Matt Taylor hits the ‘mute’ button

Yesterday we learned from perennial troofer Andy Devine that not only was his friend John Paterson arrested last week, allegedly for uttering death threats, but Matt Taylor had his collar felt earlier this month.

This struck us as odd, but not because it’s unusual for Matt to be arrested. By his own admission, he was arrested a total of four times in 2017, and last made an appearance on this blog for his creepy stalking of Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

It’s more that usually when Matt is arrested, he is the first to broadcast the fact.

We checked all the usual places: Matt’s “Guerrilla Democracy News” blog: Matt Taylor blog gone 2018-05-14 2

His oddly named “Getting Ready for 2015” blog was gone, too:

Matt Taylor blog gone 2018-05-14 1

“Request an invite”? Erm…no, thanks just the same.

Even his “About Matt Taylor” blog had disappeared:

Matt Taylor blog gone 2018-05-14 3

We began to contemplate the unthinkable: had Matt Taylor finally listened to someone’s good advice and decided to stop incriminating himself at every turn?

Granted, he did recently whine to Anthony Pike about the police having confiscated his computer, phone, etc. following one of his arrests last year:Matt Taylor to Pike 2018-05-14

But it’s not like Matt to leave it at that. Usually this sort of plea would be accompanied by a long, self-incriminating rant, all done in the third person so as to sound as though at least one person out there thinks that Matt is all of that and a bag of biscuits.

So has he really learnt his lesson? Or is he being advised by a decent (that is to say, not Freeman-on-the-land-related) solicitor who has told him to stow it, at least until he’s been to court?

We know it’s a long shot, a never-before-attempted strategy for Matt, who has in the past seemed unable to keep his gob shut longer than about five minutes, but if he’s finally decided that discretion is the better part of valour, who are we to complain? Matt Taylor 2017-12-18

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  1. In all the time that we’ve been following the various Hoaxtead mobsters, we’ve never before seen onf



    • What gets me is that he is supposed to be under supervision…
      If they saw those posts (or any others) he’d be back inside again already….

      Makes you wonder what the people supposed to be checking on him are doing…

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        • Jeeeeezus…

          He really has taken a plunge off the deep end hasn’t he???

          I suspect he won’t be around much longer, if he’s hassling the cops, and they check his history, I think they might be having a chat with his supervising people from the mental health board…

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        • Reminds me of the harassment of NW London cops by Neelu, Sands et al. It’s not as though the police don’t have enough to deal with, what with budget cuts, stabbings, acid attacks, the massive wave of internet related scams and crimes and real CSA/CSA as opposed to imaginary satanic cults.

          Seems to me that this kind of collective hysteria from conspiracy theorists and satan hunters causes a significant impact on law enforcement resources. It spreads via social contagion in real life and on the internet and is only going to escalate if something is not done soon.

          Police officers and mental health professionals will undoubtably experience work related stress (some will probably experience other mental health problems) as a result of harassment and also will experience stress just from not being able to do their jobs because of all the deflection and time wasting.

          I think that it would be a valuable thing for some serious academic research to be conducted into the impact of this kind of harassment of police and mental health professionals.

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          • I agree. It seems police, mental health professionals, etc. are much more vulnerable to harassment, false accusations, and unwarranted public shaming than in the past. I think in particular of the officer who interviewed RD’s children: his name has been dragged through the mud by the Hoaxtead mob, simply because they didn’t like the outcome of the third set of interviews.

            I’ve also noted that while police and courts are doing their best to catch up to the effects of the internet, they’re struggling. When the Hampstead hoax first went online, I believe there was a “let’s wait for it all to pass” attitude, which allowed the hoax to gain a real foothold online, and actually contributed to its momentum. I think everyone underestimated the sheer pigheadedness of the hoaxers, and their determination to create a situation which validated their own loony beliefs. I’d like to think that if anything good comes of this, it will be a better understanding of the impact of online hoaxes and their ability to destroy lives and reputations.

