‘Violent yob’ Wesley Hall: Another Hoaxtead mobster revealed

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the #Opdeatheaters hashtag, group, and page that’s strewn about Facebook and Twitter? It’s not difficult to work out: the culprit is Wesley P.P. Hall, a fixture and self-proclaimed activist in Manchester (much to the chagrin of real activists, who’ve banned him from most of their organisations).


Mr Hall, an enthusiastic long-time promoter of the Hampstead hoax, has an extensive criminal record: at last count, according to the Lancashire Telegraph, he was closing in on 50 charges. In 2010 he was sentenced to two years and thirteen weeks for a vicious assault:

A VIOLENT yob who threatened a man with a knife on a garage forecourt and attacked his then partner has been jailed for two years and 13 weeks.

Burnley Crown Court heard Wesley Hall, 27, who was in breach of a suspended jail term for assaulting a man, also racially abused a taxi driver.

Hall, who has almost 50 previous convictions, admitted racially aggravated criminal damage, possessing cannabis, battery, threatening or abusive words or behaviour, possessing a bladed article and had been committed for sentence by magistrates after being convicted of common assault.

Judge Heather Lloyd told the defendant, of Buccleuch Road, Nelson, knives could cause devastation and vulnerable victims needed protection.

The judge also imposed a restraining order, banning Hall from having contact with Denise Heath or entering Philips Lane, Colne.

Alex Simmonds, prosecuting, said last July a man and his fiancee were at a petrol station when the man approached the defendant to talk to him.

Hall was abusive and got out of the vehicle, brandishing a knife.

He was jabbing the blade at the victim and told him: “I will cut you and I will smash your face with a hammer.”

Last April Miss Heath, who was Hall’s partner at the time and would say he was possessive and jealous, was in bed when he turned up at her home.

Hall asked which men had been there and threatened to smash her nose.

He then dragged her off the bed to the floor by her hair as she screamed.

As she put on her dressing gown, the defendant grabbed the victim’s jaw, twisted her head back and spat in her face.

Martin Hackett, for Hall, said he accepted the court had no alternative but to send him to custody.

Just the sort the Hoaxtead mob would welcome into their midst.

More recently, Mr Hall was evicted from the homeless shelter set up in Gary Neville’s Stock Exchange building, as fellow campaigners complained that he was attempting to run the collective as his own personal fiefdom, and said he was “holding them back”.

In October 2015, the Manchester Evening News reported:

Those living at the site complained that other homeless people were refused entry to the site – set to be transformed into a plush hotel – while Wesley was in charge.

And others accused Wesley of refusing to re-admit people back into property after being asked to leave temporarily during repair work.

Hall’s criminal record – including convictions for assault – had also been scrutinised in the media which fellow activists said caused ‘problems’ for others based in the building.

The [Manchester Evening News] was unable to contact Wesley Hall for comment.

However, Adam Whelan, an activist who is helping to run the so-called Sock Exchange, said: “Wes was asked to leave yesterday in the early hours of the morning.

“He had left for a little while and when he came back to the building he was told we wanted him to leave permanently. He was given some time to get his stuff together and then went.

“He was always holding us back as our intention was always to get the homeless off the streets yet he set himself up as a leader.

“He was running it like a dictatorship, that’s not how it should be – it should be an autonomous space in which everyone has an equal say.

“This building is here to help the homeless and yet we have people camped out on Market Street just a few dozen metres away.

“His past had also been reported in various media outlets and that caused some problems.

“Unfortunately he was saying people were kicked out for violence but a number of people were also asked to leave while we secured other parts of the building and made them safe.

“Then when the people that were in here came back Wes refused to let them in.

“We now have a meeting set up with the council and police at 7pm this evening where we are going to discuss the next steps and talk about the work we want to do here.”

According to the blog ManchesterAngelsExposed, Mr Hall did not react well to this eviction:

After Hall was kicked out of the Stock Exchange, he issued a bizarre statement written in the third person describing a conspiracy against him involving journalists, activists and homeless people, “Some people are making up lies, fuelling the right wing media and trying to turn people against our project leader Wesley Hall”. A Manchester Mule article from the time described Wesley as “paranoid”.

