Hoaxteaders’ doubts continue to rise

Thanks to Agent B, who sent us this. Hoaxteaders have already turned against Belinda, Christine and Sabine and some are even starting to get pissed off with their creepy cult leader Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward. But to see them turning against Abe, the man who’s ultimately behind the entire Hampstead scam, is too delicious for words:

doubts about abe




7 thoughts on “Hoaxteaders’ doubts continue to rise

  1. And here, ladies and gentlemen, we see the natural devolution of a conspiracy hoax in action: as the players begin to point fingers at one another, their confused followers scatter in disarray. How sweet it is….

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  2. It takes some people longer than others to realise they have been duped and lied to. They have to work it out for themselves. …We can only offer information for them look at…then it is over to them. And it is starting to take effect. That is good news

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  3. “I’m a bit pushed for time” (so I won’t bother researching everything on this)..LOL! That about sums up the extent of the research over there..

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