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  2. That is good news. He sickened me, when I rang and he laughed about the hoax, saying he knew it wasn’t true and didn’t care……….all he wanted was to bring the government daaaaaaaaan ! I told him that people and children were suffering because of it, but he just didn’t care, because he believed it would work to bring about the end of parliament, the Royal Family and cause anarchy. That was his sole aim, he said. I said, even so, even if your end goal were a good one, the ends do not justify the means, how can you expect to cause child abuse whilst pretending to solve it ?…………… ‘Look, collatoral damage?, he said….
    Finally, there are signs of them being stopped, because they are not going to withdraw or desist because it’s the right thing to do.
    I’ll be very interested in what comes out in the upcoming court cases, regarding the findings on all the tech that’s been seized…….

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    • Sheva said: “He sickened me, when I rang and he laughed about the hoax, saying he knew it wasn’t true and didn’t care……….all he wanted was to bring the government daaaaaaaaan ! I told him that people and children were suffering because of it, but he just didn’t care, because he believed it would work to bring about the end of parliament, the Royal Family and cause anarchy. That was his sole aim, he said”.

      WOW, Sheva! That’s not only a very damning admission, but a very important one to document.
      We all know, that many CSA hoaxers in the UK and the US are in fact motivated primarily if not solely by such deranged ‘political’ goals…but getting them to confess it is another matter.

      I did send a warning about this, to some members of the UK government in 2015. At that time, I expressed these observations;
      [UK citizen David Icke is a conspiracy theorist with a large, worldwide folowing on the internet. He is associated with American Alex Jones, a radio talkshow host and conspiracy theorist with links to the Patriot Militias and Constitutionalist political fringe extremists. Icke is a political outsider with aspirations to be some kind of populist Messiah. Both Icke and Jones have been using child sex crime accusations and conspiracy theories about social-political Elites running child sex & murder rings, as a political weapon.
      They are not alone in this. Many persons in North America and the UK are obsessed with “the Dutroux affair” – they believe that the Belgian government and traditional “establishment” were nearly overthrown by popular outrage over alleged revelations that a serial child kidnapper-murderer had trafficked child victims to the elite of that nation. Adherents to this conspiracy theory hope and believe that similar allegations against the elite of your nation can/will incite popular revolt that will wipe away your “establishment”].

      And this opinion:
      [I believe that a variety of persons – who may not be consciously conspiring, but who share information and support & reinforce each other’s conspiracy theories and false accusations – are inciting sympathetic others to make false allegations of child sexual abuse against public figures in the UK. I believe that some of those engaged in this activity DO intend that your governments, all your political parties and your public institutions should be discredited and ultimately overthrown, by this].

      It would be very exciting, if all the police activity we’ve been seeing in the last year was in part borne of an awareness – in the wake of alleged Russian attempts to pull something similar – that such scenarios need to be looked into seriously.

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      • Whatever you think of the Royals, they are worth £billions in tourism alone compared to the millions they cost with 10,000s of related jobs relying on them (everywhere from airlines to hotels etc). Imagine London without them? . Few realize that Windsor Castle is Britain’s most visited tourist destination and one of the world’s. They go there because real live people live there.

        I’m reporting Kaoutal to Ox police- as soon as I track down the station he was involved with before. Issuing these “threat’s” need to be noted. Recall it’s only been revealed that a NZ mentally ill man attempted to assassinate the Queens some decades ago.

        As for Icke- disgusting creep of a man who people tell when he’s off camera, is a nasty bully.

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      • I just found this …….. very disturbing how these liars are attempting to blackmail local councils, rightly worried about their operation…………… They are not, have not and will not be helping children or CSA Survivors by what they plan….. a new witch hunt ..

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        • It is highly reassuring that local councils are waking up to the activities of the Fresh Start scammers. I feel sorry of the staff member on the phone, it must be stressful to deal with these people.

          I think that admin staff should be briefed on how to respond to the scammers and given a statement to read out to them if they phone. Something like “the council is unable to rent premises to organisations that have a demonstrable history of racist, antisemitic and bullying behaviour. I am unable to discuss this matter further, however if you wish you can email us at …………… thank you. Goodbye”.

