Are Hoaxteaders A Cult?

This is what a cult is, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary:


So let’s examine the facts:

Well, Hoaxteaders are certainly “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices”.

They are definitely “regarded by others” – by most, in fact – “as strange”. 

They certainly “impose excessive control over their members”, as we have seen with Saskia Whitfield, Dave Conaghan and others who have tried to distance themselves from the group and from that poor couple who dared to remove their names from the petition and faced an avalanche of harassment and intimidation from Sabine et al. And if you want to see obsessive control freaks, look no further than Abe, Ella, Christine, Neelu, Jacqui, Angela and the aforementioned Sabine. Just read their blogs or watch their videos for confirmation of that.

As for “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing”, look no further than their bizarre obsessions with tattoos, genitals, child porn, skulls and baby blood. And as Judge Paulfrey’s report stated, “All the signs are that those responsible for posting material derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from attracting interest to their spiteful work from many thousands of people. It’s akin to the sensation, I imagine, of a Facebook user receiving an indication that some posting or other has been ‘liked’.”

And bashing the good folk of Hampstead has most definitely become  “popular and fashionable among a particular group or section of society” (i.e. Hoaxteaders).

So are Hoaxteaders a cult? You decide.


5 thoughts on “Are Hoaxteaders A Cult?

  1. I believe in anything I am told, I never bother to read anything, or reference it,
    I just blog all day, till my burger arrives, then I am taken to the toilet.
    I have a snooze in the afternoon, so that I am ready to copy and paste all those shitty blogs onto mine
    Then I fabreeze myself, can’t be bothered to wash, well no one is going to smell me anyway
    Then I copy copy copy copy,, paste paste paste for hours and BLOODY hours!!!!
    then my mummykins brings me another burger, slightly different, has tom sauce on
    then I watch CBBC TV for a while to help me learn new words
    Then the most exciting bit of all. I count all my blogs for the day
    Then i go to sleep, hoping I have lovely dreams about aliens…
    Mummy covers me up with my tin foil blanket….NITE NITE love you all…

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    • Aww, you sweet ickle pussy cat. I hope your mummy’s looking after you. I’ll have a word with her and make sure you’re given plenty of balls of string to play with and clockwork mice to chase and that she changes your litter tray regularly. Have fun, BC. You’re young, so get out there and chase some birds. Wahey!


  2. I am so angry, I have confiscated my little boy’s computer and looked through and what do i find yes loads of rubbish my little soldier has been typing and all over the place there is not one single place that little devil has not commented or taken comments from i did wonder what he was doing up here all day grunting and groaning and now i find out he is on is computer stupid little boy i am not happy he has his stage 1 library book to finish and his spelling test for monday at the illiterate society but no he just sits here doing this well, he is not going to get any dinner unless he tidies his room it is full of bacofoil boxes empty ones too i wondered why i had to buy some everytime i went to the shops little thieif well he is grounded now he is not allowed out of bed i have had to change his pyjama bottoms so many time now i am running out of daz.

    and he is not allowed girlfriends so dont encourage him to chase them i know what you are saying scarlet thingy whatever your name is he gets scared i have to go with him everywhere even to the job centre so stop it right now and we dont even have a cat called butlin

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    • Neelu's third cousin twice removed (and about to be removed again for the sake of the community) says:

      I feel your pain, Mrs. Butlincat. But give him a break – that lad’s just a dolphin in a square tank, at the end of the day. So what – he spends 24/7 taking Mr. Winky to Palmsville when he should be doing his homework. But hey, so did the son of that nice Shipman family who lived at Number 27 and he went on to become a doctor, you know.

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