Mr Hall runs several Facebook pages, and shares his #Opdeatheaters posts (many of which promote Hoaxtead) amongst them, including this gem:


Quite aside from the lies and inaccuracies here, police might wish to take note of the threat against RD; coming from a person with Mr Hall’s record, this is definitely worth investigating.

According to a variety of sources who’ve contacted us, Mr Hall has been looking exceptionally thin these days; while he attributes this to being an activist and staying in camps, some believe that his health has been affected by his drug use.

He claims to be assaulted on a semi-regular basis by person or persons unknown, who have a nasty habit of stealing his possessions—which generally consist of high-end electronic equipment. Of course these items must be replaced, so Mr Hall spends a good deal of time asking for donations in kind…a bit like Angela Fag-Ash Disney, now that we think of it.

A divisive figure (another characteristic he shares with Angie), Mr Hall has inspired at least one Facebook page for those ejected from his various online groups and pages; and the aforementioned blog, ManchesterAngelsExposed, was set up by disgruntled former associates, who accuse him of hypocrisy, dishonesty, and charity scamming:

Having raised over £2000 under his ‘Manchester Angels’ brand, promising to use the money to assist with feeding and clothing the homeless, Wesley then took a peculiar turn. He revealed the project was actually set up to tackle his pet conspiracy theory, that the ‘Manchester canal pusher’ myth is somehow related to “satanic and occult groups” and underground tunnels built to house telephone cables.

It would appear that the money raised to “transport donations of clothing etc” was raised under false pretences, as Wesley now admits that he had all along intended to somehow use his project to deal with an evil conspiracy that exists in his imagination.

Despite—or perhaps because of—Mr Hall’s behaviour, the Hoaxtead mob happily share his paranoid, harassing, threatening #Opdeatheaters posts amongst themselves.

Given what we already know about them, this really should not come as a surprise.


133 thoughts on “‘Violent yob’ Wesley Hall: Another Hoaxtead mobster revealed

  1. Another charity scammer, another criminal and abuser of the vulnerable, dragging his partner out of bed by her hair. Well done hoaxers.

    Great quote, not anon, that I saw about this lovely man “he’s more paranoid than me and I’m a paranoid schizophrenic”

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    • Rather mean about Angie as on all her trips to Lanzarote and the UK and back and forth she has by sheer bad luck always had either her wallet, luggage, laptop and collection of Romanov crown jewels stolen by heartless thieves.
      Sensibly she is always well insured for such mishaps.

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  2. Ah, good old Hoaxteader “logic”. A man who drags women out of bed by the hair, brandishes massive knives at complete strangers, threatens to smash people up with hammers and gets charged 50 times with violent offences…is welcomed with open arms; whilst a loving father who’s done nothing wrong receives death threats by the dozen. Warms the cockles, doesn’t it.

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  3. “Their mother freely walked into a police station, ready to face cross-examination, and was open and honest about everything.”

    Yeah, Wesley – that’s EXACTLY how it happened! LOL

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    • Yes, in fact the police came to her, and she didn’t want to speak to them at first, and had to be persuaded to do so. If these people would do their damn research, they might learn a thing or two.

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  4. “The children are SCREAMING for our help.”

    Are they, Wesley? I must have missed that. Do you have a link?

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    • Screaming? Interesting.

      From the interviews with Dr Sturge:

      “Dr Sturge asked P about living with her mother. She said, not at the moment – ‘I feel angry with her, letting Abraham do all that stuff to us.’ She had one question of Dr Sturge, could she live with her foster mother until she is 14 or 15?….

      “Q described how Abraham had been asking them all day. He had even woken them up and hit them. The hitting was if they didn’t wake up and talk. Asked how his mother had reacted, Q said “she didn’t mind.” He was asked about living with his mother and replied that ‘if she still believes it, (he) wouldn’t want to live with her.’ Later he described with great vehemence that he would never live with his Mum while Abraham was still in the British Isles. She would just phone him and he’d come to their house. Q also said, spontaneously, that he hates Abraham, describing him as ‘the worst person I’ve ever met.'”

      Funny, that doesn’t sound to me like children screaming to be rescued from a cult, unless by ‘cult’ one means ‘Abraham Christie and Ella Draper’.

