boring.

Then the Crown tried to make out that Gloria had poisoned her other baby with morphine: its obvious desperation to push that lie was embarassing. At least by the time the “celebrity witness” – a local soap star – had been dragged in to seal the children’s fate, I had had to leave to take the holiday abroad I had long booked.

Charlotte is following the “cult member” script almost to the letter: she is ignoring the compelling testimony given by the children and others, who stated that the Musas had beaten their children with brooms, hoovers, and electrical wires, and instead focuses on other, more innocuous parts of the children’s testimony.

The evidence that the Musas had given their infant child an overdose of morphine shortly after the baby’s first birthday? Clearly cooked up to make the parents look bad. After all, Dear Leader…that is, Belinda has said that the parents are the victims here, and Belinda wouldn’t lie. Would she?

But I wasn’t the only supporter shedding tears the day we heard that 9 police had burst into Gloria’s hospital room with a crew of Social Workers….to tear away the newborn baby who was feeding at her breast. Of course, that poor mother had wrestled to keep her baby but those thugs had been so determined to snatch it, they had badly damaged her hip.

Yes – a large gang of police officers and Social Workers, in the pay of the UK government and taxpayers, had night-raided a maternity ward like it was a crack house and torn a newborn away from its mother, still recovering from the birth, as if she had been a criminal!

Permanently disabled. With no redress.

To add insult to injury, Gloria had been beaten up by prison or police officers. She was in agony. She had to be wheeled into the courtroom to give evidence – and even then there had been a debate about “whether the accused was going to be allowed to sit in a wheelchair”! I could not believe the inhumanity of the “justice” system: this lame woman had been cruelly chained into a wheelchair as if she was in danger of making a run for it! And she was crying. Without pain relief. All on her own. In front of a full court room. A prisoner having committed no crime! I was sitting in a UK court room for the first time and this is what I saw.

God help us.

As an aside, we are amazed at the number of “permanently disabled” people Belinda seems to know. They must all be pushed into courtrooms in wheelchairs, or hobble about with the aid of Nordic walking sticks, until those are taken away and the poor person becomes completely disabled. Some are even deported back to the United States, only to be left to rot in the airport outside Washington DC in a wheelchair, with no assistance at all. They are never given pain relief or medical help…it’s astounding, really.

Here’s Charlotte again:

What have we come to as a society when we have to witness this corruption in our police, Social Services and judiciary?

(And the whole bloody rest of them.)

This is not conspiracy theory, this is real. And for anyone to pretend that it is not real is either deluded or a liar. And if they are lying, we have to ask why they might be doing that.

And I stand up to be counted. I am someone who tries to do something about this. I’ve been deep in the new age in the past – I know very well the esoteric party line that “you can only change the outside if you change the inside”……and each to his or her own but even Jesus lost his temper in the temple. So I’ve left sitting on my arse meditating until the next lifetime. Because if we don’t all support parents and children who are going through this now, I believe, there won’t be any next lifetime on earth worth living. Not for humanity.

It is at this point that I will accept being called a “conspiracy theorist”. None of us knows what is going to happen in the future or when we die – but the Crown stealing children is third dimension here and now.

What’s interesting about this is that we know from previous correspondence between Charlotte and Belinda that Charlotte now regards her former cult leader…er, mentor with some scepticism.

However, thanks to her indoctrination via the Musa case, it seems that Charlotte regards herself still as a “child and family activist”…albeit one who only “believes the children” when it is convenient for her to do so.


150 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward, Belinda, and the Musas

  1. Ah, so the bad penny has popped up yet again to whinge about where it all went wrong…but still not accept that it was all a hoax that she was instrumental in promoting. It was a psy-op, apparently, but all that silly SRA crap still happened. How does that work?

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  2. “What followed was a very famous trial. I could only attend the first couple of weeks and I never studied the facts…”

    Well, that is plainly clear for all to see Charlotte. You see and hear what you want to but you never can see the actual truth in front of you.

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  3. “This is not conspiracy theory, this is real. And for anyone to pretend that it is not real is either deluded or a liar. And if they are lying, we have to ask why they might be doing that.”

