The Real Fresh Start for survivors: Finding the red flags

One of the great things about this blog’s community of commenters is the amazing variety of viewpoints, knowledge, and skills they bring to the discussions in our Comments section.

This came home to us Tuesday, as we were looking over a conversation between two regulars: Sheva Burton, who has fought for the rights of child sexual abuse survivors since the early 1990s; and OMGnotthisoldshiteagain, who has brought us some excellent insights into those who purport to deliver services to adult survivors.

The Real Fresh Start Foundation

Some of our readers might be aware that Sheva has been working to set up a new blog, The Real Fresh Start Foundation.

The goal is to bring together survivors to counter organisations such as Scotland’s “Fresh Start Foundation”, with their emphasis on “extreme” (read: “Satanic ritual”) child sexual abuse, and their trolling and abuse of any who try to inject a dose of reality into the discussion. It seems fair to say that the Scottish organisation exists in order to capitalise on belief in SRA, and ultimately to dominate the child sexual abuse agenda with their conspiracy-led beliefs.

Sheva’s project is still very much in its infancy, but if we understand correctly, one of its goals is to provide an umbrella organisation where good groups can be identified, and survivors and supporters can offer ideas and suggestions about how to avoid the sorts of groups which exploit, groom, and bully survivors. That’s a big task, which is why Sheva is asking for help to get it off the ground.

Identifying the bad ‘uns

OMGnotthisoldshiteagain (OMGN for short) offered Sheva some timely insights and advice, suggesting that it would be important to review some of those on the current “white list” of resources:

Just for example, the first person you recommend on your list is a new age activist called Svava Brooks. I have serious concerns about this person.

I just wondered why you are recommending her to survivors?

Please don’t interpret this as an attack on you. I honestly don’t mean it as such; I am genuinely interested in how it came to be that you are recommending Svava Brooks and other individuals and organisations in your white list of recommended links.

We hadn’t heard of Ms Brooks before, but OMGN clarified:

What really concerns me about Svava Brooks is that when you check out her video titled “The Healing Journey with Svava Brooks Part 1” here:

Within the first few minutes [at 02:17] she is promoting EFT/tapping (a form of self hypnosis that can definitely create false memories) and the notorious book The Courage To Heal as if it is some kind of wonderful thing rather than a book that has caused untold misery to thousands of innocent families. …

…(I)n another video she tells viewers that if they have doubts that they were sexually abused as children or that the “memories” they have don’t make sense to just carry on reading the books and talking to other “survivors” and to believe that the “memories” are real.

This seems to me to be utterly irresponsible and dangerous.

Another thing that concerns me very much is that she starts her videos by thanking the viewers for giving her their details and for downloading material from her website.

‘Time to turn off the tap’

Indeed, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), aka “tapping”, has been denounced by reputable mental health practitioners as ineffectual at best, harmful at worst.

Briefly, the therapy is one of many dubious “energy therapies” which claim that the body somehow “stores” negative emotions and memories, which can be “released” or “purged” via various techniques, including but not limited to “tapping”, genital massage (yes, really!), placing the hands on the body to discover areas of “disturbed energy”, and so forth.

Gary Craig, inventor of “tapping” states in his 79-page handbook, “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system”, and that “Tapping [various points of the body] sends pulses through the meridian lines and fixes the disruption”. Here’s part of the cover to the EFT Manual:

Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping 2018-05-17

Disappointingly, it says not a single thing about the scourge of housemaid’s knee. However, it seems to have all other bases covered.

Like all good quack cure-alls, EFT claims to “apply to all issues”. In fact, according to its inventor, it was “originally designed to overhaul the psychotherapy profession”—in other words, to replace legitimate forms of psychotherapy. Hmm.

Red flags aren’t always obvious

We’re going into this much detail about Svava Brooks and her promotion of “tapping” to illustrate that red flags are not always glaringly obvious.

Anyone without some knowledge of the problems inherent in benign-sounding treatment modalities would have no reason to step carefully around them. For example, you might have heard of “tantric massage”, billed as an “ancient therapy” which can release blockages, yadda yadda yadda…but do you know what it entails?