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        • As we’ve discovered, though, having more than one paranoid in a hoax together leads to explosive results! In fact, it’s what’s leading to the current Hoaxtead mob meltdown…it’s truly ‘Spy vs Spy’.


  5. I run the WesleyPPHall forthebanned fb group. In response to him basically only letting positive comments on his pages, and deleting and blocking anything that exposes him.
    People searching for his name will find the fb page which links to the exposed site as well.
    Happy to say according to Feb stats it gets many hits, and I get a lot of comments from people saying they were glad for the warning, and even more who wished they knew it before they had contact with him.
    Most charities, in fact I’d say all in Manchester won’t have anything to do with him. He piggybacks others projects and then tries to take them over/or take the credit.
    He stays mostly away now, his infamy has caught him out, unfortunately he will just move on somewhere else.
    He is up in court soon for assault on a security guard when he tried to “storm” the town hall.
    His supporters are like the SRA lot, they will not accept he is wrong, or making the situation worse.
    If you get chance look out for his angry phone calls on YouTube. Really doesn’t realise he’s not helping his own image.

    The FB group has picked up on some of Neelus stuff that he has shared without checking. If you get chance please share or like the page as it helps broaden the reach of the page.

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    • Hi, and thanks for commenting. I think you’re doing an important job, informing people about Mr Hall and his activities. I find it amazing that he continues to have fans, but then I also find it amazing that people continue to believe in the Hampstead hoax. 🙂

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      • Self harm of a kind I think. Here is an abstract of a 2007 medical paper titled “Tobacco smoke causes premature skin aging.”:

        Smoking tobacco is the most preventable cause of morbidity and is responsible for more than three million deaths a year worldwide. In addition to a strong association with a number of systemic diseases, smoking is also associated with many dermatological conditions, including poor wound healing, premature skin aging, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, oral cancer, acne, psoriasis, and hair loss. This review focuses on the effects of smoking on premature skin aging. It has been long established that smoking has deleterious effects on skin. Epidemiological studies indicate that smoking is an important environmental factor in premature skin aging. In vitro studies indicate that tobacco smoke extract impairs the production of collagen and increases the production of tropoelastin and matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), which degrade matrix proteins, and also causes an abnormal production of elastosis material. Smoking increases MMP levels, which leads to the degradation of collagen, elastic fibers, and proteoglycans, suggesting an imbalance between biosynthesis and degradation in dermal connective tissue metabolism. Reactive oxygen species are also involved in tobacco smoke-induced premature skin aging. Scavengers of reactive oxygen species ameliorate the induction of MMP. Tobacco smoke extract also impacts dermal connective tissue in nude mice. Thus, in vitro and in vivo evidence indicates that smoking tobacco leads to accelerated aging of the skin. These findings might be useful to motivate those patients who are more concerned about their appearance than the potential internal damage associated with smoking to stop smoking.

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  6. Ahhh what a great article. I always reasoned and it was obvious from his language that #OpDeatheaters was just a lone crank while creeps like Fiona Barnett leaped on board to promote another career criminal thinking there were 1000s of activists involved.
    A bit like all those loonies who buy a $2 mask to wear in their Youtube videos and think they belong to Anonymous.

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  7. Are you sure about this, El Coyote?

    The ‘Opdeatheaters’ campaign on Twitter seemed to be run by someone that operated under a woman’s name, ‘Heather Marsh’. The ‘Heather Marsh’ Twitter account has not posted since last December.

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    • The problem is that ‘Opdeatheaters’ is a rather generic term adopted by some people who associate themselves with the group ‘Anonymous’. Wesley Hall runs one Facebook page and group called #Opdeatheaters, which share identical logos and artwork. You can see from the first illustration in today’s post that Mr Hall is in fact the administrator of the closed group, and it’s pretty clear that he runs the FB page as well.

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  8. EXCELLENT & thank you!
    I knew none of this, beforehand. Really appreciate being educated about Op Deatheaters and Hall!

