POULTRY IN MOTION: Lisa Vunk in assault over burnt chicken

Lisa-Vunk-mugshot LISA VUNK

Thanks to mmefustercluck for telling us about these two assaults committed by Lisa Vunk:


Click to view source article, from Feb. 2014


Click to view source article, from March 2013

We knew that Lisa Vunk, the blabbermouthed Hoaxteader who has been supporting Abe Christie‘s calls for a return to child-beating, had a criminal past. But it’s handy to get some specifics and it’s a useful insight into the kind of person in whom so many Hoaxtead sheeple are happy to place their trust.

Does that sound familiar? If not, here’s a list of Hoaxteaders we know to have criminal pasts (but do please let us know of any more):

By the way, reading those excerpts above, do any of you feel that Vunky the Violent is the kind of person you’d be happy to get stuck in a lift with? And would you trust to babysit your children? Or to be the mouthpiece in a campaign against hundreds of Hampstead families? We’ll leave that one with you.


47 thoughts on “POULTRY IN MOTION: Lisa Vunk in assault over burnt chicken

    • I’m in tears of laughter (and gratitude – thanks so much for following up on this ) ! Yes, it’s astonishing indeed to see how many of these mentally imbalanced miscreants have criminal records.

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  1. ‘And would you her trust to babysit your children? Or to be the mouthpiece in a campaign against hundreds of Hampstead families?’

    Wouldn’t trust her with my dinner after reading the above.

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  2. The cult of ABRAHAM praise the Lord! !!!

    There is definitely a violent streak running through the supporters

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  3. They tell me that the doctors around Hamostead have been prescribing lots of anti depressants and pills to control high blood pressure. Now how does that not surprise me?


    • “They”, Margaret? In other words, as usual, you can’t cite any sources or evidence, so simply talk out of your fat cellulite-ridden arse instead.

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    • Hmmm. That’s almost certainly complete bollocks, Sneddy, and there’d be no means of gaining such information.

      However, what a fascinating insight into your unhinged mind this is. You set out to wreck the lives of countless men, women and children and you claim to have caused people problems with depression and blood pressure. And..er…you’re proud of that! And…you call yourself a Christian!


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    • Hey Margaret. What happened to the “tsunami of shit” you were going to “unleash” on us “bunch of Jewish Satanist bastards”? NEWSFLASH: We’re still here, haha! XD

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    • “They”??? Who in hell is “they”???
      And yeah, antidepressants and blood pressure meds are the two most commonly prescribed drugs anywhere in the Western world. Whatever.

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      • And I very much doubt that doctors differentiate or collect stats on harassed Hampstead residents vs. those who have not been singled out by haters like Sneddy. Let alone breach medical and ethical confidentiality. Sneddy really does just underline how stupid and unknowledgeable she is with every new comment.

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    • Margaret:

      I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works in a military abortion clinic, so hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon, Madam.

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  4. Yep. She’s another nutter..perfect for Abe, Ella better watch out..

    Relationship Status:
    What Do You Identify With?
    Starseed, Walk-in, Angelic, Mystic Angel, Knights Paladin, Merangel, Merfairie, Star-Mer, Mystic Mer, Crystal, Multi-Dimensional, Indigo, lightworker, human, Empath, E.T. Hybrid
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    What Is Your Soul Group?
    Blue Ray (Archangel Michael)
    Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
    Unity Concousness/Oneness
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    I AM a Spiritual Rainbow Warrior GodDess of The Light who wields a mighty Sword of Truth & Justice…& Magickal Wand of Healing here to Serve in The Revolution of Love…
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    Too many thins to list here…
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    Ulf RainbowRebel Starseed Haukenes
    Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
    Yes I agree

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    • LOL! I just found this post! Hysterical!

      Personally I see her more as an EIAJ cartridge….

      Really obscure – few had ever heard of it even in its heyday. Obsolete – even long before Betamax. Self-destructive – gets jammed in the machine with the heads just spinning round and round and round till the tape wears through and snaps… And clonky!


  5. I’ve always enjoyed a good chicken dinner.

    This, however, sounds nothing like a good chicken dinner.

    Imagining this odd little woman, Miss Lisa, attacking someone with an air-conditioner shutter, because of a little burnt flesh, boggles the mind.

    I might find this situation more amusing if Miss L had assaulted her victim with the aforementioned crispy bird. At least that would have added a certain 3 Stooges feel to the situation.

    The lack of dignity associated with this crime is shocking.

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      • I’d fork over my life savings to see that as well. And I think Thomas Dolby would, too ! After all, he’s a fellow ‘flat-earther’, n’est – ce pas? 😂


          • Nah, it’s just the name of one of his albums (The Flat Earth). Thomas is sound of mind ! He sang about ‘poultry (sic) in motion’ in his ‘Blinded by Science’ single. Sorry for such arcane references… this thread is activating a lot of long-dormant synapses in my noggin, I guess ! ☺

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  6. Does nobody find it interesting that both Lisa and Christine Sands have lived in Vail, Colorado? Just check Zaba people search. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might draw conclusions…..but as it is I’m just putting this out there for consideration. 🙂

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    • Lisa lives on Martha’s Vineyard where you’d NEVER come into contact with a member of the elite would you?

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      • I’m fairly sure Martha’s Vineyard is wall-to-wall council flats. Or whatever they do over in America. Tents or something, I suppose.

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        • Nah. Oak Bluffs MA is rather nice. Lots of wealthy people on that island and a budding life coach/psychic/shaman could do well. 😉

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          • I haven’t been to Martha’s Vineyard in several years, but last time I was there the residents were overwhelmingly sane. The fact that she could make a living there now is really disturbing. More dementia cases due to an aging population, perhaps?


  7. ***Some Help Please***

    Does anyone know off the top of their head if any of the following…

    Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNiel and new idiot on the block Tracey Morris

    have said on video anything in terms of threats, or libel launguage etc against the children’s father?

    He knows about the latest video on the 23rd outside the RCJ, but others that jump to mind without researching anything?


    Friend of Father


        • i know, re:cw/jf, but just sticking with these ones.

          Actually, he pretty much knows that TM is the new idiot on the block, and Sabine McNiel is away abroad.
          So for now 🙂 it is just Belinda McKenzie.

          If anyone knows very specific wording in videos/interviews etc that hear BM say something, would be great.

          He thinks that BM has said in videos that he a killer/murderer/peado/ etc, without saying alleged.

          (please delete) 🙂


    • Tracey Morris did rant about how “Every last one of you is going down.” That’s about it in terms of threats, as far as I know.

      As regards slander/libel, however, they haven’t stopped. That’s what this whole thing is about – that’s why our team is here!

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