    Ah, there she it – the real Charlotte Ward, poking her shroom-addled head up through the mire and spouting page 1 of ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Being an Internet Conspiratwat’. Sigh

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  4. Speaking of He Who Shall Remain Nameless, he’s having another bad night, weeping into his whisky and wondering where it all went wrong. Here’s a roundup of tonight’s anger, jealousy, hypocrisy, slander, self-projection and data breaches. Enjoy…

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        • You won’t be far wrong, we’ve had minimum pricing of 50p/unit here for nearly three weeks now. Even a bottle of white-labelled ‘wee McProblem’ brand gutrot whiskey is £14! You’ll hear about it soon as the hospitals near here have had their first one or two admissions from people going back to mixes of antifreeze and milk or window cleaning solution, screenwash and Irn Bru is what the kids on the street corners are downing now. It’s specially bad up north where they’re more than just a half hour from the border. It’s only going to get worse where you have addicts like Malc in play. Back to the 50s!

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    • Christ, it doesn’t take much to trigger him, does it?

      His blood pressure will go through the roof when he reads tonight’s post!

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      • That’s right Liza! But, it won’t be a “roof” it hits if he is living in the bushes/hedgerow playing with matches with the Queen of the Urine Drinkers! Jeez, what a creep!!


    • Disturbingly, that one about seeing demons in the mirror wasn’t meant as a joke. Ogilvy is on record (many times) as saying he believes in demonic possession. He’s even stated that children should have demons beaten out of them 😮

      Anti-child abuse campaigner, my arse.

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    • “nae luck it was true ! [sic]”

      Nope. Sorry, Malcolm – your handler Robert Green – the convicted stalker who is barred from entering Aberdeen – was categorically NOT nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And no amount of desperate arse-licking on your part can change that.

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      • The Nobel Committee who are a bit fuddy duddy and old fashioned do not explain their process well but I only know as I had to research the process with the Nobel people about 20 years ago on behalf of a (real) journalist.

        Repeat: asking for someone to be considered for a Nobel Prize is not a “nomination” as commonly published. When the Committee accepts an application that person becomes “nominated” but it’s all kept strictly secret but over the years nominations have leaked out .

        Then follows a lengthy “investigation” where that person’s work is examined to see who should receive the prize. There could be 5 or 55 worthy people nominated (accepted) for any one category. Those who are nominated often do not know they have been and may never know. Entities like Universities take their submissions very seriously.

        I think the Nobel people should clear up this matter.
        You can see how the entire situation can be seriously perverted by the likes of Green, Annett or even Trump’s loyal supporters. In fact it looks like Kevin Annett’s only achievement is to diminish the “nomination” process.

        But this means anyone could be put forward: an Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un or even Usama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein (when they were alive or posthumously).

        We could then have the ludicrous situation of Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and perhaps Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria (as a million Syrians die in that war) being touted as “Nobel Prize Nominations” with Adolf Hitler being “nominated” for a posthumous prize.

        It’s pretty obvious Trump’s supporters are livid Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize but whatever you think of Trump, he has done little to be even considered at this stage seeing the North Korea talks look like falling apart.

        It’s a recent scam that is gaining ground with the Green & Annett fraudsters and if not nipped in the bud I predict the whole idea of the prestige or a Nobel prize will lose ground and once they do, their reputation will be difficult to restore. The Trump (false) “nomination” is a good example of the whole process now being used for crass political purpose and this could diminish the whole history of the Nobel Prize.

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        • Actually Adolf Hitler was put forward for the Peace Prize in 1939 as a joke, though the Nazi Party, and so, we must assume, Adi himself – not being noted for their sense of humour – were rather miffed when he didn’t get it. So being named as a possible for a Nobel Prize means nothing at all – it’s getting it which does.

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          • Well no-one would have put his name forward in 1945.
            But what’s to stop one of the new right wing US groups who adore Hitler putting his name forward and saying “Adolf Hitler has been nominated for a posthumous Nobel Prize”?.

            In fact at the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem a San Antonio pastor John Hagee gave the closing sermon and is on record (though he claims he didn’t mean it) that Hitler was “sent by God” as part of a plan to eventually create Israel. He could easily recommend Hitler for a posthumous award via one of the right wing US universities and claim he had been nominated.

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          • Sam, I’ve written to the committee this morning and recommended your good self for a posthumous award. So from now on you may refer to yourself as “the Nobel-nominated Ghost of Sam”.

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        • The Nobel Peace Prize is most definitely controversial, though (as is the Nobel Prize in Literature). There have been a number of very questionable recipients, including Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat, Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter.

          Meanwhile, Mahatma Gandhi got f*ck-all, so go figure.


          • “There have been a number of very questionable recipients, including Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat, Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter.”

            So maybe Robert Green is more worthy of it than we realised!