We found this description on a random Facebook page which endorses tantric massage: Tantric massage 2018-05-17“Yoni”, for the uninitiated, is yoga-speak for “female genitalia”. Can you guess what “awakening the body’s energy field” entails?


Yet tantric massage is offered to sexual abuse survivors to help “release blockages” …and we’ve seen very little study or critique of this practice.

Back to the Real Fresh Start

OMGN and Sheva both agreed that in creating the new blog, it might be most helpful to create a list of red flags which could help guide survivors away from dangerous or quack therapies and give them the tools to assess the resources currently available.

It’s a depressing reality that many resources which look superficially good, can turn out to promote things like SRA or the problematic “dissociative identity disorder” diagnosis; treatment techniques which sound benign on paper can help create false memories; books like The Courage to Heal, once held up as the bible of the CSA therapy movement, can encourage false beliefs. So this is going to take some digging, some research, and a lot of hard work.

We think that Sheva’s new resource has the potential to be a remarkable (dare we say “fresh”) starting point for survivors of child sexual abuse, helping to guide people away from the dangerous and/or unhelpful, and toward healing.

But Sheva, powerhouse though she is, can’t do it alone. This is far more than a one-person job, so we’d urge anyone interested in lending a hand to help create a “red flag list” get in touch with Sheva or us.

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87 thoughts on “The Real Fresh Start for survivors: Finding the red flags

  1. Fascinating read – and quite disturbing in places! I can see why a ‘red flag list’ is so important 😮

    Good luck to Sheva with this worthy venture and thank you to OMG for his/her input

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  2. The more I hear about the Fresh Fart Foundation, the gladder I become that the likes of EC and Sheva are working to exposing them. What a worryingly dodgy organisation, taking advantage of vulnerable people such as as abuse survivors, apparently for their own selfish motives.

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          • I’m also wanting to put up a ‘Please Report’ page….. with help on how to, and lists of who to report, time stamps of reports, helpful to make it quick n easy, with a brief reasons & evidence as unlike Angie, HopeGirl, Weaselly and all the hoaxers, I am not advocating striking or reporting for the sake of anything, but to help disable crooks and charlatans, abusers and fraudsters, scammers and saboteurs of survivors inquiries/events/campaigns…..and false accusers by the same……not forgetting those crying false flag and mocking real victims of real tragedies who have co created or promoted this most vile of false flags based on false accusations…..mutually supporting/ed by the likes of fiona barnett and associates who also create and encourage false accusers.
            And as with the whole project….. help, input very much appreciated, I think that the blog can generate more people reporting them, who hadn’t thought to, or realised the need as the platforms still seem to rely too much on numbers of reports to take action…..which the hoaxers use to their advantage…….. there are signs of platforms recognising and fixing things, but this lot, just find a new way to still torment their victims and promote their chosen ones.

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          • I found this in a comment under Doazics video update on HopeGirl trying to privacy complaint him, on false pretences: A video by John B Alexander: free energy device, author of this and look at the list of people who recommend it: Reality Denied…… I wrote in my comment, ‘you can say that again’, lol

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    • Just waiting for the right time to what? Post our IP addresses (which he doesn’t have anyway)? Yeah, that should bring down the establishment. Sock it to the man, Praterson!

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      • I imagine that it is Paterson’s inadequacy to be able to get on with people in a normal healthy manner that drives his anger. He is so unaware of how puerile and childish he appears to us with his stupid death threats.

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      • No you don’t Paterson but we know who are, which makes things so much easier when engaging with the police about your online behaviour.

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      • What’s he so scared of ? Bring what on exactly ?….. He’s the one obsessively threatening people just because his lies are so patently obvious…… delusional or crook ? I don’t know, but I guess he’ll soon be seeing some professionals who will assess him, and the seriousness of the danger he poses, by also encouraging others to threaten or harm innocent people, by gifting them an excuse or belief that they are justified to harm……. the climate being generated by his type and some of the hunting groups, fmotls is a worrying mix…… And Angie claims to advocate for the abused, yet encourages this ? disgusting and further proof of the dangers amongst the self proclaimed anti child abuse mob.

