Was ITNJ prevented from featuring Hoaxtead mobsters at London meeting?

Yesterday we discussed Angela Power-Disney’s latest load of tripe which she presented via YouTube. We were able to sort some small nuggets of truth from the fœtid mass of lies, half-truths, and figments of her fervid imagination, and eventually came up with the following information about Jake Clarke:

  1. Jake has been arrested and charged with two counts of harassment.
  2. He will be at Willesden Magistrates Court on 11 May 2018 to enter a plea.

That was it, as regards Jake.

What about the ITNJ?

After Angela’s inevitable (and seemingly interminable) rattling of the begging bowl, we did note another possibly interesting snippet of information, though once again it was buried so deep in manure that it took us some time to work out which bits might be salvageable and/or worth sharing.

Here’s the raw text, straight from the mare’s mouth:

The other big thing which I need to do some more talking in depth about is an organisation called ITNJ. Headed up by ppl such as, well Sacha Stone facilitated a three- day conference in London, a tribunal, so to say, in London, and on the paperwork put people like Robert David Steele, Timothy Holdenseth (?)—I like him—and Michael Tellinger, I don’t know much about him…some new age kind of therapists, quite a smorgasbord of people, and at quite an expense, although it pales in comparison to Royal Commission Inquiries into child abuse. which run into the multi-millions.

This ITNJ, which seems a bit new age but it’s got some good aspirations, it raised a quarter of a million to establish itself with judges and academics and different people, so I think the first fundraiser was a quarter of a million dollars to declare they exist, then the 3-day tribunal in London was supposed to raise $120 grand, which in some ways you can say that’s extortionate, but then it’s relative, you compare it to a Royal Commission, lasting 7 years and costing $83 million or something, you know $120,000 is modest. But they apparently only raised $66,000, which they deemed rendered them unable to live-stream the event, which is odd, because I operate on peanuts [long wheezy laugh]…

Special Branch or similar approached the leaders, aka Sacha Stone, and said if you have any Hampstead campaigners attend we will shut you down, we will arrest them, and we will hold you liable. So this International Tribunal of Natural Justice…caved!

Instead of saying “you can’t dictate who comes to a public meeting about justice, you know, about child trafficking, you can’t make threats like that”, but instead of saying that they contacted the Hampstead campaigners, some of whom were due to testify, and said “Oh, do you mind awfully not coming, because you know we’ve put a lot of effort into this and we don’t want to be shut down”.

So that was like a big red flag straightaway.

How can you expose child abuse trafficking and corruption and coverups if you cave to the very first intimidation? So um, I understand only about 25 people attended and allegedly $66,000 didn’t cover live-streaming so we await with bated breath for the sessions to be uploaded to YouTube or some other platform where everyone can see what happened. So you can probably tell I’m a little bit cynical about what happened there, Im disappointed for an opportunity lost really.

What’s true, what’s false?

True: We do know that the ITNJ was only able to scrounge up $66,000 of the $120,000 they claimed they needed to run their fancy-dress fake court in the standard to which they would like to become accustomed. That information is available from their funding page.

True: The ITNJ did claim that because they were short of cash they would be unable to live-stream their London event as planned. That information was printed on this blog.

Embellished/invented: Angela claims that a “Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse” would have lasted seven years and cost $83,000,000. No such Royal Commission has taken place here. However, to give Angela the benefit of the doubt, let’s assume that she’s talking about the Royal Commission which took place in Australia and released its final report in December 2017. That Commission lasted five years, not seven; and it is estimated to have cost more than 260 million pounds, not 83 million dollars.

Remember how Angela likes to pretend she’s a journalist? Real journalists get those sorts of facts right. Just sayin’.

Utterly ridiculous: “Special Branch” approached the leaders of the ITNJ. Yes, Angela, and you’re an MK Ultra “asset” [Liability, more like—Ed.].

Why not just say, “The police approached the leaders…”? Obvious answer: it doesn’t sound nearly as important. And Angie is all about trying to sound important.

Probable: It does seem possible bordering on probable that the organisers of the ITNJ were asked not to go ahead with their original plan to use the Hampstead case as a fish-hook with which to snag the gullible.

We say this because in the original ITNJ announcement of the London event, pictures of RD’s children featured prominently, and the hoax was touted as one of the attractions which attendees could expect. However, when we re-examined some of those links, we found blank spaces where the pictures and videos had been: Former Hampstead link ITNJ 2018-05-03ITNJ YouTube hampstead video link 2018-05-03

However, we were able to find some traces of the original announcements on the ITNJ site:

Remaining Hampstead info ITNJ 2018-05-03Hampstead announcement ITNJ 2018-05-03We have blanked out the text box, as it was brimming with illegal identifying information about RD’s children.