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      • I think the public mood at the moment is one of general discontent but not particularly revolutionary. There are some very dodgy characters out there who want to cause chaos in order to grab power. You might say that some of them have already succeeded.

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    • Somehow, I find it more disgusting to learn that he didn’t believe in the hoax—if he believed in it, at least he’d be able to say he was acting on principle, no matter how misguided.

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      • It was a long time ago, too… I challenged him on his YouTube and The Hampstead Group. I was thoroughly disgusted at the time, so had no intention of letting he and his mates of the soveriegn citizen or freeman of the land kind, from carrying on, unchallenged.
        During our convo on the phone he actually said; ‘It has to be a hoax’ !!
        I couldn’t understand what he meant, but as it has evolved, I think it’s because there is no way of disproving a negative, they needed a false story again, if they were going to be sabotaging real campaigns and inquiries…….. rotten, all of them….. rotten to the very core, especially the core participants.

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  4. Angie’s starting to get comfy on that Q Anon bandwagon now:

    That’s a Nathan Stolpman (Lift the Veil) video she’s promoting, by the way. Nuff said?

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    • “That’s a Nathan Stolpman (Lift the Veil) video she’s promoting”

      Ah, he must be one of the “two respected sources” she “always checks before posting anything”.

      And this is the other one:

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      • Haha, yes, Nathan Stolpman, whose disclosure of his conversation with Ella revealed that she and Abe had forced her two youngest children to implicate their brother and his father in the cult. 😀

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  5. Going on Angie’s past lies about her alleged health conditions, I’m sensing bullshit here (or a primer for her next begging campaign):

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      • No Sam of the Family Ghost there. Very disappointing. Perhaps it’s because my 1P address is currently in Reykjavik (and shared by about 200K people). In an hour it will be in Singapore. Poor “Sir” John Patterson will be on a wild goose chase around the world.

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      • Get so sick of this “nominated for a Nobel prize” claptrap. Trump has not been nominated.
        Some of his colleagues wrote to the Nobel committee saying he should get a prize. Anyone can do that (frigging Kevin Annett’s dad did it for his grifter son). Surprised APD hasn’t done so. That does not mean you are “nominated” which is an actual status meaning the Nobel committee has accepted a person for consideration who is then “nominated”. But they never release who these nominations are. However there have been leaks. Even Universities who recommend various persons don’t call them “nominations” because they never really know if one of their recommendations has been accepted.

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        • Not everyone’s eligible to nominate someone for a Nobel prize anyway.

          “According to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, a nomination is considered valid if it is submitted by a person who falls within one of the following categories:

          • Members of national assemblies and national governments (cabinet members/ministers) of sovereign states as well as current heads of states
          • Members of The International Court of Justice in The Hague and The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague
          • Members of Institut de Droit International
          • University professors, professors emeriti and associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion; university rectors and university directors (or their equivalents); directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes
          • Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
          • Members of the main board of directors or its equivalent for organizations that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
          • Current and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (proposals by current members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after 1 February)
          • Former advisers to the Norwegian Nobel Committee”

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        • It reminds me of Abe being “nominated” for an honorary doctorate by Araya, so now he and all his creepy followers tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s a qualified doctor.

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        • I see he’s also been illegally posting people’s IP addresses again and promising to pay them (and their families?) a visit. Oh and he still thinks you can pinpoint people’s precise home address from their IP. It really is ignorance on a whole new level!

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          • I’m amazed he found time to post people’s addresses in between all his rants about us breaching data laws by posting screenshots of people’s comments.


          • What an absolute plonker he is. A simple Google search would tell him the limitations of just having an IP address to go off.

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          • So when he goes “smacking down” people he dislikes in their own homes. what happens to their kids? And this is someone who calls himself an anti-child abuse campaigner? Wow


          • He wouldn’t have the balls anyway. He’s an archetypal keyboard warrior, sitting there in his piss-stained underpants, threatening men, women and children online, sobbing into his whisky and wondering where his life went wrong.


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