ITNJ ‘down-sizes’ due to budget constraints

The “International Tribunal for Natural Justice” (ITNJ) began its “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse” yesterday, to very little fanfare that we could discern.

We have already discussed the fact that the ITNJ seems to be made up almost exclusively of people with questionable backgrounds; that the person who will be acting as “Chief Justice” of the event has been stripped of his ability to practise law, partly on the basis that he claims the title of “Chief Justice” of the ITNJ; and that the ITNJ itself has declared that even in the event that it finds a person or organisation guilty of anything, it will simply have a gentle chat with them and hope they decide to go straight from then on.

Now, it seems that the Big Event, heralded with much fanfare and attractively official-looking stationery, has already started to fizzle.

A quick look at the ITNJ website reveals that despite having squeezed US$66,400 from the pockets of those gullible enough to believe that the organisation has any real meaning, the ITNJ has been forced to down-size its plans. ITNJ cutbacks 2018-04-16Frankly, this is hardly surprising.

We noted a couple of weeks ago that one of the “Judicial Commission’s” organisers was scrambling to find a video professional who’d be willing to donate their services to the so-called Judicial Inquiry. ITNJ free filmmaker AV tech 2018-03-28As we pointed out at the time, anyone who’s ever been involved in setting up a large meeting will know that the basics—venue, A/V, filming, and so on—must be tied down months in advance.

It’s Westminster, but not what you think…

One of the many ways in which the organisers of this conspiranoid scam have tried to give it the shine of authenticity is to claim that their shindig will be held “at Westminster”. One might be forgiven for thinking that this means “at Westminster Palace, the historic architectural masterpiece and home of the Parliament” etc.

However, as one of our readers kindly confirmed, the ITNJ event is not being held in the very grand Westminster Hall, but in the much more modest “John Tudor” room of the Methodist Central Hall, located in Westminster.Methodist Central Hall, Westminster - ITNJ

A pleasant enough venue, but not exactly as advertised:

John Tudor Room, Methodist Central Hall ITNJ

Our reader called the venue and confirmed that the ITNJ has the above room booked for the three days of the “Judicial Inquiry”.

But maybe we are too quick to judge

Just in case we were giving them undeservedly short shrift, we had a look at the ITNJ Twitter page. During important events, most organisations maintain a Twitter feed which helps inform those who are interested, share images of the event, and build a sense of excitement to entice more participants.

This is what we found on the ITNJ Twitter page:

ITNJ Twitter 2018-04-16The organisation claims to have a mandate “from the people”…all 42 of them?

And their most recent tweet, posted the day before the alleged Inquiry started, claims to offer a fascinating interview with certified conspiranoid nutter “Chief Counsel” Robert David Steele, whose wacky theories proved too much even for the redoubtable Alex Jones.

However, instead of talking about “eradicating human trafficking and pedophilia”, Mr Steele is offering a “Free 7 Day Viewing of ‘The Truth About Pet Cancer'”.

We don’t even know what to say about this, other than, “Dafuk?”

It’s never too late to donate

But never mind all that! Here’s the real meat of the ITNJ web page: a lovely array of children in various states of bondage, guaranteed to appeal to donors who are excited by such thoughts:ITNJ 2018-04-16 fundraiser

ITNJ child bondage 2018-04-16

As the text indicates, these images are meant to be shared, shared, shared!

Because after all, even if the ITNJ isn’t really holding its Commission of Inquiry at the Real Westminster, and even if they are made up of con artists and New Age frauds, and even if they plan to free all the paedophiles anyway, there’s nothing quite like pictures of terrified-looking children who look as though they are about to be horribly abused to separate the dupes from their money.

And that’s really what it’s all about.fraud

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  1. Children on Mars??? Children…you know….young people…..on Mars…the planet Mars??? Is he having a laugh or what?

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  2. They’re moaning now but if you’d told them before the event that you suspected they were being conned, they’d have called you a baby-eating Satanist and told you to fuck off. LOL

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  3. Angie’s still telling her fellow conspiraloons that Jake Clarke was sectioned for claiming 9/11 was an inside job. Yup.