Another bit of evidence in favour of the “Sacha Stone was told not to allow Hoaxtead mobsters to speak” theory is that none of the mobsters known to us were gloating about their performance at the event.

Certainly if people such as Belinda McKenzie or Lee Cant (who was originally named on the ITNJ site as a potential speaker) had in fact spoken at the London event, they wouldn’t have been able to contain their glee.

If the police did in fact lay down the law to Sacha Stone, they managed to hit two birds with the same stone. Not only were Hoaxtead mobsters prevented from disseminating the hoax further, but the ITNJ London event seems to have fizzled, sputtered, and ultimately died an inglorious death in their absence.

Wonder what they did with that $66,000?

Errata: An earlier version of this post stated that Jake Clarke would be in court on 9 May; the correct date is 11 May. We have learned that he will be facing two counts of harassment.dilemmas_true_false-720x340

77 thoughts on “Was ITNJ prevented from featuring Hoaxtead mobsters at London meeting?

      • Angela better pack a bag. She’s Next. How many times are those dumb ass psych wards going to allow their patients to be unduly influenced based on pure fabrication by that Slimy Con Artist? Ella’s co-called “poly” was a joke, just like the imbeciles who would believe her Tall Tales and re-publish Slander and Libel about their Betters. (Kristie Sue Costa 4 one)

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  1. Masterpiece. EC.
    And well done eveyone who has unsaddled these riders & creators of a fantasy ;storm…….. I moot that this was planned all along as the destination, some kind of court/s run on the old Freeman claptrap, whipping people into line, emotionally, using the 2 children, ……. just like the child snatcher, which I have to by now assume are the main drivers & power behind this vile hoax and those that preceded……. I’m hoping that with help we can design a structured diagram, to show the connections of the real perps in this, and how their strings go out and connect to other hubs…… Their smug authority, arrogance is being torn away………… I’ve decided to report HoaxGirl & her QEG Scam alot, and there are an enormous amount of them……. I believe that she is an integral back stage queen bee with a nest or worker bees, ready to swarm at her behest….. I also really believe that she was involved before the hoax began. Certainly, during the early days, she was in the UK. That she appeared with Sasha Stone 2014, just made sense that it was coming full circle, except that with those original 4million hits, they thought by now they’d be sloshing in money, cannabis farms, communes and cults galore……. havens perhaps for suspected involved child abusers & their enabler, supporters, protectors, apologists, defenders, hosts……….

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    • Yes, there is a certain grim irony in the fact that these people have created their own web of lies—in effect, a gigantic criminal conspiracy—while claiming to be the sole purveyors of “the truth” about “conspiracies” which they claim are run by a mysterious group of “shadow people”.

      Well, we’ve seen the “shadow people”, and their names are Belinda, Naima, Sacha….

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  2. Didn’t Angie say Jake was in court 11th, sneaky cow….. what was that about ? I hope Jake gets and takes some decent advice, The scabby lot that will push him down the martyr route, to be their poster boy, for their own ends, need to be kept away.


  3. Very interesting, EC.

    But then I always do appreciate your work, even if Neelu doesn’t:


    • What exactly is she saying has been plagiarised?

      Come on, EC – ‘fess up – Neelu’s the real genus behind this site, isn’t she. She secretly writes all your articles for you, doesn’t she. I bloody knew it. It’s just like back at Coyote High, when you used to pay the Year 7 pups to do your homework for you. Sheesh >:D

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      • In fairness, Neelu’s one of the few people left in the Universe whom the fruitloops haven’t accused of running this fine blog, so it’s kinda her turn 😀

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      • DCMA Take-down trolling is a service offered by Repairer-of-Reputation agencies (they seem to be common in India, for some reason). But it has to be done properly. You can’t just go to the blog-host and say “When Blogger X wrote insulting description Y of my client Z, he / she was plagiarising my own insulting description of Z”… you have to take the insulting description Y and put it onto the Intertubes under your own name, with a faked date, earlier than the date on X’s blog.

        Then if X appeals the take-down, the insulting passage goes back on-line after a month. At this point, there are two copies of Y, insulting Z, so Z is not actually any better-off, but the Repairer-of-Reputations has already cashed the cheque by then.

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      • I’ve had to do some copyright law revision because I edited a magazine and was threatened with a solicitors letter from a large computer company for copyright infringement! I was pleased to be able to use the Arkell v. Pressdram response.