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    • Wood chipper?. Sounds like the Sarf London gang who he threatens us with are really just landscape gardeners. Next he’ll be threatening to sound around a team of interior decorators to re-arrange our furniture,

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      • Hmm…the wife was moaning the other day about the state of the sitting room…wonder if he’d be willing to send round someone who’s handy with a paint brush? I tried last time, but turns out that coyote tails don’t work as well as I thought they might. Mr Paterson, can this marriage be saved?


      • “…The Interior League, an idea that sounds ludicrous, almost laughable, at first but grows more insidious the more you think about it. Basically, they break into houses and rearrange the furniture in such a way that a member of the household goes insane and kills everyone. “

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  3. In what way is a red flag list made? I could possibly help out if needed, depending on what technology is needed. Give me a drill and hammer I could knock anything up, but technology sometimes passes me by lol If I can help in any way let me know

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    • It would be great to have your help, thanks!

      Sheva is the real expert on this question, but I would expect we’d start with a list of known resources, and begin Googling what we can find about them. When I’m looking for information about someone I use sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I think this would involve pooling information—the type of therapy on offer, connections to organisations which promote SRA, etc.

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      • Yes, EC….. I know you’ve made a start on some very concerning therapies, I can’t do anymore than I am at present, so am happy for others to begin collating and working on it………. that’s the beauty of knowing that some people do proper research and check sources etc. before sharing info…….. I’m lucky enough to have a fair few contacts that I can trust to have checked, so can click share and read later even, sometimes…… Also some sites are trustworthy for info,…..

        I’m not really an expert, I have some experience and have listened to that of many….. I also sought help in many ways and places and can relay that, I’m hoping that other survivors of abuse will also relay their experiences of seeking help and I’m also hoping to with other groups, galvanise the need for more support to be not just recognised but served, in better ways, as soon as possible, throughout services that work with vulnerable adults and children/families……… an example of the woeful lack is : Social Services offices, had no leaflets or posters on display of helplines for CSA Survivors … come ?……. I don’t know if this has been addressed….but it should be.
        Also Social Workers need to be able to help parents struggling as a result of having been abused are helped, not condemned and treated in ways, bound to trigger them and certainly often felt as further abuse, rendering the victim helpless again and if abused in care, can you imagine the nightmare of that ? yet if they get angry, fearful and object, they will be then further condemned and labelled unfit to parent…… I was saying 30yrs ago that money being spent on services for addicts and homeless people were certainly also involved with CSA Survivors but not treating the source of the problem…… suppression of the abuse, has done severe harm and at least with the lid off, that will hopefully change……..
        The loud hailer weilding bullies like baloney, with the fakers, film makers and twisted lies…………..cannot be allowed to spoil what could happen as a result of good inquiries, investigation, better training and for survivors voices to be listened to……. having watched the Royal Commission and IICSA videos as much as possible, I see definite signs that this is already happening… some ways quite quickly here, UK.

        I’m hoping that TRFS can be a vehicle to help creators of effective change.
        As the wheels fall of their bandwagon and it veers off from social media viralisation, to isolation…..then I hope to be part of a stronger forward movement.
        Not least too, is the need to address false accusers……. So much to do, but this blog already has much information and the evidence files collated too…… The comments under this video are worth a read.

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      • Except that Sheva is not an expert on the issues at all and was in fact recommending a long list of quacks and predators on her “white pages”. I understand that she may have been doing this with the best of intentions but nonetheless it is a dangerous thing to do. People who have been sexually abused are extremely vulnerable and great care should be taken when recommending therapists, resources and websites to this population.

        I am sure Sheva has a lot to contribute in relation to her 1st hand experience of the Hoaxtead scammers and just the screen grabs of them harassing her and bullying her are actually very useful but Sheva is obviously not the right person to be identifying red flags and she says as much herself. I would take her word on this if I were you.