    Seriously, has lying has just become a way of life for her? I sometimes wonder if she’s so used to it now that she’s actually starting to believe her own lies.

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  4. Last I checked, Angie, you’d had 7 videos blocked for defamation, a permanent Vimeo ban, a 30-day Facebook suspension, two strikes against your back-up YT channel and a 24-hour WordPress suspension, all in the last 6 weeks. Sooo, how’s THAT working out for you?

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  5. Angie, you are not a survivor. You’re a fake. And you have done nothing to help genuine survivors other than get them sectioned or slung in jail.

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  6. “You groomed Rupert too to come visit you and hear the ‘gossip’ on Angie …I understand he had quite an adverse reaction to spending time in your toxic company”

    Shit, my ironymeter’s just exploded 😮

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  7. Just stop it.
    Mind you Dame Edna Everage is fond of saying to an audience member in her live shows and after inquiring what star sign they are : “you are governed by can’t go wrong with Uranus behind you”.

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  8. They are no different (perhaps copied his scam) than Kevin Annett who “arrested” The Pope, HRH The Queen etc and found them “guilty” of something ( natural justice : the “accused doesn’t get to present their case).
    One of Annett’s ludicrous claims is that he forced the resignation of Pope Benedict because his similar fake “tribunal” found him guilty of child abuse thus he forced the Pope to go on the run, blithely ignoring that the Pope as head of The Vatican, a sovereign nation cannot be extradited anywhere and is exempt from any criminal why would he run & hide?.

    He’s currently claiming he’s closed down Canada’s (or Kanata as he re-named it- no hint of grandiosity there) Catholic Churches. There was a now removed video of some of his deluded followers attempting to shut down and seize a London Catholic Church and the police were called.

    In one highly amusing moment outside the church Annett’s goons are telling the hapless policeman that they have an arrest warrant for The Pope and said cop says “well obviously we can’t arrest him right now”. Imagine the guffaws later in the police canteen !.

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  9. This Tere Joyce creature is another “truther radio personality” with a really bad cheap wig who also posts really old profile pics of herself and even then they are soft focus (and seems to think she oozes sexuality – possible if you like mutton) and I hate her instantly.

    But Angela Power-Disney has lied through her teeth that she was abandoning the Hampstead matter- instead she’s stepped up the pace.
    It’s war !

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  10. Mr Walsh has seated himself in a throne, an effing THRONE! Wake up sheeple. It’s just a chance for grifters with massive egos to play dress up and stay in a hotel on poor people.

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  11. Angela is a consummate lying Hag. She will DIE in the Nick w/o Ciggies and Morals. Criminals have standards too and APD IS “the low of the low” no matter what season.

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  12. Staff announcement – could a member of the maintenance department please attend to Heather? I think she’s broken again:

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  13. You got the full uncensored Top Secret version. You must be very high up in The Resistance. You’re not an Equity Lawyer named Edward perchance?

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  14. “I don’t work for anyone but God”. I happen to know she was given her P45 a very long time ago when Yahweh noticed the family silver began to disappear.

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  15. Everything Angela Power Disney touches turns to shit: her recruit Jake Clarke sectioned twice; her recruit Rupert Wilson Quaintance jailed and his life ruined; countless deaths, suicides, arrests, sectionings. Angela is a Jinx, go near her at your peril.

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  16. LOL, keep digging, Angie…





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  17. For the record, no one’s been “chasing” Angela on Facebook, as she blocks anyone who disagrees with her (and I don’t even have a Facebook account). Yet another provable lie.

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  18. So Angela is presenting her own rants as evidence to support her own rants, i.e. she’s citing herself as a source to back up her own claims? LOL

    And the Hampstead case is 10 years old?


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  19. Yes, yes. And if we don’t believe in it, that means we’re Satanic baby-eaters and we probably have horns or something. We’ve heard it before. Anything new to add?

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  20. I guess it was soon after this that in a blistering rage she cooked up those Gatwick envelopes to try and re accuse me of sending malicious mail, to her community, or that I would reveal the names of fellow commentators here, or the Admins…… as if ?……lol…… big fat fail Mangie and your lapdog heather, with her at least 5 accounts that I know of in various names…… awww, didn’t he tell yer ?

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