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  9. Just wanted to share this with y’all…
    I was watching a wonderful documentary on Steampunk today. I love everything about Steampunk, just as I loved the Dungeons & Dragons sub-culture and the fantasy & sci-fi fiction culture before that. Anyhow, at about 25:00 into “Vintage Tomorrows”, a young man who founded the magazine “Steampunk” says:

    “Now imagine the 1980’s TV movie where the kid is getting into Dungeons & Dragons and all of a sudden the crazy satanist anarchists come out of the corner and say: Hey, kid! Why don’t you try, y’know, being queer and over-throwing the government!”

    But that brought back a flood of memories, the very real cultural witch-hunt that took place in North America, (and I think to some extent in the UK), late 1980’s, against all things seen to involve “the occult” and fantasy fiction based entertainment. Loonies like Pat Pulling and her Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons idiocy. And the very real terrorizing of the original Neo-pagans of North America – kindly, gentle folk for the most part, outgrowths of very sincere hippy-eco-feminist-goddess communities, who were never a danger or a threat to anyone. So tragic. That’s where I really got my start in all of this, trying to do something to stand up for these very nice people who had no money and very little social resources with which to fight back against highly funded and organized fundamentalist social terrorists. I think you can find some info about all of this on the S.A.F.F. site, if it interests you.

    I find this song & video very meditative and relaxing. The steampunk video actually goes with a different song, which I also like, but I’m blown away by how well it seems to suit this pop song – better than the original video for the song, in my opinion. My Sunday evening gift to you:

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    • Oh, I remember the D&D scare, and the hysterical reaction of so many parents to what is ultimately a pro-social game that has special appeal for people who might otherwise feel uncomfortable interacting socially. It seems ludicrous now (except to people like APD), but at the time it was being trumpeted all over the media.


    • yeh way to go Wesley..don’t take donations (lol) and get the cops offside. Grifters come in all shapes and varying degrees of plonkerness.

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    • Well now. He really puts Neelu to shame. Whereas she wears her opponents down like water dripping on a rock, he goes straight to the screaming.

      I’m sure the police officer felt very chagrined. (<— sarcasm alert)


  10. Hes been ran out of town due to conning homeless organisations and kind individuals. Also thrown into the mix was threats of violence and the locals didn’t like it. He returned to nearby town Nelson on saturday where he was ejected from a pub and now claims that his iphone 7 was broken. Now if you see recent photos of him he looks like a walking skeleton and it would make you wonder how he could afford a top of the range phone.
    He does this several times a year, here are his usual con tricks. He’s starting university and needs funds ( he never actually has). He needs driving lessons. He needs a white van to drive around and collect stuff for the homeless. He was donated money for this last year I think and the van never appeared. He collected lots of clothes for the homeless which he never gave to them and they ended up in a garage. They have now been weighed in.
    Ive seen him threaten a homeless girl at one of his events because she wanted an extra spoon of sugar and hes threatened myself.
    Hes a horrible man, and i believe he has committed other offences also. Stay well clear of him. He has destroyed genuine organisations and collected money on their behalf and left with it. Charities in Burnley, Nelson, blackburn and Manchester hate him,

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    • Wesley “Pee Pee” Hall,arch arsehole,gobby twat and self advertising bully,bandit and bastard.He has all the attributes to make it through the ranks of the hoax brigade and even challenge Angie to command the public cringeworthy chart.

      Gets my vote for idiot of the week award albeit its early days and Angela Flatulences is on at 5pm which is bound to throw up something.


      • Reckons he was beaten up at the weekend and received broken ribs.

        He’s on the scrounge for a new phone he says was broken in the attack.

        I reckon Angela probably has her eye on young Wesley and no doubt he’ll appear on her Cash’s show very soon.

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          • Nah! She’s thinking of him as a potential boyfriend.

            A bit of competition for John, lol.

            Got to say though Wes does seem to be a chip off the old block.

            What with all the begging for this and that which both he and his new gf love to do…


        • That won’t do him much good as Angela’s Cash & Carry broadcast can’t even be understood by her 8 viewers (all from Hoaxtead) with that lousy microphone of hers.


  11. Wesley sounds like another latecomer to the Satanic Ritual Baby Eating campaigns but it’s a crowded field and those GoFundMe pleas are now being ignored.

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  13. Shall we take bets on how long it will be before Wesley threatens to sue? First Prize – virtual date with Spiny Norman? He’ll buy the ale!