        While “red flags” are not always obvious, in the case of Svava Brooks they were screaming out at anyone who took 5 minutes to check out her videos.

        The video I linked to, that you have reproduced here, is titled “The Healing Journey with Svava Brooks – Part 1”.

        It is not like she made 100 videos and a researcher had to spend hours sifting through them to find the red flag, which was in the middle of video no 47 or something it was right there in the first few minutes of part 1 of her series of videos.

        So one red flag, and I suggest that this is something that researchers here can work on fairly easily is this:

        Does this therapist / healer / life coach recommend the books The Courage to Heal and / or The Courage to Heal Workbook as a resource for survivors – or even as a resource for anyone as, at least in the early editions I read, the book recommends that even if you have no memories of sexual abuse at all you were probably sexually abused as a child if you experience any one of a huge range of symptoms or problems. You will have simply repressed the memory according to the CtH books

        So to find some red flags you just google for Courage to Heal and say UKCP

        Then try Courage to Heal and BACP and MBACP

        These are the main psychotherapy organisations in the UK, however there are more, just google to find UKCP and BACP organisationals members and then run the same search

        The other very obvious thing to google for is UKCP or BACP / MBACP (and their organisational members) and “dissociative disorders” especially “dissociative identity disorder”

        If you do this you will soon notice a pattern and a network of therapists, although this is only the start as rot is extensive and widespread

        Also, in my experience, some of the worst offenders keep their activities under cover and so you may only know about their interests and beliefs once you have the misfortune to actually be in therapy with them. I have extensive, bitter experience of this and will be blogging about it soon.

        Also EC linked directly to the website of the notorious Mal Weeraratne and his dangerous “tantric journey” website. I wonder if this was wise as this man is extremely dangerous and has a network of criminal associates.

        Anyhoo, one of the things to google for when you stumble across someone like him (and there are plenty of them unfortunately) is the name, so in this case “Mal Weeraratne” and “guilty” or “jailed” or even “charged” (as our judiciary system is far from perfect), then you will find news stories like this

        Unsurprisingly the man is a sex offender – yes a sex offender offering to heal women of trauma related to sexual assault and CSA. By massaging their genitals.

        You couldn’t make it up

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          • Sheva

            People should be warned against criminals like him as he is a pimp and a sexual predator.

            However once you start to warn people about serious criminals (pimps, traffickers and the like) you are moving into a whole other level of whistleblowing that carries significant risks, including risks to your personal safety.

            This is why I recommended that, rather than naming certain individuals and organisations it might be better to follow a strategy or reporting such people to the police and to publish a lists of red flags that address general issues rather than specific individuals and organisations.

            I understand that the police cannot always take action against a predator – in my experience I have been frustrated by being told that unless a victim comes forward there is nothing they can do.

            As a victim / survivor of abusive therapy (not genital massaging therapy I hasten to add) I have been told that this is not a police matter.

            In the case of Mr Weeraratne I discovered photographs of him delivering “pampering massages” to 11 year old girls at a youth club, this was some years ago. When I reported him to the relevant social services I was told that unless I could provide the names of children that he had abused there was nothin they could do. I eventually spoke on the phone to social worker who was sufficiently concerned to use google and to ID him as the same man with convictions for sexual assault and living off immoral earnings and for running his tantric journey website. The photos then disappeared. When I phoned back to see whether I could offer further assistance I was told by the supervisor of the earlier social worker that her colleague had broken professional boundaries by using google to research him without having the names of any abused children.

            So you see, there are a huge number of issues to be addressed including how police and social services bureaucracy can facilitate the activities of predators rather than prevent them from hurting people.

            If the police can prosecute domestic violence perpetrators without the victim giving evidence they should be able to do the same with perpetrators who abuse vulnerable adults and children via their ritualistic practices.

            Obviously the police can only act when they have a legal mandate to do so and if they do not have that then we need to look at legislative change.

            There are some organisations that I think should be exposed and these are for the most part those staffed with committed, well meaning people who have believed SRA “survivors” without concerning themselves with evidence. I do not with to share or humiliate such people, I would welcome the opportunity to educate them about real ritualistic abuse (of the sort that Mr Weeraratne commits) and about red flags.