          • Maybe no-one recommended him !.
            Just imagine, Kevin Annett was “nominated” (by his father who also used to cash the cheques from a few desperate ladies Annett conned) but some of the greatest names have never been mentioned.

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      • The supposed nomination letter’s a hoot:

        You’ll also notice that the alleged sender has been conveniently edited out at the end, so it’s likely to be a fake. Moreover, Ogilvy contradicted himself in another post, where he claimed it was (the decidedly non-Parliamentarian) Mike Veale.

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          • Maybe Olgivy wrote it as he seems obsessed by Green and mentions the (fake) “nomination” every few posts.
            What is it Olgivy? You and Mr Green seem unusually close. Come on tell us, we are very broad minded on here.

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          • Sorry, Sam, but that letter is vaguely comprehensible and coherent, with punctuation, correct spellings, paragraphs and words that actually exist. So it’s definitely not Ogilvy.

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        • It’s an obvious fake and as far as I know a single person cannot recommend someone. It must be a group of Parliamentary colleagues if it’s politicians. The letter is ridiculous as it’s a repeat of all the Hollie Grieg hoaxer’s Green claptrap.
          And an MP who recommended a jail prisoner (they are lawmakers for Christ’s sake)?. When has an MP ever written a letter and not wanted their name published with it ?.

          Mike Veale – a copper recommending a jail bird?. Give me a break .Police forces are not part of the accepted groups who usually recommend someone.
          Can you imagine how this could be misused?. An MP could be recommending endless people. In fact they could recommend Jimmy Savile.
          These people make a mockery of the Prize. I doubt any MP (and there are some plonkers) would put their name to such a letter. Oglivy is a lying creep and pathetic one at that.

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        • “Robert Green has sacrificed his personal finances, job, reputation…..” Bollocks! Robert Green was a bankrupt, unemployed, ex-travel agent with a reputation for stupidity (his ex-partner had done a number on him) who had previously been kicked into touch for stalking someone (it was either his former accountant or lawyer; can’t recall which) and terrorising them at their home! He was also past retirement age, and was and still is another one like Sabine, living off Pension Credits! As for the man who is licking his arse, well we’ve all heard the recording by now and I’m in no doubt who it is! He’s another benefits scrounging stalker. Birds of a feather eh? Mind you, I think Green’s just a con artist rather than an actual kiddie fiddler like the other one!

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    • Outrageous !. No attribution to the wordsmith who created such brilliance. Obviously jealous.
      Like a really bad echo chamber where it all gets scrambled in a dark pit of a mind.

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      • I hope you’re not questioning Malcolm’s journalistic brilliance, Sam. He gets all the hot scoops, you know. Check out this Earth-shattering announcement, for instance. Apparently, someone stayed up until 1:45!!! I know, right 😮

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  5. Pathetic Pikey & Desperate Devine update (courtesy of a nice bit of digging by Arthur Pint):

    Arthur also reports that – according to James Casbolt – Pikey was once stung in a Stolpmanesque honey trap in which he was tricked into sending £3,000 to a Russian teenager who’d convinced him that she was in love with him:

    Does pissng myself laughing at that make me a bad person?

    Incidentally, Devine has had two strikes against his Facebook account in the last 24 hours (but we’re the trolls, right?).

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    • According to Casbolt:

      My poor, old geezer, mentor the Reverend Dr. Anthony G. Pike is gettin’ crusified by a con-artist! He has sent over $3,000 to some “Russian (teen) Queen”! He awaits his loves arrival to India! He is the thoughtful sort as he has also spent money to have both Viagra and Cialis on hand to make her happy because she looks like she will be a real wild-cat in bed! The cum-bucket Elana doesn’t even exist. He thinks a hot Teen would want to shack up with his nasty, old cheese-balls. If she was real, I’d have helped get her here so we could have an orgy, with me and my wife of course. Her picture in that little innocent dress was cute, I bet she has a nice ass based on those long legs!

      The Rev is starting to sweat:

      At least he writes to her like the stupid cunt she is! Like all women she should be treated like a stupid fucking whore! When it comes right down to it, they are only good for fucking and looking after the children. This world is messed up, women have too much to say. A post for another day.

      Do me a favor, and help the Rev out so he will calm down. Send your generous donations to recover his well-intentioned spent money after the 12th, when she doesn’t step off the plane. The Rev must carry-on the battle for earth with the Int’l Study Group of the Cosmic Research Foundation.

      The heat is on, that bitch is gonna get my fist!

      James (cheeky enough for you?)