        It wouldn’t be a breach of UK law but I thought I’d check the US law.

        “fair use of a copyrighted work . . . for purposes such as . . . news reporting . . . is not an infringement of copyright.” 17 U.S.C. §107
        This is allowed under the following conditions:
        1) The material used is not a photograph
        2) The purpose is really for reporting current events
        2) The use of the material is fair
        3) The use of the material is accompanied by sufficient acknowledgement

        Any reading of the use for report on current events as anything other than fair use would fail. Linking to her YouTube videos also is not a breach.

        Further more, a DMCA takedown notice that is both false and meant in bad faith (such as to harass, or doesn’t state a real claim), is perjury under US law. If she has filed a false complaint, she can be sued.


  4. 66 thousand frigging f*cking dollars!. What a bunch of scam artists. Flights to London & a 5 star hotel stay and some nice dinners at a Michelin star restaurant for a bunch of scroungers using the important matter of child abuse as an excuse.

    And Earth to grifter: Angela Power-Disney: the reasons Royal Commissions and Inquiries cost so much money is because a lot of lawyers are involved and everyone (victims, possible accused persons, institutions etc etc) are provided legal assistance so it’s fair and open unlike cowboy outfits like the ITNJ which outrageously and falsely uses the words “natural justice” but maligns and falsely accuses all manner of innocent people who don’t even realise a talk fest is happening and may find their names on the internet saying they eat 6 babies a day.

    If a previously maligned and innocent falsely accused Hampstead resident came across the ITNJ’s announcements it would be perfectly reasonable for them to report it to police and say they fear being accused yet again with the result they may again become victims of mob justice.

    The police have no power to order anyone not to mention or talk about a case but they do have the power to warn people that if they falsely accuse anyone (after the High Court found them innocent) of crimes they could be arrested on public order or harassment charges. The ITNJ wisely decided not to invite The Fanatics after all an arrest would be a real hiccup in what was a free UK holiday.
    (# My Westminster pal swears he saw a Sacha Stone led mob of ITNJ clowns in full regalia aboard one of those red bus sight seeing tours and later dining at The Ritz).

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  5. What this does indicate is the Power-Disney is much closer to these wackos than previously thought or has an informer on the inside as she does get some “intel” albeit totally skewering the facts.

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    • Paid for more fancy stationery? You have to keep up to date when you have a new self appointed title.

      And don’t forget the fancy dress hire.

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      • Funny he forgot to mention his prison sentences and his lifetime gagging order (again). Must have slipped his mind.

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        • Oh dear, I’ve touched a nerve:

          And actually, unless Robert Green has secretly won a Nobel prize, I’d say that it did indeed worry the Nobel committee (along with lots of other things). Or perhaps poor Ogilfail doesn’t get what a fucking committee is for.


          • “According to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, a nomination is considered valid if it is submitted by a person who falls within one of the following categories:

            • Members of national assemblies and national governments (cabinet members/ministers) of sovereign states as well as current heads of states
            • Members of The International Court of Justice in The Hague and The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague
            • Members of Institut de Droit International
            • University professors, professors emeriti and associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion; university rectors and university directors (or their equivalents); directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes
            • Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
            • Members of the main board of directors or its equivalent for organizations that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
            • Current and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (proposals by current members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after 1 February)
            • Former advisers to the Norwegian Nobel Committee”


            Sooo, which one of those applied to the failed ex-copper Mike Veale and supposedly made him eligible to nominate (convicted criminal) Robert Green? 😂


    • I shall be issuing my own DMCA take-down notice against Princess Neelu as I’m pretty sure that the “Global Corrupt Empire of The Three Cities” was my invention. Came from a dream I had. She’s been invading my nightmares again.

      Ahh the infamous “ex-Illuminati Ronald Bernard” who claims to have worked for several top banks even though they’ve never heard of him and who has a criminal record for fraud. Who better to re-invent themselves as a “Truther” and one who warns that the entire banking system is a fraud so asks you to, by sheer co-incidence- join his banking entity with a minimum of $50 but for Full Service at least $500 . What Mr “Bernard” will do with your deposit is not explained but good luck trying to withdraw any of your deposit and as for interest..ha ha!

      So Sacha Stone really is a bottom feeder scam artist looking at his associations. Is that his real name? I guarantee it isn’t. We need to see what is in his past.