    I’ll place my bet – in about three hours when he gets up!

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  14. Dont forget he’s supposedly going to sue the sun newspaper as well! He will threaten to sue and he will most likely write another sob story asking for funding to do that. He will also tell his only friend who regards him as their mentor! They will then go on to threaten as well.
    He hasn’t been seen in Manchester for a while but he will have to be there in November.
    Yesterday he stated he was going to sort people out after attempting to blackmail them. It never happened, most likely because he went to get his fix with the money that had been donated to him yesterday.

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  15. A conspiracy theorist, drugs user and self proclaimed “hacker” for anonymous, that is in contact with Angie and has a history of lying in order to receive donations. At the risk of “joining dots”, could this “hacker” have received £3000 a while ago to uncover a Russian mafia drug cartel connection to the Hampstead hoax?

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    • Well, if he did, they were robbed.

      I wonder if he’s the same genius that has been able to confirm to Angie that this blog is located in San Francisco (along with WordPress)?


    • It was him, Angela is well in with him but he’s conned her as we all know it’s a load of old bollox.

      Wesley may have made it up or Angela is making it up.

      What a twonk he is for admitting he viewed CSA.

      Makes him a Sex Offender then along with all the other criminal activities he has gotten up to in the past.

      Tut tut when will he ever learn or is the answer=NEVER?

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      • Hmmm. So Wesley might be Angie’s sooper seekrit “highly reliable source” for that supposed Ella video, eh? Lest we forget that Kristie Poop reads this blog religiously. Things could get very interesting over on ‘Bollocks to the Children’ and ‘Costa Does Hamsters’. (Oops! I meant ‘Believe the Children’ and ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’ – sorry, my keyboard slipped.)

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        • Well, it’s not like he has ever been involved in fraud or anything like that!

          Oops, silly me. He gave a talk to a room full of people and explained how he went on trips round Europe as part of a credit card fraud. Plus there are questions about where the money he has raised has gone. For local homeless people or urban exploring?

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          • Morris comes across as a really nasty piece of work,along with Wellyhead and Mangie we have a particularly loathsome triad of hate mongers.Angies has threatened to drag Neelu into the mix later which will have he makings of a classic hammer horror movie.

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          • Why wouldn’t she do that! She beat Jerry Adams up in the front garden and takes on paramilitaries. What’s a social worker to that!

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          • 4 things I learnt tonight:

            1. Tracey Morris is “the only person in Europe” who cannot have her mothering skills questioned in a court of law.

            2. Any social worker daring to question the safety or welfare of Tracey’s children will be automatically fired (by a judge, apparently, even though judges don’t have that kind of authority).

            3. “Gerry Adams left Ireland because he was so scared” of Tracey.

            4. John Duane’s children were given back to him because the judge was so scared of having a dishonour lien imposed upon him.

            Angie’s “shows” are such an education. I reckon we should campaign to have them incorporated into the school curriculum.

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      • The Morris interview is worth watching just to see Angela’s reactions.

        She’s a classy actress, you know – she does the whole range of emotions from A through to B.

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        • Yeah, I guessed it was his son and I knew he had autism. I’m just curious as to why John felt it appropriate to allow him to parade naked behind him on an internet video. From a child protection/safeguarding point of view, he might have been wise to stop recording at that point and get his son to either put on some clothes or get out of shot before resuming the call. That said, I know that asking people like John or Angie to stop filming (even just for a moment) is like asking a junkie to stop shooting up.

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  16. Re ‘operationdeatheaters’, I’m still confused as to why “Heather Marsh” (see my posts up-thread) has a substantial page on Wikipedia!

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  17. I think she’s fairly well known in the Occupy and Wikileaks communities. However, the #Opdeatheaters tag is used pretty freely by a wide range of people, as is the Anonymous name.

    The point of these tags is that they can be anyone. Many people make the mistake of calling them a “group”, which makes them sound more cohesive and unified than they really are. In fact, anyone who wishes to may adopt those names, so while Heather Marsh might have had a lot to do with one version of #Opdeatheaters, there are dozens of other people out there, who might have no idea who she is, yet who have adopted the name and presume to act as though they’re members of some larger organisation.

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