      PS: Here are his numbers in case anyone wants to call as Elana and give him some hope?

      By the way, Casbolt sounds as big a prat as Pike. I know his name’s come up before but I don’t remember much about him. I’m sure someone will be able to fill us in…

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      • Casbolt married a rich american bird and when she got tired of him and dumped him he accused her father of being an MK ultra handler who had employed Casbolt as hitman, torturer etc etc. Casbolt blackmailed him and was sent to jail for it. Casbolt is interviewed on the bases by Miles O Brien. He paints himself as a super spy. Total bullshitter.

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      • I think this is a very mean post as it goes to matters of the heart. I’ve tracked down that Russian teenager and she tells me that yes, her gorgeous snaps were slightly photo shopped (and why not?) but she has provided a pre-photshop pic to indicate her sincerity and as we speak, has boarded an Aeroflot flight post haste to India and the arms of Reverend Pike and is doubly excited having heard he has a stock of Viagra in store (beware though Rev- Indian Viagra can often be fake so you may have your work cut our for you. I hear she’s a real tigress)

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      • I’m getting this on your first link, Liza… just after your comment “The Rev. is starting to sweat”. 🙂

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        • They’re not my links, Jake – they’re Casbolt’s and are part of the overall quotation. As Devine’s Intervention said, “Pikey was once stung…”, i.e. it’s not a recent thing. To be precise it’s from April 2013, so the links would have been valid then.

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          • I think Pike was booted off WordPress (pretty hard to do, as we found when we complained about Charlotte Ward’s site), and so he went to Wix and set up housekeeping there.

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    • Won’t YouTube take a dim view of copyright infringement if that was reported by a bunch of people?

      Just sayin’

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      • Sorry, a third party can’t report copyright, only the content owner.

        Which video are you referring to, btw?


      • Your Howlness, it was I.

        She’d agreed with his (re-posted) “HAMPSTEAD ABUSE CASE: This isn’t over” meme and all I posted was, “Yes it is.” Is that trolling or disagreeing? I guess they’re the same thing for an oversensitive bugger like Alan.

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      • Oh, I stand corrected – there appears to have been an F-bomb and some laughter involved too. Hence Alan’s tears.

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    • So does Alanson think his bail conditions no longer apply and that it’s ok for him to start spreading Hampstead-related hate speech again? Bless

      One word, Alan: SABINE

      Nuff said?

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  6. 12:47 – “…Britain, apparently one of the most civilised, developed nations in the World, can’t provide justice for the children, actually protect paedophiles. That’s what this country does, Britain loves its paedophiles.”

    Whatever could you be referring to, Debs? Sigh

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    • Arthur, Alan and now Araya, all obsessed with putting things up bottoms.

      Maybe they should get together and work this thing out in private.

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  7. 3 strikes in 24 hours and he doesn’t even get a sodding suspension?
    Awesome work as always, Facebook.

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    • @ -14:34 / 8:05 in Video 2:

      “Of course, Angie’s exposing satanic ritual abuse, which she was subjected to herself, similar to Deborah Mahmoudieh. And a lot of people were tortured as children and have had their memory erased. If you’ve had psychotherapy, you’ve had your memory erased.”

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    • That second one’s worth a listen. It seems Edward Ellis is in trouble for practising as a lawyer when he’s not registered and Neelu is audibly panicking and frantically back-pedalling and denying that she or he have ever claimed he was one!

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      • She’s rabbiting on again about the country being disbanded so there can be no “man made laws” and then quotes a (man made) law of “treason” calling for everyone to be hanged.

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    • video 1 9.52
      “they did a complete 360”
      Um I suspect she other woman meant a 180… a 360 would leave them going in the same direction they were going…

      Maths as usual, isn’t their strong point

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      • PMSL, Neelu, Jennifer and Edward (not a lawyer, a equity lawyer!!!) all sat in the dock thinking it was the public gallery! (1.12)

        Well Jennifer may not have been supposed to be there, but the other two sure as hell should be in the dock!

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  8. Well, at least one of Arfur’s female friends has wised up to the fact that he is a creepy stalker and blocked him. And he sure doesn’t like it…


  9. The evidence that the Musas had given their infant child an overdose of morphine shortly after the baby’s first birthday

    Seems to me that there’s a lot of overlap between the SRA-Hoax wannabee-witchburners and Munchausen / Munchausen-by-proxy personalities. Not a big surprise that Charlotte / Jacqui would recognise a kindred spirit and rush to her defense.

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