            Quack therapies and false memories destroy the lives of innocent people and tear families apart. Of equal importance is that the current situation and prevalence of quack therapies is that genuine survivors of child sexual abuse are being referred to quacks and have The Courage to Heal recommended to them. Any defence lawyer worth their salt will dig around and discover the therapies and use it to discredit the testimony of survivors,

            So these quacks and predators not only destroy innocent lives, they ensure that real child sexual abusers evade justice.

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      • OMGN is right, EC….. I’m not the best person. It is difficult tho, and I think we can just in some cases share information and critique, for example….. The Survivors Trust…. essentially a credible site, with lots of accredited links for support and emergency help and more recently included on the survivors panel IICSA, problem being that in the past they facillitated courses on DID and I would say anti survivor type workshops for professionals…… I know they changed their site, but am not up to date on what the policies and inclinations are in general, especially given how rainin has managed to creep onto many a good sites resource list. But, yet I also had them on the white list, because they listed all the resources and were engaged with IICSA.
        There will too be some complimentary and alternative type therapies that have worked well for survivors…’s not just black n white on that level either…. it does though all come down to working not just with good intention but with integrity……… I hope that no one has been just sitting back and scoffing rather than pointing out this error on my part before now, because as I have now, I would have corrected it..

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        • exactly Sheva

          The survivors Trust is an extremely concerning organisation simply because so many of the people involved with it are apparently credible and probably well meaning and well intentioned, and yet promoting evidence free conspiracy theories and controversial diagnoses like DID.

          The individuals concerned probably believe that “survivor” testimonies are proof or evidence of SRA.

          It is an example of the kind of organisation that we should be sharing concerns about on open sources.

          For what it’s worth I would personally never claim that SRA never exists, as you cannot prove a negative. Certainly ritualistic abuses by cults is widespread.

          What we can say with certainty is that there is a network of individuals and organisations, some well meaning and some sinister, that promote the idea that a network of widespread organised satanic ritual abusers exists, but to this date they have not produced any credible evidence of such networks.

          Testimonials are not proof or evidence.

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          • I concur. It would be good to have conversations about all of the organisations, that have influence….. I’m also aware that lots have sprung up, with no credible background, whatsoever, run by some of the hoaxers contacts…. that needs work, too.
            This needs airing and is why, I’m hoping to be able to, with help and others’ involvement to bring this to IICSA for inquiry and investigation, education, and finding better ways to support people.

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  4. At the moment, I’m focused on highlighting the danger of Fresh Start Foundation and it’s activities and making as clear as possible the dodgy activities, methods and intentions of the people involved, plus the connections.
    As the inquiries have developed, adults who were abused as children have the chance to go and give their testimony; The Truth Project offers CSA Survivors the safety, privacy and support to do this, in confidence.
    It is important that as many as possible, take part.
    I think that because their interference in IICSA was highlighted and picked up, taken notice of and because of their open attack on Danny of Shatter Boys, meant that action/s were disabling the moves made by: Belinda Mckenzie, Brian Gerrish, Sabine McNeill, OpDeatheaters: Wesley Hall, Malcolm Blackman, Bill Maloney, Robert Green to infiltrate and infect the London Inquiry, but even recently they are determined to keep on, keeping on.
    They have, remember also acted towards the Royal Commission Aus in much the same way, and presently attempting to sabotage The Scottish Inquiry.

    The mouthpieces/fake victims who really are fantasists are attempting yet another comeback.
    As Q is buried and Pgators are purged………. Fiona Barnett is spinning her yarn again……..hoping to reach a new audience………

    Angela Power Disney tries to keep going, Bill has come out again alongside Jon Wedger, all to make their narrative as prominent as possible………online.