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        • Of course he had to change his name; you wouldn’t get anywhere in the music business with a name like Adams. Being really successful and having a song at number one for sixteen consecutive weeks would be impossible …

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      • Interestingly one of his close associates is Ciro Orsini who runs a chain of Pizza restaurants frequented by celebrities. You don’t think “Pizzagate” might be the result of some sort of mafia icecream war? Planet Ping-Pong v Big Tomato? I’m not attaching any blame to Mr Orsini, though I would think it might be possible that some of his friends have been attempting to help him out by attaching strange rumours to the opposition.

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      • Interesting insights from a “friend of Sacha”:

        For those who do not know sasha stone is known as wolf in my bali blogs. i know this guy personally and it was not pleasant on how much of a womanizer and hypocrite he is., or how often i was sexually harressed by him. i saw him check out young girls all the time and comment out loud what he would like to do with them then he would say child porn is wrong.. or he would defend his new age leader friends who were arrested for sexually harressing women. not to mention he is a big fan of kadaffee who is a blood thirsty dick-tator the way he speaks sounds like intellectual poetry confabulations of nothingness trying to sound intelligent and enlightened …


        From the comments on the above page:

        I have great intuition to found out which is fake or not I knew Kevin Annett is fake as Karen Hudes Maxell Jordan and many other, I loaugh so much about Sacha Stone is real name Simon Adams , much of a womanizer and hypocrite he is and he was, he always hung around with Ciro Orsini not a spiritual person , because I know him quite well I know he is a fake , paid by someone to tell stupid stuff mixing real stuff with bullshit as Santo Bonacci, Be CARFULL PEOPLE!

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        • What is about these male troofers and their creepy approach to women? Miles, Malcolm, Sasha, Abe, Praterson…? Very unnerving.

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        • Oh FFS! Santo Bonacci?. What a creep he is. I’m not sure he knows yet that his ‘hosts’ dobbed him into the police (there was an arrest warrant out for him for avoiding court appearances) after they got sick & tired of the scrounger preaching his claptrap. He ran up huge telephone bills and never contributed a penny to his keep with his hippy hosts thinking he was some sort of New Age “guru” and when the husband of the duo asked Bonacci to stop making long distant phone calls to fruit loops around the world and yakking for hours, Bonacci said “cool it man” which was the last straw.
          Apparently the bloke’s wife grabbed an onion in a hanky as the cops carted off the dill and pretended to weep. They held a celebratory BBQ that weekend for all the neighbours (one who said “has that creep ever had a bath? .. he kept trying to chat up my impressionable 15 year old daughter).

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      • Another director of the Humanitad Foundation is Dezso Benedek, a Professor who sued the University of Georgia when they tried to end his tenure.


        A lot of students like him, according to the “Rate My Professor” site, but one says:

        Easy class, terrible content. Dr. B believes in a lot of pseudo-science and conspiracy theories, and all he wants to do it talk about them. He’s not interested in teaching a class about anything else. Even if you listen to what he says, none of it adds up. If you’re interested in real science, these lectures will be fingernails on a chalkboard bad.


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        • Reading those ‘reviews’ it’s pretty clear a lot of those students don’t get out much. Why they think a bloke telling them he won a wrestling match with an octopus will be useful in later life is a mystery. Then again, an awful lot of people voted for Donald Trump! Go figure.

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        • If you can be bothered to plow through it (don’t) but a judgement was handed down in February dismissing all Dezso Benedek'[s claims against the University. Suffice to say he & Neelu Berry would make good partners in their approach to the law.
          He should join the board of the ITNJ. Anyone who can wrestle an octopus and win must have some usable attributes.


        • Sounds like that creepy “Prof. James Tracy” fired from FAU in FL. USA for perpetuating the “Sandy Hoax” on his hokey “memoryhole blog”. Complete CRAP.

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    • Quite right too. This bloke is a FoTL goon but quite aggressive and effective in stirring up the mob. I have sympathy for anyone being evicted (was once myself 40 years ago) but I’m getting pissed off with these idiots who claim their mortgages are fraudulent along with the whole Tom Crawford claptrap.
      They were more than happy to buy into the system when they thought it was going their way. Didn’t give a stuff about others at the time.

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      • GoS, when Ben Gilroy came on the scene in politics years ago, I had great respect for him, everyone was sick of party politics spouting the usual drivel before elections but nothing being done once the elections were over, I thought he was a worthy independent, until that is, he started this BS. So, another one bites the dust!

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    • That;s why this not a lady is dangerous, to any vulnerable or gullible person, groomed to believe they can be a hero….. ‘gagging order’? No Angie, that’s what you attempt to do to anyone who exposes your vile, bile and bullshit.

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    • No but it’s good to know that whoever’s associated with it is exempt from his burning ritual (which I’m sure is exactly what he wanted to say – he doesn’t drink, you know).

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