    Meanwhile there are lots of people working hard, some excellent groups, who really do help others, by enabling, encouraging and helping them to empower themselves…..Good Admins can spot the signs of troublemakers, grooming and will also have groundrules and tell their members to let them know if there are strange friends requests or inboxes……. mainly closed or secret groups…… meaning they are as safe as possible, but also meaning that the way is open online for those using techie tricks and manipulative practices to create the illusion of being leaders in the field of child protection……… when they are anything but, and in many cases are shielding real abusers, too.

    Quite a few groups have discussions ongoing about real cases they are involved in, how their counselling or therapy is going, and it is all very real…………support is gentle and kind, people really open up and share experiences and it does help, many.

    And then there are all of the professionals working to progress cases, support victims/survivors, take real testimonies and evidence..
    They have not the time, nor inclination even, often, to look online at the shenanigans we have exposed…….. So I am currently trying to make some montages, of the key players, with snippets that have enough information to inform, educate, warn and give links to further evidence for people who want to investigate, study and understand, further.

    I have removed the Whitelist but I will put it back with the links to IICSA & The Scottish Inquiry and the resources available for people to look for help, as for red flags re therapy and counselling, that can be built, with help….but it was a bit of a side blinder, yesterday. I originally was meaning to highlight the radio broadcasting ‘Speaking Truth to Power’, it just had happened to have Svava Brooks on, I knew that and had intended to follow up, on her work………… If OMGN …. has only just noticed, thankyou for the swift and needed poke and please do, point out any glaring errors or red flags as The Real Fresh Start Foundation grows…. as soon as spotted.
    But I feel mighty glad that EC is there to keep an eye on our perimeters and parameters….. I really hope that some others who contribute here, will add to the blog, with comments, posts, at whatever level is safe and comfortable in terms of public ID…… Hence, my invitation for authors, contributors and help with admin type duties….. graphics for a connections map re: the perps and fresh farts…. and also help with producing training materials for those in services, professions that have to deal with the fall out and need to be informed, for investigators to help with criminal cases, for victims that may help civil actions…….. but mainly to simply inform, quickly and educate broadly.
    Presently I am just creating the platforms and inviting people to participate in a way that is productive and progressive for victims/survivors, themselves, their groups, events, info sharing ……
    A big part at the moment of helping survivors be heard, is to rake out the fakes that have drowned us out, with anything but the intentions they pretend to have……..
    The umbrella will I hope become a symbol of reassurance.
    Many have had their trust broken, many invested a respect and admiration, gratitude even to the charlatans and many have turned away in disgust, let down, again……….So as more people are becoming aware of the hoaxers, who perhaps just followed them because others did, or because they were fooled by them, then I would like to present a more realistic picture and real sources of help………… an example on a different subject : Beat the Bailiffs (Chrissy Morris & co, who was also at the hampstead & other anti CSA events) v Stepchange………….. a really good charity when in debt and needing help/advice/guidance/support.

    Counselling and Therapy is a whole other huge subject, but I think a warning list could be created, as we come across glaringly dangerous practictioners or practices. Red flags too, is worth investing some time into.

    For now, I am intent on building a strong foundation, to work from, with trustworthy people holding control of the central core……. so that no one group can influence the narrative and steer it based on an agenda, politically, religiously motivated and to prevent the satanic panic creators from achieving their aim, which is clearly to prevent progress on child protection….whilst they protect paedophiles, instead.

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    • You don’t need to work on the red flags Sheva. I already have that in hand and have been working on researching it for many years. I am not saying that I wouldn’t appreciate help and support but identifying the red flags is not something you need to concern yourself with.

      I think that if you direct survivors to the various official inquiries rather than the fake ones such as the FSF then you are doing a good job.

      The screen shots of the disgusting bullying and harassment towards you and others as well as the antisemitic material is what the public need to see to be able to make up whiter minds about FSF at least in my opinion. If you can publish this material on your website then you will be providing a valuable service to survivors

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      • Thanks OMG and I know that many have worked on this, longterm, so had intended on building a resource list for good information.
        I am at present, focusing on doing just that, exposing the vile and abusive behaviour of not just the followers and promoters of FSF and their connected cohorts, but also carried out by directors of the foundation too, which is enough to ensure that the next local council or church they try to bully into allowing them to speak, will be armed with a good defense against their indidious and intense harrassment of service providers or event hosts.

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    • I encourage the exposure of all these ghastly people and in a systematic way in which they are somehow brought to account, legally if possible for their vicious campaigns and hatred.
      I was prompted to seek out that awful Fiona Barnett’s new rubbish after you mentioned her. I find her to be one of the most disgusting hoaxers going and fortunately her fanatical ramblings are now sounding so bizarre she is becoming a real joke.

      I read most of her website – you have to be quick because a sort of ‘horror’ sets in after a while & you can begin to feel almost physically ill because of the sheer viciousness of her (false) claims but it’s almost too easy to pull apart her idiotic attempts to provide “proof”.

      I’m not going to mention any of the names she libels but I know at least 3 families and in particular one whose member has become an international film star because my father who was a regular visitor to Oz (bringing us as kids some times for holidays) and was a colleague of the doctor she accuses. We visited their home a few times. It’s pretty clear Barnett has read- and I think I even remember the article- a woman’s magazine featuring the parents of the film star with one of those ‘at home’ interviews with glossy pics. Barnett describes visible aspects that can be seen in the pics as proof but in a sort of off-hand way, in her police statement.

      The problem is for this pathological liar, it wasn’t their home. They used a relative’s nearby house as a sort of ruse because they were often plagued by paparazzi and fans. Not only that, they were not living in their house in the same suburb during Barnett’s alleged timeline. They had bought the house as an investment and lived in a city apartment and the house was rented out for years. Only later did they eventually moved there as retirement beckoned.

      It’s quite easy to pick apart Fiona Barnett’s appalling timeline in most of those she accuses (like her Walt Disney claim of abuse which happened before she was born and after he died !). Ages of people she accuses are so out of whack it’s a joke. No wonder police cold shouldered her after taking her statements. She also seems to think that by giving statements police are treating her as credible but police often make a record of crackpots like her for future reference.

      But I’m not so sure Barnett is the crackpot we may think but more a cunning con artist. It’s clear she’s pissed off as she is getting no-where in her application for not just financial compensation but on-going compensation. This really is attempted fraud.

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      • Thankyou for all of that information, GOS……. Lately, a few are attempting to comeback and Angie is mentioning them is all……. A clear sign of desperation, I think…. and I agree with your last paragraph and would only add that noses are out of joint because their plans to dominate a circuit of speaking engagements have failed and will continue to fail, dismally, thanks in a large part to everyone contributing hear and the survivors downunder who also helped prevent the attempts to defraud survivors and wreck their groups.

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  6. Although my part in fighting the Hampstead Hoax is over, it have only just begun with the Fresh Start Foundation. I and others of my religion will be working independently from other activists or groups against Fresh Start Foundation. Our focus is upon the religious hatred by an incorporated official body in Scotland. As Fresh Start Foundation is incorporated, this gives us a leverage to hit them through official channels such as referrals to the ICO.

    The world from which those behind Fresh Start Foundation springs from is rife with frauds, snake oil salespeople and hocuspocus newage bullshit.

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  7. Unfortunately, as many here have probably witnessed, many of these groups are comparable only to stubborn, and ultimately un-flushable turds …. however may times the chain is pulled on them, they always emerge, albeit re-badged, somewhere else in the system – where the eradication process must begin again.

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  8. Debs has been chucked out of yet ANOTHER Facebook group!?! LOL

    Other FB groups that have given her the heave-ho include:

    – Light Warriors
    – Planet Zogg
    – Catsite

    How many more “evictions” is it gonna take before she realises that she may have a problem?

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  9. Steve K has just sent me this audio-only broadcast about the HG and Hampstead hoaxes (it starts at about 4 minutes in):


    It’s by some fruitloop called Melissa Anne, who says that Robert Green was “the solicitor in charge of the Hollie Greig case”, that John Taylor is an MI5 shill and that Panorama withdrew from making a documentary about the Hampstead case because they were “scared off”! Hey, why use facts when there’s perfectly good bullshit going to waste?

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